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Hardy's Hits: CIF-SS Coverage from 4/3 - 4/5

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Ventura, Calif- 

As spring break continued across the CIF-SS while many teams from my area went out of town for tournament play either in the Orange County area or up the Central Coast to Paso Robles I was able to catch 2 games of non-league action while finishing up the week getting my first in-season look at an intriguing Coastal Canyon League team.

On Wednesday I was out to Santa Paula, California for an interesting non-league matchup between the Ventura Cougars from the Channel League and the defending Citrus Coast champion Santa Paula Cardinals. Ventura had their full roster healthy or eligible after the transfer sit out period for this look at them and jumped out to a 4-0 lead going into the bottom of the 4th before the Cardinals plated 1 run a piece in the bottom half of the 4th and 5th innings, but could get no closer at the Cougars earned a 4-2 win. 

The following day I was back to Buena High School to get my first look at St. Bonaventure who is in first place in the Tri-Valley league as they traveled to face off with the Bulldogs from Buena High School. Buena scored first and held a 4-2 lead heading into the 6th inning before the Seraphs offense exploded for an 8 run top half of the 6th inning and would go on to double up the Bulldogs for a 10-5 win.

I wrapped up the week with a look at the Royal Highlanders who are sitting at 15-7 on the year and in 3rd place in the Coastal Canyon league, but just 1 game out of second place as they played host to the Oak Park Eagles. Coming off an early week 21-0 win for the Highlanders they would plate 2 runs a piece in each of the first 3 innings and then a single run in the 4th inning and would go on to pick up the 7-0 win.

Below you can check out my breakdown of the standouts of the day with video highlights, access to their PBR profile and a scouting report on them.

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+  ’25 RHP/1B Cooper Tinkey this was my 1st look at Tinkey for the 2024 spring season as he was in the transfer sitout period during my earlier looks at Ventura. With an interesting 6’4 185 lbs wiry athletic frame there is plenty to like about Tinkey both as a pitcher and a RH hitting infielder. On the day I got a good look at both skill sets as he started on the bump going 4 innings for the win while blasting a HR to help his cause. On the mound the FB works with a 2 seam like action to the arm side with 81-83 MPH velocity (his 4 seamer will get up to 85 MPH) while dropping in a CB at 70-73 with an 11/5 shape that at times will get more horizontal flashing 10/4 SLDish break and finishing his arsenal with a 75-77 MPH CHG that he uses sparingly. Tinkey showed flashes of his ability with quality movement on his FB especially when down in the zone that would get groundball contact while pairing his breaking ball to get swing/miss, but the control on the day was inconsistent as he struggled to consistently locate his FB. While he was able to throw enough strikes to be successful there is polish in his consistency that is still needed. He has the room to add velocity to both his FB, find a consistent shape to his breaking ball and throw his CHG more, but the frame, athleticism in his delivery, cleanness to the arm action all point towards a future as a starting pitcher for Tinkey. What may change his future on the mound is less his stuff and more the ability in his bat as he shows strength in his RH swing with lift and impact while playing a solid 1B that could have college programs considering him as a 1B/potential corner OF hitter who can add bullpen depth with his work on the mound. Tinkey is a quality uncommitted ‘25 to keep eyes on for college programs.

+  ’25 SS/RHP Wylan Nelson USD commit An early commit to the University of San Diego for the combination of his mid to upper 80’s FB, swing/miss SLD and feel for a CHG on the mound while adding an impactful LH bat with left side of the infield defensive profile Nelson was out with a minor knee injury earlier this spring. Back healthy and hitting a top the Cougar lineup Nelson has added significant strength across his frame while maintaining his athleticism which has produced increased bat speed and strength through the hitting zone which showed up in each of his 3 at bats with a loud single to CF to open the game, then just missed a ball in his 2nd at bat for a drive to the OF before drilling an opposite field double in this final at bat to the LCF gap. His offensive ability from the LH side of the plate with solid defensive ability on the left side of the infield dirt should have him in strong contention to continue as a position player once he shows up on campus at USD on top of his quality RHP profile.

