2023 Jr. PA State Games

All roads will lead to Palmyra, PA for the Jr. Pennsylvania State Games. Prep Baseball Report’s 2023 Jr. Pennsylvania State Games will take place June 20th and 21st, 2023 bringing together many of the state's finest Class of 2027 and 2028 players in one location.

*The 2023 Jr. PA State games will take place at In the Net Sports Complex in Palmyra, PA on June 20-21, 2023.

2023 Schedule


Pitching Rotations


2027 & 2028 prospects must swing BBCOR drop -3 

June 20-21 
NOTE: Same Format as the PA State Games. During simulated games we will be doing a 1-1 count always, walk will reset to 2-1. 


In the Net Sports Complex, Palmyra, PA


+ 6 inning Simulated Games
+ Pitcher Onlys will throw 2 innings. Dual position pitchers will throw 1/2 innings - depending on inning needs (4 batters per half inning)
+ There will always be a 1-1 count, ONE out (promotes double plays, stolen bases, tagging up, 1st to 3B on hit)
+ If a batter walks the count will then go to a 2-1 count, a 2nd walk results in batter taking 1st.
+ HBP counts as a ball, second HBP = take your base.