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Tennessee Preseason All-State: Quick Hits, Underclass Infielders

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Tennessee Preseason All-State was held on Saturday, February 10th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of players from the 2024-2027 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Continuing our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at some of the standouts and top performers from the event.

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Jack Dugan SS / 2B / Lipscomb Academy, TN / 2026

The Tennessee baseball recruit continues to impress and showed why he is one of the best players in the 2026 national class and had his tools on full display at Preseason All-State. With athletic, active actions at the plate, Dugan shows a smooth bat path from the left side with plenty of force packed behind it. He does a great job of keeping his front side closed, while syncing his upper and lower halves extremely well with great ability to create separation in a quick-twitch, toe-tap trigger that keeps him deep in his back hip. The strength is already present with 76 mph average bat speed (tops of 81) and a well built lower half that is proportionally built up the chain. Dugan is athletically gifted, while also showing plenty of twitchiness in a frame that is showing physicality at 6 foot 1 and 185 pounds of lean mass with high-waisted hips. Power is presently evident by 99 mph max EV to go along with the ability to maintain consistency in his swing with an average of 90.2 EV. He is a guy that should hit a ton of doubles, while running into his fair share of HR’s without looking to lift. His speed and explosiveness are other factors that are present already in his game with a 6.6 sixty to go along with a 37 ½ inch max vertical. His tools are some of the best we have seen with plenty of more projection to come. Defensively he has the arm strength to stick at shortstop (89-93) and can still refine the glove a little bit but has the necessary athleticism long term. 

Cade Allen RHP / 3B / South Gibson County, TN / 2026

Cade jumped on the scene this past summer where he was a standout at Top Prospect Games- Knoxville and earned an invite to Future Games where he was lights out on the bump sitting 89-91 mph with feel for his offspeed plus command. He has since grown as a legit 2 way prospect with plenty of tools at his disposal in the infield. He has supreme feet and coordinated balance to move bi-laterally with ease, while showcasing the ability to bend for his long, high-waisted frame. Quick, shorter arm action in the field but shows feel for the arm working (87) across the diamond. On the mound, he maintains hip drive down the slope as he kicks his lead leg across his back leg before jumping out on a linear, direct path. Arm works longer on the hill and creates plenty of shoulder/hip separation with arm lag behind his head as his back hip shoots through to deliver. Highest upside is on the mound I believe. Came into our workout right in the middle of basketball season where he surprisingly still worked 85-87 on the heater. That should continue to steadily climb as he gets more into baseball shape and do not be surprised if he is consistently working low 90’s routinely in a few months. One of the top players in his class at the state level and national level where he should continue to see his stock rise over the spring/summer seasons.

Nick Riordan SS / OF / Knoxville Central, TN / 2026

I have seen Riordan a handful of times and I keep coming away more impressed every time. I was able to get my first look at him this past spring as a freshman in his high school’s district tournament where he was consistently on the baseball. Call it a good day but it was more his actions at the plate and in the outfield that stuck out to me. He laid off really good pitches, while also spoiling pitches down in the count to work it back in his favor. I then was able to get another look at him this past fall at a PBR Tennessee scout day where I liked him but wanted to see more of the athleticism that was clearly present with him. He did just that at Preseason All-State where he was a loud standout in multiple ways. The speed has gotten quicker with a 7.1 (sixty) with plenty more faster times to come. The body works well and has an air of fluidity and flexibility that should allow him to continue getting better. At five foot 10 and 160 pounds, he has a presently lean frame with room to fill out all over. 21 G’s of rotation allows him to sit in his back hip longer before launching his swing. Quick hands with present bat speed (71) that will also continue to get faster as he gains strength. Flexes his backside really well locking out with extension for full release impact. Shows some steepness to his swing but should allow him to translate that to easy loft as he matures. 93 mph max EV with a carried EV of 85.6 average. Smooth defensively with quick, choppy feet that work under his body with balance. Stays low with his top half and allows the baseball to travel to him when receiving. Arm strength already present in the upper 80’s with a top of 90 across the infield. Good overall athlete that has some tools at his disposal and will be a name to mark down and follow for the spring.

