Prep Baseball Report

Fall Follows: Underclass Pitchers

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

This fall, the PBR Missouri staff traveled across the 'Show Me' state to host multiple fall events at various different locations. We greatly expanded our player base as a result, and this year's fall showcase calendar provided our staff an ample opportunity to deepen our knowledge on all of the state's current high school classes (2024-2027).

With the off-season rapidly approaching, our staff will spend the next few weeks highlighting a multitude of players that impressed at our events across this most recent fall circuit.

Last week, we highlighted a handful of uncommitted 2024 grads that caught our attention this fall, which you can find HERE.

We then turned our attention to the state's 2025 class, highlighting more than 30 current junior position players in Missouri that came away as winners from this year's fall calendar. You'll find that story, HERE. We then dug deeper into the arms that showed well for us this fall, which you can find HERE.

Now we'll turn to the state's current underclass group (2026 & 2027 grads). We already highlighted more than 45 position players from this fall within a previous story, which you can find HERE.

Though we did touch on a multitude of two-way prospects in the aforementioned story, we're digging deeper into the pitcher's today, and below you'll learn more on 12 names that especially impressed for their efforts on the hill at our events this fall.

Dylan Curtis RHP / Francis Howell, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...continues to do nothing but cement himself as a high-end prospect in Missouri’s 2026 class. Coming off a dominant summer, the 6-foot-5, 155-pound highly projectable sophomore made the trip to Columbia for this event and, presumably, stole the show. An easy, free-flowing mover that controls his body downhill more than comfortably for his age, Curtis pitched in the low-80s with his fastball in this brief look, touching 85 mph, with plenty more to come. He pounded his heater around the zone and landed a 72-73 mph curveball for strikes off it, fading a changeup on occasion, too. Curtis’ polish goes further than his ability to land his entire arsenal for strikes, spilling over into the confidence he exudes in each individual pitch, which adds to his effectiveness even moreso. Expect him to keep going in the right direction as his stuff keeps ticking up, upping what’s already one of the highest ceilings in the state’s sophomore class."

Henry Bertoncin RHP / St. Pius X, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...was another sophomore arm that advanced polish and pitchability for his age at this event. Toeing the rubber at a lean and athletic 5-foot-11, 150-pounds, Bertoncin showed an above-average three pitch mix for his age at this event. His fastball played in the low-80s, touching 83 mph, from a loose, clean arm window. He spun a 68-72 mph curveball that averaged nearly 2500 RPM and he also showed a firm 75-76 mph changeup with natural arm-side action."

Connar Lucas RHP / Saint Louis University, MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: "...came away from this event as a high-follow in the state’s current freshman group. At 6-foot, 170-pounds, Lucas showed easy bat strength from a clean, balanced, and athletic right-handed swing, driving his deepest ball 344 feet, with four other 300+ ft. batted balls that traveled into both gaps, respectively. The ease in which Lucas generated these batted ball outputs, given his age, is especially impressive and they are metrics that are likely to keep trending upward as he adds strength. Lucas flashed on the mound too, pumping his fastball up to 82 mph with true backspin carry. He threw his slider at 73-75 mph, a well above-average velocity band for his age and usually an indication that an uptick in overall velocity is coming sooner rather than later. Lucas looks the part of a must follow name in Missouri’s 2027 class."

Max Jones RHP / Seckman , MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: " certain to be a follow name on the mound, both presently and in the foreseeable future. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound Jones bumped his fastball up to 82 mph, showing downer spin on an intentful 69-72 mph curveball with above-average future traits. He rounded his arsenal out with a 70-72 mph changeup that he threw confidently at arm speed, fading it naturally."

Evan Magnuson RHP / Platte County, MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: "...toes the rubber at a highly projectable 6-foot-3, 160-pounds. His arm plays loose with some arm speed out front, though there’s plenty more to dream on as he continues to mature physically. Magnuson’s fastball touched 80 mph at this event and he showed a 68-72 mph slider with slight lateral tilt off it."

Brayden Davidson RHP / Liberty North, MO / 2026

From 9/17/23: "...6-foot-1, 165-pounds. Athletic, controlled mover, arm plays short and in a tight window, finishing out of a high 3/4 slot. Fastball played with true four-seam carry, pitching in the low-80s, touching 84 mph. Flashed feel to spin a slurvy-type breaking ball for strikes, 65-67 mph, and he showed a changeup at 67-70 mph that played around the zone. Upside arm with more to come as he continues to physically develop."

Connor Hatfield 3B / Liberty, MO / 2026

From 9/17/23: "...6-foot-1, 165-pounds. Simple, stretch-only operation, starts closed off from target on the third base side of rubber and finishes in-line. Short arm action, clean out front from a high 3/4 window. Fastball played at 80-82 mph, also showed a curveball (66-68 mph) and changeup (72-74 mph) in his 'pen."

Henry Vedder RHP / St. Francis Borgia, MO / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...was one of the day’s biggest takeaways, leaving this event as an arrow-up prospect in the state’s sophomore class. Built at a lanky, long-limbed 6-foot-4, 170-pounds, Vedder showed a power three-pitch mix, grabbing uncomfortable swings-and-misses with his entire arsenal over a two-inning stint. His fastball played with carry up in the zone at 83-85, touching 86 mph, from a tight, compact arm window. Vedder’s best secondary pitch in this look was a true tumbling splitter that showed power swing-and-miss bite at 74-77 mph. He showed hard horizontal action on a 71-75 mph slider too, though he’s still fully developing feel for the pitch. Vedder is a high ceiling arm with all sorts of upside in the state’s 2026 class."

Kade Huffman RHP / Poplar Bluff, MO / 2026

From 9/26/23: " a 6-foot-4, 175-pound arm to follow from this event. Huffman’s a simple and controlled mover downhill, working his fastball in the upper-70s, and spinning a downer breaking ball with depth to pair."

Chase Stieferman LHP / Capital City Cavaliers, MO / 2027

From 9/26/23: "...continues to look every bit the part of a premier prospect in Missouri’s current freshman class. Stieferman’s pure pitchability is well advanced for his age, as he’s comfortable throwing all three of his pitches for strikes in any given count. His fastball sits in the low-80s, touching 83 mph here, playing with some deception from a tight, deceptive arm window. Stieferman consistently landed his low-70s slider for strikes, and his best pitch is a 72-73 mph fading changeup that he’s able to effectively throw to both handed hitters. Stieferman is talented at the plate too with strong hands and a leveraged left-handed swing that favors the pull-side."

Caden Mendenhall SS / Greenwood, AR / 2028

From 9/26/23: " a lanky, high-waisted 5-foot-11, 150-pound athlete with a short, direct right-handed swing that used the whole field throughout BP. He was highly intriguing on the mound, pitching in the upper-70s with true sinker-like movement (19.3” HM) and feel to spin a slider at 67-68 mph, too."

Alex McCarthy RHP / Francis Howell , MO / 2027

From 10/12/23: " 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, McCarthy’s fastball touched 81 mph with some backspin and carry up in the zone. He spun a 65-67 mph curveball with gradual action for strikes (T2311 RPM) and he turned over a low spin changeup (T1481 RPM) at 71-73 mph too."