Prep Baseball Report

Missouri JUCO Scout Days: Uncommitted Position Players

By: Diego Solares
Area Scout, Illinois & Missouri

Throughout the course of the fall, the PBR Missouri staff hosted various different JUCO Scout Days with multiple different programs scattered across the 'Show Me' state.

These events offered players from their respective junior colleges to participate in a pro-style workout in front of our staff, gathering unrivaled data in the process through the help of our state-of-the-art tech partners. Players received verified up-to-date statistics, TrackMan and Blast Motion data, and high quality video of their workouts that can be found within each individual player profile.

To see all of the JUCO events we ran this fall, including stat leaders, scout notes, and more from each scout day, click HERE.

Now, with the fall coming to a close and the baseball calendar transitioning into the off-season, our staff will be spending the next few weeks highlighting several names-to-know from our fall JUCO circuit.

Below you will learn more about a multitude of uncommitted position players, with a pitcher's story to come shortly, that came away from the Missouri fall JUCO circuit as follow prospects.

Note: Only sophomores are mentioned within this story, and each individual player's workout video can be found within their Prep Baseball Report profile.

Dylan Block SS / Harrison, AR / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...returns to the Archers after a successful freshman campaign, where he slashed .345/.422/.593 over 145 at-bats, and figures to be an integral piece of this offense in 2024. Block showed feel to spray line drives to all fields throughout his round of BP, though he favored the pull-side, where he was regularly on the barrel from a short, rhythmic right-handed swing. He averaged 91.6 mph per batted ball, the highest of this event, and peaked at 99.9 mph, swatting his furthest ball 373 feet as well, per TrackMan. On the infield, Block played low to the ground with footwork feel up the middle."

Jayden Jones 3B / Francis Howell Central, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: " another key returner from last year’s team that paced the Archers in power production, slashing .335/.452/.559 with 10 home runs and 48 RBIs as a freshman. Jones holds strength throughout his 5-foot-11, 210-pound and generates easy bat speed (T85.5 mph) from the right side, impacting the baseball with authority as a result. Four of his batted balls traveled over 330 feet, with a 365 ft. blast down the left field line and a 384 ft. rocket into the left-center gap being his two furthest swings. Jones squared balls up at an average of 91 mph throughout his round with a 98.3 mph high, staying on the barrel consistently (80%) as well."

Owen Constantineau 1B / Colonel By, ON / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...steps into the left-handed batter’s box at a physical 6-foot-1, 230-pounds with power to match his stature. Working almost exclusively to the pull-side, Constantineau juiced the hardest ball of this entire event (100.7 mph) and also finished near the top of the event’s average exit velocity (91 mph) leaderboard. Five of his batted balls came off his barrel at 96+ mph with his furthest traveling 347 feet to right-center."

Ian Funk C / Eureka, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...showed well defensively behind the plate at this event, leading the way in peak throwing velocity (T77 mph) and pop times (1.84-1.91). Funk is quick at gather with a short trigger release and an accurate arm to boot, working around the bag on all five of his throws out of the crouch. A switch-hitter, Funk peppered line drives to the middle of the field from a compact, direct swing."

Cooper Howell 3B / DeSmet, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "... is an intriguing name to follow for the Archers heading into his sophomore year. Howell looks the part in a uniform with proportionate strength throughout a 5-foot-10, 180-pound frame. He flashed both bat speed and bat strength at the plate from a long, level, and intentful right-handed swing. Howell’s deepest ball traveled 360 feet, with a 344 ft. pull-side home run and a 351 ft. barrel mixed in, too. A confident defender on the dirt, Howell’s 90 mph high across the infield was the highest mark of this event."

Zane Roos OF / Lindbergh , MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...has loud tools to pair with a physically imposing 6-foot-2, 215-pound frame. At that size, Roos ran the second fastest 60-yard dash (6.71) of the event and comfortably paced his pears in peak throwing velocity from the outfield, topping at 95 mph on his hardest bullet. Offensively, Roos stayed on the barrel throughout his BP round with a 90.6 mph average exit velocity, 94.5 mph peak, and 342 foot max batted distance."

