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Tennessee Preseason All-State: Quick Hits, Underclass Pitchers

Hunter Martin
TN Scouting Director


GALLATIN, TN - The Tennessee Preseason All-State was held on Saturday, February 10th at Liberty Creek HS in Gallatin, TN. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of players from the 2024-2027 classes from Volunteer state. Players went through an extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman, ran the 60-yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to get numbers and metrics on TrackMan. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing at the event.

Continuing our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look at some of the standouts and top performers from the event.

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Liam Dougherty RHP / 3B / Liberty Creek High School, TN / 2027

Doughety had arguably one of the best days on the mound where he showed extreme shoulder/hip separation, timing with the sequencing with his lower/top halves and really mobile hips that made for an all-around really great showing of the arm and projection that is clearly present with him. At 5 foot 11 and 175 pounds, Dougherty is true to his class, just turning 15 years of age as he goes into his freshman season with attributes in the mechanics and ability that look like he is going into his freshman season in college. The body is athletic with clean feet and feel for working together up the kinetic chain. The FB is electric in every sense of the word carrying easy consistent velocity at 88-91 mph. It’s not just the velo that sticks out with him but the way the ball jumps out of his hand and the life that is carried with it. With feel for spin in the 2300-2500 rpm range and 14 inches of average late-biting horizontal plane movement, there is zero question that he will eat up a lot of guys inside this spring/summer season. The slider is already well advanced for his class with 2900-3000 rpm’s at the mid 70’s. It isn’t a dart either with insane sweep at 18 inches on average. I felt bad for his catcher at PAS, as he probably has never seen pitches with that much life behind it before. He already shows feel for two advanced offerings, and the body will surely continue to develop over the next four seasons. The arm is legit with outliers on the metric chart. If he can stay healthy and consistently get better each season, he looks to be a guy that will no doubt have his choice of power 5 schools to pick from. 

Riley Martin RHP / OF / Smith County, TN / 2027

The 6 foot and 175 ‘27 class prospect showed out well yet again at PAS with free flowing mechanics that timed up well with the arm as it came into his throwing position. The body is built from the ground up and shows projection with an already well established foundation. The FB worked 88-89 mph with feel for the lower half of the strike zone. He gets on top of his pitches really well and already shows flashes of brilliance with the ability to pitch. The slider is firm at 76-81 mph with quality spin in the 2300-2400 rpm range, while presenting more of a dart cutting type of shape with the pitch. He already shows comfortability with command and attacking hitters and should be a major force for Smith County this upcoming season. He is older for his class but there is plenty of excitement with him that should follow him this spring and summer seasons. 

Stephen Bobo OF / LHP / Shelbyville Central, TN / 2027

Bobo brings a level of poise and confidence in his ability that you don’t often see from a 15 year old going into his freshman season. He no doubt will be a major factor on offense and on the mound this upcoming spring season for Shelbyville Central. The 5 foot 9 and 155 southpaw is extremely whippy with coordinated actions down the slope. The arm creates a ton of drag behind the body without being late for an explosive release that doesn’t come across as over-throwing. The FB sat 86-87 with quality life and spin down in the zone. The throws both a CB and SL that do offer some differentiation but can come across as blended shapes. He may look to develop one over the other at this stage but already does show command with both offerings, as well as with the CH where he consistently attacked the zone with late fading action to it at 80 mph. It really is tough to say where he projects long-term as he is a freak athlete with hitting and pitching skills. He is an extremely high follow over the next 4 seasons for both as the body continues to mature.

Colton Baron RHP / OF / Siegel, TN / 2026

‘26 class prospect that had an impressive showing in multiple facets of the event. Listed at 6 foot 1 and 200 pounds with athletic actions and attributes, he is one that should steadily continue to get better in this game. Son of a former professional ballplayer, Baron comes with a mature and confident persona that is clearly present and translates directly into his game. 89 mph arm from the outfield with low line drive darts to home that carried over to the mound in the way he gets over his front side. FB sat 85-87 mph with 2100-2300 RPM’s that fired from a high leveraging angle that carried both hop and run in the zone. CB showed true wipeout shape at 70-72 mph in the 222-2400 rpm range that had both horizontal movement and vertical depth that should rack up strikeouts at the HS level. Changeup still looks to be his best secondary based on ability and metrically at 77-80 mph with killed spin in the 1700 rpm range that had late biting fade at 15 inches on average. Should be a real weapon to both lefties and righties and a pitch he should continue to trust and throw more and more. Showed true pitch cluster differential on pitch shapes and is a really high follow this spring. His stuff has gotten better from the fall, as the body looked considerably stronger with 20 pounds of added weight. He looks to have a bright future with a presence on the bump that will have hitters shaky in the box. 

