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Fall Underclass World Series: Sunday Recap & Quick Hits

Phil Kerber
PBR Georgia

This past weekend the PBR Fall Underclass World Series took place at LakePoint Sports Community in Emerson, GA. 36 programs descended upon the eight turf field facility to duke it out for the title of World Series champions. Today, we will detail the road our finalists took to the championship, as well as present select reports and video from our final four teams.

Champions: [12] 643 DP Cougars Sterling

643 DP Cougars Sterling entered bracket play as the final team to qualify beating out Triton Rays Dingers 2022 due to their lower total runs against, 8 to 10. 643 was tasked with winning four games in order to take the crown, and they did just that. Over the course of four games, their pitching staff allowed only six runs, while their bats awoke to score 28 runs after only putting up 10 runs through three pool play games.

How did they get there? - [12] 643 DP Cougars Sterling
Def. [5] Team Elite Grey 7-0 (forfeit)
Def. [4] 15U Georgia Jackets National 6-1
Def. [1] 16U Georgia Jackets National 8-2
Def. [3] Slammers Asnicar 7-3

Will Cawthon, C, Loganville (GA), 2022
6-foot-3, 165-pound right-handed hitting catcher, projectable frame with plenty of room to continue filling out, athletic build. Offensively, balanced at the plate, short leg kick with some length in stride, hands load back and cock barrel with some wrap, remains balanced through contact. Was one of many offensive catalysts for 643 on their way to winning the Fall Underclass World Series. Routinely made hard contact, used the entire field, put pressure on the defense.

Casual Kay, 3B, Alpharetta (GA), 2022

6-foot-1, 165-pounds. Kay had a monster day 3, especially in the semi-finals game. Had 3 hits with 2 loud triples, and a single. Just missed a HR on one of the swings. It was 94EV, and was 1ft shy of leaving the yard. Really like the connection on the toe-tap with the swing. Great timing, with good rhythm in the hands. Really strong lower-half, and keeps strength throughout the swing. The frame projects well, has the athleticism to play anywhere on the field.

Taylor Shultz, UTL, Allatoona (GA), 2022

5-foot-8, 145-pound right-handed hitting infielder and outfielder, athletically built with more physicality to come, plays with a chip on his shoulder. A member of Team Georgia at the 2019 PBR Future Games, Shultz showed off his advanced defensive capabilities and speed throughout the entire weekend. Uses his speed well defensively to track and run down balls that most would have little-to-no chance of getting a glove on, soft hands with a quick transfer and release, as he continues to mature the arm strength will come. Offensively, plays to his strength, his speed, with a line drive approach. Laid down a picture perfect bunt in the finals, running a 3.87 home to first from the right-side.

Cole Turner, 3B, Decatur, 2021

6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting third baseman, strength throughout frame, one of the top hitters all Fall Underclass World Series. Turner was locked in for just about every at-bat over the weekend it appeared, barreling pitch after pitch, generating firm contact to all fields. Uses his combination of strength and quickness to drive the ball to all fields, an above-average runner, had a number of doubles and triple throughout the tournament. On Sunday, it seemed like he had a hit in nearly every at-bat.

Runner-up: [3] Slammers Asnicar

Making the trip all the way from Colorado, the Slammers organization showed well, placing two teams in the top-3 out of pool play and having both advance to the semifinals, with Asnicar falling just short in the finals. Asnicar competed in arguably two of the best games of the tournament. First in an instant classic against 5 Star Carolina - Neyra in quarterfinals where they battled one of the top pitchers in the 2022 class, RHP Isaiah Lowe. Then, with program pride on the line, Asnicar (North) defeated Slammers Holzemer (South) before falling in the finals.