+ ’25 2B/3B Carter Kimble Another player who was in the lineup for the first time this spring for me after being in the transfer sitout period in my earlier looks. This was my 2nd year getting eyes on Kimble who was a full time starter as a sophomore on varsity at his previous school. While the LH bat stood out for him previously last spring with bat to ball skills, bat speed and an aggressive approach Kimble has significantly improved his athleticism which is helping all of his tools play up. Showing looser and easier movements defensively at 2B with increased arm strength on his throws there is a chance he could play SS in the future, but at the very least will be a quality defender at 2B/3B. His run speed has improved as he dropped down a clean BH bunt to the 3B side  in which I clocked him at 4.15 down the line in which he reached 1st base without a throw from the 3B. In addition there is a tick up in the bat speed with more looseness to his swing which is giving him the ability to hit through the baseball more consistently that will add leverage and more impact through the middle of the field. Kimble continues to trend upwards for me and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him going forward.

+ ’25 INF/RHP Caleb Sebek Not as much activity in this look for Sebek who was back playing 3B after my last look being with him at SS and he looks more comfortable moving around defensively at 3B where he has plenty of arm for the spot. He collected a single on a flared pop up, smoked a loud drive down the LF line just foul from being an extra base hit before being HBP to end his 2nd at bat and wrapped up my look at him with a hard 6-3 ground out. Continues to show the swing path, bat speed and feel for his barrel that projects a quality offensive profile with his lean wiry athletic frame having room to add strength that could make him a power potential corner INF prospect in the future. I remain high on Sebek after multiple looks at him this spring.

+ ’25 INF/RHP Joshua Woodworth Once again I come away from a look at Woodworth without him on the mound saying to myself that he is so much more than just a very talented RHP, but one of the more legitimate 2-way potential players I’ve seen this spring in the ‘25 class who remains uncommitted. While he is playing SS for the Cougars he is better suited long term to play 3B on the dirt or even an OF corner (an outstanding athlete who is a standout football player) what Woodworth shows with the strength in his RH bat can add impact to a lineup. He crushed a no doubt HR to the pull side in this look (my 2nd HR I have seen this spring from him) then later in the game laced a loud SAC FLY to CF in which he lifted a low pitch down and away with authority through the middle of the field. There is some swing/miss risk with his profile, but the middle to pull side impact from the bat can play at a very good level going forward. 

Santa Paula:

+ ’24 OF/RHP Tyler Antwine Fresno State Commit Antwine currently sits amongst the top HR hitters in the CIF-SS and he blasted his 6th HR of the spring for me in this look. The swing itself has bat speed with strength through the zone while showing lift in the path which could lead to some swing/miss issues at times, but the contact from Antwine is loud as evidenced by his legitimate pull side HR power. Playing CF he moves around well with good athletic ability, plenty of arm strength for CF while showing the ability to slide to RF in the future which he likely is destined for a corner spot in the future where he can be an above average defender. His offensive profile will be suited just fine in an OF corner and could even see an offensive jump in the future by playing a less demanding defensive spot. The future Fresno State Bulldog has a bright future on a baseball diamond.

St. Bonaventure:

+ ’24 SS/2B Nathan Lajoie An intriguing uncommitted ‘24 up the middle athlete who is garnering some smaller college attention Lajoie is a name I was aware of and the main reason I was going to see the Seraphs and he did not disappoint in my look at him. A mediumish frame with athleticism, wiry present strength in his upper body and solid strength in his lower ½ while showing quickness to his run speed and movements around the field. I had seen Lajoie previously where he looked like a solid potential 2B mainly due to the arm strength, but he has ticked up on his throwing both in strength and cleaned up the throwing motion which now gives him a chance to stick at SS going forward especially if he elects to go JUCO and prove his ability to be a college level SS. On the offensive side of the game Lajoie is a top of the order profile RH hitter who shows a high quality approach with good swing decisions to control the strike zone, he is accurate with his barrel and shows strength through the middle of the field with leverage and the ability to work the entire field. In the game he doubled in each of his first 2 plate appearances both balls drive to the RCF gap and then later showed the ability to pull a ball to LCF with authority and then when he was out in front on a pitch his accurate barrel and strength drilled a one hopper to the 5-6 hole for another hit. Lajoie also stole a base in game and scored from 2B with quickness in his run stride. Lajoie will be a quality addition to any of the college programs who are currently recruiting him at the 4-year level, but if he elects to start of a JUCO program if he shows the ability to stick at SS defensively with his good offensive tool set there is D1 potential for him in the future.

