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Alabama Preseason All State Scout Blog: Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

Alabama Preseason All State Scout Blog: A solid group of catchers attended the event. See what our scouts had to say about each one. Players that registered and went through the workout in multiple positions will have all of their positions included in one writeup.

Austin Embrey (2020, C/3B, Russell County) 5’11 173 lbs- 1.20.19-  plenty of arm strength from 3B and C. Plays the game with moxie and confidence, and skills to back that up. Plus defender behind the plate  that continues to impress receiving the ball and pop times to 2B. Range from 1.83- 1.90 at the event. Shows solid glove action at 3B and athletic make up with plenty of arm strength across the diamond. At the plate, starts from a slightly open stance with good separation of the hands and front side with a slight tilted swing plane. Has really improved juice off of the barrel.

Dylan Johnston (2020, C, Athens) 6’2 185 lbs- 1.20.19- Big-time defender behind the plate that showed nice flexibility  and did a nice job of extending the plate for pitchers Nice low target with low hips. Lowest pop time was 1.92 and he showed a quick transfer. Offensively  he starts from a slightly open stance with nice bat whip through the zone. Solid offensive approach with the ability to use all fields. Showed juice to the pull side. Interesting 2020 catcher.

Jake Spivey (2019, C/1B, Oxford) 6’1 205 lbs- 1.20.19-  good looking big, physical athlete that runs well. Athletic feet on IF  and moves well with nice glove presentation. Can be a very solid 1B. Did a very nice job behind the plate receiving all pitchers and has adequate arm strength but the transfer is super quick.  Moved very well behind the plate. Starts from a square stance at the plate with nice rhythm and plus bat speed. Has a flat barrel through the zone and sprayed balls to both sides during BP.

Jackson Sweatt (2021, C/ RHP, Pell City) 6’2 190 lbs- 1.20.19-  an uber athletic 2021 prospect that does a lot of things very well. At the plate he shows good tempo with nice pop and a pull side approach from a slightly open stance . Nice, twitchy hands creating some juice. Shows a nice athletic set up behind the plate with nice lateral movement with accurate throws to 2B. On the mound he shows solid mechanics with a FB that looked to explode the last half, a sharp slider and showed a sinker with nice depth as well. Really attacked the strike zone. Impressive 2021.

Mason Blankenship (2020, C/3B, Calera) 5’11 220 lbs- 1.20.19-   A strong, physical 2020 grad that really gets after it. Behind the plate he had a nice set up and was very quiet when receiving and sticking pitches. There was no extra movement, really impressive there. Solid defender at 3B that showed nice athletic feet. Has plenty of arm strength at both positions.  Can really swing it with some juice with an exit velo of 94 mph off of a tee. Has a quiet body with quick hands and plus barrel control through the zone. Has a nice balanced swing and showed big-time juice to the pull side and backside. Some tilt in the swing, a hitter.

Ryan Willcutt (2019, C/OF, Jasper) 6’1 175 lbs- 1.20.19- Another very athletic catcher that shows nice flexibility behind the plate. Presented a low target and was very quiet with little movement when sticking pitches on the corners. Nice arm strength with pop times in the 2.0 range.  Slightly open stance at the plate with an athletic setup and nice hands staying inside the ball. Showed some pull side pop with a slightly tilted bat path.

Jackson Breal (2019, C/1B, Spanish Fort) 6’2 195 lbs- 1.20.19-  had an impressive day showing nice arm strength with accuracy to the 2B bag. Pop times ranged from 1.98- 2.01. Very consistent. Athletic behind the plate and controls both sides. Smooth to the ball and sticks pitched with no extra movement.  Starts with a slightly open stance at the plate with some launch in his swing. Above average pop and also show the ability to use the middle of the field. The barrel stays in the zone a long time. And intriguing 2019 with a half ceiling.

Stone Lawless (2023, C/3B, Huntsville) 6’2 185 lbs- 1.20.19-  A very impressive looking 2023 grad that has the physical makeup now.  Shoulder nice set up with the quiet glove and the ability to block balls in the dirt. Impressive low 2.0 pop times for a young player.  Fundamentally sound in all that he does. Does a nice job of creating a rhythm at the plate with his hands and set up. Has some lift in his swing but keeps the barrel through the zone a long time. Has some big time pull pop. A definite 2023 name to remember. Ultra  projectable.

Owen Roberson (2021, C/OF, Wilson) 6’0 160 lbs- 1.20.19-  Young catching prospect with solid fundamentals. Very quiet behind the plate and does a nice job of swaying his upper body on pitches borderline each way. Did a nice job receiving the pitch down in the zone and a quick transfer on throws to 2B. (low of 2.1 pop). That number will go down as he continues to grow and mature physically. Starts with a square stance at the plate and did a nice job of getting his hands back in rhythm.  A simple, compact approach which resulted in consistent line drives. A tools 2021 to keep an eye on.

Caleb Campbell (2022, C/3B, Brooks) 5’7 155 lbs- 1.20.19-  Athletic and light on his feet behind the plate, showing nice lateral movement. Has a very simple, quiet approach to sticking pitches and can be a big plus for pitchers. Nice transfer and the arm will get stronger, but the fundamentals and “ball flight carry” out of the hand are good.  Started square at the plate with a good barrel path staying in the zone for a long time. Showed nice balance and pop in a middle of the field approach. The strength will come for this young 2022 prospect.

Peyton Cowart (2020, C/3B, Faith Academy) 5’11 195 lbs- 1.20.19-  continues to impress each time we see him and shows nice consistency in all areas. Big strong frame. Nice and relaxed behind the plate and was very quiet  and smooth receiving pitches in every location. Very quick transfer out in front of him with carry on his throws to the 2B bag. Exit velo of 90 mph off of a tee. Showed nice rhythm and a smooth approach with quick, twitchy hands. Creates whip through the zone with a small leg kick approach generating juice. Had a very impressive round of BP.

Ryan Revera (2022, C/OF, Bob Jones) 5’8 140 lbs- 1.20.19-  Young catcher with a solid foundation. Quiet, simple mechanics receiving pitches with nice flexibility in the hips. Very low set up allows him to handle the ball down in the zone very well. Athletic transfer from the mitt and solid carry of the throw to the bag. The arm strength will continue to progress.  Shows an open stance at the plate with nice barrel control through the zone. Does a nice job of getting his hands loaded but keeping them short through the zone. Show the ability to use the entire field.

Caleb Beckman (2020, C, Florence) 5’11 195 lbs- 1.20.19-  showed a level swing path through the zone and a line drive, ground ball approach. Nice separation of the hands and front side which created some torque in his swing. Has some juice off of the barrel.  Nice hip flexion and a solid low set up behind the plate. Showed a quiet mitt and controlled the ball in the zone. Also swayed the body on pitches slightly off the plate to give the presentation of a strike.

Desmond Marsili (2023, C/3B, Huntsville) 5’8 145 lbs- 1.20.19- a young player with solid fundamentals.  His numbers will get better as he continues to physically mature and get stronger. Showed a knack for playing low to the ground on the infield and did a nice job of moving through his throws with nice glove work. Behind the plate he showed good hands and a nice job on balls down in the zone.  The transfer from the mitt is solid and the arm strength will come. At the plate, he starts from a square stance with a mainly pull side approach. He did barrel a lot of balls up in BP and showed a solid line drive approach.

We will continue to release our scouting blogs from the event over the next few days with our report on the infielders and pitchers that were in attendance. Check out our website ( and follow us on Twitter at @PBR_Alabama .