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Tennessee Preseason All-State: Quick Hits, Upperclass Pitchers

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Tennessee Preseason All-State was held on Saturday, February 10th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of players from the 2024-2027 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Continuing our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at some of the standouts and top performers from the event.

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Ari Bethea RHP / OF / Collierville, TN / 2025

The Tennessee recruit was a standout this past summer at PBR Future Games where he had to pitch back to back days with weather forcing a two hour delay and causing him to split his innings. He showed maturity and pitchability in both innings, surrendering 0 hits and 0 walks to go alongside 3 K’s and two very quick up/down innings. Bethea has only gotten better since then as the fastball velocity was consistently harder working in the 90-92 mph range with plenty of life behind it at 23 inches on average of vertical break. That 4-seam fastball is able to consistently play harder with the ride induced to go along with command without overthrowing. The slider however is his bread and butter and comes in already advanced at 77-79 mph with an insane amount of horizontal break at 15 inches on average and plus spin at 2600 rpm’s. He already shows feel for its usage on the plate and manipulates the offering to his desired location depending on the count. CH presented killed spin at 1400-1500 with 10 inches of average run. It’s safe to assume that Bethea already has the making of three above average offerings and going into his junior season, he will pace a top-5 team in the state on the bump looking to get back to the state tournament. He is a great kid with a super positive demeanor and a bright future on the mound. 

Nolan Bethel RHP / OF / Loudon, TN / 2025

The Kennesaw State recruit comes in with a larger frame at 6 foot 2 and 190 pounds. He already holds a good portion of mass in the lower half and will continue to slim out as he gets stronger. He consistently worked 87 mph with arm-side run into the inner 3rd of the plate. He shows feel for locating that pitch already without trying to overthrow. The slider is still developing and more of a get me over at this point with rifle spin shape but he makes up for any lack thereof with quality command. The changeup may be the best weapon of the lot with super low spin at 1200-1300 with plus feel for release point and its usage. He showed easy flowing hips and room for plenty of added velocity as he matures. 

Hiram Lewis RHP / Ravenwood , TN / 2025

A frame to dream on and an arm to start taking seriously, Lewis is all of 6 foot 5 at 200 pounds of long extremities in a lengthy, elastic frame. If he can consistently put it together with getting ahead of hitters, while not trying to just blow the fastball by them, he could be in line for serious accolades as the release point gets well above average extension. The fastball sat 88-91 for his bullpen and something that he should be able to carry through a couple of innings this season before settling around 85-87 mph. The FB carries great boar with it at just around 20 inches of average vertical break to go alongside 14 inches of average run. This should be able to eat lefties up inside and in, while having a similar effect on righties. The CB has some drop and spins it decently at 2400 rpm’s. He has the potential to stay on that pitch longer with the size of his fingers to create additional late drop from a high release point. The CH comes in at 1600 rpm’s and the feel for staying inside of it is present. If he can consistently stay calm with his actions and allow the arm to work with the body, he should have zero issues being a real dude on the mound. The talent with the arm is real, it just will come down to not trying to do too much and getting consistently ahead. If he can ride some early momentum that he has created for himself, this spring and summer can be huge opportunity months for him. 

Christian Henderson RHP / 1B / Clarksville, TN / 2024

The uncommitted senior prospect continues to get better every time that I have seen him. The velocity has jumped since the summer/fall coming in at 86-88 with quality spin in the 2300-2400 rpm range, while also carrying significant late boar. He was consistently in the strike zone with an easy repeatable arm motion that should hold more velocity down the line. The CB is a serious above average offering at 2700-2800 rpm’s with a nice developed pitch shape with 12 inches of average vertical drop and 14 inches of average sweep. If he is able to raise the velocity on that offering, it will have serious wipeout potential. The SL is also a solid offering with 2600 rpm’s and 9 inches of average sweep at 75-76 mph. He shows real ability to spin two different breaking-balls, which is something you don’t really see that often at the high school level. The CH showed command with consistent ability to pound the zone with it at 11 inches of average run. He should be in line to be Clarksville’s ace this season and is way too talented at this point to remain uncommitted. Look for him to have a big season and to earn some late offers as the year unfolds.  

Eli West RHP / OF / Tipton Rosemark, TN / 2024

The ‘24 uncommitted Tipton Rosemark product was previously unknown to me and he provided a great look at PAS where he climbed the FB into the 90 mph range, while sitting 88-89 with the heater. The offering was heavy, generating 14 inches of average horizontal run to go alongside another 14 inches of average hop for a nice developed sinking fastball shape that should miss a ton of barrels. The slider offers some rifle spin with it but carries present velocity in the 78-81 mph range. The CH is still developing and he can look to continue to learn how to kill spin but he matches it well out of the hand with the fastball and should be able to generate in-zone swing and misses. He is another guy that should be able to find a home at the next level as the season progresses and at 6 foot and 175 pounds, the frame surely will hold more velocity with time.  

Elijah Shreeve RHP / Lebanon , TN / 2024

The ‘24 uncommitted Lebanon prospect comes in with a physical frame at 6 foot 2 and 215 pounds. There is some serious projectability there as well as the arm worked cleanly with good hip sequencing that led to the best overall hop on the fastball with 23 inches on average at 85-87 mph. He can intentionally live up in the zone as that offering plays higher than its perceived velocity with average spin at 2200 rpm’s. The CB shape is already developed with almost 7 and half inches of vertical drop to go alongside 11 inches of average sweep for an almost slurve shape. There is a real two-pitch mix and lines up to be an easy option out of the pen at the next level. Wouldn’t be surprised if he started getting more looks his way. If he can refine the body a bit, the arm speed should tick up leading to some projection out there for him. 

