Prep Baseball Report

PBR Scout Day: East Coast Clippers - Infielders Analysis

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR NC

Prep Baseball Report was at Ting Park in Holly Springs, NC on Friday October 18th for a PBR Scout Day with the East Coast Clippers.  Clipper players were taken through a full pro-style workout by PBR Scouts.  Offensively, players took multiple rounds of live BP and went through an exit velocity testing station in the cages.  Defensively, each player was able to workout from their respective position with scouts putting full evaluations on each player, while taking statistics on arm strength and pop times for catchers.  Pitchers threw controlled bullpens with scouts getting velocities, spin rates while also watching mechanical setup, delivery, arm action and more.

As we finish the evaluations on each player in attendance for the PBR Scout Day, we look at the primary infielders that went through the workokut.  This group includes six Clipper players.  A highly athletic group, their defensive reps were impressive.  Each infielder also showed feel at the plate with one recording an exit velocity over 90 mph.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistics from the Scout Day


East Coast Clipper Infielders


Matthew Beisecker 2B / RHP / Heritage, NC / 2021


Athletic frame at 6-foot, 160 pounds.  Quick twitch is present with a 6.94 sixty.  Carries the quickness into the box where the bat gets through the zone quickly.  Balanced and athletic from the right side of the plate.  Heavy pre-pitch waggle but calms as he loads.  Smooth load with good rhythm.  Short stride.  Works level, staying gap-to-gap.  Good feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity of 86 mph off the barrel.  Active feet and good bend defensively with the hands working out front, catching the ball with some softness in the center of the body.  Funnels to the midsection.  Clean exchanges.   Some effort in the medium arm swing working to a high-3/4 slot that can get over-the-top when loading up.  Average carry with some feel for accuracy at 78 mph across the diamond.  
On the mound, slight side step to a kick to the low chest with some pelvic tilt.  Uphill set with the shoulders as the arm works through a medium arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Lands on-line and square.  Average extension.  Fastball played straight at 76-79.  Downer breaking ball rolls through the break with early, gradual movement.  Slows the arm some with the breaking ball ranging 59-63.

Joey Bouck SS / 2B / Cardinal Gibbons , NC / 2021

Athletic in a 5-foot-10, 150 pound frame.  Has quick twitch.  Ran a 7.15 sixty with a good break off the line, lacking the ability to hold top end speed, but should hold it better with more strength added to the frame.  Left handed hitter is balanced and athletic in his setup.  Smooth load back with a short stride.  Short, level path, creating backspin and line drives with above average bat speed.  Fluid throughout, there is very good feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity up to 83 mph.  Active feet with good rhythm.  Hands works with ease and softness.  Tends to catch the ball just to the right side of center, transitioning to the center of the body.  Arm swing and angle adjust based on the feet and movement of the play.  Some carry and good accuracy on throws measuring 77 mph out of the hand.  Fluid ability to catch the ball and be accurate on or off platform.

Jack Boyles SS / 2B / Heritage, NC / 2021


Average 6-foot, 165 pound frame with athleticism present.  Right handed hitter works from a balanced setup.  Smooth load back with a leg kick to transition the weight.  Short stride.  Level through the zone, working gap-to-gap with better than average bat speed.  Average barrel feel.  Sprays the ball using the entire field.  Rotational finish.  Exit velocity of 81 mph off the barrel.  Feet and hands have rhythm together.  Hips are a little high.  Catches off the inside right hip, working to the middle of his body.  Exchanges with some ease to a long arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Good accuracy and some carry at 77 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.47 sixty.

Thomas Martinez 2B / 3B / William G Enloe, NC / 2021


Small frame with athleticism present at 5-foot-8, 145 pounds.  Open stance from the right side.  Uses a toe tap to load the weight back.  Short stride.  Loose throughout with average bat speed.  Level path creating line drives, working gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity up to 84 mph.  Added hand strength will add to barrel awareness and exit velocity.  Active feet and hands have rhythm through the catch and exchange.  Catches the ball off the inside left hip.  Feet can get long through the release as the arm works through a long arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Showed an ability to shorten the arm swing and release down maintaining average carry and good accuracy.  Arm topped at 76 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.47 sixty.

Colin Scoggins 3B / 1B / Northern Durham, NC / 2021


Strength is present at 5-foot-10, 185 pound frame.  Right handed hitter posted an exit velocity of 91 mph off the barrel.  Open stance.  Smooth load back with a leg kick to transition the weight.  Medium stride works to better than average bat speed.  Level, wants extension.  Aggressive backside with good balance.  Creates leverage, working with looseness.  Pull emphasis.  Average barrel feel.  Feet and hands have rhythm on defense.  Hips are a bit high.  Catches in the middle of the body with average hands, funneling to the midsection.  Medium arm swing and high-3/4 slot with some effort through release.  Some accuracy on throws at 76 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.72 sixty.

Ty Torti 2B / SS / Cardinal Gibbons , NC / 2022


Average frame with athleticism at 5-foot-10, 162 pounds.  Switch hitter has feel from each side of the dish.  Balanced from the left side with a small weight shift back and small stride.  Level path working gap to gap.  Average bat speed and barrel feel.  From the right side, similar setup with a quicker bat and good barrel ability.  Exit velocity was higher from the left side at 84 mph.  Athletic defensively, with an easy catch and exchange.  Soft, quick hands.  Arm swing and release match the platform with good accuracy and easy carry at 80 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.37 sixty, showing good quickness off the line.  Should see the sixty time decrease as his strength levels allow him to carry his top end speed longer.