Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospects: Middle Infield Analysis

Les Lukach
State Scouting Director

The inaugural Top Prospects Showcase took place on Wednesday, August 1st at O'Malley Field, home of the Harvard Westlake Wolverines. The event attracted over 100 players in the 2019 class many of whom are in our Class of 2019 Top 100 rankings. With over 20 colleges and seven (7) MLB clubs in attendance, the participants were put through a pro-style workout to showcase their abilities.

As part of our continuing coverage of the event we will continue to break down all the data, roll out stats, content, and videos from the event. In this edition we present the middle infielders analysis from the Top Prospects Showcase.

Players are listed in no particular order.

Be sure to click on player profiles for full individual statistical performances and video.


Ryan Flaherty, SS, Tesoro HS, 2019

At Five-foot-11, 180-pounds, Flaherty has a muscular frame that is lean with strength evenly proportioned throughout with broad shoulders and a strong lower half. Flaherty led the event in many categories including 60 yard dash (6.64) and infield velocity (87). His arm is plus with throws that show life and carry from a short, loose action with accuracy from multiple angles. Flaherty shows good instincts in attacking balls on the infield and shows a very strong understanding of angles. At the plate he shows a compact, quiet load that allows him to be short to the ball and long through it where he gets extension through the hitting zone. His quick hands generates good present bat speed. Barrel stays on a slight uppercut path through the zone. Maintains balance throughout his swing and finish.

Tyler Cox, SS/2B, Harvard Westlake HS, 2019

Cox is a 6-foot, 170-pound lean, wiry strong athlete with square shoulders and some present strength in the lower half. Cox start with a slightly open, upright setup before using an exaggerated leg kick trigger to initiate his swing. He shows the ability to hit the ball well to all fields in particular the right side. Shows a gap-to-gap approach. Has some present bat speed and the ability to turn on balls flashing some pull side pop. Defensively Cox is a sure-handed middle infielder with a plus arm. His throws are accurate and show some life. Has range to both sides and the ability to make throws from multiple angles and on the run. Cox recognizes hops well. Plays low without a lot of wasted movements. Cox registered an 86 mph infield velocity and an 85 mph exit velocity off a tee while running a 7.06 60 yard dash.

Danny Veloz, SS/RHP, Village Christian HS, 2019

Six-foot, 183-pound, strong, lean, and muscular, Veloz is a shortstop/right-handed pitcher who shows above average tools at each position. At shortstop he plays with a quiet confidence in his footwork - which is excellent - and his arm which flashes a tick above average. Veloz throws on the run very well with accuracy. It's almost as if he sets himself up to do just that. His arm has the ability to make throws from all angles with accuracy. At the plate Veloz employs a controlled leg kick to initiate his swing before using his fast hands to drive the barrel through the hitting zone on a level path to-and-through the ball. Maintains barrel angle through the zone throughout the swing. Shows some pull side power while employing a line drive, gap-to-gap approach. On the mound Veloz shows a quick arm speed from a low ¾ arm slot that is easy and repeatable. His rhythm is smooth and maintains level shoulders while landing inline before falling off to the first base side. His fastball shows some late running action to the glove side and topping at 87 mph. His curveball shows an 11/5 shape with downer action from nearly the same arm speed as his fastball. And his changeup shows some fading action with run to the arm side. Shows the ability to throw all three pitches for strikes.

Anthony Mase, SS/2B, Buckley HS, 2019

At 6-foot, 170-pounds, Mase is a long, lean, wiry strong middle infielder. Defensively Mase shows soft hands hands and steady glove work as he plays through the ball with conviction. HIs transfers are clean and quick. His footwork is fluid. His arm is strong and shows the ability to get throws off from multiple angles with some accuracy. Registered an 85 mph infield velocity. At the plate Mase shows some present bat speed with a quick trigger. Has a present pull-side approach with some power in his swing. Consistently barrels balls up and gets extension through it. Maintains his barrel on an even plane through the hitting zone throughout the entirety of his swing. Mase ran a 6.69 60 yard dash and registered an 88 mph exit velocity off a tee.

Elijah Jackson, SS/2B, San Pasqual HS, 2019

At 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, Jackson has lean, wiry strength throughout his body with a particularly strong lower half. Jackson shows fast hands with clean, quick transfers that allow him to show off his above average arm strength resulting in accurate throws that show some life. Plays with good rhythm and excellent body control. First step is very good as is his anticipation of where the ball will be. Understands angles and hops very well. His backhand is plus. Plays through balls. At the plate Jackson shows decent bat speed and good balance throughout his swing. His lower half explosive through the ball. His swing is tight and powerful with a present gap-to-gap approach. Jackson ran a 7.08 60 yard dash while registering an infield velocity of 84 mph, and an exit velocity of 86 mph off a tee.

