Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State East: Quick Hitters Position Players

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

The Preseason All-State events in North Carolina have quickly become the top winter events for the top players in the state to attend.  This year there are 3 Preseason All-State events with the East and West happening on February 3rd and 4th.  The Preseason All-State Central is scheduled for February 10th. These three events will see over 250 of North Carolina's top players, as they are ready to post numbers and go through a workout in preparation for the spring season.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

The Preseason All-State has made Next Level Training Center in Greenville, NC its home for 4 years.  Next Level is a tremendous facility that offers a spacious workout facility.  Players had plenty or room to run a laser timed 30, while catchers, infielders, and outfielders were able to stretch their arms in their evaluation phase.  Pitchers threw off of indoor mounds.  During BP, players were able to see the ball fly over 100 feet off the bat with the setup at Next Level.

The Preseason All-State featured 73 of North Carolina's top talent, with a heavy leaning to those players that attend school in the Triangle area and east.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the Preseason All-State East.

By The Numbers
+ 2 players recorded an exit velocity over 100mph
+ 28 hitters recorded an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 40 hitters had a BLAST bat speed of 65mph of higher
+ 17 players ran a 4.00 or faster 30yd
+ 29 players hit 18mph while being tested
+ 25 players had a vertical jump test at 28in or higher
+ 11 pitchers had a fastball at 84mph or higher
+ 2 pitchers had their fastball spin recorded higher than 2400rpm
+ 3 pitchers had their breaking ball spin at 2400rpm or higher
+ 9 catchers recorded a pop time of 2.10 or better
+ 7 outfielders had arm strength at 88mph or better
+ 6 infielders tested with arm strength across the infield at 84mph or higher

Preseason All-State East -- Quick Hitter Position Players 

Liam Hawkes, OF, Northern Durham HS, 2026

Exit velo peaked at 89.8 with a max distance of 306. The arm topped out at 84 mph from the OF.

Noah Price, C, Cleveland HS, 2027

Exit velo topped at 88.1 with a max distance of 327.  Behind the plate produced pop times ranging from 2.00-2.11

Brandon Bush, OF, Hoggard HS, 2027

Has above average hand speed of 24.9, max exit velo of 90.8 and a max distance of 334. The arm peaked at 90 mph from the OF.

Chase Mitchell, 2B/C, Apex Friendship HS, 2025

Generates natural loft due to swing path. Exit velo peaked at 79.5. Behind the plate pop times ranged 2.29-2.33.

Brandon Worsley, OF, South Central HS, 2025

Exit velo peaked at 92.2. The arm touched 90 from the OF with good carry.

Austin Fletcher, OF, Willow Spring, 2025

Switch hitting outfielder Posted a time of 1.69 in the 10 yard split and time of 3.89 in the 30. The arm peaked at 86 from the OF.

Vincent Pannutti, C, East Surry HS, 2026

Physical presence in box, Exit velo peaked at 89.9 with a max distance of 298. Behind the plate pop times worked between 2.11-2.16.

Tate Nelson, INF, New Hanover, 2026

Has barrel feel and athleticism in the swing while the exit velo peaked 87.1. Had the highest inf velo of the event at 88 mph.

Harrison Corey, INF/OF, DH Conley, 2027

Slight frame working with a short compact swing with very good hand speed of 23.9. Arm topped out at 87 from the outfield.

Tyler Jones, 1B, DH Conley, 2026

Exit velo topped out at 81.9 with a max distance of 300. Arm peaked at 73 from 1B.

Tucker Anderson, 3B, DH Conley, 2026

Drove baseballs with authority to the pull side with a top exit velo of 92.3 and a max distance of 335. Arm topped at 86 across diamond.

James Robinson, INF, DH Conley HS, 2025

 Exit velo maxed out at 83.9 with max distance of 286. Topped at 72 across the diamond.

Joshua Anderson ll, 1B, Willow Spring, 2025

Strong muscular approach the the ball exit velo maxed at 96.3. Bat speed topped out at 76.3 mph.

Ayden Broughton, 3B, Pamlico County, 2026

Max exit velo was 85.2 and the arm topped at 75 across the INF.

Taco Ferguson, 1B/OF, Corinth Holders, 2025

The exit velo maxed out at 90.4 with a max bat speed of 75 mph. From the OF was up to 80 mph.

Tommy Williams lll, OF, Home School, 2024

North Greenville Commit. Bat speed up to 80 and a max exit velo of 97.6. Topped at 84 from the OF and posted a 30 yard of 3.89.

Robet Sasser, OF, Pro 5 Academy, 2025

Impressive athlete posting a vertical of 34.5" with a 30 yard of 3.88. In the box has chance to be dynamic with bat speed of 80.4 posting exit a max exit velo of 97.4 with a max distance of 372.

Brayden Taylor, OF, Bear Grass Charter, 2024

Mt.Olive Commit  Exit velo peaked 89.9 with a average exit velo off 86.6. From the Outfield he registered a high of 86.

Riley Cuddy, OF, Middle Creek, 2026

Posted event best bat speed of event 89.4, Max exit velo of 105.7 and max distance of 392. From the OF posted a high of 88.

Ian Roseboro, INF/OF, Hickory Ridge HS, 2027

Exit velo maxed out at 86.6 with a max distance of 306. Topped at 70 from both the infield and outfield.

Jonah Campbell, OF, North Brunswick HS, 2026

Exit velo topped out at 86.3 and from the outfield was 80.

Jay Hale, INF, Apex HS, 2025

Topped out at 76 across the infield. Reached 86.1 on max exit velo with a max distance of 286.

Tino Ramirez, INF, Apex Friendship HS, 2025

Exit velo maxed at 91.7 with a max distance of 326. Arm topped at 79 across the diamond.