Colten Springall 2B / SS / Lipscomb Academy , TN / 2026

Colton Springall: High-waisted and slim at 6 foot and 165 pounds, The Tennessee commit is far from a finished product physically with a lot more projection left in the frame. There is some present strength in the body and that directly translates to the bat where he held a 71.3 mph average swing speed (Tops 74). Hands start high and continue to gain separation from his body as he gets into his load. Front knee turns with his leg lift before replanting and locking out as he rotates his hips to start his swing. Can get hyperextended early at times and can lose some additional power he has available to him in his back hip. Tops 94 mph EV with a consistent line-drive approach with multiple batted balls up the middle on a low line. 70% barrel on contact shows the feel for manipulating the bat to hit the desired location of the baseball. Spun off on a few pitches but the upside is clearly present with Springall who will continue to get better and better. MIF glove that probably can stick at 2nd base at the next level. Long legs help him gain ground quickly and has fluid hips to turn to the angle of the baseball. Showed agile feet that work well underneath him with soft hands. Shorter arm action works with a quick ball out of hand with already present arm strength (up to 88) with carried throws across the diamond. Sees the baseball well with an already high IQ when playing the game. Confidence exudes him and should look to have a huge spring at a really talented Lipscomb team. 

Gunner Skelton SS / RHP / Columbia Academy, TN / 2026

One of my favorite all-around players in the ‘26 class, Skelton is someone that is the definition of consistent and well-rounded. Stocky frame with mass already present on his 5 foot 11 and 185 pound frame. Built from the ground up that already holds his own at shortstop, but is likely moved to 3rd base to allow the glove and bat to work more in tandem. 7.3 sixty doesn’t paint the full picture as he is more athletic than that suggests he is. Moves really quick with acceleration and plays faster than he looks. He will continue to add quality weight as he simultaneously slims down the frame, which should aid him in faster running speed. Paced the entire overall group in bat speed with a ridiculous above average 77.6 mph with his highest swings coming in at 82/83 mph. The guy already has present power/hit combo with a max 98 mph EV to average out at 90 mph for his total BP rounds. Quiet, high handset before showing loose hands with a ton of length in zone and some whip in the barrel. Skelton does an excellent job staying in his back hip forever before firing, and generates consistent leverage. Gap power currently plays up in an all-fields approach, but don’t be surprised for more pop as he matures into his frame and loses some baby fat. Consistently on the barrel with an 85% sweet spot rate shows the realness of the hit tool. Glove is clean in the infield with quick moving legs that move efficiently with the turning of his hips. Gets around the baseball from different sides and controls his body when working to both sides of his starting spot to receive. 88 mph across the diamond with easy flowing of the arm lead me to believe that there is more in there with time. On the mound, he is just as fun watching working in a controlled and aggressive manner down the hill. Fastball sat 86-87 with plenty of life behind it with 2300 RPM’s and almost 20 inches of consistent hop. The CB has late bite with already advanced speed in upper 70’s with a true and consistent shape that will consistently get swing and misses. CH will need more killed spin but gets plenty of arm-side run to be effective. Overall, may have had one of the best all-around showings of the day and currently showed that 26 overall in the state for the 2026 class is just way too low of a ranking for him. 

Brady Fronabarger 1B / LHP / Crockett County, TN / 2026

The ‘26 class Crockett County product comes in in the top 20 for Tennessee with ability with the bat and on the hill. At 5 foot 11 and 195 pounds, he holds a solid built fondation to build the profile on. Steady and already average bat speed at 71.4, Fronabarger has enough traits to profile two-way. Creates easy separation with a shorter knee dominant leg kick back before launching and maintaining connection with his top hand elbow into his back hip through the hitting zone. Present ability to manipulate the barrel, both creating loft to the pull-side and firing line-drives into the gaps. Heavy barrels throughout the round with an average exit velocity of 86 mph and tops of 93 mph. Very hitterish actions overall at the plate for Fronabarger, who is also an athletic mover down the mound from the left-side.

Gavin Schramm SS / 2B / Spring Hill, TN / 2026

Super wiry frame presently at 5 foot 11 and 160 pounds, Schramm is a blend of twitchiness and explosive tendencies that are all over him at the plate, in the field and on the mound. Was closed sub 7 (6.97) this fall, while coming in at Preseason All-State at 7.1 flat in the sixty. 23 mph hands get his swing moving for an average of 70.4 (top 75) that produced hard line drives with some present power in the bat (93 max EV). Still a little raw at the plate but had tools that he should be able to project into as he grows into his frame. Really good moving feet that are quick and coordinated. Can maneuver his body to get to his spot upon receiving, while showing plenty of ability to bend the backside and stay connected at ball release (88 mph) across the infield. May have his highest upside on the mound where he works from a quick off-set hip turn before leg lift that syncs with a quick moving upper half lever and arm. Fastball worked 87-88 mph in the 2100-2200 RPM’s with just a lot of life and carry behind it. 21 inches of average hop to go alongside 11 inches of horizontal movement sets up just a nicely shaped fastball that should be able to rack up plenty of in-zone swing and misses. Shows feel for killing spin with the CH and creating some arm-side run, while the slider comes in more as a dart offering with slower speed. Currently more of a thrower with projectable upside as he gains experience on the mound. The whippiness in the arm is something that stands out immensely and should lead to higher fastball velocities down the line. Would not be surprised to see him sitting 90 mph for an inning or two this spring before settling in around 86-87 mph. 

