Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State Roster Preview: Part Nine

Scott Hood
Oklahoma State Director

As we get prepared for our premiere event of the year in the Preseason All-State, we start the process by breaking down each individual attendee with notes on videos their game.  The Preseason All-State attracts some of the top talent from all across the state creating platforms and driving eye-balls for recruiters and scouts at the next level to help guide them throughout the spring recruiting.  This year's event will take place once again at Oral Roberts University of February 11th featuring a pro-style workout with data collected by our tech partners, social media coverage, and updated video for the profile.  

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Carson Cooper RHP / 1B / Edmond Santa Fe, OK / 2025

We last got a look at the 2-way from Edmond Santa Fe at the 2023 Preseason All-State, where Cooper showed some upside on both sides of the ball.  Offensively, Cooper used his longer levers to his advantage to generate exit velos up to 89.2 mph  using big bat speed and hand speed through the zone.  On the mound, he worked the fastball up to 82 mph with reports that the velo has taken a jump since then.  Cooper brings a strong level of pitchability to the table and with his projectable 6-foot-4 and 175 pound frame, don't be surprised to see big jumps from him in the near future.

Hudson Entrekin OF / 3B / Edmond Memorial, OK / 2027

It'll be a quick turnaround from events for Hudson as we just saw him this past January at the OKC Preseason ID.  Standing at a physically built 6-foot and 190 pounds, Entrekin was able to generate exit velos up to 86.2 mph using a linear swing and showing a feel for the barrel in the zone.  After gaining some experience in the showcase setting a week and a half ago, expect to see Entrekin show a little more comfortability with the process and would not be shocking to see some of the numbers take a slight jump.

Ethan Arant RHP / 2B / Tulsa NOAH Jaguars, OK / 2026

Arant recently put his skills on display at last month's OKC Preseason ID and will look to improve on those numbers at this Sunday's Preseason All-State.  At a lean 5-foot-11 and 140 pounds, Arant still has plenty of room to keep putting on weight and adding strength in the future.  On the mound, Arant works a clean delivery working to a short arm action to create a lot of arm side run on the upper 70's fastball and showing slurvy shape on the breaking ball.  Arant uses a simple swing with an uphill path with hands working to the inside part of the ball well.  

Caden Digby OF / RHP / Deer Creek, OK / 2027

Digby is another prospect that recently put his skills on display at the OKC Preseason ID and will look to impress again at the Preseason All-State this Sunday.  Offensively, Digby showed some strength at contact reaching exit velos up to 88.1 thanks in large part to the ability to get the barrel moving quickly earlier in the swing from the left side.  He also showed clean actions in the outfield and reaching up to 81 mph with a longer arm action.  On the mound, Digby used his raw arm strength to reach fastball velos up to 80.4 mph and showed a firm slider up to 75.5 mph with developing spin.

Nik Ramos 2B / 3B / Kremlin-Hillsdale, OK / 2025

Ramos is no stranger to our events and we last caught him this past summer at the OKC Summer Open.  Ramos continues to make jumps each time we see him with the previous outing setting personal bests in almost every category.  The right handed hitter has a short and compact stroke with hands working direct and tight to the body to work exit velos in the mid 80's.  Defensively, he shows active feet and a sure glove.  With his past track record of improving each time we see him, don't be suprised to see the numbers take another jump this Sunday.

Reid Smith C / 3B / Piedmont, OK / 2026

Smith has earned the reputation of one of the top backstops in OK for the 2026 class and will look to solidify his with another strong showing at the Preseason All-State.  Smith gained valuable experience as a freshman for Piedmont before showing well at the Top Prospect Underclass Games this past June.  The right handed hitter creates a ton of consistent strength at contact reaching up to 91.8 mph and an impressive average of 87.6 across a BP round.  Defensively, Smith shows strong receiving and blocking skills that should allow him to remain behind the plate in the future and has worked showcase pop times as low as 2.02 in the past.  With Smith's physicality with the bat and ability to stay behind the plate, he should be one landing on some recruiting radars in the near future.

Waylon Spencer 2B / SS / Stillwater, OK / 2026

We last got eyes on the sophomore middle infielder from Stillwater at the Top Prospect Games back in June 2023.  Spencer has a well-put together swing that creates a ton of line drives and plays up higher than maybe his numbers might suggest.  Defensively, Spencer works fluidly throughout the process with a sure glove and clean transfers as well as shows the ability to field the ball on the move.  Spencer has all the proper skills and should continue to see jumps as he adds strength to his lean frame.

Tyler Stevenson OF / RHP / Bixby, OK / 2026

We caught Stevenson twice in 2023, first at the WBO Tulsa Prospects Scout Day and then again this past October at the Fall Underclass Games.  Stevenson has strong bat speed that should continue to make jumps in exit velocity as he continues to add strength.  Using  simple no stride approach, Stevenson attacks the ball with a high top hand finsh and strong rotation around the core.  On the mound, Stevenson showed a 3 pitch mix with a sinking fastball and slurvy curveball to pair with an arm side fading changeup with depth.

Jackson Stewart SS / OF / Kremlin-Hillsdale, OK / 2025

We last saw the utility man from Kremlin-Hillsdale at the 2023 Preseason All-State and he will look to show some gains this Sunday at ORU.  Stewart and has shown a knack for being able to play all over the field and will work at both the infield and outfield spots at this year's event where he has shown well in the past.  Offensively, Stewart has a well balanced rotational swing to generate exit velos into the mid 80's showing strong rotational acceleration and quick hands through the zone.  Standing at 6-foot and 150-pounds, Stewart still has plenty of room to keep adding strength and size in the future and should continue to see jumps in his numbers.

Brock Natale SS / BROKEN ARROW HS, OK / 2025

We last got eyes at one of our events on the slick fielding middle infielder from Broken Arrow back in 2022 at the Fall Underclass Games.  There, Natale showed advanced defensive actions with active feet and understanding of creating throwing lanes with his footwork.  He fields the ball with strong glove action and soft hands and shows strong lateral range to cover a ton of ground.  Offensively, he uses a short and compact stroke to generate line drive contact with a strong middle of the field approach.  Natale should be in the mix to gain another year of strong experience at the Varsity level and should be one to keep an eye on as he continues to add strength.