Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Wayne Country Day Position Players

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

PBR was in Goldsboro on Tuesday October 24th for a Scout Day with Wayne Country Day.  Entering the 2024 season, the Chargers will have their eye on a potential run to another state championship.  This fall scout day gave PBR a peak at the talent and depth on the roster. 

The workout consisted of players in the 2024 through 2028 graduating classes. The day began with speed tests using Swift Athletic lasers.  Players ran a 60 with Swift Athletics collecting the 10yd split.  Players could then run a 30, again with the 10yd split timed as well. Following the running, players went through their offensive evaluation during BP.  After BP, players worked out at their defensive positions, again with PBR collecting stats and video on each player.

We break down some of what we saw duirng the Wayne Country Day School Scout Day below.  You can see the full roster from the workout, along all of the stats taken HERE.

Quick Hitters - Position Players

Davis Albert, SS, Wayne Country Day, 2024
William & Mary commit. Athletic with strength present at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds.  Has added strength to the frame since last spring. Left handed hitter. Some waggle in a vertical barrel with a barrel tip in the load.  Strong hands. Quick bat. Average feel for the barrel. Strong through contact. Easy actions on the infield. Projects to stay on the left side with ease.  Feet and hands have solid rhythm, arm with easy carry.

Cameron Aycock, OF, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Strength and quickness present in a compact 5-foot-8, 170 pounds. Frame. Strong wrists and hands. Left handed hitter. Flat and direct, working gap to gap. Solid feel for the barrel. Showed excellent strength into the opposite gap.  Good athlete, ran 6.72 on the laser and paired that with 92mph exit velocity.

Cameron Dearing, OF, Wayne Country Day, 2024
Lean, athletic build, standing 6-foot, 175 pounds. Right handed hitter is coiled in his setup, slightly closed, working for extension with a pull side emphasis.  Max exit at 94.6mph.  Average barrel feel. Ran a 7.05 on the laser and showed quickness in the outfield in a scrimmage setting.

Everett Johnson, INF/OF, Wayne Country Day, 2025
NC State commit. 5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Baseball player that may be able to change the game offensively with his skill set as several levels coming in his career. Ran a 6.55 sixty on the laser with a 3.77 split. In game action, the speed plays at this level, if not higher, showing with his defensive range, plus his ability to put pressure on defense from the time he steps in the box. Left handed hitter. Good rhythm, rocking into his back side. Small Stride. Climbs onto his front side with a flat path and excellent bat speed. Can work the entire field with a top end exit velocity of 94.2mph.  Consistent barrel skill had the average exit velocity at 85.8mph.  Active feet with athletic rhythm through the ball.  Good hands, working to funnel to the midsection.  Plays through the ball a bit.  Arm has average carry with good accuracy.

Wyatt Lassiter, C/OF, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Lean, 6-foot, 165 pounds. Filled up the stat box on the day running a 6.94 on the laser, showcasing a max exit velocity of 93.5mph and then behind the plate threw a 1.94 pop time with a 79mph arm velocity from the crouch.  Also topped at 90mph from the outfield.

Joshua Parnell, 1B, Wayne Country Day, 2026
Large frame with strength present at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds. Probably projects as a pitcher first but the bat has big power potential and should be given a look.  Maxed out exit velocity of 97.5mph with several towering fly balls getting out of the WCD facility. Left handed hitter.  Narrow base. Flat barrel setup. Toe tap and aggressive stride.  Wants extension.  Airs out every swing.

Caden Scott, INF, Wayne Country Day, 2028
Athletic frame with broad shoulders at 6-foot, 175 pounds. Obviously still young but the strength level is advanced for the age.  Balanced with a wide setup. Simple load off the shoulder and small stride. Works for extension.  Solid strength through contact. Active feet and solid rhythm on defense.  Average bend in the hips stiffen the hands a bit but he may grow out of this. Easy exchange and release.   Solid carry and accuracy.

Landon Sutton, C, Wayne Country Day, 2025
High Point commit.  6-foot, 190 pounds. Athletic receiver with easy bend through the hips and quickness through his exchange.  Easy carry out of the crouch with a positional velocity of 80mph producing pop times below 2.10.  Solid feel for throwing through the bag. Right handed hitter. Simple setup with a rock back into a small load. Quick bat with leverage through the swing.  

Zach Taylor, SS, Wayne Country Day, 2028
Athletic frame with lots of maturation ahead. Stands 6-foot-1, 175 pounds. Ran a 7.21 sixty with a 4.05 30yd split. Max exit velocity of 86.2mph. Right handed hitter.  Early separation and small stride.  Good balance. Average bat speed with some uphill loft through contact. Solid rhythm between the feet and hands on defense. Hands have some give.  Feet can get stuck at times. Showed solid accuracy across the diamond. Arm should continue to grow.

Tanner Woodard, SS, Wayne Country Day, 2025
5-foot-8, 155 pounds. Solid athlete. Ran 6.98 with a 3.94 30yd split. Right handed hitter. Wide base. Balanced. Small load and stride. Hands start level with the chest. Aggressive turn with solid bat speed. Quick active feet on the infield. Good rhythm in the feet. Fights his hands at times. Solid carry across the diamond with accuracy.

Colin Woolard, OF, Wayne Country Day, 2025
Virginia Tech commit. Pitcher first but the bat should be followed.  Chance to create a ton of power for a lineup.  Big frame with strength at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds. Feet outside shoulders with a vertical barrel. Small stride. Aggressive with good bat speed.  Average barrel feel.  When on the barrel, max exit velocity of 101.6mph.