Prep Baseball Report

Rawlings Tigers Scout Day: Quick Hits

By: Diego Solares & Gavin Smith
PBR Scouting Staff

On Sunday, February 4th, the PBR Missouri staff traveled to the Rawlings Training Center in Chesterfield, MO, to host the annual Rawlings Tigers Scout Day. Nearly 100 players from the Rawlings Tigers program, representing the 2024-to-2028 grad classes, participated in a pro-style workout in front of our staff at the event.

All of our events offer players the opportunity to update their recruiting resume and showcase their talents in front of our staff. We also use these events as identifiers for future invite-only events, like the Preseason All-State, our summer Top Prospect Games, and the prestigious Prep Baseball Future Games that takes place at the tail end of the summer.

Today, after combing through our notes from the day, we’ve compiled some of the event’s standouts within these ‘Quick Hits’. Read below to learn more about more than 25 names that popped to our staff from this past weekend.


Coming off an impressive showing at the Preseason All-State event the day before, 3B/OF Trey Jozwiakowski (Vianney, 2025; Missouri commit) put on a show during his round of BP at Sunday’s Rawlings Tigers Scout Day. Ranked No. 16 in the state’s 2025 class (No. 347 nationally), Jozwiakowski is a 6-foot, 200-pound right-handed hitter with all kinds of strength in his frame. He has a fluid swing that explodes with controlled aggression through contact, sending balls an average of 97.5 mph, peaking at 106.6 mph. His furthest batted ball traveled approximately 405 feet, though he averaged 354 feet per barrel, both of which were event highs. Jozwiakowski’s strength showed in the outfield too, where he was up to 91 mph on his firmest bullet, and he hopped on the mound later in the event to show an 88-90 mph fastball. 

+ Missouri State commit, OF/3B
Michael Callahan (Lafayette, 2025) was a Future Games standout for Team Missouri in 2023. In our first look since the event, Callahan’s athleticism and tools were on full display, beginning the day by running a 3.9 home-to-first time (event best). He followed up with one of the day’s top rounds of BP, showing a matured approach from the right-side. He’s got all kinds of fluidity and juice in his swing that produced a max exit velocity of 100.8 mph. Callaghan is an advanced defender, too, with a strong arm that topped at 89 mph on throws to home. Ranked No. 19 in Missouri’s 2025 class.

+ Another name to represent the ‘Show Me’ state at the PBR Future Games this past summer, INF/RHP
Brian Gould (MICDS, 2025) is another prospect that shined at the Preseason All-State event on Saturday and followed up with an impressive Sunday workout. Gould has an easy right-handed swing with pull-side/up-the-middle power, producing a max exit velocity of 103 mph, and sending his furthest batted ball 346 feet. He has a strong arm with his best bullet across the diamond being recorded at 89 mph, and he’s an above-average defender, too. Perhaps his highest talents may be on the mound, however, as Gould has power swing-and-miss stuff from the right side. In this look, his fastball played at 90-93 mph with jump out the hand and he paired it with a true two-plane 75-78 mph slider that’s going to grab whiffs at a high level. Gould’s prospect stock is quite high coming off back-to-back strong showings this weekend and he’s a must know uncommitted prospect in Missouri’s junior class. 

Camden Lohman (Fort Zumwalt North, 2025; Mizzou commit) offers plenty of upside on the mound, listed at a lanky, lean-limbed 6-foot-4, 185-pounds. Another prospect in attendance that represented Missouri at the PBR Future Games, Lohman’s fastball played at an easy 88-91 mph in this ‘pen with the likelihood that he continues to climb over the next few years. He showed big downer spin with depth on a 71-75 mph curveball that he landed for strikes, while showing a firm, more laterally spun slider at 79-80 mph as well. To round out his arsenal, Lohman turned over a changeup at 80-81 mph that flashed fade and tumble to the arm-side. Lohman heads into his junior year of high school ball as one of the top arms in Missouri’s 2025 class. 

+ 1B
Nolan Jaworowski (Vianney, 2025) is a big bodied left-handed hitter that stands in a strong 6-foot-5, 220-pound frame. A Future Game alumni from 2023, Jaworowski has a simple weight-shift load that stays level through the zone. He pummeled the baseball during his round of BP, sending balls an average of 97.1 mph (T102.1 mph), and he recorded the second farthest hit ball at the event (394’). Still uncommitted, Jaworowski unquestionably showed some of the loudest raw power in attendance and he’s amongst the top left-handed bats in Missouri’s junior class. 