Aydan Bradley SS / 2B / Davidson Academy , TN / 2026

The ‘26 Davidson Academy prospect came in not previously on my radar but stood out defensively with clean soft hands that gathered the baseball like a vacuum. Present hit tool is noticeable with a short lever stroke that stays long enough through the zone. 90 max EV with an average of 85.7 EV. Arm strength present as he was up to 87 with a smooth short throwing motion that offered plenty of carry on line to first. Should fall right into place and have plenty of opportunities this spring for a reloaded Davidson Academy team. 

William Lee 3B / 1B / Brentwood Academy, TN / 2026

Big bodied Lee comes in to the Preseason All-State slimmed down at 195 pounds packed into his 6 foot 2 frame. He looked to hold more muscle since seeing him this fall and the bat was on full display. 92 max EV with an average of 87.1 EV showed his consistently with manipulating the barrel to make consistent hard contact wherever the ball was located. Looks to lift with some leveraged loft factored into his swing. Should run into his fair share of HR’s and deep doubles this spring. The bat continues to get more refined with athletic enough actions for future pop.

Kyson Barney SS / 2B / Nolensville , TN / 2026

High-waisted at 6 foot 2 and 165 pounds, Barney has the ideal frame to dream on with his body coming into his frame. Holds plenty of future athletic ability as he adds strength and coordination with his actions. Still presently raw at this time but offers projection with a frame to dream on like his brother. Right handed swing topped right at 89 max EV and will need to continue to learn his bat path for consistent hard hitting barrels. Can pull off at times and he leaves some length there in his swing through the hitting zone. I do believe his best days are in front of him and will rise with time. Arm is still developing (82) as well as the glove defensively. Can stay high at times when receiving and shuffles more than he necessarily needs to. Can clean up the footwork with time and as he grows into feeling his body. 

Preston Sumner SS / RHP / Collierville, TN / 2027

A ‘27 class prospect that attends powerhouse Collierville, Sumner comes in with a stronger frame from seeing him this fall. Listed at 5 foot 10 and 160 pounds, Sumner carries some present strength, while still being relatively wiry in the profile. 92 Max EV shows the power output that should steadily climb as he matures into his high school career. Will be tough getting varsity looks this season as Collierville is deep but will have the necessary opportunity to compete as he bakes for the coming seasons. Should be a guy that makes his rounds on the summer circuit and opens eyes with his gamer ability.  

Gaven French SS / RHP / Heritage , TN / 2027

Former Junior Future Game participant this past summer, French was equally impressive in the field and on the mound. A two-way star that currently shines on the court, French offers plenty of athleticism at 5 foot 11 and 160 pounds. He is a guy that will naturally come into his speed as he grows and adds muscle mass. He has major two-way potential as he goes into his high school career as the bat already works from the right side and the glove plays aggressive with soft receiving skills, but may offer the most upside on the mound where the arm works efficiently and effortlessly. Fastball worked in the 84-85 mph range with plenty of carry and feel for spin in the 2100 RPM range. The Slider is already a plus offering for the young slinger with -15 inches of average sweep at 2300 RPM’s. CH already has an advanced feel as well with almost 15 inches of horizontal run at 1400 RPM’s. To see the upside with French on the mound is clearly present. His body works together in a calm manner that times up properly with the arm for whippy layback. French is athletic while still growing into his body. The speed may not be there yet but as he matures and gains more functional strength, the body will work extremely well in whatever he does. Mentally a confident kid that carries himself with firm belief. He is a guy that I am extremely excited to watch develop over the next 4 years and could have a bright future in this game. 

Treyson Derry 1B / LHP / GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, TN / 2027

The lefty hit tool is smooth with some juice packed into it. At 5 foot 7 and 175 pounds, Derry will surely lean out as he grows in height but the foundation is firmly set for the ‘27 class prospect.. 89% on barrel for his total rounds, the swing stays compact with direct connection with his back elbow as it gets cocked and into moving motion. Stays through the baseball pretty well already and showed some future power potential (90 max EV). The swing should continue to get stronger and with a line drive consistent approach, will start back spinning baseballs with more authority. Moves well for his size with athletic traits that will continue to get better as he matures. 

