Prep Baseball Report

Blast Motion Feature: '26 C Alex D'Angelo

Dan Valerio
Assistant Scouting Director

 On October 8th, 2023 The Fall Top Prospect Game took place. 2026 C Alex D'Angelo from Ridgewood HS was in attendance. D'Angelo's physical stature consists of a 5-foot-11 frame at 180 pounds. Athletic and strong, developed lower half. The standout tool to date for this backstop is his hit tool. Shoulder width setup, hands start by ear, hover with front foot as hands travel back, synced up and uses the ground to his benefit. Creates alot of torque with his body and bat speed is present.

 So much show that Blast Motion plunked his data out of a huge data base. Here is what Blast Motion employee Giancarlo Gil had to say about D'Angelo "D'Angelo has become a personal favorite of mine when it comes to the uncommitted list we've been putting together. The combination of physicality and Bat Speed suggests ceiling for some serious Raw Power-not only that, but his 20+ G's of Rotational Acceleration highlight his ability to use that Raw Power Efficency. His RA values show that he can make much later swing decisions at the plate compared to his peers. These elite movements (combined with his physicality that has plenty of room for added strength) reveal a player that can be incredibly dynamic at the plate." 



Bat Speed (AVG)- 74.8 mph

Rotational Acceleration (AVG)- 22.4g (Max)- 29.3g 

Exit velo- 95.7 mph


Bat Speed (AVG)- 74.5 mph

Rotational Acceleration (AVG)- 22.5g (Max)- 32.4g

Exit Velo- 95.1 mph