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Nashville Preseason ID: Pitcher Reports

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Nashville Preseason ID was held on Sunday, January 7th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an open event that consisted of players from the 2024-2028 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Click HERE to view all position stats from the event.

Last week, we broke down the stat leaders from the more traditional categories in our statistical analysis. Today, we take a look at the scouting reports on all pitchers who attended the Nashville Preseason ID.



Carter Baskin, Beech (TN), 2026
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-9, 140-pounds. Long and lean frame with room to fill out and add size. Flexible backside with twitchy components.
Delivery: Wide base setup with the feet facing directly towards the rubber. Pitches off the left/middle side of the rubber with a repeatable and easy leg lift. Hands start face high and lowers to his front hip with his body turn, getting parallel with home. Really shows feel for holding his energy and front shoulder/half back as he slides down the mound. Lands with a close toe with some ability to turn on the breaks with his plant leg. Young and will come into his own as he matures but offers a lot to like with the body and how it works.
Arm Action: RH. Shorter arm with a smooth path that hides the ball well. Will continue to get faster as he gets stronger.
FB: T78, 76-77 mph. Fastball played best when down in the zone. Avg spin on his 4 seam but does get decent arm-side run. Will be able to beat hitters when getting ahead and commanding the outer 3rd of the plate, while allowing it to work back. T1935, 1890 average rpm.
CB: 68-70 mph. Curveball does show tunneling and late out of hand. Has a decent understanding of what he is trying to do with that pitch. Could continue to stay on the offering longer for more vertical break with keeping his hand on top of it more. More of a rifle spinning slider currently. T2076, 2017 average rpm.
CH: 71-74 mph. Changeup was his best secondary offering where he also showed tunneling. Slowed down his arm speed at times to create speed difference versus killing speed and spin with grip and pronation. Should have more ability down the line as he learns to throw it like a fastball. Produced decent arm-side run with more to come. T1726, 1672 average rpm.
ATH: 7.09 runner in the 60. 1.66 in the 10 yard split.

Leyton Coffman, East Limestone (AL), 2025
Positional Profile: SS/2B
Body: 5-9, 145-pounds. Slim and athletic frame. Plenty of room for added muscle mass and size.
Delivery: Extrememly calm body through his shoulder turn and down the slope. Times his seperation of the hands smoothly with his stride from pushing off the rubber.
Arm Action: RH. Blocks and finishes out over his front foot. Arm works well with length and whip that offers for more down the line. 3/4 slot with late release.
FB: T79, 76-78 mph. Fastball offers decent ride and late zip out of hand. Works best down in the zone. T2006, 1944 average rpm.
SL: 68-70 mph. Slider has a hybrid CB shape with almost 7 inches of vertical break. Gets solid sweeping action. Spin can continue to get better and could look to grip pitch tighter out of release. Has great feel for release point and command overall with this seconary. T2311, 2134 average rpm.
CH: 70-72 mph. CH plays really well with killed spin and decent arm side run. Will need to continue to kill hop and stay inside offering longer but has a chance to be a really solid secondary offering that can play in any count. T1385, 1261 average rpm.
ATH: 7.46 runner in the 60. 1.75 in the 10 yard split.

Corbin Craver, Green Hill (TN), 2025
Positional Profile: LHP/LHP
Body: 5-9, 147-pounds. High waisted with longer arms and legs proportional to his frame. Plenty potential to add size and strength to his body.
Delivery: Starts cornered on 3rd base side of the rubber. Glove is eye level as he gets into his body turn perpendicular to home plate. Drops it initially to sync with his leg lift as he raises. Shows ability to stay back with his front half and block off early rotation as he makes his stride down the mound. Pushes off the rubber efficiently with quality hip turnover before allowing his upper half to fire. Braces with hyperextension out over his plant leg with a very quiet and calm head/body.
Arm Action: LH. Longer arm that creates quality shoulder/hip seperation with drag of the arm. Hides the ball well from a low 3/4 arm slot. Feel for repeating arm path with more arm speed to come.
FB: T82, 80-82 mph. Fastball offers quality spin on the fourseasm. Could look to stay behind pitch longer with his fingers as he can pull off to his glove side. Offers consistant pitch coupling and will work best when getting ahead early and down in the zone. T2241, 2157 average rpm.
SL: 71-72 mph. Slider has a chance to be a true advanced offering with 18+ inches of horizontal plane movement. Wipeout potential and can be used truly in any count. Must work to create additional feel with throwing it for strikes early in counts, while displaying ability when throwing it to backfoot against righties/off the plate against lefties. T2845, 2725 average rpm.
CH: 77-78 mph. Changeup shows killed spin with the ability to throw it for stikes. Lacks some movement and more of a speed differential pitch with his fastball at this point in its development. Will need to continue to stay inside the offering with later pronation release. T1558, 1539 average rpm.

