Prep Baseball Report

Review of the Future Prospects Showcase

By Greg Williams
PA Director of Scouting

FPThe Future Prospects Showcase took place yesterday at All American Baseball in Warrington, PA. The event offered players an opportunity to be introduced to the showcase format and to gain some instruction on what scouts look for and some tips on how to improve in areas that are measured.

Following is a brief look at the prospects that attended as they begin to prepare for what they hope will be an opportunity to play at the next level.

Top Performers

1.  3B/RHP Zeb Stough (Red Land HS, Class of 2018)

Stough has grown an inch and added 15 pound to his 6-foot, 180-pound frame since participating in this same event a year ago. The right-handed hitter displayed legitimate power potential form a wide, square base and a bat exit velocity of 80 mph. Stough barreled the baseball consistently and when he was on time to the baseball the ball jumped off his barrel. The 8th grader showed decent feet and a solid 80 mph arm across the diamond from 3B. Stough impressed on the mound sitting 81-83 out of a high 3/4 arm slot. His 11/5 breaking curveball at 70 mph displayed some down action and his 71 mph changeup showed some arm side run with good arm speed.

2.  SS/RHP Peter Vaccaro (Oley Valley HS, Class of 2017)

Vacarro turned in the top round of batting practice on the day. The lefty utilized a lift and replace stride foot and a stiff back side to drive the baseball with authority. Vaccaro displayed the ability to stay behind the baseball and used all fields well with a bat exit velocity of 83 mph. Vacarro also displayed fluid actions in the field and the ability to make plays on the move with a 76 mph arm across the diamond.

3.  LHP/1B Dalton Miller (East Pennsboro, Class of 2018)

Miller is very athletic and has plenty of fast-twitch actions. The 5-foot-8, 150-pound lefty sat 74-77 from a high 3/4 arm slot with good drive off his back side. Miller showed an advanced feel for his 64 mph curveball that showed two-plane break and late bite. The 8th grader also commanded a 67 mph changeup thrown at fastball arm speed. Miller displayed a 78 mph arm from the outfield and solid glove work around the bag at 1B. The left-handed hitter showcased an 80 mph bat exit velocity and some lift in his swing path that projects future power potential. Miller hits from an open stance with a solid lower half and good rhythm throughout his swing.

4. C/SS Hunter McGarvey (La Salle HS, Class of 2018)

McGarvey showed advanced receiving and blocking skills behind the plate. The 5-foot-8, 140-pound 8th grader showcased pop times of 2.26-2.29 on throws of 68 mph from the crouch. McGarvey hits from a wide stance with some crouch and utilized a firm lower half to create barrel whip. The right-handed hitter displayed a concept of how to hit and the ability to drive pitches to both gaps with a bat exit velocity of 71 mph.

Best of the Rest

2B/OF Ryan Bealer (North Penn HS, Class of 2018)

Bealer is a 5-foot-9, 130-pound 8th grader that showcased a 64 mph arm from the outfield and 66 mph throws from the infield. Bealer showed fluidity in his defensive actions and should continue to develop arm strength as his body develops. The right-handed hitter utilized a square stance and a short swing path in barreling the baseball routinely during batting practice with a bat exit velocity of 70 mph. Bealer's hands work well but he will need to continue to work on getting to extension to develop additional barrel whip and power.

C/1B Kollin Henneman (Big Spring HS, Class of 2019)

Henneman is a 5-foot-7, 180 pound 7th grader that showed solid catch and throw skills behind the plate. He displayed pop times of 2.24-2.35 on throws of 66 mph from the crouch. The right-handed hitter utilized a wide, square stance and a strong lower half to consistently drive the baseball to all fields in his round of batting practice. Henneman showcased good extension to his swing and some potential for some gap power with a bat exit velocity of 77 mph.

OF/SS Jordan King (Central York HS, Class of 2018)

King is a 5-foot-8, 160-pound OF/SS that showcased raw athletic abilities with a high ceiling. The 8th grader displayed good feet and the ability to play the ball on the move from both defensive positions with a 66 mph arm. The right-handed hitter impressed with good rhythm to his swing and some power potential. King showcased a 70 mph bat exit velocity and the ability to barrel the baseball consistently.

2B/3B Alec Leese (Central York HS, Class of 2018)

Leese is a 5-foot-1, 125-pound infielder that displayed the ability to make throws of 64 mph across the diamond from several arm angles. The switch-hitter displayed a 67 mph bat exit velocity from the right side of the plate and the ability to barrel the baseball occasionally. Leese has significant bat drag from the left side of the plate and had difficulty getting to the hitting zone on time.

2B/RHP Noah Miller (Susquehannock HS, Class of 2019)

Miller hit from a wide, square base with no stride. The 5-foot-5, 95-pound 7th grader displayed a flat bat path with loose hands that allowed him to square the baseball consistently with a bat exit velocity of 60 mph. Miller showed capable defensive actions and his 62 mph arm across the infield should continue to develop in time. The righty showed excellent rhythm with a loose arm sitting 62-64 during his bullpen session. Miller also showed command of his 54 mph curveball and 50 mph changeup.

C/1B Mark Seibert (Holy Ghost Prep, Class of 2018)

Seibert showcased pop times of 2.47-2.54 on throws of 60 mph from the crouch. The 5-foot-5, 150-pound 8th grader displayed a 63 mph bat exit velocity from the right side of the plate and an ability to barrel the baseball consistently. Seibert's hands work well and will likely develop some additional pop in his swing as he continues to work to allow his hips to clear.

2B/RHP Hunter Sentz (Susquehannock HS, Class of 2018)

Sentz is a 5-foot-3, 100-pound 8th grader that utilized a lift and replace stride foot and a flat bat path through the hitting zone to barrel the baseball consistently. Sentz has quick hands and solid rhythm to his swing that produced a bat exit velocity of 61 mph. Sentz displayed good feet and a soft glove hand and developing arm strength (60 mph) defensively. The righty sat 64-65 from a high 3/4 arm slot and pounded the strike zone during his bullpen session. His lone secondary pitch is a 57 mph curveball. Sentz displayed solid, repeatable mechanics and projects to add significant velocity as his frame fills out.

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