Prep Baseball Report

Rawlings Prospects Scout Day - Pitcher Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

On Tuesday August 6th, PBR hosted the Rawlings Prospects for the 3rd straight year, in their PBR Scout Day.  Players in the Rawlings Prospects program were able to go through a full pro-style workout with PBR gathering information and video on each player.  Players ran a laser timed 60, worked out at their defensive position, and took multiple rounds of live BP.  Pitchers were able to throw controlled bullpens.

The individual player analysis continues with a look at nine pitchers from the Rawlings Prospects organization.  Eight of the arms remain uncommitted, with several putting up some big numbers in velocity and spin rates.  Below are the full evaluations with links to each players' PBR video. 

CLICK HERE for the complete look at the day’s statistics.


Rawlings Prospects - Pitcher Analysis



Ty Cummings 2B / RHP / Corinth Holders , NC / 2020


Campbell commit.  Athletic frame at 6 foot 3, 180-pounds with room to add strength.  Stretch only on the mound.  Stable, slow tempo, building to a very quick arm.  Works level and in-line.  Long arm swing, clean and loose, working to a hand position near his ear at foot strike.  High-3/4 release with solid extension.  Fastball peaked at 88, sitting 86-88.  Heavy, late run to the arm side out of the hand.  More hand speed equated to more run.  Flooded the zone with the fastball.  Advanced change-up with fastball hand speed at 78-79.  Good run and feel.  Solid weapon that should allow fastball to play up.  Slider at 78-80.  Short horizontal movement with just slight tilt.  High ceiling.  As strength is added to the frame, the hand speed should allow for jumps in stuff.
Offensively, relaxed, athletic setup from the right side.  Small load with a short stride.  Fluid swing with quick hands using the whole field.  Keeps his barrel in the zone and drives the ball with above average bat speed.  Exit velocity recorded at 89 mph.  Threw off the mound so did not participate in the defensive workout.  Recorded a 6.93 in the 60.



Coley Kilpatrick RHP / 1B / Pro 5, NC / 2020

6 foot 3, 195-pound build with strength.  Noticeable difference in his frame, adding athleticism and strength over the past season.  Strong lower half.  Good rhythm in the delivery working level and on-line.  At foot strike, the foot is slightly closed.  Long, loose arm swing with above average quickness, to a high-3/4 slot.  Some effort and good intent on each pitch.  Fastball ranged 84-88, in the zone.  Good feel for moving the fastball side to side.  Curveball has gradual 11/5 tilt at 67-69.  In the zone, with decent hand speed.  Slider peaked at 72.  Straight change-up at 74-75 with some deception in the hand speed. 
Balanced setup from the right side with some bat waggle.  Small leg kick during this load with a short stride.  Fluid swing with above average bat speed.  Gap to gap approach with a slightly uphill bat path.  Left the yard to his pull side during batting practice.  Some feel for the barrel with his exit velocity recorded at 95 mph.  Arm has carry across the infield topping at 89 mph.  Catches the ball with high hips swinging the glove at times after catch.  Clean, longer transfers with an accurate arm across the diamond.  Recorded a 7.57 in the 60. 



William Leonard RHP / RHP / Roxboro Community, NC / 2020

Wide shoulders and athletic build at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds.  Quick tempo delivery with a short, quick rocker, lifting quickly to the belt.  Level and in-line, lands square.  Medium arm swing works with average to above arm speed to an over-the-top slot.  Some effort through release.  Strike thrower.  Fastball has some run at 84-86.  Velocity dipped to 81-82 in the stretch.  Breaking ball ranged 67-73 with gradual 12/6 tilt.  Stiff wrist.  High velocity on the breaking ball equated to better spin and tilt.  Advanced change-up ranging 75-77.  Good arm speed with arm side run present.



Nicholas Povio RHP / Wakefield , NC / 2021

Average frame, standing 6-foot, 180 pounds.  Slow to quick delivery.  Side step and pause as he works to pivot.  Leg swings out and back in, coiling the front hip, as the leg gets to the low chest.  On-line and level, striding across his line slightly, landing with the front foot square.  Long, loose arm swing with average arm speed.  High-3/4 release and average extension.  Good feel for locating the fastball in and out.  Fastball ranged 75-81.  Run out of the hand.  Breaking ball and change-up are both solid offerings.  Breaking ball has decent depth at 71-74.  Inconsistent tilt at times.  Some with downer depth while others tend to have more horizontal break.  Change-up has deception with its hand speed, ranging 70-74.  Has feel for the zone with both off-speed pitches.



