Prep Baseball Report

Central Washington Preseason ID - Quick Hits

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

On Saturday, February 3rd we were at The Six Athletic Training in Moses Lake, WA for our 2nd preseason ID event of the year. The Central Washington Preseason ID has been held for the last 4 years and the most recent workout stood out as one of the best. 

Preseason ID events serve as an identifier heading into the spring high school season, giving our scouts as well as college recruiters, a list of prospects to follow as they plan their spring coverage. We also tend to see prospects’ best performances in the preseason, as most athletes are fresh and coming off of strict and targeted off-season training programs that have resulted in big gains, primed for updating their Prep Baseball profile. All of which lends the perfect opportunity to secure invitations to some of the summer's biggest invite-only events such as the Top Prospect Games, Prep Baseball Future Games, and more.

Here are some ‘Quick Hits’ on the prospects in attendance this past weekend. For more information on a specific player, click their name to visit their individual profile page. 

For a full release of the event roster and event statistics, click HERE

Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name, this is not a ranking



‘27 INF Kannon Almond (Lakeside - Nine Mile Falls)
Well rounded ballplayer with solid actions on both sides of the ball. Offensively showed a line drive approach from an athletic set-up and balanced load. Confident glove hand on defense with steady tempo and rhythm through the play. Quick, consistent exchange into short arm action and 3/4 release. 

‘26 INF Caden Andreas (Ridgeline)
Middle of the diamond prospect with speed, quickness and pound for pound strength. Continues to show well at SS with quick, light footwork and easy hands through the play. Offensively showcased an athletic load with rhythm in the hands and a controlled leg lift Consistent line drive stroke with gap to gap power. 

‘25 Dennis Shintaro Babcock (Kamiakin)
6'0, 170 with a projectable build and room to add strength. Easy mover with athletic strides and burst. Offensively uses a loose, handsy type swing with steady rhythm/tempo. Sprays ball with line drive approach. From the OF, clean arm action from a high 3/4 release with accurate ball flight. 

‘25 INF Matthew Butler (Wenatchee)
Physical frame at 5'11, 182 lbs. Stocky upper half. Hands start high at the plate then shift down and back to stretch against front side. Wide, sturdy base at contact. High finish with loft. Defensively maintains a wide base as he funnels ball in. 3/4 release across the diamond. Steady footwork, keeps momentum behind the ball. 

‘25 INF Declan Englund (Bellevue Christian)
Strong runner with burst. Posted a 6.95. Stays tall on lower half during knee knock load. Hands stay loaded above rear shoulder. Strong front side at contact gives him added leverage & lift. Solid footwork on the INF with a quick exchange across the diamond. 

‘27 1B Jacoby Fulbright (Moses Lake)
Young, polished bat with chance to develop above average left-handed power. Impacted the ball consistently with a flat, level path and short stroke. Stays tall and rotates against front side at contact. Moves well around the bag at 1B. Stays over the ball with a hip hinge then uses full, continuous arm swing with a high 3/4 release. 

‘27 C/RHP Leyton Hurley (University)
2-way prospect started off the day with mature rounds of BP and repeatable flush contact. Balanced set up with easy intent in the swing. Controls the barrel. Arm strength plays behind the dish as well on the mound. FB topped at 84.2 mph. Paired well with tight breaking ball. Simple, repeatable mechanics & loose arm path. 

‘26 OF/C Anthony Karis (Gonzaga Prep)
Made a big jump offensively and flashed big power, up to 99.7 mph EV with an aggressive swing out of an athletic load. Averaged 93.3 mph on all balls put in play. From the OF, tied at top of the event with 84 mph from a high 3/4 release. Athletic mover in the OF.

'26 OF Autzen Kearsley (West Valley)
6'3, 170 with a projetable, high-waisted frame and chance to carry more strength. Offensively showed a smooth, left-handed stroke with consistent contact and lift to pull-side. Stays tall at contact and rotates through core. Hands stay tight and keep barrel inside of the ball. Longer, ranging strides in the OF with a loose arm path out front. 

