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2018 Preseason All-State: Middle Infielder Evaluations

PBR Staff
Prep Baseball Report of NC

The premier winter scouting event in North Carolina took place on Sunday January 28th at On Deck Academy in Pineville, NC.  The beautiful facility allowed PBR to conduct a full pro-style workout while it was pouring outside.  For the second year in a row, the event sold out, with over 60 of the top players in North Carolina on hand.

Each player went through a full workout, updating statistics for their PBR Profile page as well as adding a new evaluation and video.  Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen, understanding it is still January, where they were asked to continue with their build-up process for the spring. 

PBR’s staff included three former D1 coaches and recruiting coordinators as well as a number of coaches with a tremendous back ground at various levels of baseball.  Also, on hand were several pro scouts, working to get an early look for the spring.  The event was broadcast live through Twitter and Periscope, allowing PBR to hear from coaches from as far away as Arizona.    Video was taken of each athlete and the video will be cut into short clips, highlighting their performance on the day.

The middle infielders were comprised of eight players, each with tools that will make them intriguing players to watch this spring.  Colton Stotler (SS, West Wilkes HS, 2020) is ranked in the PBR Overall Top 300 for the class of 2020 and the swing did not disappoint in January.  From both sides of the plate, there is strength and quickness.  The frame suggests he should continue to add strength.

Several other middle guys had good showings including Wes Terte (SS, South Mecklenburg HS, 2019) and Joseph Haney (SS, SouthLake Christian, 2020).  Alex Rodriguez (SS/C, Southeast Guilford HS, 2020) may have to fight for playing time at his primary positions this spring, with two accomplished seniors ahead of him, but the ease and athleticism he possesses played at On Deck from the infield and behind the plate.

Below we take an in-depth look at each middle infielder from the Preseason All-State event.  Each evaluation looks the player’s performance offensively and defensively, with links to their video.

2018 Preseason All-State: By The Numbers

  • 64 Players went through the workout at On Deck Academy
  • By Class: 6 SR, 39 JR, 18 SO, 1 FR
  • 19 players ran a 4.00 or better in the 30 yard dash. 
  • 19 of 26 infielders charted a positional velocity of 80 mph or better. 
  • 5 arms registered 88 mph or better from the outfield. 
  • 4 of 6 catchers flashed advanced carry with a position velocity, out of the crouch, of 74 or better
  • 13 hitters registered an exit velocity, off the barrel, of 90 mph or better. 
  • 32 hitters were better than 85 mph. 
  • 12 pitchers worked at 83 or higher. 
  • This event featured 30+ players that have attended a PBR of North Carolina event in the past year and a half. 

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Middle Infielder Evaluations

Michael Dansky SS / 2B / Providence, NC / 2019


Strong frame at 5 feet 9, 170 pounds. Defensively, good infield actions with soft hands and quick feet. Plays through balls with good rhythm and shows the ability to throw from different arm slots with a short arm action. His arm topped at 82mph across the diamond. Left hand hitter is handsy at the plate with above average bat speed. Balanced setup with a smooth short load, showing a balanced fluid swing. Line drive hitter who works to keep his barrel in the zone with an exit velocity of 82mph. Recorded times of 4.06 in the 30-yard dash, 4.25 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-6 in the standing broad jump.



Justin Ebert SS / 3B / Terry Sanford, NC / 2019


Average build at 5 feet 10, 175 pounds. Right hand hitter with a tall, balanced setup. Fluid swing using a smooth leg kick to set his weight prior to launch.  Maintains balance with a strong hand path, working direct to the ball.  Line drive approach, working for extension, with average bat speed and a top end exit velocity of 86.  Strength over bat speed at this time.  Defensively, works with soft hands on the infield playing through balls with fluid footwork.  Transitions to the mid-section with active feet and a short arm action producing accurate throws that peaked 80mph. Recorded times of 4.24 in the 30-yard dash, 4.63 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-4 in the standing broad jump.



