Prep Baseball Report

Class of 2016 Games: Pitchers Analysis

Shon Plack
Kansas Scouting Director

On Wednesday, August 5, Prep Baseball Report-Kansas held the Class of 2016 Games at Trusler Sports Complex in Emporia.  Nearly 100 uncommitted players in the 2016 class from Kansas and Missouri attended. 

Player profiles have been update with times, velocities and videos.  Below is a look at the pitchers from the event.  All other positions have been updated and analyzed. Pitchers are listed in alphabetical order.  Players rankings will be updated in weeks to come.

In game action, pitchers started with a 1-1 count. 

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McCae Allen, RHP, Bishop Carroll, 2016
Allen is a 6-foot-4 205-pound right-handed pitcher.  Allen threw a high percentage of strikes during his outing, topping out at 85 mph, which he hit five times.  He worked 83-85 mph with is fastball, some showing late life with running action.  He had 70-71 mph curveball with downward/late action, good command.  Straight change up at 71 to 73 mph.  Allen throws downhill and works the bottom of the zone with his fastball and curveball, getting mostly ground balls.  He has a controlled delivery and has a quick tempo between pitches.  He has an over-the-top arm slot, quick arm speed and throws with regular effort.

Wyatt Anderson, RHP, Mission Valley, 2016
Anderson is a 5-foot-10 150-pound right-handed pitcher.  Anderson has a high three-quarters release, smooth rhythm in his delivery and throws with regular effort, athletic finish.  He touched 80 mph with his fastball and worked mainly at 77-79 mph.  Breaking ball was 11-to-5 in shape at 71 mph. 

Daniel Baker, RHP, Olathe North, 2016
Baker is a 6-foot-3 195-pound right-handed pitcher. Baker was 76-79 mph with is fastball, 80 mph max, some having slight run. Curveball at 64-69 mph, 11-to-5 shape, change up at 73 mph.  Throws fastball for a strike.  Struck out three, allowed a pair of hits and walked one in outing.  High three-quarters arm slot, throws with regular effort and stays in line as he gets down mound 

Nolan Beets, RHP, Gardner Edgerton, 2016
Beets is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed pitcher. Beets threw a lot of strikes during his outing, touching 87 mph twice, working primarily at 84-86 mph, posted one of the top velos of the event.  Curveball at 65-67 mph, gradual 12-to-6 shape.  He has quick arm speed with loose arm action, throwing on a downhill plane.  His body stays under control throughout his delivery and throws with regular effort.  He struck out two, walked one an gave up one hit during his inning of work.

Allan Brown, LHP, Olathe Northwest, 2016
Brown is a 5-foot-10 150-pound left-handed pitcher. Brown was sharp during his inning of work, throwing a number of strikes with is fastball and curveball.  He was 77-79 mph with is fastball, able to work both sides of the plate with command, 12-to-6 breaking ball, mostly 66-68 mph, consistently down in zone. Over-the-top release, repeatable mechanics, smooth rhythm, struck out five hitters in 30 pitches, works quick on the mound, attacks hitters getting ahead early in count.

Caleb Burnett, RHP, Wichita North, 2016
Burnett is a 5-foot-9 188-poumd right-handed pitcher. Burnett mixed speeds with fastball, working 72-76 mph. Over-the-top release with slight pause at balance point in wind up, quick slide step during stretch, throws with regulare effort, stays inline, finished towards first base side. Gradual 11-to-5 action on breaking ball, 65-67 mph, throws for a strike. Struck out three in his outing. 

Patrick Cairns, RHP, Blue Valley Southwest, 2016
Cairns is a 6-foot-4 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Cairns touched 85 with his fastball, one of top velos for the event, working 81-83 mph, high three-quarters release, throws with regular effort saying in line during his delivery.  Showed command of off-speed pitches. Late 11-to-5 action on his curveball 73-72 mph.  73-74 mph change-up slight arm side release, quick over-the-top arm slot, lean projectable frame with loose arm action.

Brett Cass, RHP, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, 2016
Cass is a 5-foot-8 155-pound right-handed pitcher. Cass worked a quick inning, pitched to contact, allowing one hit and striking out two.  Topped at 82 mph with fastball, working 78-81.  Curveball at 69-73 mph, 11-to-5 action, looked to have a put-away curveball with two-strike count, able to locate both pitches, primarily down in zone.  Smooth rhythm in delivery, high three-quarters arm slot, balanced on front foot during finish.