‘26 INF Mikey Macall (Ridgeline)
Consistnet offensive performer who displayed addes strength both offensively and with his arm strength across the diamond. At the plate, understands his swing and how to manipulate the barrel and change plane. Smooth defender with tempo and a soft glove hand through the play. True ball flight out of hand. 

‘26 OF Dylan Mamiya (Kennewick)
Twitchy OF prospect with speed, athleticism and strength. Offensively the power has continued to trend upward and the ball jumps off the barrel with a slight, uphill path. Quiet set-up with a quick, direct stroke to the ball. Defensively has chance to be an above average OF prospect with closing speed and arm strength. 

‘27 3B/RHP Xzyyvn Martinez (Othello)
Showed 2-way potential as a 3B/RHP. Advanced left-handed stroke with strength and quickness in the barrel. Short levers in upper half keep barrel inside of the ball. Arm strength plays from 3B as well on the bump. FB topped at 83 and he showed aptitude for spin with a tight SL as best secondary up to 2300 rpm. 

‘26 C/RHP Connor Moffitt (Mt. Spokane)
2-way prospect at 6'3, 185 with length in the levers and a projectable frame. From the left side, had a peak EV up to 95.9 with a balanced, level stroke through the zone and flatter finish. Averaged 90.3 throughout BP. Receives well as a taller C with easy exchange out of crouch. On the mound, up to 85 mph from high 3/4 slot with chance to make a big jump as he matures. 

‘25 INF Cody Roetcisoender (Burlington Edison)
Country strong athlete at 6'0, 180. Drove ball throughout BP with aggressive intent to lift to all fields with high finish and leverage in the lower half. Sudden barrel into the zone with powerful/quick wrists. Short, steady footwork on defense. Plays low for a taller defender with a low 3/4 release and loose arm path. 

‘25 3B Sonny Salazar (Othello)
6'0, 205 with strength throughout the frame. Continues to take aggressive cuts at the plate and impacts the ball as well as anyone in the class. Peak EV up to 99.3 and averaged 90 mph with all balls put in play. Controlled violence in the swing, looks to do damange. Strong profile as a power hitting 3B with arm strength and power in the barrel. 

‘25 RHP Zach Swanson (Kamiakin)
Extra strong frame with 'pro' size at 6'5, 225. Durable lower half and present strength throughout. FB topped at 91.3 with easy effort and held 88-90 throughout. Simple, relaxed flow down the mound with a shorter stride. Arm accelerates late from a short, compact arm path. Shapes a firm SL at 73-77 and a heavy CH at 80-81. 

‘24 INF/RHP Tristan Utley (Mead)
Strong bodied with powerful levers. Offensively controls a heavy barrel and impacts the ball with low effort. Quiet forward move with sturdy base. On the mound, FB worked 80-82 and paired with tight SL at 71-72. Simple delivery with consistent direction and a balanced finish out front. 

‘26 3B/RHP Ben Wartinger (Ridgeline)
Wiry strong athlete. Impacts the ball with a rotational swing and quick bat speed. Line drive approach. Peak EV up to 95.4. Strong arm from 3B with clean actions. On the mound, pitches with short, quick arm action & simple delivery. Delayed hand break and then late intent out front at release. FB/SL combination plays well off each other. Up to 83 with more in the tank.

‘26 1B/LHP Elijah Williams (University)
Strong build, high waisted frame at 6'0, 205. Big power potential from the left side with an uphill swing and leverage at contact. Consistent barrels with average EV of 93.4 and peak 96.8. On the mound works with a short, tight arm path from a downhill angle. FB/CB/SL/CH repetoire with feel for the zone. 

‘24 C Zach Wing (Northwest Christian Schools)
Athletic trim at 5'11, 160 with a lean build. Displayed arm strength behind the plate up to 77 mph and a best pop time of 1.95. Received velocity well during bullpens. Offensively keeps a simple approach with a wide base and few moving parts. Up the middle approach. Head stays down through contact, remains balanced.