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2020 Florida JUCO Rankings

Doug Freeman
Florida Executive Director

In true Junior College fashion, we initially released our first version and not the final version of the Florida JUCO rankings. So today, we take a look at the updated, final fall FLorida Junior college rankings here in Florida. 

Junior College baseball in Florida, and across the country, has always been good. Although, with the new wave of “baseball Twitter” and other social media platform, a light has started to flicker on just how much talent is in the Junior College ecosystem. As a former JUCO player and coach, it has been a pleasure to see the support online both from the coverage across the PBR ecosystem, with focus in PBR JUCO, to the ever entertaining Twitter presences that pound the table on the good and bad that make Junior College baseball what it is. 

Eric Sim, self-proclaimed King of JUCO on Twitter has continued to exemplify the attitude, benefits, and let’s say uniqueness of JUCO baseball across the country. Again, as a former junior college player, I can agree that there are many stories that I am sure will have the King of Juco battling to create more than one new Twitter profile. 

With all of that being said, and all joking aside, junior college continues to produce players who go on to make major impacts at larger schools and are taken highly in the draft and deserve to have the spotlight shined on them. In the last three years, the MLB Draft has seen nearly 300 NJCAA players from across the country taken. Last year, Jackson Rutledge of San Jacinto was taken in the first round, with a pair of Florida Junior college players taken in the first round in 2017 in Brendon Little and Nate Pearson. 

Today, we take a look at our initial Top 50 of the 2020 Florida Junior College players. Three school tied with six players in the list in St John’s River, Northwest Florida State and College of Central Florida. Adding to the deep 2020 MLB Draft pitching crop, is 25 Florida JUCO pitchers who have been ranked. And in true JUCO fashion, I am sure there will be so called “Christmas Presents”, eligibility changes, and players make a jump that should make this a fun list to revisit come spring. 

In all seriousness, the pair of right-handers at the top of this list in Franco Aleman of St. Johns River and Beck Way of Northwest Florida State have a chance to be players you see go in day one of this year's MLB draft. Check out the full list HERE

Top 10

1 Franco Aleman RHP St. Johns River State
2 Beck Way RHP Northwest Florida SC
3 Andre Tarver OF Chipola College
4 Michael Rosario OF St. Johns River State
5 Justin Wrobleski LHP St. Johns River State
6 Adam Tulloch LHP College of Central FL (JC
7 Calvin Starnes RHP Northwest Florida SC
8 Cole Ayers RHP SC - FL(Manatee-Sarasota)
9 Hunter Ruth RHP Palm Beach SC
10 Tyler Germanowski RHP Polk State

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