Prep Baseball Report

Fall Follows: Underclass Position Players

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

This fall, the PBR Missouri staff traveled across the 'Show Me' state to host multiple fall events at various different locations. We greatly expanded our player base as a result, and this year's fall showcase calendar provided our staff an ample opportunity to deepen our knowledge on all of the state's current high school classes (2024-2027).

With the off-season rapidly approaching, our staff will spend the next few weeks highlighting a multitude of players that impressed at our events across this most recent fall circuit.

Last week, we highlighted a handful of uncommitted 2024 grads that caught our attention this fall, which you can find HERE.

We then turned our attention to the state's 2025 class, highlighting more than 30 current junior position players in Missouri that came away as winners from this year's fall calendar. You'll find that story, HERE. We then dug deeper into the arms that showed well for us this fall, which you can find HERE.

Now we'll turn to the state's current underclass group (2026 & 2027 grads), starting with the position players and transitioning to the arms at some time next week.

Below you will learn about more than 45 freshman and sophomores that came away from our events this fall as prospect follows.

Aiden Zehnle LHP / Oakville, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...stands at a premium, long-levered 6-foot-4, 195-pounds. Zehnle’s innate ability to elevate the baseball from a long, uphill left-handed swing proved true throughout his round, as seven of his batted balls traveled more than 290 feet. His furthest ball went 329 feet, which was amongst the day’s best, and Zehnle all of the day’s hitters with a 97 mph max exit velocity. Aside from his talents at the plate, Zehnle’s fastball played in the low-80s, touching 82 mph."

Logan Studer C / St. Louis University, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...entered this event as one of the top backstops in the state’s 2026 class and further solidified his status as such in this trip to Columbia. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound sophomore showed a fast and aggressive right-handed barrel, peppering balls to the middle-pull part of the field. Four of his swings registered exit velocities over 88 mph and, in total, he averaged 86.3 mph per barrel. At peak, Studer’s hardest (92.6 mph) and furthest (329 ft.) batted balls, respectively, matched up towards the top of his peers in attendance. He continues to be an asset defensively, showing a quick and accurate release from behind the plate with pop times at 2.00-to-2.07 and a 75 mph arm at peak."

Will Breitweiser 3B / Fr Tolton Catholic , MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...holds above-average bat strength within a physical 6-foot, 205-pound frame. Breitweiser’s furthest batted ball cleared the left field wall comfortably, traveling 337 feet, and he elevated one 323 feet into the left-center gap during his round, too. His hardest barrel checked in at 91.8 mph and he mostly favored the pull-side from a direct, level right-handed swing."

Desmond White 3B / Branson, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...was a big winner from this event, taking one of the day’s more impressive rounds of BP. White’s bat strength and inherent ability to elevate the baseball, especially for his age, should be noted - he worked gap-to-gap effortlessly, had three batted balls travel over 300 feet, and his best swing generated a 343 foot barrel that floated over the left field wall. White looks the part of a future middle-of-the-order bat with a power tool that should only continue to tick up as his physical maturity continues."

Jase Mayberry OF / Mehlville, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...does nothing but impress our staff in our looks, including this most recent one in Columbia. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound left-handed hitter owns above-average barrel accuracy for his age, staying on the barrel to the pull-side from a short, easy, and direct swing. Mayberry’s a strike-thrower on the hill too, pumping his fastball around the strike zone consistently from a loose ¾ arm window, and spinning a slurvy-type breaking ball for strikes, too."

Jacob Noland OF / Kirkwood, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: " a highly intriguing 6-foot-1, 160-pound athlete to follow from this event. He’s a loose, easy athlete at the plate with a controlled right-handed swing that produced consistent barreled contact throughout his round. Noland’s firmest swing resulted in a 94.4 mph high, though he had two other 88+ mph swings as well. There’s plenty more to project on with Noland, who’s seemingly just starting to come into his frame and offensive potential at the plate."

Austin Jones 1B / Lindbergh, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...has added noticeable size and strength since we last saw him at the PBR Junior Future Games, now standing at a more filled out 6-foot, 170-pounds. The left/left St. Louis’ native looks the part in the batter’s box, staying inside the baseball with athletic hands and balance through contact. Jones primarily favored the right-center gap throughout his round of BP, spraying elevated contact that way with an 89.1 mph max. He showed well on the mound in this event, filling up the zone with his heater and touching 80 mph on his hardest bullet. Off that, Jones landed a mid-to-upper-60s breaking ball for strikes and he turned over a low-spin changeup at 68-70 mph, too."