How did they get there? - [3] Slammers Asnicar
Def. [6] 5 Star Carolina - Neyra 2-1
Def [2] Slammers Holzemer 6-3
Lost [12] 643 DP Cougars Sterling 3-7

Ben Greenberg, OF, Colorado Academy (CO), 2022
5-foot-11, 150-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, athletically built with emerging strength throughout frame. Top of the order bat for Slammers, made consistent contact, peppered the entire field with line drives the entire weekend. Showed good pitch recognition and hand-eye coordination, hit the ball where it is pitched, did not play outside himself. A good runner (6.85 60 time), put pressure on the defense when on base.

Gabe Springer, SS, Fairview (CO), 2022

Springer paced the Slammers Asnicar offense all weekend en route to a runner-up finish. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound shortstop has a wiry-athletic frame with plenty of room to add strength in both the upper and lower-half. Springer worked gap to gap for multiple extra-base hits demonstrating an ability to utilize the entire field. His loose wrists and quick provide bat speed and developing power that are sure to increase as he continues filling out. He moved well on the infield (until an injury forced him into DH duty), and profiles as a player who can play any position on the dirt moving forward.

Victor Andrade, 3B, Lakewood (CO), 2022

5-foot-7, 150-pound left-handed hitting third baseman, plays with more strength than his frame would indicate. Starts in a tall, open position with barrel on his shoulder, strides long, dropping hands on load. Barrel works long through the zone allowing him to put barrel on ball even in off-balanced positions, primarily hit to the pull-side, drove the ball routinely.

[1] 16U Georgia Jackets National

Ryan Becker, C/3B, South Forsyth (GA), 2022
A powerful 6-foot, 185-pounds, strength throughout frame, will only add more as he matures and firms up. Offensively, starts open with hands preset back, hands move forward on load, low leg kick, good balance.  Worked gap-to-gap, driving the ball for multiple extra-base hits, gets into his lower half well. Swings a power bat with loose wrists, flicking through contact. On Saturday afternoon, came up a home run short of the cycle, going triple, double, single in his first three at-bats of the game.

Tyler Presnell, INF/OF, Cherokee (GA), 2022

5-foot-11, 175-pound left-handed hitting infielder and outfielder. Starts in a balanced setup with knees bent athletically, high back elbow, hands drop on load, short stride, good balance, keeps it simple. Swing with natural loft, short and quick to the zone. Was an extra-base machine for throughout the tournament for Georgia Jackets, picking up multiple triple and doubles. On Saturday afternoon, started the game with three consecutive triples.
[2] Slammers Holzemer

Jake Olguin Pacheco, OF/LHP, Horizon (CO), 2022
Listed at 5-foot-9, 130-pounds, Pacheco plays much bigger in-game where a “not scared” mentality shines. The high-waisted athlete confidently roams centerfield with quality glove skills along with a stronger, accurate arm. The left-handed hitter looked the part of a future top of the order bat, and was comfortable tracking pitches in each of his plate appearances. he was able to get on a few balls over the weekend and drive them into both gaps including an inside-the-park home run that showcased his speed.

Dylan Carey, SS, Regis Jesuit (CO), 2022

Carey, Colorado’s number one player in the 2022 class, left little question to that fact after a solid showing at the Underclass World Series. Physically-gifted at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds with broad shoulders on a frame that is easy to dream on, he showcased the potential to blossom into a power bat from the right side in the future. He was a threat in each plate appearance, taking quality at-bats throughout, and while he did not have overwhelming loud results, he clearly stands out amongst his peers. A captain on the infield, Carey locked down the shortstop position for Slammers Holzemer, demonstrating confidence in his soft hands, and his high baseball IQ stood out on multiple occasions.

Blake Young, C, Mountain Vista (CO), 2022

A strong, stocky, 5-foot-10, 185-pounds, right-handed hitting catcher. Keeps it simple at the plate with a balanced setup, short leg kick timing trigger, hands load back and drop in an athletic fashion, smooth rhythm throughout. Hands are quick to the zone with a level barrel path, taps into strength of frame to generate hard contact, even on mishits. Good defensive catcher, receives the ball well, puts his body out there to block the ball.

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