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Tennessee Preseason All-State: Quick Hits, Underclass Outfielders

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Tennessee Preseason All-State was held on Saturday, February 10th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of players from the 2024-2027 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Continuing our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at some of the standouts and top performers from the event.

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Stephen Bobo OF / LHP / Shelbyville Central, TN / 2027

Easily one of my favorite players already in the ‘27 class. Bobo is a blend of speed and electricity. At 5 foot 9 and 155 pounds, Bobo packs a punch with grip strength in the 130 pounds of pressure radius. Jumped on my radar this past summer at our Top Prospect Games event where he showed out amongst high schoolers and left us puzzled how a kid that just finished his middle school career could already be so advanced. Starts from a narrow upright stance and does a great job keeping his hands back creating barrel lag in-zone while incorporating his strong lower half well. Stays compact and well-connected on a tight path to the ball paired with present bat speed. 91 max exit velocity to go along with an 86 mph exit velocity average. Good range and athleticism (6.72) in the outfield bodes well for Bobo in centerfield, and has well above-average arm strength (91) to make all the throws necessary. Bobo will be on base a lot, while being a steady run-producer for Shelbyville Central for the next four years, and his ceiling is just about as high as anyone from this class. 

Seth Hooks OF / LHP / Knights Academy, TN / 2027

Former PBRJFG standout this summer, Hooks manned centerfield primarily and made the Lakepoint ballpark look small in the box. Not necessarily a burner with a 7.5 sixty, but he makes up for that with quick get offs from his spot defensively with precise routes to the baseball. He is the ultimate definition of a gamer type of player. Metrically doesn’t jump off the charts just yet, but is just a well rounded ball player that will continue to get better and better in the game. 91 mph max exit velo, paired with a 85 mph average EV is above average for his class and creates enough torque with well timed barrel connection. Does a great job of keeping his front side closed through the hitting zone that allows him to see pitches deep and stay long through the baseball. Lower half is presently developed with more mass to come as he matures. High follow kid with a knack for making plays in big moments 

Harrison Pollina OF / RHP / Arlington, TN / 2026

The 6 foot 2 and 160 pound athlete presents with a wiry frame that has plenty of athletic components. The loud two-way upside for Pollina is only getting stronger as he heads into his junior season, and last week was a great start to his spring. Recently transferring to Arlington with a jump up in competition, which should bode well for his advancement. 7 flat runner (sixty) with faster playing actions in game settings. Simple approach at the plate with strong wrists and decent bat speed, while creating substantial barrel whip and leverage through the zone for a max 90 mph exit velocity. Rangy defensively with clean angles and quick transitions from gathering to ball in hand. Well above arm strength (94) with easy carry on his throws. Talented sophomore that should be a force in a really tough district with the likes of Collierville, Houston and Bartlett. 

Thomas Evans OF / RHP / Webb School, TN / 2026

The ‘26 class prospect jumped on my scene over the summer where he showed future ability but with some rawness at the time. He has completely upped his game and was a major standout in multiple facets at Preseason All-State. At 5 foot 8 and 175 pounds, Evans is nowhere near finishing developing. Decent running speed with a 7.1 (sixty) but has a grace of smoothness about him as he glides around to the baseball. Showcases an advanced ability to stay balanced in his back hip before driving into a strong lower half from a quiet load. Present barrel control with plus bat speed (Max 76) in a bat path that creates easy loft allows him to drive balls to the pull-side with minimal effort. 93 mph max exit velocity with an average of 88 mph for his round that should continue to steadily climb. Another guy that already has present above average arm strength (94) that offers easy carry on line with low liners out of hand. Offers true two-way potential and overall had one of the more impressive days. 