Justin Seaver OF / Russellville (Cole R-1), MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...impressed at Atkins Field earlier this summer and the 5-foot-10, 175-pound sophomore showed well yet again at this event. Seaver’s a recognizable athlete at the plate with above-average Blast Motion swing metrics, most notably with his peak hand (22.6 mph) and bat (74.6 mph) speeds. He gets on top of the baseball and keeps a flat barrel through the zone, hitting his hardest ball at 92.2 mph, which was the fourth-highest mark from this group."

Jackson Miller SS / Chaminade College Prep, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...offers premium projectability, stepping onto the field at a lean and lanky-levered 6-foot-2, 165-pounds. Still learning how to control his levers consistently, Miller’s best barrels came to the pull-side, where he recorded his peak exit velocity (87.5 mph) and furthest batted mark (318 ft.), both of which are likely to trend up as he continues to get stronger. Away from the batter’s box, Miller’s 60 time (7.13) and max infield velocity (82 mph) were both the second-highest marks in their respective categories from this event."

Bryce Whitney SS / Smithville, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: " a follow sophomore with strength on both sides of the ball from this event. Whitney, who’s listed at an athletic 5-foot-8, 160-pounds with some strength, stayed up the middle and on the barrel throughout his entire round of BP, averaging 85.6 mph per batted ball with an 89.7 mph high. Whitney toed the rubber later on in the day and peaked at 81 mph with his fastball, which was one of the day’s firmer marks."

Cameron Fuqua 3B / Christian Brothers College, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...has strength within a 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame that showed on both sides of the ball at this event. Fuqua’s hardest batted ball came off his barrel at 91.8 mph in BP, traveling an estimated 318 feet, per TrackMan. He was up to 84 mph across the infield and from the outfield, both of which were amongst the highest marks from this event, and also ran his fastball up to 80 mph in the day’s gameplay portion."

Chase Cradick OF / Francis Howell, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: " a left-handed hitter with a lean, lanky and projectable 6-foot-2, 175-pound frame. Offensively, Cradick controls his levers well with a direct approach to the baseball, staying up the middle throughout a large chunk of his round. He was also up to 81 mph from the outfield in this workout."


Adam Wright LHP / Parkway West, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...swings a flat left-handed barrel with backspin feel to the pull-side, elevating two 300+ ft. batted balls that way, including a 313 foot max. He almost exclusively worked in the air throughout his round (80%) and posted an 88.2 mph high exit velocity."

Joshua Marsh LHP / Rock Bridge, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...ran the day’s fastest 60 time, reaching a peak speed of 20.3 mph en route to a 6.90 time. At the plate, Marsh showed a long, flat right-handed swing that flashed line drive feel into the left-center gap during his round."



Jackson Nikodym SS / Duchesne, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...confirmed the positive reports we had heard about him heading into the event. As a freshman, Nikodym slashed .423/.483/.529 in 116 plate appearances for his Pioneers’ squad this past spring. At this event, Nikodym showed some barrel accuracy, spraying line drives to all fields from a compact right-handed swing."



Carson Stipes 2B / Francis Howell, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: " a handsy, athletic right-handed hitter with some hand twitch to pair. Stipes, who’s listed at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds, consistently repeated his swing and sprayed line drives back up the middle throughout his entire round of BP. Defensively, Stipes is an active defender on the dirt with athletic feet that showed comfort working around the baseball on the move."

Kale Price OF / Christian Brothers College, MO / 2026

From 9/20/23: "...flashed above-average bat strength for his age in this look. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound Price drove his furthest batted ball an estimated 325 feet, per TrackMan, while working on the barrel throughout his round (89%) to produce a peak exit velocity of 89.2 mph."



Blake Hollrah C / Orchard Farm, MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: "...stands in at a hard to miss 6-foot-2, 185-pounds with noticeable physicality. Hollrah flashed future power potential in this look, controlling his levers well given his age and stature, while swinging a long, level right-handed barrel."



