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2016 Team Mid-Atlantic Future Games Spotlight: Workout Day

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

From August 4th through August 6th, Team Mid-Atlantic consisted of a select team of players in the Classes of 2018 to represent Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia at the PBR Future Games in Westfield Indiana at Grand Park.

Players received exposure unlike any other event for underclassmen. Last year, 100+ colleges from all over the country were in attendance, including coaches from every Division I power conference in the country.

To view the statistical results from the event, please click here.

2016 Team Mid-Atlantic Future Games Spotlight: Workout Day Recap

Day one of the PBR Future Games took place today with a position player workout at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana. Team Mid-Atlantic's position players ran 60’s, participated in defensive evaluations, and took batting practice on the field in front of 150 plus college coaches.

Position players were separated into four groups with corner infielder, middle infielder, outfielders, and catchers all working out together. Team Mid-Atlantic was well represented during the workouts, with five players appearing in the top performers of five statistical categories. Today, we take a look at some of the stats and results from Team Mid-Atlantic.

The first workout to go was the corner infielders. Representing team Mid-Atlantic was Camden Grimes, John Dempsey, Joe Seidler, and Austin Primm.

  • Camden Grimes showed off one the second best infield velocity of the event throwing 90 mph across the diamond from third base. He showed nice lateral quickness and soft hands. Grimes ran a 7.01 60-yard dash. He has a level, slightly uphill swing path at the plate with an exit velocity of 87. Although he did not play the position during the Future Games, Grimes can also catch.
  • John Dempsey is a player. Soft, quick hands in the infield and quick exchange to release with accurate, consistent throws across the diamond. Great reads from the infield. Velocity of 76 mph across the diamond. Slightly open set up, direct path to the ball. can get out of balance at times, but like his approach at the plate. Exit velocity of 81 and ran a 7.11 60-yard dash.
  • Joe Seidler is an athletic first baseman who handles the bag very well. Clean hands and quick reactions. Throws from a side arm angle and was 79 mph across the diamond. Short swing path at the plate and stays inside the ball well. Exit velocity of 85 mph. Ran a 7.28 60-yard dash.
  • Austin Primm has an imposing frame. Hits from an athletic set up at the plate. Longer swing path with some bat speed and barrelled up the ball well. Very strong at the plate with an exit velocity of 95 mph. Ran a 7.67 60-yard dash and had an infield velocity of 83 mph. 

Second up was the middle infield portion with Nick Hopkins, Tevin Tucker, Kevin Madden, Will Glock and Kyle Novak.

  • Nick Hopkins was the Mid-Atlantic sleeper infielder from the event. Athletic actions and projectable frame. Ran a 6.99 60-yard dash, loose arm that was up to 82 across the diamond. Beginning to show more strength with an exit velocity of 88 from the left side and 89 from the right. Is more comfortable hitting right handed but still shows potential from the left. Load got him of timing from the left side. Still room for growth from the prospect.
  • Tevin Tucker was one of the top pure infielders at the Future Games. Clean and confident actions, quick hands and smooth exchange with an athletic body. 3/4 arm slot and was 83 across the diamond. Ran a 6.71 60-yard dash. Smooth at the plate. Direct path to ball, slightly uphill. Solid foundation at plate and will get continue to improve there as he gets stronger.
  • Kevin Madden was another prospect that impressed during the future games. Madden posted one of the top infield velocities at 88 mph across the diamond. Athletic player, shows ton of versatility. Slightly open, athletic setup at the plate. Level bath path and barrel stays through zone. Gets some extension through contact and looks to have pull side power potential. 7.02 60-yard dash with 91 mph exit velocity.
  • Will Glock hits from a taller setup with high leg kick. Shorter swing path with some bat speed. Exit velocity of 86 mph. Smooth and clean actions from the infield. Lively arm from across the diamond up to 85 mph and more in there. Shows raw ability and still needs to fill out athletic frame. Ran a 7.44 60-yard dash.
  • Kyle Novak showed an uncanny ability to get barrel on baseball. Hits from a balanced set up and takes direct path to ball. Nice rhythm at plate and balance. Exit velocity of 84 mph. Clean actions from the infield. Throws are accurate at 75 mph. Ran a 7.3 60-yard dash.

