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Mid-South Preseason ID: Quick Hits

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


COLLIERVILLE, TN - The Mid-South Preseason ID was held on Saturday, January 27th at Collierville High School's Indoor Facility. This event was an open event that consisted of players from the 2024-2028 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Kicking off our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look back at some of the top performers from the event.

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Christian Doty SS / OF / Lausanne Collegiate, TN / 2026

The #1 ranked player in the 2026 class of Tennessee and Ole Miss commit had a wonderful day in many facets and left us impressed with the current ability, as well as the projection left to come. He got things going with quick strides during his sixty portion with a time of 6.75. The body is compact with strength and balance. During his BP round, one thing you notice right away is how quiet his head stays and finishes over his right shoulder throughout the swing. Quick trigger with above average bat speed at 71.6 mph on average with his top swing speed coming in at 74.1 mph. Has present barrel control with the ability to impact the ball deep into his back pocket. Led the group with 5.4 Power (kW) average according to Blast Motion. 89.1 average EV with a 95 mph max EV. Mostly stayed between a line-drive and flyball approach with length through the hitting zone while also accumulating an 83% sweet spot percentage. There is a chance the average raw power can turn into more as develops into his frame where he is currently around 5-10 and 180 pounds. Defense was smooth all around with natural bend when gathering to go alongside clean feet that work coordinated together. Infield arm came across the infield advanced with a top of 92 mph with online target throws without overthrowing. Great makeup player that also performs in game settings. High ceiling type of upside that should continue to garner attention and accolades. 

Caleb Doty 3B / RHP / Lausanne Collegiate , TN / 2025

Former Mississippi future game participant and uncommitted junior prospect presently stands at 5-11 and 185 pounds with present muscle attached to his frame. Similar in stature to his younger brother, Doty also showed present speed with a sixty yard time of 6.92 with similar quick strides and feet. Paced the entire group with 25 G’s of Rotational Acceleration, which shows that he can see pitches deeper and longer than the average hitter, while he is able to quickly trigger his hips. Was the only other player that had 5+ power (kW) during his total round. 95 max EV with an average just south of 90 mph at 89.7 EV. Extreme hitterish actions with quick-twitchiness and solid barrel control. Clean defensive movements in the infield with confident and coordinated foot-work. Attacked the baseball nicely with feel for transferring efficiently with solid arm strength in the mid 80’s mph across the diamond. More pop to surely come with being tied for the highest peak hand speed while swinging at 24 mph. Offers plenty of upside and will continue to fill out his frame. 

Ian Chambers OF / RHP / Collierville, TN / 2025

A virtually unknown prospect coming into the event, Chambers surely came away with impressive fashion and a name that should continue to gain attention. Arguably had the best showing during his BP rounds with impressive bat speed, hip trigger and swing that produced lasers with a different sound echoing off the bat throughout. One thing that you notice immediately in his swing is how strong his front arm lever is. He does a tremendous job of keeping his front side closed and staying through the baseball as he finishes his swing. Bottom hand heavy, which will allow him to make consistent hard contact. Average bat speed was off the charts at 77.5 average, with six swings above 80 mph, while producing a peak speed of 86 mph. Those are numbers that you do not see on an everyday basis, absolutely really impressive and a testament to the power that he currently has and the potential for more. Produced multiple upper 90’s mph EV’s with a max of 101 mph that totaled into an average exit velocity of 93 mph. Led the group with the furthest batted ball distance via Trackman with a 372 foot shot. Line drive heavy swing that will run into his HR’s without trying to lift. Looking towards having a big spring on a really good Collierville team where he will be making his first appearance on varsity this spring. Arm is still developing in the upper 70’s mph range. Works well to the baseball with clean feet and showing the ability to chop when timing his gather into his stride. High upside frame with strength and power that will fill a corner outfield spot for years to come for a club. 

