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Tennessee Baseball Academy Scout Day: Quick Hits

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director

NASHVILLE, TN - The Diamond organization continued their fall season with a PBR Scout Day at Brentwood Academy on Saturday, November 4th. Over 25 players went through the pro-style workout and there were several players that impressed at the different stations of the showcase. Below are some standout performers from the event.

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Evan McElvain C / 3B / Nolensville, TN / 2026

26’ catching prospect that offers projection with current size. Younger brother of Ethan McElvain, our PBR Tennessee #1 prospect in 2023, Evan comes in at 6 foot 2 and 200 pounds with plenty of muscle yet to be added. Offered a few upper 80’s EV while topping right at 90 mph for max EV. Strong arm that still is progressing that came in mid to upper 70’s on throw downs to second for pop-times between 1.90-2.05 seconds. Physical target with fluid hips and balance throughout his transition from receive to transfer. Bat will surely gain strength as he starts for a loaded Nolensville team.  

Kael Barney OF / OF / Nolensville , TN / 2026

Long legged ‘26 prospect that offers a quality frame at 6 foot 3 and 160 pounds. Really long arms and legs that will continue adding strength and size. LH hitting outfielder with easy repeatable actions at the plate where he maintains flexibility and lag through the zone. Paced the group in just about every hitting metric with multiple upper 80’s/low 90’s EV with a max EV at 94. Shows ability to stay back while getting length with the bat through his swing. Present quick hands with feel for turning the box on the inside zone to pull side, while maintaining a neutral up the middle approach. Clean hitting prospect that shows ability in the outfield working through the baseball and developing lower 80’s arm strength. 

Kyson Barney SS / 2B / Nolensville , TN / 2026

Twin brother with the same long slim frame at 6 foot 3 and 160 pounds with plenty of room for added clean muscle. Offers projectable actions at the plate with a balanced swing from the right side that has simple moving parts with a soft leg kick with a gaining ground plant. Quick hands that should translate to more bat speed in the future. 90 mph max EV with surely more to come. Line-drive level plane swing that stayed mostly in left-center field with batted balls. Developing upper 70’s arm strength that also popped an 85 mph on a shuffle hop up the middle. ‘26 Primary middle infielder. 

Cy Longley OF / SS / Ravenwood, TN / 2026

Athletic ‘26 prospect that has present strength with a frame that surely will add more mass in the next coming years. Varsity wide-receiver that has translatable twitchy skills on the ballfield. The 5 foot 10 and 170 pound outfielder may have had the best all around showing with a 6.90 second sixty that will continue to get faster. At the plate, showed the highest line-drive percentage swing of the group with multiple exit velocities laced up the middle at upper 80’s mph, with a max EV at 92 mph. Clean receiver of the baseball, showing ability to sink and gather without sacrificing balance with developing arm strength in the upper 70’s to low 80’s on a crow hop. 

Garrett Cyphers RHP / OF / Brentwood Academy, TN / 2026

’26 RHP that presently stands 6 foot 1 and 165 pounds that showed really well on the bump. Good tempo delivery that gains ground simultaneously towards home with leg lift. Shows an elastic moving front chain with flexible separation that hides the ball well with a late ball out of hand. Will have the ability to throw hard as he comes with a whippy arm action that contains lag behind his body. FB sat between 83-86 mph with developing shape and command in the zone. SL and CB show different shapes and tunneled well together out of hand. Both have potential to be quality offers with great spin for his age in the 2300-2400 rpm’s. CB may have the highest upside if he can maintain slider spin rate with it, as it showed depth and sweep and should have swing and miss ability currently. Present ability and should compete for ample innings this season on a BA team with some decent arms. Overall showed a feel for multiple pitches and should continue to develop. 

Caleb King OF / Independence High School, TN / 2025

‘25 LHH outfielder with plenty of juice in the tank that I think he will be able to tap into with more seasoning. The 6 foot and 180 pound frame comes with a strong top hand and lower half that produced multiple low 90’s EV’s to right center field with a mixture of deep fly balls and hard lean liners. High back elbow translates to easy rotation on an uphill swing plane. Decent runner and ability to cover ground with developing arm strength in the low 80’s. Made smooth transitions from ball to glove and made accurate on-target throws to home from the outfield. Offers projection with the frame and strength and shows potential to develop into a nice prospect.

Adrian Gomez LHP / OF / Blackman High School, TN / 2026

‘25 OF/LHP prospect at 5 foot 11 and 160 pounds that sowed a cannon from the outfield and velocity potential on the mound. 86-88 mph to home from right field with low line drive throws that held plane for the majority of throws. Really impressed on the mound with multiple pitches and shows potential as he gains more experience on the mound against quality hitters. FB sat 80-82 from a quick short arm that hide the ball well behind his body from a late release. Showed above average hop at 20+ inches on average to go alongside 10+ inches of horizontal movement for a really quality FB shape. Breakingball will need to continue to develop but has a present feel for spin and just will need to continue to gather trust in release point, wrist positioning and intent. Currently has a blended shape with both SL and CB and should look to develop one as he grows on the mound for a true swing and miss pitch. CH has best off-speed ability currently with killed spin at 1400-1500 rpm’s and almost 11 inches of average HZM. Will need to continue to kill hop and refine pitch but offers projection from the left side and should continue to get better overall.


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