Vincent Lee, OF, Pro 5 Academy, 2025

Wiry good athlete showcasing a vertical of 33.9” and a 3.9 30 yard sprint. From the OF topped at 85.

Brandley Elias, OF, Camden Early College, 2025

The top exit velo was 88.6. Worked up to 79 during INF.

Parker Watson, SS, JH Rose, 2025

Max exit velo was 96.2 with a max distance of 361.  Ran a 1.71 10 yard split and a 3.95 30 yard.

Davis Bradley, MIF, DH Conley HS, 2025

 Exit velo maxed at 86.1 with a top distance of 281. Across the diamond reached 82.

Ethan Simmons, 3B, JH Rose HS, 2025

Exit velo up to 90.3, arm up to 82 across diamond.

Reece File, MIF, Corinth Holders HS, 2024

Smooth Fielding MIF with arm up to 85 across diamond.

Jack Mckellar, C, Rocky Mount HS, 2026

LHH catcher with a c velo of 80 and a pop time of 2.00-2.14

Eli Cash, C, Corinth Holdiers HS, 2027

LHH catcher with pop times in the 2.04-2.16 range

Matthew Vannoy, C MIF, Broughton HS, 2025

Switch hitting catcher with pop times in the 2.00-2.13 range. Max exit velo 91.8 max vertical 33.9.

John Lupienski, 3B/C, Middle Creek HS, 2025

Bat speed up to 74.7, exit velo up to 91.1. INF velo maxed at 84.

Hodge Williams, C, Holly Springs HS, 2026

Max exit velo of 91.9 with a max distnace of 336. Pop times ranged 2.04-2.20.

Wyatt Lyle, C, Middle Creek HS, 2027

Top pop time of event 1.93-2.00. Catching velo topped out at 80.

Tyce Thompson, C, South Central HS, 2027

Posted top C velo of event at 81. Posted top avg max exit velo at 91.4 and a max evit velo of 98.4

Leo Lupienski, P/INF, Middle Creek HS, 2027

Outfield Velo maxed at 89, INF velo maxed at 86. Max exit velo was up to 94.2.

Joyner Haddock, OF, Pope John Paul ll, 2027

Smooth swinging LHH with exit velo up to 82.3. Outfield velo peaked at 78.

Parker Simo, OF/LHP, JH Rose HS, 2027

Arm peaked at 82 from the OF.  LHH with a Exit velo maxing at 83.1.

Tanner Pope, OF/LHP, Garner HS, 2026

LHH who tied for event lead in average distance of 288ft. Top exit velo of 96.1 with a max distance of 350.

Caleb Renn, OF/LHP, Holly Springs, 2027

LHH that had a Sweet spot percent of 89%. Arm peaked at 80 from OF.

Anthony Zezza, OF/LHP, Holly Springs 2026

Arm reached 81 from the OF. LHH with a Max exit velo of 87.3.

John Nelson McLamb, 1B/LHP, Midway, 2024

Mt. Olive Commit. LHH with a bat speed of 77.9, with a average exit velo of 91.2 with a top of 96.2.

Cole Robets, OF/LHP, Camden County HS, 2025

LHH with a  hand speed of 21.2. From the OF worked up to 81.

Ian Williams OF, Wake Forest HS, 2025

LHH that is a athletic mover, lead event with a 3.82 30 yard. Bat exit velo maxed at 86.9.

Todd Dowler, 1B, Holly Springs HS, 2025

LHH with a of Hand Speed 21.6 with a bat speed of 71.6. Max distance of 306

Jayce Smith, OF, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2025

LHH whos exit velo topped at 93.7 with a max distance of 352. Arm peaked at 85 from OF.

Collin Elias, OF, Roanoke Rapids HS, 2025

LHH who had a average exit velo of 84 with a top exit velo of 91.1.

Hayden Heath, OF, Millbrook HS, 2025

LHH athletic fast mover, posted a 3.86 30 yard. The arm topped at 89 from the OF.

Peyton Clay, OF, Northern Nash HS, 2025

LHH with electric bat speed up to 83.4. Exit velo peaked out at 94.1 with a max distance of 350.

Isaac Devine, OF, Overhills HS, 2025

LHH with above average bat and hand speed at 24.4 and 78.1. Exit Velo maxed at 84.8.

Tariq Stone, OF, East Wake HS, 2026

LHH that was second in avg exit velo of 91.3 and a max exit velo of 97.3 Hand speed reached 25.

Dylan Palmer, OF, East Wake Academy, 2026

LHH with power was second in the event in exit velocity at 101.9 and total distance at 372 feet. Bat speed peaked at 82.2.

Will Tobin, OF, Middle Creek, 2025

LHH with a max exit of 91.2 with a peak distance of 324. Hand speed maxed out at 22.3

Fisher Goodwin, CI, North Brunswick HS, 2026

Reached 79 across the diamond. Had a average exit velo of 86.5 and a max exit of 93.1.

Caleb Neal, 2B, Wake Forest HS, 2027

Arm worked at 74 across the diamond. Exit velo topped out at 85.2.

Ayden Brantley, MIF, Roanoke Rapids HS, 2025

Exit velo reached 90 with a max distance of 311. Worked up to 75 across the diamond.

Holden Williams, MIF, North Duplin HS, 2026

Good athlete Vertical jump measured 32.1". Ran a 1.8 10 yard split.

Brody Morris, MIF, Wake Christian HS, 2027

Sweet spot percent of 78%. Max exit velo peaked at 80.2.

Caden Barth, CI, Currituck HS, 2025

Exit velo peaked at 95.6 maxed out on distance at 300.

Nickolas Yelverton, C/2B, DH Conley 2026

LHH with a exit velo of 85.8. Pop times ranged 2.10-2.25