Joseph Haney SS / 3B / SouthLake Christian, NC / 2020


5 feet 11, 165 pounds with a strong, athletic build. Left-handed hitter utilizes a leg kick to load his weight and generate above average bat speed. Good approach, staying inside the ball and keeping his barrel in the zone. Handsy and balanced, there is barrel ability with a top end exit velocity of 86.  Solid actions on the infield.  Hands play to catch the ball consistently with fluid feet moving through the ball. Accurate arm topping at 80mph across the diamond from a shorter arm action. Understands speed of the game and has an ability to get on line with his first step.  Solid quickness and strength in the lower half, recorded times of 4.11 in the 30-yard dash, 4.52 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-5 in the standing broad jump.



Austin Joyner

Austin Joyner 2B / OF / North Lenoir, NC / 2020


Average build at 5 feet 10, 150 pounds. Young frame has quickness, running a 3.95 30-yard dash. Recorded a 9-2 in the standing broad jump and posted a time of 4.59 in the 5-10-5 agility test.  Offensively works from the right side with a balanced, open setup.  Rocks back to load, using a short stride.  Barrel works level through the zone, length is present at times.  Average barrel awareness with better than average bat speed.  Exit velocity peaked at 84 mph.  Power may continue to increase with looseness and getting his lower half through the ball more. Shows average hands on the infield.  Rhythm between the feet and hands can improve to soften the action.  Clean exchanges with his arm topping at 78 mph across the diamond.




Alejandro Rodriguez SS / C / Southeast Guilford, NC / 2020


Average, athletic build at 5 feel 11, 160 pounds. Athleticism shows with an ability to play multiple spots at a high level.  Primary infielder with advanced actions, making plays routine.  Easy carry in the arm with aggressive feet after the transfer.  Works to a high-3/4 slot recording positional velocity of 85 across the diamond.  Behind the plate, fluid footwork with quick clean exchanges and a quick release.  Repeats the action with ease and a high transfer to a strong arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Carry is easy from the crouch with the positional velocity of 79.  Switch hitter with an exit velocity of 83mph from the right side and 79mph from the left. Good approach with a fluid swing from both sides. Works from an open stance with a short stride showing above average bat speed. Good feel for his barrel getting extension through the ball. Long at times from the left side.  Much more direct on his natural right side.   Run times of 4.08 in the 30-yard dash, 4.20 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and recorded a 9-4 in the standing broad jump.



Kade Smith SS / OF / Alexander Central, NC / 2020


Very young frame with a lot of maturation ahead at 5 feet 10, 125 pounds. Some quickness present, running a 4.10 30-yard dash and 4.44 in the 5-10-5 agility test.  Posted an 8-7 in the standing broad jump. Athletic actions on the infield with fluid footwork, playing through the routine ball well.  Soft hands with clean exchanges leading to a longer arm action with a higher slot.  Accurate arm at 82mph across the infield with some carry. Right-hand hitter works from an open stance with a tall setup. Dives to the plate closing off his lower half as he begins to approach the ball.  Good balance with a gap to gap approach. Loose swing, with some barrel ability, producing an exit velocity of 74mph.



Colton Stotler SS / 3B / West Wilkes, NC / 2020


6 feet, 180 pound athletic build. Room to continue to add strength with length in the limbs.  Switch hitter has strength and feel from both sides of the plate. Recorded an exit velocity of 87mph from both sides. Works balanced and open in his setup.  Smooth, short stride getting his lower half through the ball. Strong lower half generates above average bat speed. He shows good barrel control, from the right side with a line drive approach. Maintains balance in swing and his more fluid from the left side.  Repeats the launch position and is quiet prior to firing the barrel from both sides.  Solid actions on the infield playing through balls with fluid footwork and clean exchanges. He shows athleticism recording times at 3.96 in the 30yard dash, 4.10 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 10-1 in the standing broad jump.



Wes Terte

Wes Terte 2B / SS / South Mecklenburg, NC / 2019


5 feet 8, 155-pound build. Athletic infielder with good actions. Soft hands with quick footwork playing through ground balls. Clean exchanges, transitioning from the midsection to a long arm arc.  Accurate on throws at 83 across the diamond.  Has ability to float his slot based on the play and his footwork.  Right handed hitter works from an open stance, using an aggressive stride back toward the plate.  Good rhythm in setup and trough his launch position.  High barrel awareness from a short path producing line drives, staying gap-to-gap.   Exit velocity up to 82 off the barrel. Good testing numbers, recording times of 4.05 in the 30-yard dash, 4.40 in the 5-10-5 agility test, and 9-7 in the standing broad jump.