Blake Schiller OF / Francis Howell , MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: " another offensive name to follow from this event. Schiller showed a simple and athletic right-handed swing that comfortably used the whole field throughout BP, making for a hitterish feel throughout."



Jackson Jercinovic 1B / St Pius, MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: " a rotational hitter with strong hands that produced the fourth highest max exit velocity (87.3 mph) amongst 2027 grads at this event."



Henry Ladenberger 3B / Chaminade College Prep, MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: "...Ladenberger consistently got off aggressive uphill hacks in his round, showing noticeable bat speed and strength for his age, while authoritatively driving balls deep into the pull-side gap."


Zaiedan Jeanlouis LHP / Ritenour , MO / 2027

From 9/20/23: "...swings a short, simple, and direct left-handed barrel. Jeanlouis showed line drive feel to the pull-side, though he did work the other way at times, and stayed balanced through contact."



Cameron Taylor 3B / Kearney , MO / 2026

From 9/17/23: "...6-foot-1, 160-pound frame with athleticism and lean, well-proportioned strength. 6.96 runner, flat barrel through the zone that sprayed line drives to all fields throughout his round. Hopped on the mound following his position player workout and showed a live, loose, and athletic arm that touched 89 mph, pitching in the mid-to-upper-80s. Spun a low-70s curveball and turned over a changeup at 74-77 mph, too."

Brooks Hall OF / Platte County, MO / 2026

From 9/17/23: "...6-foot-4, 190-pounds. Strong hands, controls his levers well for age with barrel feel to the middle of the field. Also touched 80 mph on the mound with his fastball and landed a 66-70 mph curveball for strikes."

Kaelan Bedford RHP / Excelsior Springs , MO / 2026

From 9/17/23: "...5-foot-9, 135-pounds. Short, simple, and direct left-handed swing. Polished and repeats, sprayed line drives throughout his round. Active feet on the infield with bounce, sure-handed actions, comfortable on the move. Athletic on the mound with arm speed, spun his breaking ball at 2500+ RPM and consistently threw his fastball for strikes."

Luke Baer 3B / Ozark , MO / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...showed plenty of raw strength on both sides of the ball at this event. Baer, who stands at 6-foot-2, 195-pounds, was all over the barrel to the middle of the field in BP, hammering balls on repeat from a fast, physical right-handed swing. He averaged 89.9 mph per swing, peaking at 93.7 mph, and he sent a direct shot to center field that traveled 344 feet for his furthest barrel. Baer’s bat strength showed almost immediately in game, as he turned around an 85 mph inner-half fastball for a loud single to left field in his first at-bat. Baer also recorded the hardest throw across the infield during the workout, reaching an 87 mph high on his loudest bullet. He hopped on the mound in this look too, pumping his fastball at 84-86 mph, and spinning an intentful slider at 68-73 mph."

Anson Zaiser C / Washington, IL / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...came away a winner from this event. Zaiser really looks the part in a uniform, holding strength throughout an athletic and physical 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame. He was on the barrel to the pull-side during BP, hitting four 88+ mph balls that way, including a 91.4 mph high, from a long, level right-handed swing. Though he didn’t have much to show for in game, Zaiser got off several impressive hacks, showing easy bat speed and balance."

Tre Hoggard OF / Unity, IL / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...offers plenty of upside on a lean, lanky, and highly projectable 6-foot-1, 145-pound frame. Hoggard kicked his day off with a 6.99 60, the fastest of any 2026 grad in attendance. He worked direct to the baseball from a short, twitchy right-handed swing, generating noticeable hand speed as well. Hoggard’s firmest ball came off his barrel at 93.7 mph and traveled 348 feet, though he found the barrel regularly, averaging 86.3 mph per batted ball. He moved freely around the outfield, topping at 83 mph on his hardest throw, and he’s also a low-80s arm on the mound, touching 84 mph at an event this summer."

Teagan Trent C / Logan-Rogersville, MO / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...first popped onto our radar this past winter, and the 5-foot-11, 160-pound backstop put together a strong all-around showing in this most recent look. Trent stays balanced at the plate and knows how to use the whole field, staying through the baseball from a simple right-handed stroke. His carrying tool figures to be his glove, however, as Trent has the makings of a potential asset behind the plate. He has above-average arm strength for his age (T75 mph), popping a 1.97 on his best bullet during the workout, and showing a quick release in-game to nab a would-be base stealer, too. He’s a natural receiver with soft hands, adept blocking skills, and he showed vocal leadership various times in-game, too."