Jack Castrop, RHP, Rockhurst (MO), 2016
Castrop is a 5-foot-10 175-pound right-handed pitcher. Castrop was 74-79 mph with is fastball, showed an 11-to-5 shaped breaking ball at 65-69 mph.  Change-up at 70-72 mph, arm sink.  In the zone with all three pitches. Loose arm action, repeatable release and delivery, throws with regular effort, works both sides of plate. 

Conner Creekmore, LHP, Staley (MO), 2016
Creekmoore is a 5-foot-11 140-pound left-handed pitcher. Creekmore was able to repeat his delivery and throw a high percentage of strikes with fastball and curveball, slight velo increase since winter.  75-79 mph fastball, 2-to-8 action on breaking ball, 67-69 mph, has command. Creekmore has high-three quarters release, hides the ball well during delivery, throws with regular effort, works to catchers glove side. 

Nathan Croner, LHP, Truman (MO), 2016
Croner is a 6-foot-6 185-poumd left-handed pitcher. Croner works quick between pitches, touching 85 mph twice during his outing, on of top LHP velos for the event.  He stayed at 83-84 with is fastball, late running action, high three-quarters release, downhill plane, quick arm speed, able to work glove side.  1-to-7 curveball at 66-70 mph, 72-76 mph change-up with arm side sink, Up-tempo delivery

Seth Davis, LHP, Maize South, 2016
Davis is a 5-foot-9 150-pound left-handed pitcher. Davis attacked hitters with first pitch strike, over-the-top release, repeats release point, throws three pitches for strike, fastball touched 78, worked 74-76 mph, curveball has 12-to-6 shape 64-68 mph, change-up at 72 mph slight sink, recorded two strikeouts and allowed one hit and a walk during game action. 

Alex DeBey, RHP, Blue Valley, 2016
DeBey is a 6-foot-5 180-pound right-handed pitcher. DeBey challenged hitters with fastball, topping at 80 mph, working at 77-79.  He works both sides of the plate and threw a very high percentage of strikes, collecting four strikeouts during his outing.  He showed an 11-to-5 breaking ball at 67-71 mph.  Conventional delivery, keeps hands at belt, high three quarters release, stays in line during delivery, smooth rhythm, clean arm action, throws with regular effort.

Eli DeLeon, RHP, Blue Valley, 2016
DeLeon is a 6-foot-4 185-pound right-handed pitcher. DeLeon touched 82 mph three times and worked 80-82, mainly with fastball.  Breaking ball showed late movement and depth, 11-to-5 action, change up had late arm side sink at 74 mph.  Throws heavy ball getting ground ball outs, athletic delivery with rhythm and body control, high three-quarters release, slightly across body.

Tony Dougan, RHP, Wellsville, 2016
Dougan is a 5-foot-11 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Recently committed to Allen County. Aggressive tempo with body control during delivery, over the top release, throws plenty of strikes, hands stay high during delivery, fastball topped at 83 mph with slight run, throws slider at 71-74 mph for strike, showed 11-to-5 breaking ball at 69 mph, will drop down to lower arm slot on change up, 78 mph. 

Alex Elder, RHP, Andover, 2016
Elder is a 6-foot-1 175-pound right-handed pitcher. Elder was aggressive in the zone with his fastball at 77-80 mph, some with run, showed a late breaking 10-to-4 slider 72-74 mph, throws for strike.  Simple and repeatable delivery, high three-quarters release, arm works, throws with regular effort, quick arm speed, projectable pitcher’s frame.

Connor Freund, RHP, Sedwick, 2016
Fruend is a 6-foot 170-pound right-handed pitcher. Freund has controlled delivery, low three quarters release, and throws slightly across body.   Fastball at 80 mph max, sat 76-79 mph, running action.  10-to-4 curveball,  slurve-type action, 67-71 mph, change-up at 62-63 mph slight sink.   

Hunter Giffin, RHP, Sedwick, 2016
Giffin is a 6-foot-1 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Giffin stays under control in his delivery, throws with regular effort, high three-quarters release, stays inline, level shoulders. fastball at 76-79 mph, works both sides of plate,12-to-6 curveball, 60-65 mph, splitter 69 mph, some arm sidesink.

