Prep Baseball Report

2023 NJ Fall ID South Player Spotlights

Dan Valerio
Assistant Scouting Director

On October 18th, 2023 at the beautiful Rutgers Camden turf field in Camden, NJ. The NJ Fall South ID took place. This event featured a few players that should make an impact over the next few years. Click Here for a full breakdown of the event. 

Below will feature scouting notes and highlights of the standout performers. 

On The Mound:

2027, RHP, Michael Fekete, Cherry Hill East 

+ The lean and athletic Fekete stands at 6-feet-180 pounds. Controlled delievery and deamenor. High leg kick, up and down action with the glove, maintains direction straight down the mound, gets downhill. His Fastball was 79-81 with a top at 82 mph. Fekete's arm works smooth and fluid, more velo is on the way. Especially with how effortless his operation is. The pair of breaking balls consisted of a curveball at 73-74 mph with a changeup 76-77. This right hander has the potential to evlove into a power pitcher in the future.

2025, RHP, Luca Mannino, Northern Burlington 

+ 6-foot-155 pound Mannino. His wiry and athletic. Gets down the mound with quick tempo. OTT delievery, filled the zone up with strikes, intriquing shape on the breaking ball. Fastball was 83-84. Slider 76-77 true 10/4 break. Changeup 81-82. 


2026, OF, Mason Myers, Paul Vl 

+ The slender/lean LHH outfielder from Southern New Jersey, is a name to take note of. The projectability of the frame makes for a premier left handed hitting outfielder. At this event Myers had two metrics jump off the page his hitting exit velo of 95.1 and his throwing OF velo of 90 mph. He played through the ball with ease paired with a fluid arm action. on the offensive side of things he sets up in a tall postion, no backshift, controls forward, barrel has some natural lift in it, drives backside through, frontisde is stable and brakes (adjusatbility present). 

2026, OF, Luke Lomax, Sterling

+ The 5-foot-11-155 pound LHH has a lot of feel for the barrel. A really consist round of BP, using all fields with authority. Top exit velo of 92.5 mph. Wide crouched base with a no stride approach. Feet are offset but maintains direction well. Level bat path with line drive results. 

2025, 3B, Alex Morales, Maple Shade

+ The durable frame at 6-foot-1, 220 pounds. Strong and consistent. Very impressive round of BP. Top exit velo fo 98.4 mph with a max distance of 346 feet. Stays balanced and has a rock back rhythm, stays in line and stays through the ball. Connection is present, bat stays tight tot he shoulder during the turn in the swing, loud heavy barrel. Hit the ball hard to all fields.