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Preview: Preseason All-State

PBR Staff
PBR of North Carolina

The PBR Preseason All-State event is the premier winter event in North Carolina and takes place this Sunday in Pineville, NC.  The event features 70 players, from across the state, with credentials to be invited to the showcase.  For the 2nd year, the event will take place at On Deck Academy in Pineville, NC.  On Deck Academy affords the indoor space to run a complete workout indoors, but also has a full sized outdoor infield that can be utilized if the weather cooperates.

Players attending the event earned invitations from past performances in front of PBR scouts and staff.  Several have attended PBR events in the past, but there are players that will be making their PBR event debut.  Players that did not earn an initial invite were able to request an invitation.  Once requested, PBR’s staff worked to call coaches and scouts that may know the player while also working to watch any video on the player.   Because the event is limited in space, the bar is set fairly high and for the 2nd year in a row there were almost as many requests for an invitation as there are spots in the event.

Players attending the event will run through a modified pro-style workout.  Players will be evaluated in several speed and agility exercises as well as offensively and defensively.  PBR will be able to post statistics from the event including arm strength and exit velocity off the bat.  Pitchers will throw controlled bullpens, allowing them to feature their full arsenal of pitches.  Every player in attendance will receive a full PBR Profile with updated video for coaches and scouts.

New to this year’s event will be the ability to view the workout remotely.  PBR is working to stream parts of the offensive, defensive, and pitching workouts through its twitter page, @PrepBaseballNC.  This is the first time PBR of North Carolina has worked to provide the extra coverage, and while we are prepared, we are expecting to make some midstream adjustments to allow coaches, players, and fans to see the workout, even if they cannot attend.

Preseason All-State Preview


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Check In Times:

Pitcher Only                                            9:00am
Catcher (Primary or Secondary)             9:00am
Signed up for both Pitcher & Position     9:45am
Infielders and Outfielders                        11:30am

On Deck Academy

10229 Rodney St
Pineville, NC 28134

+ On Deck is an indoor facility with an outdoor infield
+ Pitchers will throw their bullpen indoors.  They will wear turf / gym shoes.
+ Position Players may be indoors and outdoors for their workout.  They should bring spikes and turf/gym shoes.
+ All Offensive work will be done indoors

Parking: There is parking on both sides of On Deck Academy.  Be aware of the practice infield as we will use that space if the weather cooperates.  When facing On Deck Academy’s entrance, there is a warehouse to the right… DO NOT PARK in the warehouse lot. 


9:30am                 Pitcher Only / Catcher – Stretch and Agility
10:00                    Dual Pitcher / Position – Stretch
10:20                    Pitcher Only Bullpens
11:00                    Dual Pitcher Bullpens
11:30                    Catchers Defensive Eval
11:50                    Catchers Offensive Eval (Catchers can work out at a 2nd Position)
12:00                    Infielder & Outfielder Stretch & Agility
12:30                    Infielder & Outfielder Defensive Evals
1:40                      Infielder and Outfielder Offensive Evals
                              *Players will rotate to offensive rotations as they finish their defense

                              *Players will be done as they complete their offensive rotations

3:15                      End of Day

Follow the Event

+ Twitter will be active throughout the event, including live streams of the workout
+ Instagram will be active during the event and as videos are posted to Player Profiles
+ Facebook will update players and families of stories as they post after the event.

After the Event
+ In the days after the event, PBR will run a couple of stories highlighting statistical performances and some initial thoughts. 
+ As videos are posted to the player profiles, PBR will highlight each player in stories posted to PBR’s site.
+ Player profiles will be updated with a profile picture, statistics, evaluation, and video
+ Every MLB organization and over 900 college coaches and universities subscribe to PBR and will have access to all of the information.

A Look Back at the 2017 Preseason All-State

+ Roster includes 37 players that have committed to the college of their choice

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