The third group of the day was the outfield group. On display from team Mid-Atlantic was Brooks Bengtson, Brandon Cook, Don Goodes, Jeremy Lapp-Barger, JP Murphy, and David (Trip) Willis.

  • Brooks Bengtson showed off one of the top outfield velocities of the event with a 90 mph arm from right field on the day. Throws had life on them and were accurate. Short quick arm action from the outfield. Hits from slightly open taller setup . Nice rhythm at plate. Short swing path, gets around the ball at times. Quick bat speed. 89 mph exit velocity and ran a 7.12 60-yard dash.
  • Lanky and athletic Brandon Cook showed plenty of untapped potential for Team Mid-Atlantic. Had one of the better 60-yard dash times at 6.85. Hits from a balanced setup at the plate. Lowers hands in load with level swing path and quick hands. Exit velocity of 87 mph. Loose arm from the outfield and throws had carry on the up to 89 mph.
  • Don Goodes increased his stock after the Future Games. The athletic outfielder shows the ability to play any of the outfield positions and throws had some carry on them up to 87 mph. Hits from a balanced setup at the plate with a simple load. Short swing path with quick hands and nice extension through contact. Exit velocity of 89 mph and ran a 7.19 60-yard dash.
  • Jeremy Lapp-Barger is a projectable outfielder with more in the tank. Loose arm action throwing from the outfield. Hits from an athletic set up from the right side. Has a short swing path and some bat speed. Nice rhythm throughout. 86 mph exit velocity from right side. Short swing from the left with average bat speed. Exit velocity of 80 from the left side.  Has a loose arm action from the outfield with accurate throws that have some carry on them at 84 mph.
  • JP Murphy continued to show why he is the top uncommited outfield prospect in Maryland after his workout for team Mid-Atlantic. Athletic actions from the outfield with carry on his throws at 85 mph. Showed power potential at the plate with a short swing and quick bat speed. Tried to muscle a few balls at the plate. Exit Velocity of 94 mph. Ran a 6.97 60-yard dash.
  • David Willis rounded out an athletic and projectable outfield class for team Mid-Atlantic. Athletic body and actions from the outfielder with the ability to play all the outfield positions. Has a short swing and creates fast bat speed with his level swing path. Shows power potential at the plate to the middle of the field. Short arm action from the outfield and some carry on throws at 83 mph. 90 mph exit velocity and ran a 6.97 60-yard dash. Aggressive on the bases with an idea as stole six bases throughout the event.

Rounding out the workout day were the catchers. On display for team Mid-Atlantic was Cameron Blankenship, Hunter McGarvey, and Trent Gast-Woodard.

  • Cameron Blankenship is another interesting catch and throw prospect for team Mid-Atlantic. Hits from a balanced set up. Has a level swing path with some bat speed at plate. Feet gets him into some trouble at the plate at times. Exit velocity of 88 mph. Quick clean exchange behind the plate. Gets rid of ball quickly from behind and throws had some carry at 76 mph. Pop time got as low as 2.01.
  • Hunter McGarvey was a solid backstop behind the plate for team Mid-Atlantic. Quiet receiver and moved well behind plate. Had one of the best pop times during the event with a 1.96 pop. Hits from an athletic setup. Short path to ball with quick hands. Exit velocity of 85 mph. Quick feet with clean exchange and quick release behind the plate. Catcher velocity of 75 mph.
  • Trent Gast-Woodard had a very solid workout for team Mid-Atlantic. Solid frame and shows some power potential at the plate. Hits from a slightly open set up. level swing path, gets slightly uphill, gap-to-gap ability. Quick exchange behind plate with one of the best pop times during event as low as 1.97. In game pop of 2.03. 


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