+ Another uncommitted junior to know from this event: MIF
Kyle Rehg (Eureka, 2025). The 6-foot-1, 185-pound Rehg showed well in back-to-back workouts this past weekend and he took one of the more polished rounds of BP on Sunday, showing an easy right-handed swing that consistently sent line drives up the middle of the field. His hands work simple and direct to contact with inherent bat strength, averaging 96.3 mph per batted ball with a 102 mph max. Regh’s produced a max exit velocity of 102 mph and an average of 96.3 mph. Rehg’s also a quality defender on the infield with sure-handed glovework and lower half rhythm. 

Joey Fentress (Westminster Christian, 2025) produced plenty of thump throughout his round of BP at this event. The 5-foot-11, 190-pound junior found the barrel with authority from a short, leveraged right-handed swing - he averaged 93.5 mph per batted ball, squaring his firmest barrel up at 102.9 mph. Additionally, Fentress generated some of the deepest contact at the event, with his average (263 ft.) and peak (360 ft.) batted distance marks finishing near the top of our event’s leaderboard. 

+ We’ve seen RHP
Nicholas Steurer (Vianney, 2025) throw well in game before, but Sunday provided us our first up close, in-event look at the 6-foot, 175-pound uncommitted junior on the mound. He didn’t disappoint, pumping his fastball for strikes from a short, tight arm draw at 87-89 mph. Steurer flashed feel to land a tight slider with depth for strikes at 73-75 mph, and he also showed a firm changeup at 80-82 mph. He figures to be a key arm for a Vianney squad this spring that should compete for a state championship. 

Ruben Velasco III (Peotone, IL, 2025) stands in an ideal frame at 6-foot-3, 180-pounds that’s seemingly added strength since our last look in July. The wiry right-handed hitter has a fluid swing that easily produced mid-to-upper 90s exit velocities, peaking at 101.1 mph, and traveling as far as 381 feet. With continued physical development and added strength, Velasco will be a follow in the Illinois' 2025 class.

+ A pair of strong right-handed hitters to follow from this event, each of which is uncommitted: 3B
Valente Melero (Argo, IL, 2025) and INF Jonah Schmersahl (Lafayette, 2025). Melero showed a strong right-handed swing that repeatedly lifted contact to the middle of the field. The 6-foot-1, 180-pound junior averaged 92 mph per barrel with a 97.6 mph max. Schmersahl elevated contact to the pull-side from a long right-handed swing that created lift out front. At 6-foot, 190-pounds, Schmersahl’s average exit velocity (87.5 mph), max exit velocity (96.2 mph), and peak batted distance (358 ft.) are all noticeable marks. 

+ 1B/LHP
Hayden Gilmore (Kennett, 2025) is a physical 6-foot-2, 200-pound two-way athlete that showed well on both sides of the ball at this event. Gilmore’s strong, uphill left-handed swing repeatedly elevated contact to the pull-side in BP, posting the third-highest average batted distance (267 ft.) of the event. His furthest ball traveled 360 feet and came off his bat at 94.6 mph, which was also his max exit velocity from the day. Gilmore hopped on the mound afterwards and pumped his fastball at 83-85 mph, complimenting it with a 69-72 mph slider and 76-78 mph changeup. 

+ C
Brayden Schafer (Vianney, 2025) is a strong-bodied, sturdy 5-foot-10, 185-pound backstop that impressed in multiple aspects of his workout at this event. Schafer’s polished at the plate with strong hands and a simple, level right-handed swing that repeatedly barreled baseballs to the middle of the field throughout his round. His catch-and-throw behind the plate is advanced with a strong, accurate arm that peaked at 78 mph while popping in the 1.93-to-2.01 range. Schafer is another member of a talented Vianney club that will look to make an impact on a squad that should be one of the top teams in Missouri this spring. 

Luke Sullivan (Parkway South, 2025) has always filled up the strike zone, and the 6-foot-4, 195-pound uncommitted junior showed what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing out of him in his ‘pen on Sunday. All of Sullivan’s fastballs played at 86-87 mph in this look and he consistently threw both his 73-75 mph slider and 75-79 mph changeup in the zone for strikes. He has the stature, feel to pitch, and arsenal to stick in a starting rotation at the next level. 

+ A Drury signee, INF Paul Pratte (Lafayette, 2024) continues to show a polished all-around skill-set. Pratte stays short to contact and works on top of the baseball, spraying drives gap-to-gap in this look with a max exit velocity of 94.9 mph. He tied for the hardest throw across the infield at 87 mph, showing steady, sure-handed actions that should keep him on the dirt at the next level. 