Logan Stipes OF / Francis Howell , MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...took one of the day’s better BP rounds and figures to be a follow bat on this Archers’ squad. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound sophomore is athletic at the plate with balance throughout, showing hand speed and barrel feel to the pull-side. All but one of his batted balls came off at 90+ mph with natural backspin, including a 97.3 mph high, and his furthest batted ball traveled 353 feet down the left field line."

Garrison Scott OF / East Prairie , MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...ran the fastest 60 at this event, cruising to a 6.58 time from a long, lean 6-foot-2, 165-pound frame. Scott was up to 86 mph from the outfield, hit his hardest ball 94.4 mph, and his furthest barrel traveled 340 feet, too."


Grant Huebner C / Edwardsville, IL / 2022

From 9/5/23: "... who showed well in all facets and will be a high-end name-to-know heading into this fall circuit. The 6-foot, 180-pound sophomore started his day off by running a 6.83 60-yard dash and followed that up by showing double-plus arm strength from the outfield (97 mph) as well as an advanced arm behind the dish (84 mph) with carry and accuracy to the bag. Though he saw plenty of time in center field last spring for the Cougars, Huebner has the arm strength, receiving skills, and leadership qualities to be an asset behind the plate at the next level. Offensively, Huebner flashed above-average pull-side raw power too, backspinning baseballs from an easy, balanced right-handed swing into the left-center gap. His three deepest barrels all traveled 350+ feet with a 359 foot peak distance and 100 mph max exit velocity. On top of that, Huebner launched a no-doubt home run over the left-center wall during the live BP session of this event. As a freshman last season, Huebner slashed .288/.419/.495 over 184 at-bats with eight home runs, 12 doubles, 33 RBIs, and he stole 39 bases, too. A huge piece in Edwardsville winning the IHSA state championship in 2022, Huebner’s highly competitive reputation has followed him to the collegiate level, where he’ll look to lead the Cougars to another 30+ win season."

Kyle Mager 1B / Webster Groves, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...stands at a hulking 6-foot-3, 245-pounds, swinging a highly physical right-handed barrel as a result. Mager put on a show during batting practice, working gap-to-gap without much effort and putting his inherent raw strength on full display. Nine of his batted balls registered at over 100 mph with his hardest being a 107 mph missile that comfortably cleared the left field wall and traveled 404 feet, per TrackMan. 13 of Mager’s batted balls traveled over 320 feet, with 10 of those breaching the 350 foot mark, and six of those went further than 375 feet. We caught a brief glimpse of Mager’s bat strength translating in a gameplay setting, as he screamed an 88.6 mph fastball directly over the center field wall on a line for a home run during the live BP session."

Josh Syfert OF / Marquette, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: " a high-end athlete that put up noticeable numbers in multiple different stat categories at this event. At 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, Syfert showed athleticism and bat speed in BP, working middle-in throughout with power deep into the left-center gap. He drove five balls over 340 feet, sending his furthest ball over the left-center wall at an estimated 385 feet, per TrackMan. Syfert had 11 batted balls jump off his barrel at 95+ mph with three of them eclipsing the 100 mph mark, including a 101.8 mph max. Though he did not run at this event, we’ve long known Syfert to be a burner - he ran a 6.55 back in 2021 and we’ve heard that number has only lowered over the last two years."

Darian Crisp OF / De Smet , MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...saw success at the plate in a brief role for the Division II champion Heartland Hawks last spring, slashing .333/.459/.614 over 57 at-bats. Crisp doesn’t lack strength on a 6-foot, 200-pounds, and the left/left sophomore showed high-end athleticism with pull-side power to pair throughout his workout. Crisp kicked his day off by running a 6.65 60, the second-highest mark of this event, and followed that up by consistently elevating deep backspun contact into the right-center gap. Six of his batted balls traveled more than 320 feet, with four of them breaking the 345 foot mark and his furthest going 365 feet, per TrackMan. From the outfield, Crisp was up to 87 mph on his hardest bullet with quick, active feet."