+ ’27 OF Rowen Kaiser An intriguing young LH hitter who is seeing significant playing time on the varsity level. This was my first look at Kaiser and I came away intrigued with his LH hitting offensive profile. The swing is a little handsy with a direct quick path that is geared for high contact as he looks to shoot the ball around on a low line drive plane, but there is a turn in the lower ½ that gives me the feeling his has future impact to the pull side with leverage to the middle of the field. Kaiser is a solid average runner presently who shows above average potential in the future. He has some cleaning up to do on the defensive side with his routes, but has plenty of time to polish that side of his game and gives me a CF defender vibe in the future with top of the order table setter profile that has upside for more offensively. A good name to file away and keep tabs on in the ‘27 class.


+ ’26 3B Mason Trigo This was my second look at Trigo and I was very intrigued with his toolset/potential after my first look and after this look I’m trending high on the future for Trigo. What really impressed me in this look was his ability to overcome a few early miscues and finish with a very strong day overall. In his first chance defensively he got stuck in between on a hop at 3B which ate him up for an error, but he would respond by making 3 impressive plays which showed his above average defensive potential at the hot corner. First a diving grab down the line to save not only extra bases but get a force out at 3B with an accurate throw to 1B, then diving to his glove side on a one hopper when he was playing in on the cut of the grass to force a runner at 2B and finally charging a slow roller to transfer into a clean throw from his hip to retire the runner at first. At the plate, he struck out in his first plate appearance, but made an adjustment in his next plate appearance with a hard one hopper up the middle that the second baseman stole a hit from him on and then drove a ball to the opposite field for a double in his next plate appearance. I’m high on where Trigo can go with his future on a baseball field as he continues to develop/improve his overall profile because it starts with a very good foundation.

+ ’26 OF Erick Barron Another player who I was getting my 2nd live look at and I remain intrigued with the centerfielder from the Bulldogs. He hits at the top of the lineup and shows an aggressive, compact RH swing with good bat to ball skills (very little swing/miss), but he has some polish that he needs to work on with his approach/timing at the plate to more consistently put the ball in play with authority. He tends to just miss hitting the ball hard with a lot of foul ball contact, but as the approach/timing improves his swing will play to middle of the diamond leverage with doubles power. Barron runs well and moves well in CF where he has a good first step and quality routes to the baseball which will stick in CF long term. An interesting name to file away in the ‘26 and continue to follow.


+ ‘25 RHP/1B Caden Sramek The Cal State Fullerton commit was in just his 3rd start of the spring after the transfer sit out period and while battling a bit of a sickness he showed very well in this look at him (I had previously seen him in fall of 2022 at his previous school in a fall ball game.) The frame is highly projectable as he stands at 6’7 right around 200 lbs., but has room to add more strength in his lower ½ which can help tick his already strong pitch arsenal up going forward. On this day Sramek sat at 87-88 early in the game, bumping 89 on several pitches before sliding into the 84-86 range later as he battled through the sickness. Showed an intriguing 10/4 shape SLD at 74-77 which at times will get more 11/5 shape and give you a CB type feel, but plays better when thrown as a SLD shape with tighter break. Plus, adds an interesting 79-80 MPH CHG with fade to the arm side that has potential. When Sramek works down in the zone from his tall frame and high ¾ slot the ball has life that makes it hard for hitters to make contact with and can also feature ride up in the zone at times. He went 5 innings on the day punching 8 hitters and allowing no runs with very few well hit balls. A good athlete who played basketball for the Highlanders this winter and also hits, but the future for this ‘25 is solidly on the mound where he has a very bright future going forward

+ ‘25 3B Zachary Nagy Another multisport athlete Nagy is a standout football player at the WR/DB position for the Highlanders, but what this corner INF defender does on a baseball field gives me plenty of reason to believe he will play at the college level with potential to play at the D1 level. The frame is athletic with more wiry strength to it, but has the room to add muscle to his lower ½ and upper body which will take his offensive profile to the next level. He has a compact direct path which works through the middle of the field with an accurate barrel (saw him get multiple hits in a January event) that collected a single and a loud L-6 right at the SS while just missing on a flyball to LF, as well the approach is disciplined staying within the strike zone on his swing decisions. Feet and hands are solid at 3B with quickness to his lateral range/ability to go downhill on a ball while the arm right now is fringe average, but has time to get stronger and if needs to move off 3B he could slide to 2B and be solid with his athletic ability. Nagy has caught the eyes of some college coaches with what he is doing on a baseball field leading the Highlanders offensively and flashing left side of the INF potential and I’m trending up even higher in my opinion of his abilities.