Chase Meidroth, SS/2B, Mira Costa HS, 2019

Meidroth is a 5-foot-10, 160-pound strong, muscular middle infielder with a strong lower half and squared shoulders. Meidroth flashes excellent glovework and a strong, accurate arm. He shows the ability to throw on the run and from multiple angles with carry. Shows an excellent pre-pitch routine and recognizes hops and bounces very well. Backhand is strong and his transfers are quick and clean. At the plate Meidroth shows a short, compact load that results in a powerful stroke through the zone. Has sneaky power as demonstrated by his HR during batting practice. Contact is loud and explosive. Shows the ability to go the other way very well with line drive power. Meidroth registered an exit velocity of 87 mph off a tee.

Jashia Morrissey, SS/RHP, Serra HS, 2019

Six-foot, 170-pound, lean, muscular, broad shoulders, proportional strength throughout his body. Morrissey is an uber-athletic, slick fielding middle infielder that play very well around the ball. Understands angles and hops and aggressively attacks the ball. Shows plus arm strength as his throws show life and carry along with accuracy across the diamond. Throws on the run well. Shows range to both sides and the footwork ability to circle around balls. At the plate he takes aggressive hacks from the left side. Shows a smooth load and remains balanced throughout the swing. Has the ability to use the entire field and has present power to the pull side. On the mound Morrissey really projects thanks in part to a plus changeup that works in the 72-73 mph range and makes his fastball play up. From a ¾ arm slot this fastball shows arm side run from a slightly cross body delivery. Generates downhill plane on all pitches with a fast, loose arm action with easy effort. Uses lower half and backside very well in driving into the target.

Blake Wink, SS/3B, Yorba Linda HS, 2019

Wink is a 5-foot-11, 171-pound twitchy, muscular, strong infielder with broad shoulders and a strong lower half. Wink plays the game with a lot of fun energy. Defensively he shows plus hands and a quick, strong arm that is able to make throws from anywhere on the infield with accuracy. Plays through balls with excellent body control, fluid footwork and athleticism. Shows a good pre-pitch routine and has a very good understanding of angles to the ball. At the plate he has a balanced setup with a smooth load and a high leg kick stride. Lower half explodes through the ball. Shows fast hands with present bat speed. Keeps his head still throughout his swing. Shows a middle approach with some pull side power. Contact is loud and explosive. Gets extended through the ball. Wink ran a 6.91 60 yard dash and registered an 81 infield velocity and an 84 exit velocity off the tee.

Jordan Brown, SS/2B, Serra HS, 2019

Six-foot-3, 170-pounds, long, lean, wiry strength through the body. Strong wrists and forearms. Brown is a sure-handed infielder that plays with good rhythm while on the dirt. Understands angles to the ball and plays low with soft hands and fluid footwork. His exchanges are clean and fast while he plays through the ball. His backhand is plus and there is carry to his throws. At the plate Brown shows a balanced setup with a smooth load and fast bat speed. Shows a gap-to-gap approach and maintains barrel path throughout swing. Does a fair job of using his lower half in his swing while maintaining balance through to the finish. Brown clocked a 6.75 60 yard dash and an 88 exit velocity off a tee.

JaJa Bellinger, SS/2B, Carson HS, 2019

Bellinger is a 6-foot, 170-pound muscular, strong, high waisted, athletic - he's the starting QB on his school's football team - infielder that really projects as he continues to physically mature. Bellinger shows the ability to throw on the run and from multiple angles with accuracy. Shows glove early and has a very good understanding of angles to the ball and attacks them with conviction. Looks very comfortable playing on the dirt. At the plate Bellinger shows a slightly open stance with a medium stride that initiates his swing. He controls the barrel well and maintains its path throughout the swing. Shows a knack for squaring balls up and has some present pull side power.

Nick Wilson, SS/2B, Irvington HS, 2019

Six-foot, 160-pounds, lean, long-limbed, squared shoulders and athletic with large feet. Wilson impressed with his overall game but his defense was eye opening. Put himself in excellent position to make each play where he showed off his fast hands in the form of fast/clean transfers and arm strength. His footwork was plus and fluid. At the plate Wilson shows a balance setup with a smooth load and small leg kick/stride that initiates his swing. Maintains his bat on slight uphill path throughout the zone and gets full extension after contact. Keeps his head still throughout the swing. Does a fair job of incorporating his lower half into his swing. Has present bat speed and sneaky power that projects with continued physical maturation. Wilson registered an exit velocity of 89 mph off a tee.


Christopher Masciel, SS, Servite HS, 2019

Six-foot, 165-pounds, long, lean, long-limbs, wiry strength throughout. Masciel shows smooth action to-and-through the ball with fluid footwork, soft hands, and fast/clean transfers. Arm shows average strength with accuracy. Gets rid of the ball quickly which allows the arm to play up. At the plate he has a balanced setup with a quiet load and a short stride. Doesn't overswing and stays middle with this approach. Gets extension through the ball. Knows his tools and plays within them.