Tamden Webb-Tate C / Ankeny, IA / 2022

From 9/5/23: " a highly physical 6-foot-3, 220-pound returner for the Cougars. Last season, over 143 at-bats, Webb-Tate batted .287 with a .430 on-base percentage, 28 RBIs, and he stole 20 bags, too. He showed noticeable raw power in this look on Friday, squaring his hardest ball up at 104 mph with five 100+ mph barrels and 12 total at 98+ mph. Webb-Tate elevated nine balls at 340+ feet, with four of those traveling 365+ feet, including a 380 ft. max. His strength translated to the field, where he was 80 mph from the crouch, while popping at 1.98-to-2.07, and 88 mph across the infield from first base."

Dillon Smail 2B / Hillsboro, IL / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...packs plenty of strength into a physical, muscled-up 5-foot-9, 180-pound frame. A 6.69 runner, Smail showed no shortage of bat strength in BP, barreling balls up at a 94.2 mph average with a 102.8 mph peak. 10 of his batted balls came off his right-handed barrel at 97 mph or higher, including three at 100+ mph. Eight traveled upwards of 320 feet, including four at 360+ feet, with a peak of 379 feet, per TrackMan. On the infield, Smail’s feet work in rhythm around the baseball and his hands play out front with an 85 mph arm at peak across the diamond."

Connor Earleywine OF / Jefferson City, MO / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...can really run, darting his way to an event-best 6.57 60-yard dash, and running a 6.53 at an event last year, too. A left-handed hitter, Earleywine sprayed line drives to all fields throughout his round from a short and simple swing that effectively covered the plate."

Luke Erickson OF / Eau Claire Memorial , WI / 2022

From 9/5/23: "...Erickson is a 6-foot-2, 195-pound athlete with an uphill left-handed stroke that looked to elevate the baseball throughout his round of BP. He recorded the third-highest average batted distance of this event (298 ft), sending his furthest ball 362 feet with a 98.7 mph max exit velocity."


Greg LaChance SS / Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute , ON / 2022

From 9/7/23: "...performed well in a brief role for JeffCo last spring, slashing .318/.439/.576 with five home runs across 66 at-bats. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound sophomore took an impressive round of BP, backspinning baseballs with ease deep into the left-center gap from a simple, balanced, and fluid right-handed swing. LaChance had the second highest average batted distance (280 feet) as well as the third furthest batted ball (377 feet) of the event, with six of his 14 batted balls traveled further than 330 feet. Seven of LaChance’s barrels registered at 95+ mph or harder, with just one being under 90 mph. He’s a loose mover on the infield too with some bounce in the lower half and feel on the move, topping at 85 mph across the diamond on his hardest bullet."

Jack Shanahan 3B / Kirkwood, MO / 2022

From 9/7/23: " a highly physical 6-foot-3, 225-pound athlete that flashed bat strength at this event. Shanahan worked almost exclusively to the pull-side from a long, level right-handed swing, elevating his furthest ball 358 feet, while swatting three others at 335+ feet. His hardest ball came off his bat at 101.1 mph and he had six total 95+ mph hits throughout his round. Shanahan showed noticeable bat speed (T82.4 mph) and hand speed (T26 mph), too."

Daniel Flier OF / CBC, MO / 2022

From 9/7/23: "...the 6-foot-2, 200-pound left-handed stick showed impressive bat speed (T85 mph) and controlled intent at the dish, hammering a handful of balls deep into the right-center gap throughout his round. Flier had five total 340+ foot swings to the right side, including three at 350+ feet with a 365 foot max, per TrackMan. He led the event in average batted distance by nearly 20 feet (299 ft.) and his ability to elevate the baseball while not impacting it at a high authoritative rate (94.5 mph max EV) is an impressive trait. Flier also ran a 6.93 60 and was up to 88 mph from the outfield."

