Prep Baseball Report

Inside the Rankings: 2024 Class Uncommitted LHP's

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

Inside the Rankings is a unique look through the eyes of Prep Baseball scouts, allowing players, fans, and coaches to get to know some of the top players in the state of North Carolina.  Rankings in the state are updated almost quarterly, as players are transitioning from one season to another.  Prep Baseball scouts will use the information they gain from Prep Baseball events, Prep Baseball Tournaments, game coverage, workouts, and practices to put grades on as many players in the state as possible.  With over 400 players in each graduating class committing to play college baseball from North Carolina, this is a state with a ton of talent.

Today we take a look at the top two ranked uncommitted LHP's in the 2024 class. Ethan Plesser and Mason Jones.


Ethan Plesser LHP / 1B / Cape Fear, NC / 2024


+FB Max Velo - 84.1 mph

+FB Max Spin Rate - 2587rpm

+2810 Avg Curve Spin Rate


 Lanky lefty with a small hitch and jump in the delivery. Can make for very uncomfortable at bat for players on either side of the plate. Fastball ranges 80-84 and can play up due to the deception. Keeps RHH off balance with a solid change up that he turns over creating good fading action. The calling card is a elite spinning curve ball that ranges 73-75 and spins up to 2839. If command improves the stuff will have a chance to make a impact at the next level.


Mason Jones LHP / Charlotte Mecklenburg , NC / 2024


+FB Max Velo - 87 mph

+FB Spin Rate - 2216 rpm

+2313 Avg Slider Spin Rate


  6'4 lefty with a ton of projection. Uses a high 3/4 slot with some deception due to a swinging front half and long arm action in the back. Fastball ranges 85-87 with command to the both sides of plate. Can get a bit rotational and creates his misses to be more arm side. A sharp late breaking slider is the best secondary pitch ranging 73-77 with 11/3 tilt. Could take another jump as he continues to mature and gain more body control.