Bryce Dobbs C / Poplar Bluff, MO / 2026

From 9/26/23: "...repeated a loose, leveraged, and simple swing from both sides of the plate in BP. Dobbs stayed on the barrel some from both sides of the plate, hitting his hardest ball at 92.5 mph."



Bryden Banks SS / Hardin County, IL / 2027

From 9/26/23: " a name-to-know for this Adidas A’s club. At 6-foot, 185-pounds, Banks swings an accurate right-handed barrel (80%), spraying line drives to all fields throughout his round, with a hitterish feel to him at the plate. Banks posted an 84.2 mph average exit velocity, peaking at 89.1 mph, and he sent his furthest ball 324 feet, which is more than 70 feet further from his highest mark this winter (251 ft.). Defensively, Banks showed a steady, sure-handed glove and some lower half rhythm on the move."

Nolan Sissom SS / Fort Zumwalt West, MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...continued to look the part of a high-end prospect in the state’s sophomore class at this event. Committed to Mizzou, Sissom swings a simple and direct left-handed barrel with advanced polish for his age, peppering line drives on repeat to the pull-side in BP. He’s a top-of-the-order type of offensive threat that flashed some bat strength too, squaring up his hardest ball at 94.3 mph. Defensively, Sissom took reps both behind the plate and on the infield, and he looked the part at both spots, too. He’s accurate from the chute with a quick release, popping in the 1.92-to-2.00 range while reaching 76 mph on his hardest throw. Sissom’s a fluid mover on the infield dirt, particularly on the move, where he’s able to slow the game down to play in rhythm. He trusts his hands and feet, working around the baseball in rhythm, and is also able to throw from multiple arm angles when need be. Where his future lies with the glove is undecided, though it’ll be up the middle, and only enhance a profile that’s already shown capable of impacting the game positively in multiple ways."

Brendan Pyle 3B / Fort Zumwalt East, MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...5-foot-10, 175-pound sophomore was especially impressive on the infield, where he bounced around the dirt with a naturally confident presence to him. Pyle’s glovework on the move looked improve, particularly his backhand play, which he picked effortlessly and then fired an accurate strike across the infield. Offensively, Pyle worked direct to the baseball from a short, compact swing that was on the barrel to the pull-side, recording a 93.9 mph high. Pyle figures to be one of the top prospects in the state’s 2026 class throughout his prep career."

Brady Tanner 2B / Francis Howell , MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...looks to be the next name-to-know in a long pipeline of talented middle infielders for the Vikings’ program. A left-handed hitter, Tanner routinely found barrels to the middle of the field throughout his round of BP. He’s hitterish without much added movement, staying direct to the baseball with athleticism and rhythm to pair. Tanner really looked the part on the infield too, showing above-average foot speed and glovework for his age that should aid him in staying on the dirt moving forward."

Logan Baumann 2B / Vianney , MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...put together the day’s loudest round of BP, pacing the event in both max exit velocity (96.4 mph) and average exit velocity (86.6 mph), while also driving the day’s second furthest batted ball (340 ft.). It’s a fast and intentful right-handed swing that generates power as a result, staying on a level plane through the zone."

Jacob Green SS / Chaminade College Prep, MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...swung a loose, projectable left-handed swing in this look. The 5-foot-9, 165-pound sophomore showed balance through contact with a knack for the barrel into the right-center gap. Though he didn’t post high end exit velocities in this look, Green should continue to tick up in that department as he gets stronger and his natural ability to manipulate the barrel will allow him to impact the baseball on a consistent basis, too. Aside from his efforts offensively, Green also ran the event’s second-fastest 60 time (6.97)."


Devin Freeman OF / Ladue, MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: " a long, lean-limbed 5-foot-11, 155-pound athlete with loose levers that offer plenty of physical upside. Freeman nearly paced the event in peak throwing velocity from the outfield (T86 mph) and he also ran a 7.02, which was one of the day’s faster marks. At the plate, Freeman showed hand speed from a long, level right-handed swing that was on the barrel to the middle of the field. His hardest hit ball came off his bat at 90.9 mph and traveled 329 feet, per TrackMan."