Brock Gilliam, RHP, Basehor-Lindwood, 2016
Gilliam is a 6-foot 175-pound right-handed pitcher. Gilliam mixed speed with his fastball, topping at 83 mph on one pitch, sitting 79-81 mph.  He has a deliberate delivery out of the wind up, loose arm action, three-quarters release, level shoulders, athletic finish, slightly across body, some deception, 10-to-4 shaped breaking ball, late action, strike thrower, repeats release.

Seth Greer, RHP, Gardner-Edgerton, 2016
Greer is a 6-foot-1 180-pound right-handed pitcher. Greer worked at 77-79 with his fastball, 80 mph max, high three-quarters release, strike thrower, repeats mechanics, conventional controlled delivery, 11-to-5 breaking ball, 67-69 mph, tight spin, late movement, throws with regular effort. 

Andrew Halverson, LHP, Gardner-Edgerton, 2016
Halverson is a 5-foot-11 185-pound left-handed pitcher. Halverson has a high three-quarters release and worked his fastball at 77-81, one of top LHP velos for the event.  Fastball had some cut glove side.  Curveball had 2-to-8 action, 63 mph. Controlled delivery, repeatable movements, throws with regular effort.

Dylan Hamilton, RHP, Remington, 2016
Hamilton is a 5-foot-11 165-pound right-handed pitcher. Hamilton has a conventional delivery, hands raise with knee, controlled tempo, He stays in line with level shoulders as he gets down the mound, body control, athletic finish, releases from high three-quarters slot, throws downhill, produces ground balls, likes to work inside to RHH, fastball at 80-82 mph, curveball at 70-73 mph, throws both for strikes, worked to contact during game action. 

Nick Henning, RHP, Goddard Eisenhower, 2016
Henning is a 6-foot-2 160-pound right-handed pitcher. Henning has a projectable pitcher’s frame with loose arm action.  He is aggressive getting down the mound, throwing slightly across body.  Fastball had late life with sink and cutting action at 75-79 mph, touching 80 mph.  He showed an 11-to-5 curveball at 73-71 mph.  Over-the-top-release, throws with regular effort staying inline, athletic finish. 

AJ Johnson, RHP, Blue Valley, 2016
Johnson is a 6-foot-1 180-pound right-handed pitcher.  Recently committed to SIU-Edwardsville. Posted one of the top fastball velos of the event at 87 mph, sitting 84-86 mph.  Has power on curveball at 70-72 mph, late and sharp 11-to-5 action, produces swing and miss. Throws strikes with both pitches, three strikeouts, one hit, one run during game action.  Arm works, repeats release point, fastball arm speed on curveball, throws downhill.

Garon Johnson, RHP, Paola, 2016
Johnson is a 6-foot-3 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Johnson throws with regular effort, controlling leg lift to chest, staying line with level shoulders, finishes to first base.  Fastball has sink at 79-82 mph, throws curveball at 62-64 mph with fastball arm speed, mostly 12-to-6 action.  Straight change-up at 69 mph.   Johnson has an over-the-top release, tall and fall type delivery. 

Brad Kincaid, RHP, Lawrence, 2016
Kincaid is a 5-foot-11 190-pound right-handed pitcher. Kincaid has an over the top release, holding hands high and bringing leg up during delivery. Smooth rhythm, finished towards first base.  Fastball is 79-82 mph, curveball has sharp 67-71 mph, fastball arm speed. 

AJ Knight, LHP, Mill Valley, 2016
Knight is a 5-foot-10 155-pound left-handed pitcher. Knight is a strike thrower and worked a quick inning during his outing. He has a high three-quarters release, works the bottom of the zone with his pitches and changes speeds effectively.  Fastball at 74-76 mph, hits spots, curveball 62-65 mph, 2-to-8 action, throws for strike. 

Alec Koehn, RHP, Dodge City, 2016
Koehn is a 6-foot-2 180-pound right-handed pitcher. Koehn has body control during delivery, high three-quarters release, smooth rhythm, throws with regular effort, finishes in athletic position.  Fastball has run, 75-78 mph.  Knuckle curveball, late action, 10-to-4 shape, runs away from RHH. 

Zachary Layton, RHP, Blue Valley West, 2016
Layton is a 6-foot-1 160-pound right-handed pitcher. Layton has a high three-quarters release, throws with smooth rhythm and regular effort.  Throws slightly across body with level shoulders. Fastball at 76-81, with run, has command of curveball, 11-to-5 shape, late movement.  Struck-out two batters and allowed two hits in game action. 

