Since its inception in 2017, Prep Baseball of North Carolina has released a Power 25, putting the top 25 high school baseball teams into a ranking, regardless of their affiliation or classification.  In 2024 the Power 25 will continue with a release every other week through the regular season, followed up by a final Power 25 after all state champions have been crowned.

Our initial rankings are weighted on previous performances, prospects, and projections, though the ensuing updates will be inherently tied to the production on the field. Simply put: wins and championships matter. A human element to the list will still provide important information on the intricacies that the season bestows. Whether it is a narrow loss in a rivalry game or a five-game in three days gauntlet, you can count on Prep Baseball to critically examine the playing field at all times.

Here's our latest edition of the North Carolina Power 25, updated on Monday April 22, 2024:

North Carolina Power 25

Head Coach & 2024 RECORD
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  • No. 1 from start to finish of regular season
  • Only 1 loss from a team in NC - in a 5 inning DH they split
  • Up and down at times, but have played really well when on a consistent schedule
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  • Lots of discussion if MCA would jump to No. 1
  • Lone loss to Gaston Christian on a 3-1 week, with a win over Combine Academy that week
  • Deep offensive lineup, with help on the bench. Young arms have taken huge step forward
3 BURNS Alex Leonhardt 25-0
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  • Hold No. 3 in the ranking as they have most of the year
  • Defending 2A State Champion
  • Returned most of last year's line and staff, adding another arm to bolster the mound 
  • Have scored a lot of runs, but their ability to limit opponent opportunities has been special
4 TC ROBERSON Eric Filipek 20-4
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  • Up from No. 6
  • Defending 4A State Champion
  • Played a great schedule in 2024, willing to travel out of state and across the state
  • Depth defines what they do best... They just keep coming with bats and arms
5 WAYNE COUNTRY DAY   Adam Pate 23-4
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  • Hold at No. 5
  • Tons of depth for a club in a division that is not defined by depth
  • Lost one of the top players in NC for the year, others stepped up and the Chargers continued to roll
6 CUTHBERTSON Samuel Skinner 24-2
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  • Up from No. 7
  • The Cavs are proven winners... Not always in spectacular style, but their ability to just keep grinding is impressive
  • The league the Cavs won has produced state champions -- the 3 games per week schedule builds depth and confidence in finding different ways to win
7 REAGAN Gary Naill 20-4
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  • Down from No. 4
  • One of the deepest lineups in the state with a solid defensive unit as well
  • Lots of depth on the mound - just need to solidify their early innings
8 DH CONLEY Jason Mills 19-3
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  • Hold No. 8
  • Very consistent club all year
  • Have shown an ability to win with their bats and with their arms during the year
9 JH ROSE Ronald Vincent 21-2
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  • Hold No. 9
  • Depth on the bump leads the way for the Rampants
  • Very tough club at home... and they should be at home for a majority of the post-season
10 ASHLEY Ben Stroehl 20-3
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  • Up from No. 24
  • Big run in 2nd half of year, taking on a lot of teams that will be in the post-season and dispensing of them in dominant fashion at times
  • Very balanced team that can win with their bats or their arms
11 PINECREST Jeff Hewitt 21-4
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  • Up from No. 12
  • Very deep and talented offense has done a ton of damage in 2024
  • Bryant KImbrell has led the Pats on the bump and in the lineup.
12 WAKE FOREST Carlos Viera 20-3
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  • Up from No. 16
  • Similar to 2023 when they made a run to the State Championship Series, they have been very hot in the 2nd half
  • Lineup has some youth to it - when they go, everyone goes
13 WEST HENDERSON Jackie Corn 19-4
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  • Down from No. 10
  • Defending 3A State Champion
  • Love their plan on the mound and there is depth to allow them to execute how they use their ace
  • Offense that can apply pressure in different ways... They know how to score when they need to score.
14 EAST ROWAN Brett Hatley 26-1
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  • Up from No. 21
  • The offense has allowed the pitching staff, & roles, to solidify
  • When their stars are stars, they are tough to beat
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  • Down from No. 13
  • Have worked to play a challenging schedule and that should pay off in the post-season
  • Stars need to be stars as they look to make their run
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  • Down from No. 14
  • Team with an ultimate goal to win championships - regular season is designed to test them and get them ready
  • Very tough bracket in the NCISAA 4A -- no one should look past the Knights
  • Two top starters plus a big arm on the back end... Key may be how well they play defensively

Benn Brann 21-0
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  • Up from No. 20
  • Very consistent on the bump with an ace that has starred as an ace all year

jack Jones 19-4
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  • Up from No. 23
  • Very consistent on the bump throughout the year
  • Offense has found its identity down the stretch, scoring early, allowing the Pride to play downhill
19 WEST FORSYTH Kevin McIntosh 20-6
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  • 1st time in Power 25 in 2024
  • Very difficult schedule paid off with a late run that included a Conf. Tourney Title
  • Big arms on the front, plus a lineup that can strike quick has allowed them to play from ahead a lot
20 HOGGARD   Bryan Tuck 18-6
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  • Down from No. 11
  • One of the hottest teams in the mid-year hit a bump to close 2024... Did that allow them time to catch their breath and reset?
  • Solid team with depth -- if they get the lead they tend to attack in all phases at a high level

Jake Smith 19-5
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  • Down from No. 15
  • Tournament Time and Randleman has a history of making deep runs -- knowing how in the playoffs matters
  • Offense will need to produce base-runners early in innings for the pressure plan to take affect
22 FOARD Channon Vogel 17-5
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  • Down from No. 18
  • As much as any team in the post-season, their stars need to be stars for a deep run
  • Sean Jenkins may be 1 of the 2 most feared arms heading into the tournament

Kaleb Houchins 22-2
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  • Down from No. 19
  • Dropped two games in the year's final two weeks -- is this a blessing in disguise as being undefeated leaves as a goal... Does it allow the Panthers to catch their breath for the 3 week run ahead
  • Anderson Nance is an elite arm with a bright future... At the HS level he is an all-around baseball player that paces a lot of what Morehead does in all 3 phases.
24 WEST STANLY Chad Yow 18-5
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  • Up from No. 25
  • Offense has depth with talent, but more importantly with their plan -- very tough at-bats from top to bottom 
  • Offensive appraoch has paid off with a lot of games being decided in the final 3 at-bats as West is getting into the opponent's bullpen
  • Solid defensively around the field.
25 FORBUSH   Jack Moss 23-2
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  • 1st time in the Power 25 in 2024
  • Is this the most feared 1-2 combo on the mound with Maines and Conrad?
  • Their two stars on the mound have elevated everyone in the 2nd half of the season - offense has an identity and knows if they score early the game may be over.

Teams That Dropped out of the Power 25

Cox Mill, South Mecklenburg

Other Teams in Consideration 

Myers Park, South Mecklenburg, Providence, East Rutherford, North Stanly, Whiteville, Durham Jordan, Charlotte Catholic, Terry Sanford, Hickory Grove Christian, East Lincoln, Cox Mill