Austin Almany C / St. Pius X, MO / 2022

From 9/7/23: " a strong, muscled-up 6-foot-1, 200-pound backstop to follow for the Vikings. Almany’s day started with a quality showing defensively, where he worked quick to release from a short arm window, popping accurately in the 1.94-to-2.00 range. Offensively, Almany looks to elevate the baseball with a pull-side approach, keeping his barrel through the hitting zone on a longer, level bat path."

DeVon Jennings 3B / Francis Howell North, MO / 2022

From 9/6/23: " a top returning offensive threat for the Falcons, listed at a highly physical 6-foot, 215-pounds, and coming off a freshman campaign where he slashed .286/.364/.467 with five home runs in 105 at-bats. Jennings took the loudest round of BP at this event, showing easy power to the pull-side with noticeable bat speed to pair. He launched his furthest ball an event high 385 feet, per TrackMan and four of his 10 batted balls traveled 335-plus feet, too. Coupled with his ability to drive the ball deep into the left-center gap, five of Jennings’ batted balls jumped off his barrel at 98+ mph, including a 103.8 mph peak."

Jackson Kirn 2B / Eureka, MO / 2022

From 9/6/23: "...paced the Falcons in a few statistical categories throughout Friday’s workout. The 6-foot, 170-pound Kirn ran the event’s fastest 60-yard dash (6.89) and he led the event in peak infield velocity (87 mph) as well. Kirn’s hardest hit ball came off his barrel at 97.4 mph while sending his furthest ball 340 feet, per TrackMan."

Landen Roberts C / Saint Clair, MO / 2021

From 9/6/23: "...Roberts worked almost exclusively to the middle-away side of the field in BP from a short and connected right-handed swing. He averaged 88.7 mph per batted ball, peaking at 95.1 mph, and was on the barrel regularly throughout his round (71%). Roberts was also up to 76 mph from the crouch and popped a 2.05 on his quickest bullet."

Owen Smith C / Lindbergh, MO / 2022

From 9/6/23: "...Smith’s 99.6 mph max exit velocity was the second highest mark of the event and he showed well defensively too, working around the bag from the chute in the 2.07-to-2.14 range."



Nick Hooper 1B / Grain Valley , MO / 2022

From 9/6/23: "...stands at a physical 6-foot-2, 215-pounds and will look to make an impact in his first season with the Falcons. Hooper showed barrel feel and strength to the middle of the field, squaring up a handful of 95+ mph line drives to center field throughout his round, while his furthest ball traveled 353 feet, too."

Kaden Jeffries 1B / Grain Valley, MO / 2022

From 9/13/23: "...large, physical 6-foot-2, 245-pound presence at the plate, showed some of the loudest inherent strength we saw on our fall JUCO circuit. Averaged 93.3 mph per batted ball, peaking at 105 mph, from a longer right-handed stroke that gets on top of the baseball."

Jeremiah Cabuyaban 3B / Liberty, MO / 2022

From 9/13/23: "...6-foot, 240-pounds. Was another name from Maple Woods CC with loud batted ball and bat speed data from this event. Swing works uphill to contact with an innate feel to elevate - 294 ft. average batted distance, peaking at 379 ft. Barreled his hardest ball up at 102.3 mph, averaging 91.2 mph per swing, with high-end bat speed (82.6 mph) and hand speed (25.6 mph) at peak."



Caleb Casto OF / Ozark, MO / 2021

From 9/13/23: "...6-foot, 175-pounds with lean strength. Swung a flat left-handed barrel with bat speed that also flashed above-average bat strength; 101.9 mph max exit velocity, 363 ft. peak batted distance. Also ran a 6.79 60 and was up to 88 mph from the outfield."

