Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Top Prospect Games Underclass - 2025 Grads

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

On Sunday October 28th, PBR was at NC State's Dail Park to host the Top Prospect Games: Underclass.  The event featured perhaps the most talented underclass field of talent that PBR has put together for one event.  With over 50 of the top players in the state on one field, we thought we would have a great day... and we did.

The day opened with the position players going through some athletic testing with Swift Athletics.  Players had the chance to run on a laser timed 60 yard on turf.  With Swift, PBR Scouts were able to collect the 60yd time, plus a 10yd split and a 30yd split.  With younger athletes, the 10yd and 30yd give a great glimpse and a players explosiveness out of the gate and a top end run speed, even if they cannot maintain that top end speed through the 60 yd course.  Players also went through some jumping test with Swift.  Players were tested in the vertcial jump as well as a 4-jump RSI.

Following the athletic testing, each hitter took multiple rounds of BP.  During BP, TrackMan was used to get ball flight information off the bat.  BLAST sensors were used to get readings on each hitter with their swing prior to contact.  Following BP, players went through a defensive workout at their primary defensive positions with PBR scouts taking metrics on arm strength.

After the player workouts, the event concluded with two controlled scrimmages.  Pitchers threw to live hitters in game situations that were controlled by PBR Scouts.  While the workout gives PBR Scouts and coaches a lot of information to digest, the game setting allows players to continue to show their skill set and to apply their tools in a competitive fashion.

Top Prospect Games: Underclass - Notes
+ 4 Players ran sub 6.90 in the sixty
+ 18 players ran sub 7.20 in the sixty
+ 20 players saw their peak run speed above 19mph
+ 19 players ran sub 4.00 in the thirty yard split
+ 12 players saw a max vertical jump of 30in or more
+ 10 players posted a BLAST Bat Speed Max of 75mph or higher
+ 12 players posted an average exit velocity above 85mph through their two rounds.
+ 99.9mph was the top exit velocity recorded on Sunday
+ 22 players posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 5 catchers posted a velocity out of the crouch of 79mph or better

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and stat breakdown from the Top Prospect Games: Underclass

Quick Hitters - 2025 Grads

Garrett Long, LHP, Porter Ridge HS, 2025
Youthful 6-foot-1, 155 pounds.  Simple delivery. Long arm swing, plunging slightly out of the glove. High-¾ slot with good arm speed.  Easy direction. Fastball has jump to it, sitting 85-88, touching 89 with 1921rpm. 

Peter Boatwright, RHP, Christ School, 2025
6-foot, 165 pounds with plenty of projection left in the frame. Simple and stable through balance with a long arm action to an over-the-top slot. Fastball up to 85, averaging above 17in of induced vertical break with a peak at 23.5in. Breaking ball has tight action, spinning up to 2404rpm.

Miller Cox, OF, P27 Academy (SC), 2025
5-foot-11, 170 pounds. Showed some quickness with a 4.06 thirty yard split. Right handed hitter. Flat through the zone.  Excellent barrel feel with good rhythm in the swing. Exit velocity peaked at 93.5mph.

Cooper Phillips, 3B, Cleveland HS, 2025
6-foot, 175 pounds. Athletic on the field and in the box.  Excellent feel for the barrel. Peak exit velocity at 88.8mph. Ran a 7.19 sixty with a 3.98 thirty yard split. Quickness showed on the infield.

Davis Bradley, SS, DH Conley HS, 2025
6-foot, 177 pounds. Quickness present, running 7.19 with a 3.92 thirty yard split. Solid feet and hands on the infield, moving with athleticism side to side. Some effort in the swing peaking at 91.3mph exit velocity.

Cannon Lee, SS/RHP, Pro5 Academy, 2025
Excellent athlete that shows tools on the infield, in the box, and on the bump. Profiles a bit more as a position player at this point. Athletic 6-foot, 185 pounds. Athletic presence in the box.  Strong through contact. Exit velocity hovered at 90mph throughout his BP rounds. In game, homered to left field.  Chance to stay on the left side of the field with a very strong arm, peaking at 89 across the diamond.

Ryker Butcher, C, DH Conley HS, 2025
May have one of the strongest arms in the region from behind the dish. Elite carry with solid feel for accuracy out of the glove.  Stands 5-foot-9, 170 pounds. Good bend in the hips. Exchange is quick, across the chest, almost to a hindrance where he can be more sure and let the arm carry his pop time. Catcher velocity peaked at 85mph on throws to 2B.  Pop time ranged 1.94 - 2.20.

Jonathan Reece, C, Christ School, 2025
Strength present at 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Good athlete.  Flooded the state sheet with a catcher velo of 79mph leading to a top pop time of 2.11.  7.06 sixty with a 3.93 thirty yard split. Max exit velocity of 97.2mph with an average of 90.7mph.  Tools and feel during the workout carried over into the live game action.

Hayden Heath, OF, Millbrook HS, 2025
5-foot-8, 140 pounds. Run tool is advanced. Ran 6.73 sixty with a 3.77 thirty yard split. Left handed hitter has looseness in his approach and path. Solid barrel feel with a peak exit velocity of 86.7mph. 

