Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Preseason All-State West - PItchers

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
NC Executive Director & Scouting Director

On Sunday January 26th, ninety-one of the top players in the state of North Carolina converged at the Ultimate Performance Sports Center in Matthews, NC.  The Preseason All-State showcase event is the top winter event in North Carolina year after year and with the increased demand, there are now two sessions, an east and a west.  Below we take our first look at some player notes from the Preseason All-State West.

The day consisted of a full pro-style workout with pitchers throwing controlled bullpens, followed by defensive workouts for the position players.  Hitters were able to go through multiple cages to get loose prior to moving through two exit velocity stations.  Live BP was taken in a large cage, allowing scouts and coaches to see the ball fly off the bat.

Below are the Quick Hitter notes on the pitchers.  This is not meant to be a top prospect list, but just a very quick list of players that popped to our PBR Scouts.  As we continue to dive into all of the information gathered, players will receive a full evaluation and the PBR staff will put together top prospect lists from the event.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stats from the Preseason All-State West

Preseason All-State West – By the Numbers:

  • 91 players went through the workout at Ultimate Performance
  • 36 pitchers threw controlled bullpens
  • 80 hitters went through offensive and defensive workouts
  • 24 players ran a sub-4.00 on the 30 yard laser timed sprint
  • 33 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 9 of 19 catchers posted a pop time of 2.10 or lower
  • 7 Outfielders posted a positional velocity of 90 mph or higher
  • 10 Pitchers worked at 86 or higher
  • 3 arms touched 90 or better
  • 2468rpm was the top fastball spin rate at the event.


Preseason All-State West:  Quick Hitters – Pitchers

Cooper King, RHP, 2020-Showed lots of feel during his bullpen getting his fastball to both sides of the plate reaching 91 mph.  Paired the fastball with a tight slider and solid changeup.  Clean and easy with a repeatable delivery, using an over-the-top slot.  King is scheduled to be at the PBR ProCase in early February as well.

Michael Gracer, RHP, 2021-Quick arm getting sink on his fastball that reached 87 mph.  Showed feel for a tight slider and changeup as well.

Brandon Hudson, RHP, 2021-Loose arm, filling the zone up with his fastball that reached 90 mph.  Gets down angle on his fastball from his 6-foot 4 build.  Plenty of reason to love his future projection.  Impressed with his plan and demeanor throughout the bullpen.

Mason Smith, RHP, 2022-Fluid delivery with a quick arm.  Pounded the zone up with his fastball.  Flashed an above average changeup with run and sink.  Good arm speed and very easy to see the fastball should climb as he adds strength to the frame.

Cade Miller, RHP, 2022-Quick arm with aggression to the plate.  Fastball reached 86 mph and showed the ability to spin a sharp breaking ball.

Casey Gouge, LHP, 2022-True pitcher who commanded three pitches to both sides of the plate throughout his bullpen. Easy delivery with life to his fastball and changeup.

Isaac Armstrong, RHP, 2023-Stayed down in the zone with arm side run to his fastball.  Has feel for three pitches with an easy, loose arm action.

Cameron Cabe, RHP, 2023-Athletic with some quickness to his arm.  Consistent throughout his bullpen showing feel for all three pitches. 

Bain Sipe, RHP, 2020 – Continues to grow on the bump flashing increased command of the fastball, up to 85 from an over-the-top slot.  There is more in the body and he is beginning to figure out how to tap into the potential.

Gavin Mortenson, RHP, 2020 – Our first look at him on the bump was very impressive.  Clean, loose arm, with plenty of arm speed and good direction.  Touched 86 with run, but don’t be surprised if you see low-90’s bolts as he continues to mature on the mound.

Connor Higgins, LHP, 2021 – Short arm swing using a scapular load to consistently work to a high-3/4 slot with good arm speed.  Fastball played up to 87, but the metrics say it may seem faster to hitters.  Breaking ball is still a work in progress but showed high end potential with depth.

Parker Johnson, RHP, 2021 – Still working into his complete throwing program, the numbers posted at the Preseason All-State may just be a glimpse of what he does this spring.  Up to 84 with hard, boaring run.  Clean and on-line, flashed a hard, downer breaking ball as well.

Jackson Roberts, RHP, 2022 – Pounded the zone with ease with a solid two-pitch mix.  Fastball flashed 83 but the analytics are very favorable on the pitch.  Lanky and repeated his delivery.

William Price, RHP, 2022 – Firm fastball peaked at 83.  Flashed a hard, 11/5 breaking ball that will create issues for hitters this spring. 

Michael Posse, RHP, 2022 – Heavy fastball peaking at 86.  Breaking ball was a bit early in this bullpen but plays with hard spin out of the hand and depth as it reaches the plate.

William Bryant, RHP, 2022 – Simple and repeats, working on-line, and with a clean arm stroke to a high ¾ slot.  Short, scapular load creates a whippy hand through release.  Up to 85, the pitch-ability can be fun to watch.

Calvert Clark, RHP, 2022 – Athletic, strong, quick and with good direction and a clean arm stroke.  Already touching 92, there is more coming.  Flashed several breaking balls that will gather a ton of swing and misses.

Mason Murdock, RHP, 2022 – Physical presence can be imposing.  For his size he has good direction and a fastball up to 87.  Around the zone, there is feel and extension.

Ryder Douglas, RHP, 2022 – Another physical presence on the bump with strength present.  Slight plunge out of the glove working to an over-the-top slot.  Flashed feel for fastball and curveball.  Fastball peaked at 85 with downhill angle.

Caleb Williams, RHP, 2023 – Arm side run a and a firm fastball that was up to 85.  Lanky frame can add strength.