+ Two uncommitted junior arms to follow from this event are LHP Andrew Anderson (Vianney, 2025) and RHP Adam Streicher (Windsor, 2025). Anderson’s a 6-foot-3, 200-pound southpaw with a fastball that plays at 82-84 mph, subtle tilt on a 71-73 mph slider, and a changeup that flashed sink at 76-78 mp as well. Streicher is a lean 5-foot-10, 140-pound athlete that throws his entire arsenal for strikes, starting with a fastball at 81-84 mph. He spins a breaking ball with bend and depth off an 11/5 plane at 66-68 mph, and he also turns over a fading changeup at 75-77 mph. 

+ OF Dennis Muraida (Reavis, IL, 2025) was on the barrel and generated hard contact throughout his round. Muraida averaged 88.9 mph per batted ball, peaking at 94.2 mph, with a 50% hard-hit rate.


+ A left/left outfielder, OF/LHP Adam Wright (Parkway West, 2026) showed an easy, fluid swing, sending line drives up the middle throughout his round of BP on Sunday. His exit velocity peaked at 93.7 mph, but sat mostly in the low-80s throughout the round. An athletic build at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, Wright moves well defensively, and had one of the strongest arms from the outfield at the event, topping out at 87 mph. He’s an athletic mover on the mound, too, with a fastball that topped out at 81 mph with natural two-seam run. His curveball showed more 12/6 action, while his slider showed more horizontal, sweeping shape, both sitting in the mid-60s.

+ RHP/3B Cameron Fuqua (CBC, 2026) is an intriguing two-way prospect with inherent strength on both sides of the ball. Fuqua has clean actions on the mound with athleticism and an easy, quick arm. His fastball topped at 86 mph, sitting mostly 83-85 mph, and he showed feel for a mid-70s change-up with slight fade to the arm-side. A right-handed hitter at the plate, Fuqua peppered balls to the pull-side at an average of 92.1 mph (T95.9). Defensively, he led the event with the hardest ball across the infield at 87 mph while showing steady actions. 

+ OF
Nick Schultheiss (Lafayette, 2026) stands in a 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame with noticeable added strength since last year’s same event. Schultheiss is a twitchy right-handed hitter that is aggressive to the ball yet remains in control. He took one of the more polished rounds of the day, sending balls gap-to-gap with hard line drives, sending his hardest hit ball 95.1 mph. 

+ A member of Team Missouri at the PBR Junior Future Games in 2023, C Triton Crocker (Central R3, 2027) continued to establish himself as one of the top prospects in Missouri’s 2027 class on Sunday. A wiry and projectable 6-foot-4, 160-pound frame, Crocker creates easy barrels with a simple and balanced swing. He consistently peppered balls consistently (85.6 mph), squaring his firmest ball up at 97.3 mph, and launching his furthest batted ball 315 feet, per Trackman. Defensively he’s athletic and agile behind the plate with advanced receiving trait paired with a loose and quick arm on throws down to second. Crocker is a high-follow prospect in Missouri’s freshman class.

+ C
Blake Hollrah (Orchard Farm, 2027) showed well during Sunday’s workout in Chesterfield. The 6-foot-2, 185-pound freshman screamed a 97 mph bullet off his right-handed bat, working the pull-side and middle of the field throughout his round. Hollrah looks like he has the makings of a high-production bat in the state’s 2027 class, and he’s only scratching the surface of his future potential.

+ 1B
Payne Kent (Lafayette, 2027) has added significant strength to his frame since we last saw him at the same event in 2023. A physically built left-handed hitter standing in a 6-foot, 198-pound frame, Kent provided one of the louder rounds of BP, regardless of class. He blasted balls to the pull-side at an average of 91.3 mph (T100.4), sending his furthest batted ball 381 feet. The sheer strength and power for the freshman makes him an intriguing follow in Missouri’s 2027 class.

+ 1B
Luke Dauw (Lafayette, 2027) stands in an ideal frame with strength at 6-foot-3, 185-pounds. Dauw was on the barrel to the pull-side with ease, sending his hardest hit ball 89.6 mph from the right side of the plate. Dauw will be an intriguing follow in the 2027 class as he continues to develop.

+ C Ty Dukate (St. Charles West, 2027) is a strong, muscled-up 5-foot-10, 175-pound athlete that showed above-average bat strength at the plate for his age at this event. Dukate's firmest ball came off his barrel at 95.6 mph and traveled 349 feet, per TrackMan.

+ RHP/3B
Braylen Brown (Stauton, IL, 2027)  was another intriguing two-way prospect at the event. An easy delivery on the mound, Brown worked his fastball up to 84 mph. He mixed in a slider with sweeping action and a change-up in the mid-70s, showing the ability to fill up the zone with both secondaries. At the plate Brown was mostly up the middle and to the pull-side, producing consistent low-80s exit velocities, and peaking at 89.6 mph.