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Tennessee Preseason All-State: Underclass Catchers

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Tennessee Preseason All-State was held on Saturday, February 10th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of players from the 2024-2027 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Continuing our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at some of the standouts and top performers from the event.

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KJ Anderson C / 3B / Cookeville, TN / 2027

Anderson was a member of the Junior Future Games this summer where he showcased elite ability to impact the baseball and handle a variety of positions. He already has crisp footwork and transfer skills that should aid him in continuing his growth behind the dish as a supreme left-handed hitting catching prospect. The strength is already evident by his 101 max EV. He also has a surprisingly heightened level of athleticism with a 7.3 sixty in a frame that is still just starting to develop at 5 foot 10 and 190 pounds. The stroke is pure with calm relaxed actions to a seriously violent get off as he loads into his back knee, while gaining ground towards the pitcher. He gets serious leverage through the hitting zone with easy loft that consummates into a 2 handed swing finish, while showing the ability for a single hand finish when really going for it. Average EV for his round came in at 88 mph. Behind the dish has equally impressive actions, with low sinking hips that move efficiently for pop times in the 1.93-2.00 range. Arm strength is still coming in but with the floor already established for the acceleration of his growth and the height of his ceiling. Should be standout at Cookeville this season with a huge summer laid ahead of him. 

Wyatt Severance C / 2B / Ravenwood, TN / 2026

The athletic backstop continues to steadily climb as Preseason All-State was another great turnout for him. Not your prototypical catcher with a wiry frame at 5 foot 10 and 170 pounds. He carries present speed as he was clocked at 6.84 sixty and handles the barrel really well in the box. Simple compact swing that has some uphill bat path. Should be a consistent doubles guy this season for Ravenwood. Arm strength (83) and behind the dish is where he really stands out with multiple sub 2.00 pop times. If the bat can continue to play, he should be in store for a lot of attention his way. 

Evan McElvain C / 3B / Nolensville, TN / 2026

Younger brother of current Vanderbilt Freshman pitcher Ethan McElvain, Evan comes in on the other side of the ball where he was a starting catcher as a freshman last season at Nolensville. The frame has really matured since this fall and was evident by a loud round of BP that carried 90 mph EV on average that topped 96 max EV. He still holds plenty of projection with his current size. Evan comes in 15 pounds heavier than back in October standing 217 pounds, with plenty of muscle yet to be added. Strong arm that still is progressing that came upper 70’s (Top 80) on throw downs to second for pop-times between 1.85-1.86 seconds. Physical target with fluid hips and balance throughout his transition from receive to transfer. Will be a name to follow this upcoming spring and summer seasons. 

Jay Insani C / RHP / Rockvale , TN / 2027

Insani comes into his freshman year with an already physically mature frame at 5 foot 11 and 180 pounds. Strong shoulders with a well built lower half that holds some present strength. Smooth stroke from the right side that will continue to develop as he gains strength and fills out. 88 mph max EV with low line drives to pull-side gap. On the catching side is where Insani already shows advanced actions and receiving skills. Gives a nice target with ability to handle the baseball in different quadrants of the zone with ease and plus arm strength to go along with him (82). Lived mostly in the 1.90-2.00 range with throw downs with consistent carry on the ball for accurate throws on target.  

Christopher Brown C / OF / Ensworth, TN / 2026

I couldn’t be higher on the upside and potential in the sophomore Ensworth backstop, and the tools continue to grow. Advanced barrel feel for the class with minimal wasted effort in the box with a quiet load and short leg kick. The bat path creates leverage with ease, and shows some heaviness in the barrel with an average exit velocity of 93 that maxed out just shy of 100 at 99.3. Brown has a chance for a strong hit/power combo, which is always a rare find behind the dish. Present bat speed and line-drive approach that allows Brown to stay on-plane extremely well while showing ability to turn on balls pull-side. Defensively, Excellent receiver with advanced framing and blocking out of the crouch. Not to mention, a 1.89 pop that’s backed by present arm strength (82) with accuracy. There’s a fantastic makeup with Brown that only rounds the profile even more, and all in all, is why he is one of the top end catchers in the ‘26 class. 