JD Whitworth SS / OF / Collierville, TN / 2025

2025 Belmont commit came away with a really great showing all around with plenty more to come for the prospect. Listed at 5 foot 10 and 180 pounds, Whitworth has present definition in his frame, while holding the ability to add clean weight that should also help his athleticism. Clocked a 7.04 sixty with sub-7 times to come. Came away 2nd in the group in terms of G’s of Rotational Acceleration, while also tying the group lead with a peak hand speed of 24 mph. 92 mph peak EV with an average EV of 74 mph. Heavy groundball approach to his round as he looks to stay on top of the baseball, while showing he is more than able to backspin with his furthest batted ball distance coming 341 feet. Defensively sound in the infield with clean hips and the ability to move laterally to both sides. Arm strength continues to climb with an 83 mph peak velocity across the infield. Good athlete that should continue to develop with more in tank for him. 

Lance Bryan RHP / 3B / Briarcrest Christian, TN / 2025

2025 uncommitted RHP that had jaws on the floor with the present ability and future projections to come as he is both athletic and controlled already with an absolute electric arm. Listed at 5 foot 11 and only 165 pounds, Bryan mostly holds his current weight in his lower half where he has a strong foundation that slims out as you work up his frame. Really wiry with present twitch as he works down the mound that projects for future velocity. This is a kid that is extremely under the radar and will start to gather attention as his name gets circulated. Had the most impressive showing on the bump with fastballs sitting 89-90 mph with a tops just under 91 mph. However, it wasn’t just the eye popping velocity that stands out but more so the ability to command the zone without the presence of overthrowing. Everything looked extremely natural and athletic, he didn’t jerk his head out nor did his body come off as overly aggressive. It was very smooth and controlled athletic movements with twitchy components and eclectic elasticity with the arm. Spin was well above average constantly in the 2400’s RPM range as well as having a fastball that had both carry and run at 19.3 inches of vertical average to go along with 10 inches of average run. That is an extremely impressive all-around fastball that should be able to carry him far on the hill. Slider continues to need work but the fondation is clearly laid down with advanced spin in the 2600-2700 RPM range that also carries present firmness in the 79-82 mph range. It offers more of a dart/cutterish action currently but offers plenty of room for future projection as he learns his release point, while simultaneously staying behind it. If he can continue the pitch longer with middle finger pressure point coming off on the side at release, he should have zero issue creating 10 inches of horizontal plane movement for another advanced offering. Changeup was another pitch that showed promise with killed spin in the 1500 rpm range, while also showing the feel for killing “hop” with only 10 inches of average vertical depth compared to 19 inches on average vertical depth from his fastball. The offering also shows quality run already with close to 17 inches of horizontal movement on average. Command will ultimately be his separating piece as he offers three pitches that project for future potential at any level. If he can consistently get ahead hitters, he should be able to rack up K’s at a very high level, while also inducing a lot of weak contact. Bryan is an extremely high follow with major upside being only in the mid 160 pound range. The arm talent is the real deal with outlier metrics to go with it. Power 5 potential and will just be about putting it together when the eyes are in the stands, as they surely will be once his name gets circulating, and rightly so. 

Ridge Harvey LHP / Collierville, TN / 2025

Another arm that had a really impressive showing on the hill where he dotted fastballs from the left-side with effortless ease. The uncommitted ‘25 currently stands 5-11 and 180 pounds with plenty more projected for his frame. Current athletic components in his delivery with a lower ¾ arm slot. Doesn’t necessarily get a lot of carry or run on the fastball yet with only 10 inches of vertical break with 2 inches of horizontal movement, but does show the ability to spin the baseball in the 2200-2300 RPM range and just needs to continue to work on his fastball spin efficiency and staying behind the baseball longer with his two fingers to create additional life to the offering. Lived 83-85, while topping 86 mph with consistent presence around the upper half of the zone. Slider showed late action with ability to spin it decently in the 2500 RPM range while topping just around 2600 RPM’s that carried 7-8 inches on average of horizontal plane movement, although it can get depth and come across as a slurve at times. Changeup was by far his best secondary and a pitch to go to the well with any count as he has the present feel for release point and command. He does a nice job of blending his body and arm speed together when going to that offering while showing the ability to kill spin in the 1600 RPM range. The pitch also carries a decent amount of run at just over 11 inches on average. If Harvey can continue to throw strikes, he just may be a very valuable arm for Colleirville this season, while also offering a lot of opportunity for himself to get noticed in the process. He is another guy that continues to climb and get better and will start to gather more attention from college teams if he can continue to gain in confidence as the arm is real.

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