David Jones, 2B/RHP, Temescal Canyon HS, 2019

Five-foot-11, 145-pounds, long limbed, high waist, lean, wiry strong. Jones plays light on his feet and shows an excellent first step to the ball and an understanding of angles to attack them. Shows a good pre-pitch routine and plays through balls. Arm shows average strength but is accurate. At the plate he shows some bat speed and controls the barrel well. Has quick hands and sneaky pop with a middle-middle approach. Maintains barrel on a slight uppercut path throughout the swing.

Benny Casillas, SS/3B, El Segundo HS, 2019

Six-foot-1, 170-pounds, long-limbs, lean, muscular, proportional strength throughout his frame and squared shoulders. Casillas shows very good defensive tools where he plays through balls with athletic movements and fluid footwork. Arm really plays up thanks in part to his fast/clean transfers. Able to make throws from various angles. Attacks balls with good body control. At the plate he shows fast hands and barrel control. Stays through the zone well and on plane. Present gap-to-gap approach. Has sneaky power to the gaps. Casillas clocked a 6.91 60 yard dash time and had an exit velocity of 82 mph off the tee.

Lance Gardiner, SS/2B, Capistrano Valley HS, 2019

Five-foot-10, 170-pounds, toned muscles, strength in defined lower half, squared shoulder with noticeable trap muscles. Gardiner looks very comfortable playing on the dirt. Shows fluid footwork and excellent body control. Plays with good rhythm and throws well while on the run. Throws have some carry and plenty of accuracy. At the plate Gardiner stays middle and hits it where it's pitched. Keeps his hands in a good launch position and controls the barrel through the hitting zone to finish. Hands are rhythmic and work in unison with his body. Gardiner clocked a 6.91 60 yard dash time and recorded an exit velocity of 84 mph off the tee.

Maximus Cappello, SS/RHP, Liberty HS, 2019

Five-foot-8, 165-pounds, strong, muscular, defined lower half, squared shoulders with proportional strength. Strong hands, forearms. Capello shows athleticism on the dirt with fluid footwork, soft hands, and aggressiveness in attacking balls and playing through them. Understands the nuances of playing shortstop. At the plate he's short to the ball while showing a very quiet approach. Keeps head down on the ball and uses a leg kick trigger. Sprays ball to all fields on a line drive. Shows a gap-to-gap approach. On the mound he keeps everything down in the zone and flashes command of his three pitches. Uses a compact delivery from a high ¾ slot with regular effort. Fastball shows some arm side run and consistently on a downhill plane. Curveball has 11/5 shape and late break.

Kelton Castillo, SS/2B, Rancho Bernardo HS, 2019

Five-foot-10, 165-pounds, strong, defined lower half strength and present strength in the upper body especially through the shoulders. Castillo shows quickness in everything he does on the dirt. Quick first step. Quick throws from multiple angles with accuracy. Quick feet. Shows an understanding of angles necessary to get to the ball. At the plate he shows balance throughout his swing from an open setup. Has some present bat speed and fast hands. Pull side approach but shows the ability to go the other way.

Danilo Tiotuico, SS/2B, Capistrano Valley HS, 2019

Five-foot-10, 170-pounds, physically strong, with strength throughout his body, strong wrists, forearms, defined strength in lower half. At the plate Tiotuico is short to the ball producing line drives to middle-left side of the field. Maintains his barrel on plane through the zone and has an opposite field (LCF) approach. Line drive hitter with a slight uphill barrel path. Smooth and balanced approach. Defensively Tiotuico shows fluid footwork with clean transfers and an accurate arm. Plays through balls aggressively with soft hands.

Zack Leonti, 2B/SS, Corona Centennial HS, 2019

Five-foot-10, 155-pounds, lean, wiry strong frame. Squared shoulders. Defensively Leonti shows a good pre-pitch routine and understanding of angles allowing him to be in proper position to field balls. Has fluid footwork and an accurate arm from multiple angles. At the plate Leonti is short to the ball with an opposite field, line drive approach. Sprays balls to all fields. Shows an uphill barrel path and the ability to control the barrel.

Nate Smolinski, SS/2B, Torrey Pines HS, 2019

At 5-foot-11, 170-pounds Smolinski is a wiry strong infielder with defined strength in the lower half and squared shoulders. Shows athleticism in attacking baseball on the dirt with soft hands and quick, clean transfers. Arm shows some accuracy on throws from a short release point. Backhand is good and his footwork is fluid. Shows glove early. At the plate he flashes some present bat speed with an uphill barrel path. Has a present middle approach and incorporates the lower half into his swing well. Gets extension through the ball and is short to it.

Riley Lyman, SS/2B, Highland HS, 2019

Six-foot, 150-pounds, long, lean frame with squared shoulders that could easily handle the addition of mass and muscle. At the plate Lyman starts with an open stance and uses a leg lift trigger to initiate his swing. Has feel for the barrel which maintains on plane throughout the swing. Has a middle-middle approach. Defensively, Lyman shows range to both sides with fluid footwork and the ability to make accurate throws from multiple slots. Attacks balls aggressively while moving around the ball well. Exchanges are clean. Lyman projects very well with continued physical development.