Prep Baseball Report

Superlatives: Burlington Preseason ID

Brandon Hall
NC / Mid-ATL Director of Scouting

Prep Baseball of North Carolina opened the 2024 event season with the Burlington Preseason ID.  An indoor event at Triad Baseball Academy, players had a chance to go through athletic testing, positional evaluations, as well as pitching and BP evaluations.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

Triad Baseball Academy offered a spacious workout facility.  Players had plenty or room to run a laser timed 30, while catchers, infielders, and outfielders were able to stretch their arms in their evaluation phase.  Pitchers threw off of indoor mounds on a day that saw rain pummel the Carolinas.

In all, twenty players took part in the event.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the Burlington Preseason ID.

By The Numbers
+ 3 catchers saw pop times below 2.10
+ 5 infielder or outfielder arms were at 84 or higher from their position
+ 5 hitters posted an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 364' was the furthest ball hit, as measured by TrackMan in the cage workout
+ 9 hitters had their average bat speed measured at 65mph or higher
+ 8 players ran 4.05 or better in the laser timed 30yd sprint
+ 3 players recorded a vertical jump above 30"
+ 4 Pitchers popped 83.9mph or better
+ 5 Pitchers spun their breaking ball at 2350rpm or higher

Burlington Preseason ID - Superlatives

Top Athletes

Best Bat Speed

Top Power in BP

Best Barrel Feel in BP

Fastest Runners

Top Positional Arms

Best Fastball 

Top Breaking Ball