Jack Leyden, LHP, Bishop Carroll, 2016
Leyden is a 5-foot-11 150-pound left-handed pitcher. Leyden has a three-quarters arm slot, inline stride, loose arm action, keeps hitters off balance with four pitches.  Fastball at 73-76 mph, late run, hits spots for strikes, slider at 68-70 mph and 1-to-7 curveball 61-64 mph, throws for strike, good feel for change-up at 65 mph, arm side release. 

Daonte Lowery, LHP, Lawrence, 2016
Lowery is a 6-foot 165-pound left-handed pitcher. Lowery has deliberate delivery, over the top release, throws strikes with three pitches, 74-77 mph fastball, straight, 12-to-6 curveball, down in zone, 66-70, slight sink on change-up, 70 mph, throws with easy effort, repeats release point, athletic finish. 

Mason McDow, RHP, Paola, 2016
McDow is a 6-foot-7 220-pound right-handed pitcher. McDow has high three-quarters release, hand and knee work together in delivery, inline stride, smooth rhythm and tempo. 80-85 mph fastball, touched 86 once, one of top velos of the event, works bottom of zone, 11-to-5 shaped curveball, 66-69 mph.  High percentage of strikes, repeats delivery and release, recorded three strike-outs during outing. 

Kamden Miller, LHP, Blue Valley Northwest, 2016
Miller is a 6-foot 195-pound left-handed pitcher. Threw mostly fastballs for strikes during outing, mixing in occasional 1-to-7 curveball. 74 mph change-up. 79-81 mph fastball, some with natural run, works inside to LHH.  Repeats delivery, hands work with knee, tuck at balance point, slightly across body, high three-quarters release,  struck-out three, allowed one hit and one run during outing.

Jack Nielsen, RHP, Mill Valley, 2016
Nielsen is a 6-foot 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Neilsen has high three-quarters release, strides inline, throws with regular effort, pitches to contact.  Fastball at 78-82 mph, some with slight run, curveball has 11-to-5 shape, showed to be a good when he stays on top, 65-71 mph, bottom of zone.

Blain Ohlmeier, LHP, Paola, 2016
Ohlmeier is a 5-foot-8 140-pound left-handed pitcher. Worked a good inning, earning three strikeouts and allowing one walk, over-the-top release, deceptive rhythm, hides ball, inline stride, repeats release, throws mainly fastball curveaball.  Fastball at 76-78 mph, works both sides of plate, curveball 12-to-6 action, late downward action, change up at 73 mph. 

Tanner Padgett, RHP, Valley Center, 2016
Padgett is a 6-foot-5 220-pound right-handed pitcher. Padgett worked 83-84 mph with his fastball, earning two strikeouts during his outing.  He has a high leg lift and is aggressive getting down mound, in line stride, high three-quarters release, throws with some effort, smooth rhythm.  Curveball at 74-76 mph, sharp and late 11-to-5 action, showed command. 

Alex Renfrew, LHP, Shawnee Mission South, 2016
Renfrew is a 6-foot 173-pound left-handed pitcher. Controlled an in line as he gets towards plate, releases from three quarters slot, throws with regular effort, fastball at 71-74 mph, works mostly inside to RHH, showed 1-to-7 curveball, 57-59 mph, walked two and struck out two in his inning of work.

Stanton Schnittker, RHP, Sedwick, 2016
Schnittker is a 6-foot 185-pound right-handed pitcher. Schnittker has an over-the-top release, throws with regular effort, simple delivery, repeatable, smooth rhythm, throws downhill. Fastball at 78-82 mph, throws for strike, curveball at 60-64 mph, 11-to-5 shape, 70 mph change-up, fastball arm speed. 

Brett Sherman, RHP, Gardner Edgerton, 2016
Sherman is a 6-foot-1 170-pound right-handed pitcher. Sherman as more feel as he threw more pitches, walked one and struck out two, fastball at mostly 78-80 mph, straight, curveball with late 12-to-6 action, breaks out of zone, swing and miss pitch, 71-73 mph, command of change-up 71-72 mph, arm side sink. Over-the-top release, long arm circle, shoulders level, in line stride, smooth rhythm.