Carter Jenkins 3B / Branson, MO / 2022

From 9/13/23: "...6-foot, 198-pounds. Athletic right-handed hitter with bat speed, averaged 89.7 mph per batted ball while reaching a peak of 95.8 mph. Ran a 6.76 60 and was 87 mph across the infield."


Devyn Wright OF / Ozark, MO / 2022

From 9/13/23: "...6-foot-3, 180-pound frame with high end athleticism. Ran a 6.44 60, one of the fastest times on our JUCO circuit, with a 1.59 10-yard split and 22 mph of run speed at peak. Twitchy left-handed swing works uphill to contact and looks to elevate to the pull-side. Posted a 97 mph max exit velocity and was also up to 91 mph from the outfied."



Kolton Reynolds OF / Huntsville , AR / 2022

From 10/16/23: " back for Crowder following an explosive freshman campaign in 2023. Reynolds, who's plenty physical at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds, slashed .399/.533/.814 in 188 at-bats last season with 37 total extra-base hits, including 19 home runs, and 79 RBIs. In BP, Reynolds worked exclusively middle-away, squaring his hardest ball up at 105 mph, with three other batted ball events registering at 98+ mph. His two furthest barrels were both direct shots to straight away center field, traveling 381 feet and 386 feet, respectively. Reynolds rounded out his day by peaking at 88 mph from the outfield on his hardest throw. Now a sophomore, Reynolds figures to be one of the more productive bats in Region 16 this spring."



Joey Morton 1B / Oxford Area, PA / 2021

From 10/16/23: "...figures to be another key component of the Roughriders’ offense in 2024, bringing back a .341/.463/.639 triple-slash across 205 at-bats, including 15 home runs, 16 doubles, and 82 RBIs. The 6-foot-4, 215-pound left-handed hitter worked consistently middle-away throughout his round at this event, squaring his hardest ball up at 102.3 mph, while swatting his furthest an estimated 383 feet. Morton’s sheer raw power paired with his feel to hit have the redshirt sophomore poised for yet another prime spring at Crowder."



Cole Kitchens 3B / Bentonville West , AR / 2022

From 10/16/23: "...was an everyday regular for the Roughriders as a freshman last spring, batting .321 and reaching base at a .424 clip across 184 at-bats. Built with strength at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Kitchens worked primarily to the pull-side in BP from a simple, direct, and leveraged right-handed swing with balance through contact. He found the barrel consistently, averaging 91.2 mph per batted ball, while peaking at 99.7 mph on his firmest swing."

Jaxon McAuliff C / Jenks , OK / 2024

From 10/16/23: "...At 5-foot-11, 215-pounds, McAuliff peppered the opposite field with line drives throughout BP from a long, uphill right-handed stroke. He led the event in peak throwing velocity from behind the plate (T80 mph) and popped in the 1.96-to-2.01 range."

Tucker Bradley C / Huntsville, AR / 2022

From 10/16/23: "...Bradley, who’s plenty physical at 6-foot-2, 215-pounds, flashed bat strength to the middle of the field, squaring up four balls at 95+ mph, including a 99.6 mph high. Bradley’s hardest throw from the chute checked in at 77 mph, and he popped at 1.95-to-2.00."

Ethan Fender 2B / Harber, AR / 2022

From 10/16/23: "...logged 148 at-bats as a freshman last season, batting .304 with a .429 on-base percentage. He elevated the baseball almost exclusively to the middle of the field in BP from a fast, intentful right-handed swing in this look. Fender’s a confident defender on the infield that trusts his hands, working comfortably to his forehand with sure-handed actions to pair throughout his workout."

Easton Swofford SS / Bee Branch , AR / 2022

From 10/16/23: " a loose, free-flowing left-handed hitter with a balanced, polished, and rhythmic stroke that sprayed line drives back up the middle of the field during BP. He’s a quality defender too, and Swofford’s 88 mph high across the diamond led all infielders from this event."