Landon Matthews OF / Lafayette , MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...packs strength and athleticism on a compact 5-foot-10, 175-pound frame. In BP, Matthews showed barrel accuracy (78%) and some bat speed to the pull-side, repeatedly peppering line drives into the left-center gap throughout his round. Matthews posted one of the day’s highest average exit velocity marks (85.9 mph) and his firmest barrel came off his bat at 92.4 mph. Matthews’ strength translated to the outfield, where he topped at 86 mph from a fast, athletic high ¾ arm slot."

Benjamin Smith 1B / STL Patriots, MO / 2026

From 10/3/23: "...stands at a strong 5-foot-11, 170-pounds with strength throughout his frame. He showed strong hands with some rhythm from the left side, posting one of the highest exit velocity marks (95.1 mph) of the day."



Osar Tate SS / Lutheran North, MO / 2026

From 10/9/23: "...came away from this event as a follow prospect in the state’s sophomore group. Tate has all sorts of athleticism and he showed that in all facets of his game, starting with an event best 60 time (6.85). He showed easy balance with a loose, level right-handed swing that was on the barrel to the left-center gap, spraying line drives that way throughout his round. Tate’s hardest ball came off his bat at 89.4 mph, while his furthest traveled 340 feet - good for the event lead. Defensively, Tate plays with natural bounce on the infield and moves freely to both sides, particularly up the middle. He’s confident in his hands and feet, playing around the baseball with a soft, steady glove to pair. Tate also threw the day’s hardest fastball, touching 81.1 mph on his highest bullet. With plenty more to come from a physicality standpoint, Tate figures to be a high follow sophomore into this off-season and beyond."

Seaton Thompson SS / Ladue Horton Watkins, MO / 2026

From 10/9/23: "...was another winner from this event. Thompson stands at a well-proportioned 6-foot, 160-pounds with present lean strength, and he’s plenty capable of adding more muscle mass as he continues to mature physically, too. A switch-hitter, Thompson brings a quiet and collected presence at the plate with loose easy hands that work uphill to contact from both sides of the plate. Thompson was on the barrel some throughout his round, squaring his hardest ball up at 92.7 mph. On the infield, Thompson plays with natural bounce pre-pitch and gets around the baseball on the move."

Carson Howard 3B / Francis Howell North, MO / 2026

From 10/9/23: " a strong-bodied 6-foot, 160-pound athlete that led this event in a few statistical categories. Howard barreled the day’s hardest ball (94 mph) and he posted the highest average exit velocity (88.6 mph) as well. His strength showed positionally too, as Howard paced infielders in throwing velocity (80 mph) and he was also up to 81 mph on the mound."



Charlie Basta C / St. John Vianney, MO / 2026

From 10/9/23: "...offers plenty of projection on a lanky, lean-limbed 6-foot-1, 165-pound frame. The left-handed hitting sophomore backstop worked on the barrel (75%) to the middle of the field from a level swing that should add more thump as he fills out his frame."



Brady Vermilye C / Vianney , MO / 2027

From 10/9/23: "...looks like an athletic backstop to follow in Missouri’s 2027 class. The 5-foot-10, 145-pound left-handed hitter swung an uphill barrel through the zone, favoring the pull-side throughout his round with balance through contact. Vermilye is quick to release from behind the plate, and he’s an active defender on the infield too, playing through the baseball with a sure-handed glove to pair."


Matthew Bywater SS / Mount Olive , IL / 2026

From 10/12/23: " an athletic right-handed hitter that showed barrel feel (88%) and sprayed mostly line drives throughout BP (75%), posting a 90.6 mph max exit velocity and 322 ft. peak batted distance."



Gabe Garcia 1B / Timberland , MO / 2027

From 10/12/23: "...swung a strong right-handed barrel with hand speed that stayed short and compact to the baseball. He squared his hardest ball up at 92.3 mph, which was the second highest mark of this event."



Chase Lewis 3B / Capital City, MO / 2026

From 10/22/23: "...6-foot-2, 190-pound athlete with present strength and plenty room to add more. Came away from the recent Kansas City Fall Open as a name to follow. Upside athlete at the plate, short and direct right-handed swing with bat and hand speed to pair. Sprayed line drives gap-to-gap, balanced at times through contact."