Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Top Prospect Games - Underclass 2026 Prospects

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

On Sunday October 28th, PBR was at NC State's Dail Park to host the Top Prospect Games: Underclass.  The event featured perhaps the most talented underclass field of talent that PBR has put together for one event.  With over 50 of the top players in the state on one field, we thought we would have a great day... and we did.

The day opened with the position players going through some athletic testing with Swift Athletics.  Players had the chance to run on a laser timed 60 yard on turf.  With Swift, PBR Scouts were able to collect the 60yd time, plus a 10yd split and a 30yd split.  With younger athletes, the 10yd and 30yd give a great glimpse and a players explosiveness out of the gate and a top end run speed, even if they cannot maintain that top end speed through the 60 yd course.  Players also went through some jumping test with Swift.  Players were tested in the vertcial jump as well as a 4-jump RSI.

Following the athletic testing, each hitter took multiple rounds of BP.  During BP, TrackMan was used to get ball flight information off the bat.  BLAST sensors were used to get readings on each hitter with their swing prior to contact.  Following BP, players went through a defensive workout at their primary defensive positions with PBR scouts taking metrics on arm strength.

After the player workouts, the event concluded with two controlled scrimmages.  Pitchers threw to live hitters in game situations that were controlled by PBR Scouts.  While the workout gives PBR Scouts and coaches a lot of information to digest, the game setting allows players to continue to show their skill set and to apply their tools in a competitive fashion.

Top Prospect Games: Underclass - Notes
+ 4 Players ran sub 6.90 in the sixty
+ 18 players ran sub 7.20 in the sixty
+ 20 players saw their peak run speed above 19mph
+ 19 players ran sub 4.00 in the thirty yard split
+ 12 players saw a max vertical jump of 30in or more
+ 10 players posted a BLAST Bat Speed Max of 75mph or higher
+ 12 players posted an average exit velocity above 85mph through their two rounds.
+ 99.9mph was the top exit velocity recorded on Sunday
+ 22 players posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 5 catchers posted a velocity out of the crouch of 79mph or better

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stat breakdown from the Top Prospect Games: Underclass

Quick Hitters - 2026 Grads

Eric Branch, C, Surrey Central HS, 2026
Average build. 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Solid feel for the game.  Plays with pace and energy. Balanced on the right side with solid bat speed, showing excellent feel for the barrel. Maxed his exit velocity at 84.6mph during BP. Arm has carry with a simple exchange across the chest.  Pop times ranged 2.00-2.13

Michael Woodard, 1B, New Bern HS, 2026
Lanky 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Has quickness in the long frame, running a 7.03 sixty with a 3.88 30 yard split. Long limbs create some issues with repeating the swing. When on time and on barrel, produces an exit velocity of 89.8mph.

Johnie Alexander, 3B, Porter Ridge HS, 2026
Strength present with broad shoulders, standing 6-foot, 190 pounds.  Impressive BP with loud, consistent contact.  Worked for extension showcasing pull side power. Exit velocity at 89.8mph. 

Crawford Elrod, SS, Westchester Country Day, 2026
6-foot, 155 pounds. Solid defender that plays with rhythm and poise. Athletically, on pace to compete to stay in the middle of the field. Ran a 7.25 sixty with a 4.03 30 yard split. Arm showed accuracy from different releases at 83 mph across the diamond. Right handed hitter works through a rotational base with solid bat speed and solid feel for his barrel.

Asa Coplin, 1B, Reagan HS, 2026
6-foot, 175 pounds. Strength present. Left handed hitter. Max exit velocity posted at 87.3mph. Top hand dominate in BP as he worked for extension. Good batspeed when he stayed in the zone and through the ball.  In game, hammered a line drive at the shortstop for a single.

Ben Dudash, C, Wakefield HS, 2026
Strength present at 6-foot, 175 pounds. Strong arm with solid carry from the crouch behind the dish.  Athletic exchanges created pop times ranging 1.98-2.18. Right handed hitter starts with a vertical bat, working flat, creating line drives throughout his BP.

