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Preseason All State Top Uncommitted Pitchers

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Ventura, Calif-

After seeing nearly 200 of the top players in the state of California across our SoCal Preseason All State Upper/Under class events and NorCal Preseason All State event we are taking a look a back at some of the top uncommitted players to know by position. 

Players at each event participated in a showcase-style workout with athletic testing, on field batting practice, defensive workouts, and bullpen sessions. During the workout portion of the event players had the opportunity to let their tools shine on video and build their database of metrics through Prep Baseball California's use of Swift Technologies, Blast Motion swing trackers, and Trackman technology for batted ball data and pitch tracking. While in our SoCal event the players competed in a controlled scrimmage with game play after the showcase workout.

We continue by looking at the standout uncommitted pitchers from the 3 events. The 10 names on this list (not in any order) represent some of the top names to know on the mound in the state of California.

Brief overview of the players skills is included, but college coaches and fans can click link on their name to view their full Prep Baseball profile for more in-depth information on these players.

(Players click the link on your name below to claim your profile. Also, players search the PBR database for your profile. Don't see your profile? You can create a free PBR profile here)


J. Beckett Berg RHP / Notre Dame , CA / 2027

Berg has a high ceiling with a projectable frame and an athletic delivery with a smooth athletic operation. With a present low to mid 80's FB with control while mixing in a mid 70's SLD with an intriguing CHG there is plenty to like about Berg. Should be a name college coaches pay close attention to over the next few years in advance of being able to start the recruiting process with him.

Gary Morse OF / Orange Lutheran , CA / 2026

The former California Future Games team member Morse shows an enticing overall profile on the mound. His FB will get into the low 90's but sits comfortably in the upper 80's while adding in a potential plus CB with swing/miss action. Developing a CHG that will help him project as a starter long term. Projectable frame with good athleticism and a fast arm Morse has a big upside.

Landon Hovermale LHP / Norco, CA / 2026

A strong framed LHP with a good feel for his delivery, clean arm action and a feel for the strike zone. FB works presently in the low 80's and will touch 85 with more to come as he develops. Adds a upper 60's touching 70 MPH CB with feel for spinning it consistently and an intriguing mid 70's CHG with arm side fade. A very good LH arm to follow in the '26 class.

Jack Fishel LHP / El Dorado , CA / 2024

Fishel is a fairly polished LH pitcher out of Orange county with a repeatable delivery, relatively low effort operation with a feel to for a 4 pitch mix highlighted by a 84-87 MPH FB and a CB/SLD/CHG offpseed combination that all show potential. Throws strikes with a good tempo and a starters profile.

Garrett Valdez RHP / Jesuit, CA / 2024

Strong framed with a good delivery which features good body control and a quick arm. Threw strikes with a 4 pitch mix highlighted by his 87-88 MPH FB while flashing a trio of offspeed offerings in his SLD/CB/CHG with each having potential. Valdez will be a good late grab on the mound who could start long term with an ability to be a leverage reliever in addition.

Jared Robles RHP / Ridgeview High, CA / 2024

Another intriguing uncommitted '24 arm who works in the mid 80's with his FB which he showed a feel for the strike zone with. A good athlete who repeats his delivery well with a CB/SLD offspeed combo that flash potential. Robles has a leverage reliever profile.

Xavier Vuittonet RHP / C.K. McClatchy, CA / 2027

A young arm with intriguing present arm strength showing a consistent 82-85 MPH FB which touched 86 with ride out of the hand. Adds a CHG/CB offspeed combo that flash potential. The operation needs polish and as he adds strength to his frame there is a bright future for Vuittonet on the mound and he is an arm to keep an eye on in the '27 class.

Royal McKinney RHP / Franklin, CA / 2027

Another interesting arm out of the '27 class with good athletic ability and shows the feel for a FB which sits in the 80-81 MPH range and touched 82 with good life. CB flashes potential working in the 67-68 MPH range presently with good spin rates and has the ability to be a above average offering. Includes a CHG in his arsenal which he shows a feel for. A good athlete who also plays the OF, but there is a lot to like about his potential on the mound as he adds strength to his frame.

Eric Erdmann RHP / JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL, CA / 2025

With a big physcial frame at 6'6 215 lbs Erdmann has the frame to be a high upside pitcher. His arm action, delivery and present arsenal back up the potential for Erdmann as a pitching prospect. FB presently works at 84-86 MPH with good life out of his hand. Shows feel for a SLD in the 72-74 MPH range with a good shape. While adding the feel for a 74-78 MPH CHG which has fade. A solid athlete who also plays 1B there is an interesting ceiling for him on the mound.

Chase McGill RHP / California , CA / 2025

With a strong frame at 6'2 195 lbs McGill is built like a future starting pitcher. His delivery is clean with a good arm action and the stuff shows a starters potential in addition. FB works 84-86 MPH while touching 87 MPH then has a pair of intriguing breaking balls in his 80-81 MPH SLD with cutter like action and his 78-80 MPH CB with power to the break while showing feel for a upper 70's CHG. An intriguing arm with a starters potential


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