Andrew Day, Rossview (TN), 2025
Positional Profile: RHP/OF
Body: 5-9, 135-pounds. Smaller stature frame currently with maximum room to fill out and add strength.
Delivery: Starts offset witht the rubber on the 3rd base side. Starts with his glove around his bellybutton and sync's his leg lift with his glove lift before releasing together as he slides down the mound. Lands open with his front side and can lack initial follow-through with his arm side as he finishes to the third base side.
Arm Action: RH. Longer arm that creates seperation from his glove hand to his ball hand. Throws from a low 3/4 arm slot, which leads to him wrapping around the ball at times before release.
FB: T75, 73-75 mph. Fastball has quality arm-side run with ability to locate it in the zone. Will work best down and away from hitters as they will pull off and hit a lot of weak groundballs. T1991, 1851 average rpm.
SL: 66-67 mph. Slider shows some loop to it and will become sharper as he adds strength and velocity to the pitch. Has decent shape with horizontal plane movement and will just need to add velocity for an overall more effective pitch. T1959, 1917 average rpm.
CH: 68-71 mph. Changeup can get pushy a times. Tries for force movement with slowing down of his arm. Pitch does offer substantial horizontal plane movement and will is currently an effective offering. Has ability to be used in any count but must show more strike-throwing command with the pitch and not completely work if off the plate. T1837, 1700 average rpm.

Jack Gates, Evangelical Christian School (TN), 2026
Positional Profile: LHP/OF
Body: 5-11, 170-pounds. Medium build, proportional frame throughout. Strong look to the lower half. Athletic and lean.
Delivery: Smooth and controlled body with repeatable actions. Quiet and calm body that has explosivness upon hand break as he slopes down the mound. Really clean hips with easy turnover and seperation of the top half. Foot strike lands true and slightly closed with internal rotation of his back knee before ball release. Quick arm that works well and should offer more with time.
Arm Action: LH. Shorter and quick arm, 3/4 arm slot.
FB: T77, 73-76 mph. Fastball has insane vertical break and does a really good job of staying behind the baseball with near 95%-100% spin efficiency. Will work really well up the zone, especially when getting ahead and after off-speed. T2148, 1972 average rpm.
CB: 67-68 mph. Curveball has some late break to it at times. Tries to create spin and can slow down the arm to generate it. Needs to trust this pitch more and develop feel for release point. Has feel for throwing it for strikes and can also be used as a put away weapon. T2270, 1958 average rpm.
CH: 67-69 mph. Changeup is more of a slower fastball currently. Does kill spin to a certain degree but lacks arm side run and maintains a straight downward trajectory with carry. Can look to get inside the pitch more, while staying on the pitch longer through his extension. T1639, 1467 average rpm.
ATH: 7.72 runner in the 60. 1.76 in the 10 yard split.

