Prep Baseball Report

Future Games ID: Quick Hitters- Pitchers

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

The PBR Future Games is the top underclass showcase event in the country each year.  PBR territories from across the country work to put together teams of the top uncommitted, underclass players to compete each year.  Team Carolina is made of players from North Carolina and South Carolina.  

On Saturday March 28th PBR of NC held its Future Games ID along with its Uncommitted Upperclass Prospect ID at Big League Camp in Marion, NC. Big League Camp is a beautiful facility located next to Lake James that features an all turf baseball field with a spacious indoor facility. 

Pitchers and catchers got the day started with catchers going through their defensive workout followed by pitchers throwing bullpens. Trackman was used during the bullpens to gather advanced analytics on each arm. After the bullpens position players ran a laser timed 60 followed by outfielders and infielders going through their defensive workout. BP was set to take place on the field but had to be moved indoors due to thunderstorms and heavy rain in the area. Trackman was used during BP to gather ball flight information. 

Throughout the workout, PBR scouts were taking metrics on players while evaluating their complete skill set.  Featured below are some of the standout pitchers from the Future Games ID. 

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Owen Michelson, RHP/OF, 2023

Strong, athletic build at 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Filled the zone up with his fastball. Arm is loose using an over the top slot. Fastball sat at 81-82 mph with a max Induced Vertical Break of 19.7 inches. Advanced changeup thrown with fastball arm speed at 75-76. Changeup has sinking action with run to his arm side. 

Jacob Dudan, RHP/OF, 2023

Loose arm with quickness using a high ¾ slot. Fastball was in the zone at 85-86 mph, topping at 87 mph. Located his curveball to the bottom of the zone with 11/5 shape at 67-69 mph (2343 rpms). Changeup has fade at 75-76 mph with feel working to his arm side. Overall, a strike thrower who should see his stuff tick up as he add strength to his 6-foot, 164-pound frame.  

Terry Kaler, LHP, 2023

Athleticism present in a lanky 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. Fastball has across angle locating it to his glove side. Fastball worked at 85-86 mph, topping at 87 mph (1900-2100 rpms). Tight slider with late break at 75-79 mph. Located his slider to his glove side getting it to the bottom of the zone. Arm has quickness with a high ¾ release. 

Jarrett Crabtree, OF/RHP, 2023

Has feel for 3 pitches. Fastball has down angle at 77-79 mph. Changeup has sink with run to his arm side at 64-67 mph. Landed his breaking ball for strikes. Breaking ball has depth with 11/5 shape at 61-67 mph. Athleticism present in his 5-foot-11, 150-pound. Could see his stuff jump as the body continues to mature. 

Tanner Kaler, LHP, 2023

Fluid tempo to his delivery with a clean arm action using a high ¾ release. Fastball has run to his arm side at 82-83 mph. Landed his breaking ball for strikes with 1/7 shape and gradual break at 65-73 mph. Flashed feel for his changeup at 73-76 mph. 

Cade Gardner, SS/RHP, 2024

Short arm action with quickness using an over the top slot. Fastball has ride through the zone at 80-81 mph with an average Induced Vertical Break of 21.4 inches. SL has tight, late break at 74-76 mph. Showed the ability to throw his slider for a strike and expand the zone with it.