Corbin Crosby LHP / 1B / Lipscomb Academy, TN / 2025

The southpaw has ticked up in velocity since the summer season and he came into PAS with a more refined body that carried noticeable strength in the lower half. The command has increased as he looked like he had more control of the body and his movements without trying to overthrow. The FB came in 84-86 mph with good spin at 2200-2300 rpm’s, while also showing a lot of run at 15 ½ inches on average. The breaking ball is still a work in progress and there is evident lack of comfortability there spinning it with authority. The command is there with that pitch however and will be effective at the high school level but will need to trust that offering more as he matures. The frame has considerably improved and he looks like he is in line to carry a lot of innings this season for a very talented Lipscomb Academy ball club looking to get back to the state tournament. 

Jake McKinney RHP / RHP / Friendship Christian , TN / 2025

At 5 foot 11 and 170 pounds, McKinney still holds plenty of projection in the body that surely offers for more down the line. The body works well and is easily repeatable with easy up-down-out fluidity with it. Th FB carried good life to it at 84-86 mph with some late asr. The breaking ball could use some refinement but the arm action was there it did carry some sweep at almost 6 inches on average. He looks like he has the ability to sling that offering harder and should uptick in velo as he gains strength. The CH may have been his best pitch with 17 inches on average of run with killed hop at only 7 inches. That is a pitch that will always play and if he can control it, it should be a major weapon to use in any count, especially behind.

William Bobo OF / RHP / Shelbyville Central, TN / 2025

The athletic Bobo comes in with an extremely wirey frame at 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds He worked 82-85 mph with a really quick arm that carried some length in the action. His CB showed a really good shape and feel for spin at 2300-2400 rpm’s with 10 inches of average vertical break and 12 inches of sweep at 71-72 mph. He may carry more upside in the outfield, however, if he could gain weight over the next half season, the velocity on all of his pitches should increase as the arm is whippy.

Carson Pack RHP / SS / Oakland, TN / 2025

The uncommitted junior prospect from Oakland should be in line for the #1 role this season on the mound. The height isn’t entirely there yet but he does carry a proportional frame at 5 foot 10 and 160 pounds that already offers plenty of elastic actions. His body works extremely well down the mound as he shows adequate ability to bend with a really long stride length. The arm is smooth with speed associated with it and he braces well. The only thing that is separating him from being a true dude is the consistent ability to throw strikes. He has an effortless approach with the rhythm, which Is fine as long as he is able to keep his head still and away from jerking to the first base side. If he can learn to harness the electricity in the body, he has a real chance to start getting serious looks his way. He already shows feel for spin with the FB at 2400-2600 rpm range that carries significant life at 19 inches of vertical break. The velocity is also apparent sitting 87-89, while topping 90 mph. Again, it is just him staying within himself and not looking to overthrow every pitch, as the FB is good enough to get hitters out already. The CB is still developing as it shows quality downward break but lacks feel for spin and release point. There is some level of slowing the arm down to create the pitch, rather than letting the pitch create itself based off the arm speed/action. The CH does offer significant change of pace at 76 mph but does come in with high spin and gives the effect of just a slower fastball without much movement present. There are tangible pieces that Pack already possesses and someone really worth following along. If he can refine his tools, which I believe that he can, he does project really well on the bump with the elastic athletic ability.

Ayden Jacobs RHP / OF / Collierville , TN / 2025

Jacobs already offers plenty of physicality with athletic traits in the profile. At 6 foot 1 and 190 pounds, he is still relatively wiry with present muscle built into the frame. The arm slot works from an over the top downhill angle that really jumps on hitters. The fastball worked 88-90 and was consistently in the zone. The CB already is above average just in terms of how hard he throws it at 77-79 mph with consistent 8 inches of average break on the vertical and horizontal plane charts. That looks to be his pitch that he wants to go to often and it should rack up in-zone misses, as well as landing it for put aways. The CH looked better than this summer when I got my first extended look at him. It carried right around 12 inches of average horizontal movement with killed spin in the 1400 rpm range. There is some present stiffness with the hips that leads me to believe that he has much more shoulder/hip separation in there available to him. He if is able to sacrifice some muscle mass, it may allow the arm to work more efficiently with creating more elasticity in the body. He should be in line to be the number 2 guy this season for a loaded Collierville team and should create plenty of opportunities for himself this spring and summer.  

Cael Allen 3B / RHP / Collierville, TN / 2025

Strong frame at 6 foot 1 and 211 pounds, Allen’s arm flows efficiently with ease with easy carry behind the fastball. He comfortably sat 86-88 mph with quality running action. He did have a tendency to miss arm side but with time can learn to open his hips early for a more neutral release position that should free up his glove side. The CB showed some bit at 78-79 that offers future power break with 8 inches almost of average drop. His CH may be his best secondary offering with 16 inches of average run at 79-80 mph. Its a pitch that comes out of his hand with tunneled arm speed and repeatable actions. He showed ability to be around the strike-zone and will be another major weapon for a stacked Collierville HS ball club. He has serious two-way potential and projects well on the bump imo. 


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