Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Charlotte Preseason ID Hitters

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

Prep Baseball of North Carolina opened the 2024 event season with two Preseason IDs. On Sunday January 28th, On Deck Baseball Academy hosted Prep Baseball for the indoor event. A high level facility, players were able to go through athletic testing, positional evaluations, as well as pitching and BP evaluations.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

On Deck Baseball Academy offered plenty of room for players to stretch their arms while getting a good workout indoors.  Players had room to run a laser timed 30, while catchers, infielders, and outfielders were able to stretch their arms in their evaluation phase.  Pitchers threw off of indoor mounds on a day that saw rain pummel the Carolinas.

In all, twenty players took part in the event.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the CharlottePreseason ID.

By The Numbers
+ 4 catchers saw pop times below 2.10
+ 3 infielder or outfielder arms were at 84 or higher from their position
+ 5 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 339' was the furthest ball hit, as measured by TrackMan in the cage workout
+ 6 hitters had their average bat speed measured at 65mph or higher
+ 9 players ran 4.10 or better in the laser timed 30yd sprint
+ 3 players recorded a vertical jump above 30"
+ 4 Pitchers popped 83.0mph or better
+ 3 Pitchers spun their breaking ball at 2350rpm or higher


Charlotte Preseason ID - Postion Players Quick Hitters

Marshall Blakeney, OF, Charlotte Christian HS, 2025

5’10 165 pound frame. Using a slight arm bar load and slight drift forward, Blakeney works mainly in the middle of the field. The arm topped at 74 MPH and the his top exit velo was 81.5.

Caden Browning, C, Gaston Chirsitan, 2027

6’1 165 pound frame. Uses a small leg load, to help him create a direct path to the ball. Worked mainly gap to gap in BP. Catching Velo of 70 MPH, pop times ranged 2.1-2.18, Top Exit velo was 83.7.

Edward Russell Carter lV, 3B, US Performance Academy, 2026

5’11 165 pound frame. Uses a leg lift load, drives baseball with good barrel feel through the middle of field. Max Exit Velo 84.6, peaked at 70 across infield.

Jace Duckworth, OF, Robert L. Patton HS, 2024

6’0 160 pound frame. Works with a tap load using a abbreviated finish. Uses middle of the field with some loft present. Top Exit Velo 90 MPH, From the OF arm maxed at 74 MPH.

Joseph Fiore, OF, Weddington HS, 2026

5’6 135 pound frame. Has a very short and compact swing with the barrel awareness. Uses a gap to gap approach with line drive emphasis. Outfield arm Peaked at 80 mph, Top exit velo 88.4

Dylan Foltz, SS, Community School of Davidson, 2026

6’2 165 pound frame.  Long lead frame, uses a slight arm bar load.  Athleticism and rhythm are both present with the swing. Across the diamond peaked at 85 MPH, Max exit velo 84.7 MPH.

Morgan Jones, OF, Weddington HS, 2026

6’0 175 pound frame. Explosive hands, generating good power with a exit velo that maxed at 95.2 MPH. Barrell worked through the zone well. From the outfield arm topped at 85 MPH

Henry Ladner, MIF, Weddington HS, 2026

5'7 140 pound frame. Uses a small hand load to generate a quick direct path to the ball.  Works to keep hands inside the ball through extention. Exit velo topped out at 85.8 MPH, across the diamond arm reached 77 MPH.

Will Lavender, INF/OF, Metrolina Christian Academy, 2026

6’1 165 pound frame.  Upright stance hands working inside the baseball. Worked Middle to backside in his round. Exit velo topped at 89.7 MPH, OF Velo was 81 INF velo was 76.

Brady Marshall, 3B, Reagan HS, 2026

5’10 185 pound frame. Tennessee Commit, vertical approach to the ball generating plenty of loft and power. Lead the event in Exit Velo 96.7, Distance 340 feet and infield arm at 86 mph.

Liam Parsons, C, East Mecklenburg HS, 2026

6’1 160 pound frame. Creates good hand speed at 23.1 MPH, works straight to the ball with a slight downward angle. Had the top Catcher Velo of 80 MPH and POP time of 1.98.

Caleb Smith, OF, East Gaston, 2027

5’8 130 pound frame. Uses a open stance to help generate a balanced approach. Middle of the field approach with hands working inside the ball. Top exit velo 86.9 MPH, Arm reached 71 MPH.

Wyatt Spencer, CI, Bandys, 2026

5’10 190 pound frame. A physical frame, in the box uses steep plane to the ball using the middle of the field with gap power.  Top Exit velo 94.4, arm worked up to 74 MPH

Jacson Taplin, OF/1B, Home School, 2027

6’1 175 pound frame. LH hitter with vertical approach with small leg lift load. Swing generates natural loft to middle of field. Top exit velo 92.1 MPH, 78 from OF, 75 from INF.

Dylan Veverka, SS, Ardrey Kell, 2025

5’9 155 pound frame. Fluid athlete, the swing starts with high hands uses a slight hand load to create a flat path to the ball. Top exit velo was 88 MPH, 10 yard 1.6, in velo 82 MPH.

Nolan Winnek, C, Camden Military School, 2025

5’9 175 pound frame. Behind the plate posted catching velo of 74 mph and pop times ranging 2.06-2.21. Looks to lift the ball in the box, rotational swing with present strength. Top exit velo 86.2.

Xavier Worden, C, Combine Academy, 2025

6’3 190 pound frame. Upright stance with early rotation. Works  with a flat barrel path to the middle of the field. From behind the plate registered a C velo of 74 MPH and pop times between 2.00-2.1.