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SoCal Underclass Games: Catchers Reports

PBR California Staff


FULLERTON, CALIF. - The 2023 SoCal Uncommitted Games took place on Sunday, October 8 at Fullerton College. This event included a full pro-style workout with two games taking place in the afternoon. We got to see plenty of action in the game portion as well as impressive numbers during the workout.

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Continuing our post-event coverage of the SoCal Underclass Games, we take a look at the catchers that were in attendance. Continue to check back over the coming days as we will continue to release scouting reports for every player in attendance. 


Jaxon Greer C / 2B / Huntington Beach, CA / 2027

Positional Profile: C/2B Physically developing player with tools that will be developed at a national powerhouse program.
Body: 5-10, 140-pounds. Lean, wiry strong frame with plenty of room to add mass. Long limbs, high waist.
Hit: RHH. Neutral setup with feet shoulder width and a knee bend. Rocks into hitting position with a leg lift trigger. Get barrel on plane and drives the knob to the ball keeping hands tight to body. Catches it out front more often than not. 58 mph bat speed with 4 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 79 max exit velocity, averaged 72.4 mph. 232' max distance. High line drive percentage paired with high barrel percentage bode very well for future power potential. Hits the ball hard on a line consistently during BP.
Arm: RH. C-65 mph. INF-65 mph. Arm showed well both behind the plate and on the infield despite a wet field. Slitch hitch before release to gather himself.
Defense: 2.16-2.22 pop times. Feet work well at C. Gets rid of the ball quickly and efficiently. Same goes for the infield where his footwork get him to the ball under control.
ATH: 7.92 runner in the 60. 1.99 and 4.41 in the 10 and 30 yard splits.

Kayden Zimmerman RHP / C / Saint Augustine , CA / 2028

Positional Profile: RHP/C Smart pitcher that pitches to his strengths.
Body: 5-8, 140-pounds. Developing frame with square shoulders.
Hit: RHH. Slight knee bend with weight back and front leg straight. Slight leg lift trigger. Moves hands into attack positon with knob-to-ball approach.
Power: 78 max exit velocity, averaged 64.8 mph. 267' max distance.
Arm: RH. C-64 mph. Short arm action with developing strength.
Defense: 2.25-2.34 pop times. Works low-to-high with some athleticism.
ATH: 8.31 runner in the 60. 2.01 and 4.55 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 

Nyte Teeter C / RHP / Tustin, CA / 2026

Positional Profile: C/RHP Versatile athlete who both catches and pitches at a varsity level.
Body: 6-0, 155-pounds. Long, lean, wiry strong frame with squared shoulders and room for more.
Hit: RHH. Upright setup with hands that are back almost above the shoulder. Strides into the pitch. Starts with a flatter barrel before driving the hands and barrel into attack angle through to extension. 69.1 mph bat speed with 22 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 90 max exit velocity, averaged 79.3 mph. 322' max distance. Present gap power with the occasional HR shot. Power is projectable as frame continues to physically mature.
Arm: RH. C-71 mph. INF-77 mph. Arm works with accuracy both behind the plate and on the dirt.
Defense: 2.01-2.19 pop times. Athletic actions with proper technique at both positions.
ATH: 8.06 runner in the 60. 2.00 and 4.52 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 

Derrick Robertson C / 1B / San Juan Hills, CA / 2026

Positional Profile: C/1B Nimble catcher who carries that to 1B as well.
Body: 6-0, 165-pounds. Strong, phyiscal frame with broad shoulders and strength throughout.
Hit: RHH. Knee bend and a slight bend at the waist with a wide base and a slightly open stance. Slight leg lift trigger. Knob to the ball approach with some whippiness in the barrel. 64.6 mph bat speed with 13 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 87 max exit velocity, averaged 75.7 mph. 308' max distance. Some present power projection with line drive capabilities. Power should come as frame develops.
Arm: RH. C-68 mph. Strong arm with fair accuracy from behind the plate. Throws miss on 1B side of the bag.
Defense: 2.09-2.21 pop times. Moves quickly and efficiently behind the plate. Reacts to balls in dirt quickly and in position.
ATH: 7.65 runner in the 60. 1.86 and 4.28 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 

William Cowles C / 3B / Notre Dame, CA / 2027

Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 6-1, 175-pounds.
Hit: RHH. Upright with a slight knee bend; steps towards pitcher for timing while dipping into his backside slightly. Uses above average hand speed to get the barrel on plane while catching the ball out front. Slight uphill path that flashed consistent barrel contact. 63.3 mph bat speed with 4 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 87 max exit velocity, averaged 77.8 mph. 316' max distance. Present pull side power with consistent line drives to all fields.
Arm: RH. C-70 mph. INF-69 mph. Arm strength is fair from 3B where the accuracy is better; behind the plate the arm is raw with flashes of being an above average tool.
Defense: 2.04-2.19 pop times. 3B: gathers out front while in position to quickly release the ball; Stays behind it well not allowing ball to get too deep. C: Very athletic mover behind the plate; block/recover is quick and controlled; soft hands when receiving with quick transitions.
ATH: 8.42 runner in the 60. 2.18 and 4.75 in the 10 and 30 yard splits.

Dolan Maher C / 2B / Torrey Pines, CA / 2026

Positional Profile: C/2B Athletic catcher that keeps developing into one of the better catchers in his area in his class.
Body: 5-11, 175-pounds. Physical, durable frame with noticeable strength in the lower half.
Hit: RHH. Balanced setup with weight slightly on back leg and hands above shoulder and toes pointed inward. Stays behind the ball and explodes hands into the ball by firing the lower half. Whips barrel through the zone through extension. 67.9 mph bat speed with 12 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 92 max exit velocity, averaged 82.4 mph. 326' max distance. Projectable power has come with added physicality. Even the ground balls are through the infield quicker and hit much harder. All fields approach.
Arm: RH. C-75 mph. Arm plays with natural run to 1B side of second base. Almost looks like he's just lobbing it down to the bag at 75 mph.
Defense: 2.03-2.13 pop times. Blocks/recovers very well; finds the ball quickly. Catch/throw has imoroved significantly since last viewing. Pitch calling is strong. Sets up hitters well.
ATH: 7.56 runner in the 60. 1.95 and 4.28 in the 10 and 30 yard splits.

Robbie O'Rourke C / RHP / Loyola, CA / 2026

Positional Profile: C/RHP Versatile player who can both catch and play first base well.
Body: 6-2, 180-pounds. Large, strong, durable frame that still has maturing to go through with plenty of room to add more.
Hit: RHH. Slight knee bend with weight back and hands high. Leg lift into a long stride. Manipluates the barrel through the zone to get into optimal hitting position. 70 mph bat speed with 8 G's of rotational acceleration.
Power: 85 max exit velocity, averaged 79.8 mph. 303' max distance. High bat speed leads to loud contact and projectable power presently.
Arm: RH. C-66 mph. INF-68 mph. Arm continues to develop into an asset. Strong throws on the bag with efficient pop times.
Defense: 2.02-2.21 pop times. Moves very well around the bag at 1B and behind the plate. Block/recovers quickly, identifying the ball quickly as well.
ATH: 8.64 runner in the 60. 1.98 and 4.70 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 


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