Jackson Allen OF / RHP / Brentwood, TN / 2026

At 5 foot 11 and just shy of 170 pounds, Allen provides a unique blend of present speed and strength with plenty of room to continue filling out. One of the more athletic participants from this past weekend with multiple standout metrics. Showed the second quickest overall acceleration burst off the line with a 1.60 second (10yd) that finished with an easy 6.84 (60) that should offer faster ability in the years to come. 32 in vertical with bouncy movements lead me to believe that his brightest days in baseball are ahead of him. 73 mph average bat speed that creates lag as it fires the bat through the zone with violence. Showed significant barrel control to create impact consistently. 94 max exit velo with evenly paired line-drive to fly-ball percentage ball flight. Stays low while attacking the baseball to receive with equally impressive fluidity to get into his throwing motion. Steadily climbing arm strength (87) that will offer more as he matures. Should be a main contributor for a Brentwood team looking to compete for district titles again.

Brody Carr OF / LHP / Jefferson County, TN / 2026

Carr was another guy that has consistently popped everytime that I have seen him. Started this past summer at our Top Prospect Games where he made Lindsey Nelson (University of Tennessee) look small in right field with multiple batted baseballs onto the road over the bullpen. Serious helium continues to follow Carr’s game and it is easy to see why. High-level projection in the frame at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds with athleticism and strength throughout. Strong hands and wrists in a line-drive approach with ability to impact the ball out front to both gaps. Has some present steepness in his swing that allows him to get the barrel out with lag and shows the ability to lift without necessarily trying to. 94 max EV with a 90 mph avg EV. Good tools in the outfield as well with above-average arm strength (89) and advanced footwork. Should be a high level player this season for Jefferson County with a huge opportunity this summer on the travel ball circuit.  

Drew Hostetler OF / RHP / Siegel, TN / 2026

Speed, twitch, compact strength. Hostetler has the frame of a running back or strong safety with thickness and quick moving levers that should propel him far. Has taken major steps since seeing him this past summer where he posted at 6.58 (sixty) and has since gained about 10 pounds of mass. 6.62 (sixty) from this past weekend with a 33 inch vertical that screams plenty of athletic ability. Compact swing that has some present pull off and can look to stay longer through the baseball but the present tools are there as he swings with a compact and easy direct path, while making contact from the hip. Produced 96 max exit velocity with more to come as he refines his bat path. Clean footwork with ability to lower his center of gravity without sacrificing much momentum when gathering the baseball for effortless throws (86) with easy moving actions that should continue to smoothen out. Still has some rawness to him but the projection is there and a guy that I am really high on moving forward. 

Cooper Rogers 3B / OF / Davidson Academy, TN / 2026

A physically developed ‘26 class prospect at 5 foot 10 and 208 pounds. A really solid all-around day for Rodgers who continues to raise his overall floor. The sophomore brings athleticism to the plate as well, highlighted by 7.38 (sixty) at his current weight that should continue to lean out as he matures. He does a good job creating separation backed by above-average bat speed (74.3 mph avg). Showed some feel for the barrel in a gap-to-gap approach and should consistently be able to produce doubles. 95 max exit velo with loud barrels that should continue to climb. Confident, efficient actions in the outfield with decent arm strength (84) to play a corner spot. Big spring ahead for Rodgers as he looks to make an impact for Davidson Academy that looks reloaded and primed for a deep run this season.

Cy Longley OF / SS / Ravenwood, TN / 2026

Got on my radar this fall at one of our PBR TN scout days and has consistently continued to get better and more refined. At 5 foot 9 and and 165 pounds, Longley is far from his future weight and frame with already athletic traits highlighted by his sub 7 sixty (6.96) and clean footwork. Using a wide base at the plate with a slight bat wiggle, Longley shows present bat-to-ball skills with some ability to manipulate the barrel to create loft and line-drives. Some strength at impact currently (Max EV 93) but as he matures into his lean frame paired with above-average rotational acceleration, the power potential will only continue to grow. Clean moving defensively with feel for his feet under him, he works well to the baseball with smoothness into his transition. Arm can get away from him at times and could clean the action up. Still developing strength there (80 mph) but with time should be able to continue creeping up into high numbers. Should be a major factor on a young Ravenwood team that may surprise some people this year being a year early ahead of schedule.  

