Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Wayne Country Day Pitchers

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

PBR was in Goldsboro on Tuesday October 24th for a Scout Day with Wayne Country Day.  Entering the 2024 season, the Chargers will have their eye on a potential run to another state championship.  This fall scout day gave PBR a peak at the talent and depth on the roster. 

The workout consisted of players in the 2024 through 2028 graduating classes. The day began with speed tests using Swift Athletic lasers.  Players ran a 60 with Swift Athletics collecting the 10yd split.  Players could then run a 30, again with the 10yd split timed as well. Following the running, players went through their offensive evaluation during BP.  After BP, players worked out at their defensive positions, again with PBR collecting stats and video on each player.

We break down some of what we saw duirng the Wayne Country Day School Scout Day below.  You can see the full roster from the workout, along all of the stats taken HERE.

Quick Hitters - Pitchers

Ayden West, RHP, Wayne Country Day, 2025
6-foot, 180 pounds. Simple delivery. Stable head. Slightly closed through balance. Works on-line with a long, athletic arm stroke to an over-the-top slot. Good arm speed. Fastball at 83-87, 1910rpm. Short horizontal action on the slider at 78-82.

Caden Scott, RHP, Wayne Country Day, 2028
6-foot, 175 pounds. Stable head.  Level and on-line. Short strider. Long arm swing to a high-¾ slot. Average to above arm speed that should continue to grow. Fastball up to 83.  Breaking ball is inconsistent but has out pitch potential, already spinning at 2362rpm, ranging 68-72.

Colin Woolard, RHP, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Virginia Tech commit. Physical frame at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds. Small side step, kicking up while loading the front hip. Works back to on-line, staying level. Long arm swing.  High-¾ slot.  Quick arm.  Works with intent. Fastball peaked at 87.3, 1773rpm.  Sink metrics with solid run. Slider has short, darting, side to side action at 74-76.

Gabe Adams, RHP, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Campbell commit. Lean 6-foot, 175 pounds. Raw delivery that is still working to find consistent tempo.  Works level. Long, loose arm swing. Over-the-top slot.  Whippy arm through release. Fastball has big run out of the hand, peaking at 87.7, 1884rpm. Slider has late, darting action.  At times a slight hump out of the hand.  10/4 tilt when thrown with intent and getting depth.

Joshua Parnell, LHP, Wayne Country Day, 2026
Broad shoulders with strength present at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds. Tall over the rubber with a small pelvic tilt through balance. Short strider. On-line and level. Long arm swing with a slight elbow lead to a high-¾ slot.  Whippy arm.  Solid arm speed. Fastball up to 86.9, 2167rpm.  Average ride and run. 

Williford Bullard, LHP, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Athletic frame at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds. Quick rocker with a hand pump over the head.  Easy turn.  Slightly closed at balance. Works level, landing slightly closed with a closed foot strike. Long arm action, working to be on time to a high-¾ slot. Solid arm speed. Fastball at 79-83. Solid feel for the change-up at 71-76.  Run on both pitches.