Brenden Shutt, RHP, Mill Valley, 2016
Shutt is a 5-foot-11 160-pound right-handed pitcher. Showed well in his outing, mostly fastball and change-up, command of both pitches, pitched to contact, ground balls, one strike out. Fastball at 78-81 mph, hits spots, both sides of plate, change up at 70-73 mph, arm side sink, late.  Curveball at 71-75 mph 11-to-5 movement.  Over-the-top release, regular effort, repeats release point.

Kyle Spriggs, RHP, Blue Valley, 2016
Spriggs is a 6-foot 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Spriggs has over the top release, works fastball at 76-81 mph, max 82, some with 2-sean run, command curveball and change up, curveball at 68-69 mph, 11-to-5 action, change up at 71 mph, straight.  Smooth rhythm in delivery, loose arm action, throws with regular effort.  Struck-out two and walked one during outing.

Hunter Swift, LHP, Staley (MO), 2016
Swift is a 5-foot-8 170-pound left-handed pitcher. Recently committed to Jefferson College. Swift showed a velocity increase, hitting 87 mph, top LHP velo of the event, throws with some effort, three-quarters release, quick arm speed, aggressive in zone, threw strikes with mostly fastball and slider, fastball at 83-86 mph, touched 87 mph twice, slider has 2-to-8 shape, 75-76 mph, change-up at 76 mph, slight fade, three strikeouts during outing. 

Brandon Teter, RHP, Maize, 2016
Teter is a 6-foot-4 184-pound right-handed pitcher. Teter has lean frame with ability to add strength, clean arm action, tucks at balance point, throws strikes, Fastball at 78-82 mph, works both sides of plate, late 11-to-5 action on curveball, 66-69 mph, throws for strike, 73 mph change-up, good tempo between pitches, works quick, throws with regular effort.

Alex Towler, LHP, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 2016
Towler is a 6-foot 180-pound left-handed pitcher. Towler worked 78-80 mph with fastball, some with sink, 2-to-8 curveball, late movement, froze batters, high three-quarters release, short knee lift, strides inline, repeats well, finishes in athletic position, three strikeouts, one hit during inning of work.

Dalton Town, LHP, Paola, 2016
Town is a 6-foot 161-pound left-handed pitcher. Town has an over the top release, simple leg lift, repeats release point, throws strikes with fastball and curvball, works bottom of zone, pitched to contact allowing no hits.  Fastball at 74-76 mph, 12-to-6 curveball, showed knuckleball at 62-65 mph, with sink.  Arm action and frame will suggest increase in future. 

Bryce Unruh, RHP, Dodge City, 2016
Unruh is a 6-foot-3 195-pound right-handed pitcher. Unruh has a high three-quarters release, attacking the zone with three pitches.  Fastball at 75-79 mph, 11-to-5 curveball, 69-71 mph, late action, change-up down in zone 71-74 mph, fastball arm speed, throws with regular effort, smooth rhythm, athletic finish.  Two strikeouts, one walk, one hit during outing.

Austin Weiler, RHP, Olathe East, 2016
Weiler is a 6-foot-2 210-pound right-handed pitcher. Weiler was in the zone with is fastball at 80-83 mph, touching 85 twice, one of top velos of the event, some fastballs having run, 11-to-5 breaking ball 65-71 mph, throws for a strike.  Simple and repeatable delivery, lifts leg to hands, inline stride, high three-quarters to over-the-top release. 

Reese Welding, RHP, St. James Academy, 2016
Welding is a 6-foot-3 180-pound right-handed pitcher.  Welding has ideal pitchers frame, hands work with knee, controlled delivery, stays inline, throws downhill, over-the-top release, fastball at 78-79 mph, 12-to-6 breaking ball, 68-71 mph, late movement, cutter 72-73 mph, consistent down in zone, allowed one hit and struck out two. 

Paul Wolff, RHP, Blue Valley West, 2016
Wolff is a 6-foot-3 200-pound right-handed pitcher. Wolff showed command of his curveball, 68-72 mph, 11-to-5 shape, works knees.  Fastball at 78-82 mph, downhill, long arm circle, throws with regular effort, smooth rhythm and flow, mostly high three-quarters release, athletic finish.

Ryder Yakel, RHP, Lakin, 2016
Yakel is a 6-foot-3 180-pound right-handed pitcher. Yakel is a strike thrower, working fastball 83-84 mph and change up 70-71 mph, knuckleball with sink, 71-73 mph.  Yakel repeats his release point, maintains arm speed on all pitches, throws with regular effort, strides inline and has smooth rhythm and flow.


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