Prince Zion Odom, OF, High Point Christian, 2025
Physical presence with strong build.  Broad shoulder. Stands 5-foot-10, 188 pounds. Right handed hitter works to air out every swing.  Some effort.  Average barrel feel.  Uphill leverage through contact. Advanced bat speed. Exit velocity peaked at 96mph and 363’.  Also ran a 7.01 sixty.

Owen Simmons, RHP, JH Rose HS, 2025
Strength present at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Solid rhythm, loading the back side with stability over the rubber. Long, loose arm action works to a high-¾ slot.  Good arm speed.  At times forces arm strength, but the arm speed is good enough, and allows the ball to jump.  Fastball at 85-88 with ride over run. Breaking ball is inconsistent, but flashes as a potential out pitch at 76-79, 2284rpm.

Ethan Simmons, 3B, JH Rose HS, 2025
5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Filled the stat sheet, doing a lot well.  Flat approach in the box, working gap to gap with good feel for the barrel. Peak exit velocity of 93.7mph. Arm showed carry and accuracy from multiple slot from 3B.

Luka Rose, LHP, Christ School, 2025
Physical 6-foot-3, 190 pounds. Stable and level through balance.  Long arm action, reaching out of the glove. Slight body wrap, working to a high-¾ slot.  Some whip.  Fastball at 76-79 with heavy sink metrics. Breaking ball is a bit early with sweep over depth out of the hand. Average spin at 2340rpm.

JD Mace, RHP, Burlington Christian, 2025
Athletic presence at 6-foot-5, 195 pounds. Stable over the rubber with a slight uphill leverage and a front side point through the target. Long action with a small pause at the bottom, working to an over-the-top slot. Good direction. Repeats the slot. 83-88 with ride and run. Average IVB at 17.7in paired with over 12in of run.

Davis Phillips, C, The Burlington School, 2025
Lean 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Athletic receiver with easy carry through the bag.  Catcher velo posted at 81mph out of the crouch.  Pop time of 2.00 was repeated throughout the game play session, between innings. 

Will Eichler, RHP, Ravenscroft, 2025
6-foot, 170 pounds. Athletic delivery, loading the front hip. Slightly closed through balance, landing on-line.  Athletic arm works through an over-the-top slot. Quick arm. Fastball at 81-83 with run out of the hand.  Slight sink in the metrics. 

Andru Hall, SS, West Stokes HS, 2025
Solid athlete. Stands 5-foot-11, 170 pounds. Quick bat.  Flat through the zone. Exit velocity peaked at 93.9mph, averaging 85.9mph.  Ran 7.29 with a 4.01 thirty yard split.

Andres Lopez, 2B, Legion Collegiate, 2025
5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Left handed hitter with good bat speed and barrel feel.  Rhythm is easy and consistent, allowing the ball to jump off the bat pitch after pitch.  89.6 max exit velocity with an average of 83.3mph. Good hands with excellent rhythm on the infield.  Arm showed carry at 82mph across the diamond.

Clay Rosser, RHP, Grimsley HS, 2025
Lean, straight line build at 6-foot-2, 169 pounds. Simple delivery, setting into the back side.  Long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Average arm speed. Showed feel for FB and CB. Fastball peaked at 82.4mph, 2305rpm. Breaking ball has a slight hump at release, but flashes as a potential out pitch as it continues to develop, sitting 66-69, 2397rpm.

Vincent Lee, 2B, Pro5 Academy, 2025
5-foot-9, 153 pounds. Fundamentally sound, doing a lot well throughout the day. Filled up the stat page with average to above average numbers across the board.  Stoodout in game play with his pace of play, his understanding of the pace of the game, and his competitive at-bats.

Isaac Devine, OF, Overhills HS, 2025
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Showed quickness that translated into game play on defense in the outfield.  Ran a 7.15 sixty with a 3.94 thirty yard split.  Accurate arm at 82mph out of the hand from the outfield.

Brayden Richards, 1B, Cuthbertson HS, 2025
Strong, athletic frame, standing 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Top hand dominate at times from the right side. On the barrel equated to strong, hard contact. 98.8mph max exit velocity with an average exit of 92mph. Along with his strength, ran a 7.02 with a 3.93 thirty yard split. 

Michael Gurganus, RHP, Bear Grass Charter, 2025
5-foot-10, 200 pounds. Compact and repeatable delivery. Athletic arm action works to a high-¾ slot.  Quick arm.  Deceptive window.  Breaking ball should give hitters at higher levels issues with it late action and length.  

Jahdier Rodriguez, C, Charlotte Catholic, 2025
5-foot-11, 165 pounds. Good bend behind the dish.  Willing worker for his pitchers with receiving and blocking. Quick exchanges and accurate arm peaking his pop at 2.24.  Right handed hitter has solid rhythm and a direct path.

Andrew Kilgore, OF, Heritage HS, 2025
Quickness present. Stands 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. Ran a 6.87 sixty on the laser with a 3.87 thirty yard split. Right handed hitter has some effort but produced a max exit velocity of 92.7mph.