Brayden Jones 2B / Gibbs, TN / 2027

Brayden jumped on my radar at a recent preseason event where he showed athletic ability in the body even as he still gets used to increased height and mass. At 5 foot 11 and 175 pounds, Jones has a very strong foundation to continue to build out his profile. Showed bat speed in the low 70’s mph with already quick hands at 23 mph max. 88 max EV shows the hit tool should continue to develop and will push for a starting role in the middle infield as a freshman at University School of Jackson. May be more polished at this stage on the mound where the arm works really well with the body. Controlled upper moving motion with the leg lift that has a japanese style element to it. Lands over his front side extremely well with synched hips from posteriorly being able to flex his spine for length. Fastball worked 83-85 mph, while showing feel and pitchability with two offspeed offers. The slider holds quality sweep at -9 inches on average. The CH already carries almost 17 inches of average run. The present ability and talent is there with plenty of projectable upside. 

Tristen Lithmexay 2B / RHP / Nolensville, TN / 2027

Smaller statured at 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds but managed to lead the entire overall group in average bat speed at 76.4 mph, while topping over 80 mph multiple times. The athletic ability is also present with a 31 inch vertical and 115 pounds of pressure on his grip. He still has raw tools and could allow his hips to control more of the swing but he showed ability for being on time with impact out in front with the barrel. Leveraged loft with an uphill bat path that can pull off at times versus staying consistently long through the baseball. Will develop a better feel for that as the ‘27 class prospect matures. Still was able to produce 88 max EV, while consistently being in the low 80’s EV average. 

Matthew Schroeffel 3B / RHP / Bearden , TN / 2026

The ‘26 class prospect continues to develop and the profile screams for more future ability coming in physically advanced at 6 foot 2 and 207 pounds. 7.2 runner in the sixty at that weight for being so young is pretty absurd. Rotates really well with 23 G’s of acceleration that goes in tandem with hands that reached 24 mph. Exudes some present barrel control from the right side with improving bat speed. Good use of his lower half and bat path that creates loft easily. Will be conducive to more solid pop as he matures into his frame. Confident footwork in the infield with some good athleticism that plays up moving laterally. Schroeffel will be one to keep an eye on going forward.  

Jacob Adamson SS / 2B / Blackman, TN / 2026

At 5 foot 9 and 160 pounds, Adamson presents with a wiry frame that has a bit of twitch to it at sixty in the 7.1 range. Athletically sound with smooth rotating actions with the bat. Sits in his back hip well and shows developing bat speed in the low 70’s mph. Popped 91 max EV that should creep higher as he gains mass. Still on the weaker side currently but is toolsy with an element of fluidity to his movement patterns. As he grows, look for his potential to directly climb with it as he is a guy to keep an eye out on. 

Jackson Kennedy 3B / 1B / Beech Senior, TN / 2026

Starting with a projectable 5 foot 11 and 193-pound frame, Kennedy impressed in many facets at Preseason All-State. Decent hand speed with present barrel control and developing bat speed (Max 75.9) at the plate allows Kennedy to display impressive exit velocities (top 95) while driving the ball pull-side. Starting to incorporate his lower half, and as the development continues to grow, the potential for substantial raw power is likely. Good flexibility at the waist and soft hands play well in the infield, and has present arm strength to make strong throws across the diamond. 

Jax Sparks SS / RHP / Hardin Valley Academy , TN / 2026

The switch-hitting two-way sophomore comes into this year on the heels of a 4A state tournament win last season and following that up with participating in the Future Games for Tennessee this Summer. Sparks holds a lot of projection in the profile at 6 foot and 190 pounds. Showed some barrel control with a pull-side dominant approach to both sides of the plate. 88 max EV from the right side in a hand heavy swing. Loses connection at times to his lower half and has plenty of more present power in the frame. Smooth moving feet and clean hips make up for any speed deficiency in his game as he moves laterally really well, as well as coming into the baseball. Has a quiet confidence about him that carries over to the mound where he has major upside. Quick moving lower half with high hand break, Sparks fastball has been up to as high as 88 mph but comfortably sat in the 83-85 mph range. Ball gets plenty of carry from a firm over the top angle and will steadily climb as the season draws nearer. CH looks to be his best secondary with 15 ½ inches of average run to armside with 1400 RPMs, down 700-800 RPM’s from his consistent 4-seam fastball. Sparks will be the dude for a Hardin Valley team that lost to rival Farragut in the 4A state championship game and looks to reload with plenty of talent returning off of last year’s squad.


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