Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Central: Quick Hitters (Upperclass Pitchers)

Brandon Hall
NC / Mid-ATL Director of Scouting

The Preseason All-State events in North Carolina have quickly become the top winter events for the top players in the state to attend.  This year there are 3 Preseason All-State events with the East and West happening on February 3rd and 4th.  The Preseason All-State Central is scheduled for February 10th. These three events will see over 250 of North Carolina's top players, as they are ready to post numbers and go through a workout in preparation for the spring season.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

The Preseason All-State has made Diamond Xtreme in Kernersville, NC its home for the Central event for 5 years.  Diamond Xtreme is a tremendous facility that offers a spacious workout facility, featuring a 3/4 size infield setting that allows for full catcher pop times and for infielders to field true ground balls.  During BP, Prep Baseball splits the big cage in half, allowing hitters to see the ball fly, while working through the BP session in a very efficient fashion. 

The Preseason All-State Central featured over 70 of North Carolina's top talent.  Players came from the beach, the Triangle, the Triad, and the Charlotte area.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the Preseason All-State Central.

By The Numbers
+ 2 Players posted exit velocities in BP of 100mph or greater
+ 30 hitters recorded an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 34 hitters had a BLAST bat speed of 70mph of higher
+ 21 players ran a 4.00 or faster 30yd
+ 7 players hit 18mph while being tested
+ 22 players had a vertical jump test at 28in or higher
+ 9 pitchers had a fastball at 88mph or higher
+ 17 arms touched 84 or better with their fastball
+ 6 pitchers had their fastball spin recorded higher than 2400rpm
+ 8 pitchers had their breaking ball spin at 2400rpm or higher
+ 9 catchers recorded a pop time of 2.05 or better
+ 6 outfielders had arm strength at 85mph or better
+ 9 infielders tested with arm strength across the infield at 84mph or higher


2024 Grads

Will Everett, RHP, St. Stephens HS, 2024
Spins the ball well.  Fastball up to 88, 2446rpm.  Breaking ball peaked at 74.4, 2408.  Erratic at times but potentially caused by the way the ball can take off on him. Intriguing follow. When he captures the feel, there are a lot of ways to attack.

Corbin Bailey, RHP, West Rowan HS, 2024
Physical 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Arm strength present. Solid rhythm.  Good mover down the hill. Breaking ball has deception with downer action through a 10/4 tilt.

2025 Grads

Jack Brodeur, RHP, Pro5 Academy, 2025
Physical presence. Has done a great job cleaning his lines and delivery, allowing his arm to get to both sides the fastball. Maintained good feel for advanced change-up.  Fastball and breaking ball have chances to be weapons now.

Anthony Smith Jr., RHP, Hickory Ridge HS, 2025
Solid arm speed. Raw delivery that can be polished. Big breaking ball rolls out of the hand working for top to bottom tilt. Ranged 67-70, 2448rpm.

Zach Cartrette, RHP, Chatham Charter, 2025
Thin righty with simple delivery that he repeats and it is on time.  Floods the zone with strikes, showing feel for both sides of the plate and his secondary stuff.  Over 15in of sweep on the breaking ball.

Jett Parsley, RHP, Middle Creek HS, 2025
Lean frame. Solid rhythm over the rubber. Fastball up to 86.8 with solid ride, spinning up to 2461rpm.

Colby Cooper, RHP, Rockingham County HS, 2025
Worked down in the zone with his fastball and change-up. Solid arm speed on the change while killing off speed and creating over 14in of arm side run.

Austin Federspiel, RHP, East Forsyth HS, 2025
Large frame at 6-foot-4, 250 pounds. Controls the body over the rubber and a solid mover down the hill, especially for his age and size. Long arm swing. Heavy sink and run metrics on a fastball that peaked at 84.1, 2057rpm.

Carter Matthews, LHP, Rockingham County HS, 2025
Smaller frame. Compact delivery. Solid rhythm. Good feel for the arm side. Solid ride through the zone on the fastball.

Noah Genna, RHP, Apex Friendship HS, 2025
Early pronator through a long arm swing and over-the-top release.  Creates sink and run metrics. Fastball peaked at 83.3, 1934rpm.

Eben Greene, RHP, East Forsyth HS, 2025
Excellent ride through the zone on the fastball.  Fastball ranged 80-84, 2100rpm with over 17in of induced vertical break.

Seth Tickel, RHP, Rocky Mount Academy, 2025
Strong arm. Long arm action, reaching out of the glove, getting to an over-the-top slot. Tight, short breaking ball with a late, abrupt action at 72-74, 2396rpm.

Will Hartzell, LHP, Ashley HS, 2025
Pounded the down zone with his long limbs creating leverage through the High-3/4 slot. Big 2/8 action on the breaking ball, working as it leaves the hand.

James Oates, LHP, Cary HS, 2025
Long arm swing. Over-the-top slot. Fastball peaked at 81.7, 2025rpm with solid ride and run.

Cannon Lee, RHP, Pro5 Academy, 2025
Athletic. Advanced mover. Explosive down the hill. Easy ride through the zone at 83-88, 2284rpm. Breaking ball was a bit erratic but was late and sharp with its 10/4 action.

Dylan Gastley, RHP, West Stokes HS, 2025
Physical presence. Long, loose arm swing to a high-3/4 slot. Athletic over the rubber.  Slider worked across the zone at 72-75, 2243rpm.