Carter Hullett C / RHP / Ensworth, TN / 2027

The Ensworth freshman comes in stout with a compact frame that already shows signs of future strength progression. Lower half dominate with present muscle at 5 foot 7 and 190 pounds. It is safe to presume that as he matures, the body should gradually lengthen and slim out for even more athleticism and skill. 150 pounds of grip strength in the hands led to consistent barrel manipulation and hard line-drive shots up the middle. Currently a top 15 player in the 2027 class, Hullett left little doubt that he belongs, even with a deep crop of catchers in this class. 93 max EV with leverage long throughout the zone. Can get disconnected at times but held consistently 70 mph average bat speed that should continue to develop from the left side Arm strength is present up in the higher 70’s mph, while already showing signs of twitchy movements in throwdowns in the 1.87-2.00 second time range. Should be a major focal point as he matures during the next 4 years. 

Carter Winders C / 3B / Crockett County, TN / 2026

An all-around loud day for Winders who was allowing me to get my first look at the young ‘26 from Crockett County. At 5 foot 8 and 215 pounds, Winders packs a current bit of strength in the frame with a present build in the lower half. He should be another guy that lengthens as he matures but already has a rock solid foundation in the legs and posterior chain that scream for more advanced power. Bad speed is average currently in the high 60’s mph but makes up for any loss with quality rotational ability and consistent barrel production. 93 max EV with an average just around 90 mph. As the grip strengthens, the bat speed should increase, which only bodes well for his projectional ability to stick behind the dish. Defensively, it’s about as physical as it gets. Plus arm strength with 82 respectively and then you factor in the coming athleticism mixed with sub-2.00 pop-times, and the profile gets even stronger. Should be in line for a really big spring season. 

Cohen Babelay C / 3B / Maryville, TN / 2026

Substantial projection in a 5 foot 11, 18--pound frame, the sophomore showed thunder in the barrel during his round of BP. Utilizing a steep bat path, Babelay created easy loft to the pull-side while transferring weight well and keeping his head down through contact. Generated exit velocities up to 91, while consistently leveraging balls between line-drives and fly balls. It's easy to see there is plenty more waiting for him as he matures, while already displaying really good arm talent for the class with 78 mph on throwdowns that went alongside a 1.87 pop time to second. 

Gavin DiBartolomeo C / OF / Maryville , TN / 2026

Maryville looks to have a really good problem on their hands with the likes of both Babelay and DiBartolomeo behind the dish. Both should compete for innings behind the dish and DiBartolomeo is no exception to holding future projection in the profile. The power potential from Bock is there with 91 mph max EV with an average in the mid 80’s, He also has been a consistent producer on multiple events that I have seen him at over the last few months.years. He has the ability to be a middle of the order bat long term, and should produce big power numbers for years to come as he already shows above average ability to rotate. 

TJ Finley C / 2B / Middle Tennessee Christian, TN / 2026

Standout day from the ‘26 class catching prospect that showed composure in his compact and smooth stroke from the right side. Showing strong bat-to-ball and barrel control with a toe-tap trigger and advanced ability to snap the barrel through the zone. It’s an all-line-drive, all-fields approach that plays even better in-game, but still hammered balls throughout his round with a max exit velocity of 92. The swing should continue to get quicker as he matures as he still is on the smaller side at 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds. That is all the more reason to put stock in the profile as he is just starting to develop. Finley is yet another 2026 catcher with an above average arm behind the plate topping out at 79 mph with good accuracy, while showing it off across the diamond at 83 mph. There’s the potential for real athleticism down the line to match with sub-2.00 pop-times. Finley will have opportunities on a really solid ballclub this spring at MTCS, and he looks poised to have quality impact.


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