+ ‘26 OF/LHP Isaiah Tillman An intriguing LH pitcher who is having a very good year on the bump Tillman is far from a PO prospect going forward as the LH hitting OF shows an intriguing offensive profile. It’s more a compact LD planed swing path that has some present bat speed to it and will tick up as his frame matures in the future. Tillman is accurate with the barrel giving me a good look in each of my live looks this year. Lined out to 2B in his first at bat on an inside FB, then turned on an inside FB for a single in his next at bat before just missing with a squib single down the 3B line on the infield in which he went 4.25 from home to 1B (with a late start due to the swing) and stole a base in game. Tillman plays LF, but has the athleticism/arm strength to handle CF/RF in the future. Overall, I’m very intrigued with the direction that Tillman is headed and with a quality profile on the mound and at the plate interested to see if he starts to separate on one side in the future or remains a 2-way potential player.

+ ‘26 RHP Dustin Dunwoody This was my first look at Dunwoody who was a name high on my radar from the reviews I had of him from other coaches around Ventura County and the video I had seen of him. My live look at him did not disappoint as he showed a quality 3 pitch arsenal in a 2 inning look out of the pen. Dunwoody is listed in the 6’1ish range, but may be a tick shorter, but his stuff plays very well from a loose quick arm action that should continue to add more arm speed as he matures which will tick the life on his FB/CB/CHG upwards. On this day his FB worked at 86-88 MPH with arm side run and some ride at the top of the zone while touching 89 for me. Drops in an intriguing 75-77 MPH SLD with shorter break and a 10/4 shape which when thrown to the arm side is a swing/miss pitch, but will need to show better feel to maintain the shape on it. Finally, also adds a 79-80 MPH CHG with some fade to the arm side, but does need development going forward. The delivery is clean and athletic without extensive effort while showing looseness to his arm action. The arrow on Dunwoody’s future for me is pointed directly up and I’m intrigued to keep eyes on this ‘26 arm going forward.

+ ‘26 RHP/1B Colten Rainer Another quality arm for the Highlanders who gave me a very good look when I saw him in January in a starting spot he has scuffled just a bit this year with some control, but on this day I got a look at the offensive abilities for Rainer and I liked what I saw. He has strength in his swing with a good bat to ball tool which as his approach/timing improves to find more consistent hard barrel contact should flash impact from the middle to pull side of the field. The frame is good and he moves with solid actions around the bag at 1B. While I still think the potential for Rainer on the mound is brighter I did see enough on this look to want to keep eyes on where he goes offensively and where he eventually slots in best on the baseball diamond. But, be certain whether Rainer winds up on the mound solely, as a hitter solely or playing both he has a very intriguing future ahead of him.

Names To Know:

In a one day look not all highlights are caught or players won’t always have their best results. With that in mind there were several other players who showed interesting tools/potential or futures. The names below are ones to keep an eye on going into the spring and going forward. Each player below is uncommitted for college coaches to put on their board for potential needs in the ‘24 or ‘25 class.


+ ‘26 INF/OF Luis Jungo
+ ‘24 C/OF Dash Lopez

Santa Paula:

+ MINF/RHP Angel Casimiro
+ C Timmy Alvarez

St. Bonaventure:

+ ‘26 INF/RHP Collin Baker
+ ‘24 RHP/1B Seth Slaigel 
+ ‘25 INF/RHP Ricky Estrada


+ ‘25 RHP/1B Andy Carrillo
+ ‘25 C Elijah Garcia UCSB Commit


+ ‘25 SS/RHP Brady Hewitt Oregon Commit (injured)
+ ‘26 C Peyton Visage
+ ‘26 MINF Noah Vasquez