Ryan Rouse RHP / 1B / West Carteret, NC / 2020

Athletic frame, lanky build at 6-foot-7, 196 pounds.  Quick arm with arm strength present.  High ceiling potential.  Fastball peaked at 91, ranging 87-90 with a spin rate above 2500.  Fastball plays hard out of the hand.  Occasional run out of the hand.  Erratic around the zone.  Hard 10/4 tilt to the breaking ball at 76-77.  Late, power type movement coming out of fastball hand speed.  Erratic feel for the pitch around the zone.  Change-up works with near fastball hand speed, ranging 72-73.  Some effort in the delivery with choppy rhythm.  Closes his line at balance, separating with a high front side for deception.  Level, lands on-line and square.  Long arm swing gets to a high-3/4 slot.  Effort in the head through release.  Average extension.  Limited feel but command could jump with more stability over the rubber through release.



Mitchell Seymour RHP / OF / PRO5 Academy, NC / 2020

Athletic and projectable with present quickness at 6 foot 4, 185-pounds.  Elite extension with a fastball that peaked at 89 with a spin rate above 2400.  Some effort in the delivery with choppy rhythm.  Slight crossfire, landing square.  Long arm swing and an extremely quick hand to an over-the-top slot.  Fastball ranged 85-89.  Hard, late, power break on the curveball with 10/4 shape at 74-77.  Good feel for a change-up at 79-80 with arm side run.  Best feel for change-up.  Should be in position to control the fastball and breaking ball with reps and age.  High ceiling as the frame continues to fill out.
Posted the highest exit velocity on the day at 97 mph.  Relaxed setup from the right side with his hands starting above his back shoulder.  Hands work down and back during his load with a short stride.  Loose hands with some lift in his swing.  Uses the whole field during batting practice.  Above average bat speed with flashes of feel for his barrel.  Did not participate in the defensive workout since he threw off the mound.



Trent Simmons RHP / 3B / Bunn, NC / 2020

Broad shoulders and a powerful build at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds.  Works level and in-line with a kick to the low-chest.  Long, loose arm swing.  Forces the slot a little as it gets to an over-the-top release.  Above average quickness in the arm.  Arm strength over arm speed.  Fastball ranged 84-87.  Attacked the zone with the fastball.  Sharp 12/6 tilt on the breaking ball, working gradually out of the hand at 66-70.  Has feel for landing and expanding the spin pitch.  Some deception in the hand speed of the change-up at 72-73.  Arm side run and in the zone with the change. 



Thomas Wallace LHP / 1B / East Carteret , NC / 2021

6 foot 5, 250-pound build.  Some rhythm to the delivery, working level and in-line.  Lands square on the front foot.  Long arm swing, staying tall over the backside, working to a high-3/4 slot.  Rotational front side.  Fastball 68-74.  Attacked the zone with the fastball.  Curveball at 59 with gradual 1/7 tilt.   Slider has sweeping action at 62-64.  Change-up at 69 with arm side run and decent arm speed.  Strike thrower with all three pitches.
Left hand hitter uses an open setup with a narrow base.  Leg kick during his load with his hands working back.  Has lift in his swing and left the yard to his pull side during batting practice. Gets the barrel out and works mostly to his pull side getting extension out front.  More strength than bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 93 mph.  Accurate arm from first base that topped at 74 mph.  Hands play more relaxed when using a one hand catch.  Recorded a 8.44 in the 60.



Christopher Fidanza RHP / 3B / New Fairfield, CT / 2021

Lanky build at 6 foot 4, 190-pounds.  Stretch only.  Choppy rhythm through the delivery.  Worked level and on-line, landing square at foot strike.  Arm strength is present.  Some effort through the release.  Long arm swing with a slight stab out of the glove.  Over-the-top release.  Fastball at 78-82 from the with a kick to the mid-chest.  On slide steps, the fastball dipped to 74-75.  Breaking ball has depth and late bite at 56-59.  Hump out of the hand with big 12/6 bend.  Solid change-up with decent hand speed and some arm side run at 69. 
Hits from the right side with a balanced, slightly open setup.  Weight and hands rock back during the load using a toe tap with an average stride.  Glides into the ball with some body movement through the swing.  Uses the whole field and looks to stay through the ball out front.  Inconsistent launch position affects his barrel awareness.  Exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Feet stop at catch on the infield, funneling to the belt after catch.  Clean, longer exchange with a long arm action, throwing form a high ¾ slot.  Some carry and accuracy to his arm that topped at 82 mph to first base.  Recorded a 7.63 in the 60.