Jackson Goddard, Liberty Creek (TN), 2026
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 6-2, 170-pounds. Long and athletic body with plenty of room for added strength and muscle mass. Twitchy attributes.
Delivery: Starts offset on the rubber with athletic movements that scream for more ability to come in the future. Explosive down the sloap with direct on-target push-offs. Just a smooth delivery down the mound with strong presence on his backside as he sits and glides with the slope. Leads with his front hip and shows ability to get out over his plant leg as he braces nicely and allows the arm to work.
Arm Action: RH. Mid 3/4 arm action with late extension and ideal chest out in front as his arm works through to release.
FB: T85, 83-85 mph. FB showed heaviness with strong ability to ride behind the FB with his hand. Carried 17 + inches of Vertical break with decent spin. Missed up in the zone and FB will play best getting ahead and down in the strike-zone. Has ability to work the pitch back and can be even better as he gains feel for release angle and body positioning to work pitch back onto the plate or into hitters hands. T2195, 2065 average rpm.
CB: 72-75 mph. Breaks late with potential to be a really good offering. Will be able to generate swing and misses during early counts, while also having ability to be able to work down and off the plate with two strikes for bad swings. Really strong feel for this pitch and its abilty to create depth while tunneling it off FB. Hard to pick up out of hand. T2360, 2275 average rpm.
SL: 75-76 mph. Similar offering to his Curveball. Blend type hybrid. May be better suited to scratch one to focus directly on one breaking-ball to enhance it's overall shape. T2311, 2222 average rpm.
CH: 79-79 mph. CH showed similar shape with the fastball with only difference being pitch speed as it carried high spin. Could look to make the pitch a better offering with killing additional velocity on offering, while also maintaining a tighter grip on the ball through his release. Showed command however and feel for throwing strikes with offering. T1987, 1984 average rpm.
ATH: 7.05 runner in the 60. 1.64 in the 10 yard split.

Alexander Pinson, Soddy Daisy (TN), 2025
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 6-2, 186-pounds. Longer and lean frame, atheltic build. More room for added mass.
Delivery: Direct on target pushoff from the rubber. Keeps front shoulder closed before launch. Head stays middle with calmness present. Doesn't overthrow and will have more to come with a simple load and shoulders working on plane together.
Arm Action: RH
FB: T88, 81-87 mph. Fastball has really good life with impressive vertical carry. Spins it decently and can even look to stay on pitch longer with later extentsion for more whip out of hand. Can play up, as well as in as it getslate tunnled arm side run. T2148, 2038 average rpm.
CB: 73-73 mph. More of a slider with over 11 inches of horizontal plane movement action. Late out of hand with late release and consistant arm speed. Will be able to be used as a strike offering, as well as off the plate to righties for swing and misses. Will need to continue to develope velocity on offering and spin. T2082, 2006 average rpm.
CH: 75-79 mph. Decent shape with an understanding of what he is trying to do with pitch. Could look to kill spin with tighter grip as he holds it loosely. Gets decent arm side run with a different pitch coupling shape from fastball. Can be a better offering with minor tweaks. T2026, 1801 average rpm.

Kason Woodson, Springfield High School (TN), 2027
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 5-10, 190-pounds. Strong and well developed lower half. Present muscle development in the shoulders with more to come as he matures.
Delivery: Athletic and smooth delivery with linear drive towards home with open plant foot land and external rotation of the hips. Bow like plant leg upon landing with smooth back foot connection and drive from the rubber. Could look to close his front arm/top half to gain addtional velocity and strike-throwing ability. Repeatable actions.
Arm Action: RH. Short and quick 3/4 arm with minimal wasted movement.
FB: T81, 78-80 mph. FB offers late life and works best away to righties with ASR. Bowling ball type effect that can challenge hitters when he stays on pitch with high horizontal plane movement. T2103, 2019 average rpm.
CB: 66-70 mph. Really good spin with more sweeping action that showed late bite and tunnled well out of hand. Was able to work it off the plate as a strikeout pitch. Works well backing up FB and still early in development and could be a major weapon as he increases velocity on the pitch. T2246, 2226 average rpm.
SL: 67-70 mph. SL is the better of his off-speed offerings in terms of strike throwing ability and feel for release point. Shows 1/7 plane with high release and tight spin. Effective strike-out pitch when located on the plate with solid vertical depth. T2228, 1794 average rpm.
CH: 72-72 mph. Changeup will enerates weak contact, but left up in the zone at times. Has good arm side action with late biting run and killed spin. Offers high level potential with adequate horizontal plane movement. T1855, 1845 average rpm.


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