Caden Nolan, 3B, Richmond Sr HS, 2026
6-foot-1, 185 pounds.  Strong. Right handed hitter creates solid leverage with average to above bat speed. Exit velocity peaked at 90.9mph. Gap to gap approach. Defensively moved better than his sixty time states.  Good rhythm in a short box. Accurate arm.

Dylan Palmer, OF, East Wake Academy, 2026
Left handed with strength throughout his 6-foot, 200 pounds. Strength through contact.  Solid bat speed. Average barrel feel. Some length in the swing. Exit velocity peaked at 94.6mph. Geared to get extension with a pull emphasis.

Tanner Pope, LHP/OF, Garner HS, 2026
Physcial presence on the bump at 6-foot-2, 210 pounds. Long arm swing, slightly wrapped behind the body line, working to a high-¾ slot. Fastball peaked at 83.5 with solid ride through the zone. Breaking ball has late bite, spinning at 2510rpm, ranging 73-75.  In the box, left handed hitter. Tips the barrel into his load, creating some length at times.  Advanced bat speed with above average feel for his barrel.

Jaxon Matthews, OF/1B, Hough HS, 2026
Elite bat speed with a chance to hit a very high level.  Clemson commit. Stands 6-foot-3, 180 pounds. Good athlete.  Baseball player… played with energy and passion throughout the day. Left handed hitter uses a big leg kick with the bat tipped back toward the pitcher through his load.  Natural loft.  Solid barrel feel.  Exit velocity of 97.1 with his max ball flight at 361’.

Landen Smith, C, Harnett Central HS, 2026
Athletic build at 5-foot-10, 185 pounds. Still growing into his frame. Strong arm behind the dish with solid carry. Good accuracy.  Pop times ranged 2.06 - 2.19. Right handed hitter works with good rhythm and a direct path, staying gap to gap.

Ben Bordeaux, RHP, Charlotte Catholic, 2026
Thin and youthful look at 6-foot, 150 pounds. Quick arm with excellent spin and carry on his fastball.  Fastball ranged 80-84, 2324rpm with 17.3in of induced vertical break.   Quick arm. Breaking ball was a bit inconsistent but flashed with out-pitch potential at 73-78, 2469rpm.

Gunnar Alm, OF, Polk County HS, 2026
Good athlete with quickness and hand strength present. Stands 6-foot, 160 pounds. NC State commit. Ran a 6.89 with a 3.81 30 yard split. Left handed hitter has some big pre-pitch movement but settles through his load and separation as he launches, creating big bat speed.  Some loft through contact.  91mph max exit velocity.  

Carson Tew, 2B, Midway, 2026
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Good defender with active feet and trust in his hands. Arm lacks carry now but the action is clean and the arm strength can grow. Ran a 6.93 sixty and played with quickness on the dirt. Right handed hitter maxed his exit velocity at 89.8mph with solid barrel feel.

Evan Hodges, C, Richmond Sr HS, 2026
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Right handed hitter.  Flat path. Solid barrel feel.  Average bat speed. Good bend through the hips.  Willing receiver and blocker. Average arm with good accuracy. 

Jake Hunter, RHP, Uwharrie Charter Academy, 2026
Tall, lean, and projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 155 pounds. Clean delivery and arm.  Solid rhythm.  High-¾ slot with average to above arm speed. Fastball at 81-84, 2219rpm. Run out of the hand, heavy at times. Slider has depth with short tilt at 75-78, 2479rpm.  Strike thrower.  Lots of room to his ceiling.

Cole Rogers, C, Wake Forest HS, 2026
Thin, athletic build at 6-foot, 165 pounds. Willing receiver and blocker.  Good bend in the hips. Arm shows solid carry with accuracy at 76mph out of the crouch.  Athletic exchange across the chest. Shows quickness running a 7.15 sixty with a 3.94 30yd split. Max exit velocity during BP at 89.5.