Kael Barney OF / 1B / Nolensville , TN / 2026

At 6 foot 2 and 160 pounds, it’s easy to dream on Barney’s frame. Extremely high waisted with lean and long extremities with present athletic ability. 7.1 in the sixty with the ability to presently rotate through his swing. There's a present feel for the barrel with the ability to create a ton of length in-zone to generate easy loft. The raw and in-game power potential for Barney is present, and could be a potential above average tool down the line. Showed the fastest hand speed of the entire event at 26 mph. Long and loose arm action from the outfield with present carry and average arm-strength(83). Shows body control and ability to bend for the frame and looks to produce higher power outputs as he grows into his length. 

Caleb Carpenter OF / RHP / Independence , TN / 2027

Uber projectable ‘27 class prospect with intangible abilities that are currently present in his game. Standing 5 foot 10 with high waisted length in his lower half that presents himself at 160 pounds. Already has strength in the wrists and hands to handle the barrel for above average bat-to-ball skills. Drove balls into the pull-side gap and back at the screen consistently, while flashing the ability to create some loft at contact that will continue to strengthen the power profile. Hits from a compact/connected swing that holds a majority line-drive batted ball flight. Smoothly sound with advanced footwork and ability to bend his backside that holds current spinal flexion. Already produces above average arm strength (87) with plenty of carry on the baseball that should allow him to garner putouts from anywhere in the outfield.  

Rylan Jessee OF / 3B / Baylor , TN / 2027

‘27 class prospect with well developed strength and composition that attends a stacked baseball program at Baylor in Chattanooga. Listed 5 foot 10 and 205 pounds, Jesse already holds muscle mass in his frame, especially in the lower half. Above average bat speed present (72) with quick hands that are already topping 25 mph. Above average bat-to-ball skills evident by an 86% sweet spot on barrel contact. 96 mph max velo with an insane 80% line-drive ball flight that will continue to carry backspin as he goes into his freshman season. Creates ideal hand separation with back knee connection to his front knee on impact. Jesse does a really good job of keeping his hands inside and staying through the ball in an all-fields approach. There’s strong potential for an above-average hit tool at some point. Arm is still developing but has the present hitting skills that can overlook other average skills. 

Zain Kureshi-Smith 2B / OF / Farragut, TN / 2026

Speedster with plenty of athletic ability to continue to round out his game. Plays at blue-blood program Farragut and their long list of guys continuing to play at the next level. At 5 foot 9 and on the underside of 145 pounds, Kureshi-Smith has plenty of room to continue to fill out with quality muscle mass on a wiry and quick twitched frame. 6.83 (sixty) runner that picks up speed as he gets going. Should be able to stretch singles into doubles. More of a ground ball hitter currently that just lacks some present strength in his profile and should start being able to lift as he matures. Arm strength is on the underside of 80 mph but offers quickness with getting the ball out of his hand. Swing stays direct to the ball but can get on top with the barrel and can look to smooth out his bat path. The tools are still raw to a certain degree but has upside with plenty of athletic components that should make the refining process that much easier.  

Tommy Baker OF / 2B / South Gibson County, TN / 2026

At 5 foot 11 and 175 pounds, Baker has plenty of projection remaining with good timing mechanisms factored into his swing. Hands start by head with soft controlled triggers that get him into his launch position. Can get disconnected at times during his bat path, which offers even more power presently available to him.There’s already impact in the barrel for Baker (Max EV 94) but I’m rather bullish on the power potential as he matures into his frame and refines his swing from the left-side. Glove plays in either corner outfield spot with decent arm strength and ability to cover ground well. The upside for the sophomore outfielder could be immense, and will be one to watch throughout the spring and beyond.

Colton Baron RHP / OF / Siegel, TN / 2026

Well developed frame with present muscle mass and thickness packed into his 6 foot 1 and 200 pound body. Strong kid with plenty of athleticism that translates to quick moving levers and shows ability to generate force through his hips with rotational components. 88 mph average exit velocity with a 93 max EV. He uses a compact, direct path from the right-side where he fills up the gaps with ease from a lower hand slot. Maintained a 100% sweet spot on barrel contact with a line-drive approach. Athletic actions in the outfield with great ability to cover ground with equally impressive footwork. Consistent, accurate carry on his throws (89) with enough present arm strength to stick in a corner outfield spot when not pitching 


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