Cayden King RHP / 1B / Middle TN Christian , TN / 2026

At 6 foot 3 and 195 pounds, King has added measurable weight from last spring and it has directly translated into the velocity. He has an ideal frame currently with plenty of projection remaining out there for him but there is already a lot to like. The FB jumps out of the hand with a heaviness to it that got on top of the plate in a hurry at 86-88 mph and at 2300-2400 rpm’s. The slider also showed really quality late break for 12 inches on average of sweep with hardly any vertical for a true side-swiping shape. The CH is for real with a dancing like presence to it at 80-81 mph and above average horizontal break at 18 inches. He has extremely long arms for an extended release point that he already shows advanced feel with. He got a lot of experience last season as a freshman on varsity and all roads lead to him taking a larger role in the rotation. He is someone that I have a lot of hopes for and cannot wait to get out to see this spring as it could be a really good one for him with a lot of opportunities this summer in front of a lot of eyes. 

Harrison Pollina OF / RHP / Arlington, TN / 2026

Pollina is a very interesting prospect with a wiry frame that already holds a lot of athleticism. At 6 foot 1 and 160 pounds, it is easy to see why I am really high on him on the mound as he projects for a lot of velocity down the line as he feels out his body. There is already a high level of balance and coordination present in the frame that works physically from the ground up as he is lean in the waist with long extremities that creates a really whippy arm action. The ball jumps out of the hand and was evident early on as he was up to 94 mph from the outfield that absolutely scream for more to come as he matures and adds strength. The FB was heavy at 86-88 mph with quality spin in the 2200 rpm range. The Slider will add velocity steadily but was able to work it up to 77 mph with really good spin in the 2300-2500 rpm range and late breaking action. The CH is already advanced as he chokes the heck out of it with late pronation for an insane amount of arm side run at 18 inches on average and killed spin in the 1500 rpm range. This should be used often as it will be a swing and miss offering to both lefties and righties, while also being a pitch he can go to behind in the count for an easy rollover. The ceiling is extremely high with Pollina with the best out in front of him. He is transferring up in competition this season attending Arlington, and should slide into the #2 role immediately. It will be interesting to see him compete in what I believe to be the most talented district in all of Tennessee. He passes the eye test and if he can show his stuff and ability to use it this spring, then this summer will be a really strong one for him as he starts getting more exposure from colleges, and rightfully so. 

Micah Freeman RHP / C / Oakland, TN / 2026

Freeman comes in at 6 foot 1 and 160 pounds for an extremely wiry frame that will add a considerable amount of strength over the next few years, but there is already so much to like in the profile. The body works fluidly with athletic levers that seem to be consistently on time with one another without trying to be max effort. It's an easy repeatable delivery that should be able to hold velocity deep into outings. He already shows feel for his release point out of hand with a late explosive push-off down the mound. The ball jumps out of his hand effortlessly 86-88 mph and was all over the strike-zone working the lower and outer quadrants over and over again, which is always going to grab attention. The spin is there at 2200 rpm’s with 15/15 inches of average vertical and horizontal break for a wonderful pitch shape that will generate a lot of in zone misses and weak contact. He is someone that is going to be able to throw extremely hard down the line and must not lose his elastic ability in the hips as he adds muscle mass. The hip turnover is apparent and decelerates really well as he braces with his plant leg. His shoulders stay stacked over his feet and he doesn’t get erratic at all with the pitching delivery. The breaking-ball still needs some work but that should come in time. The CH already shows really quality arm-side run and ability to command for an already above average 2 pitch mix going into his sophomore season for an Oakland team that looks revamped on all accounts. If he can throw strikes the way he did at PAS, District 8 will have their hands full with him. He should generate a lot of K’s this season, and being the 2/3 guy in the rotation should aid him in stacking wins under his pitching record. He is a really high follow with continued velocity to come, with a quiet confidence that exuberates from him on the mound. 

Gavin Schramm SS / 2B / Spring Hill, TN / 2026

Schramm comes in with a super wiry frame at 5 foot 11 and 160 pounds. The body works quick with a whippy arm that hides well behind the body for an explosive release. He primarily plays shortstop when not pitching, which ultimately aids with his balance and footwork. The fastball worked consistently at 87-88 mph with an extreme level of hoppiness with it at 21 inches on average to go alongside 11 inches of run. The breaking-ball is still a work in progress as it's very raw currently but he does make up for it with firmness associated with it. The CH was his best secondary at 82-84 mph with late arm-side run at 13 inches on average and feel for locating it in the strike zone. He's an athletic kid and should be a major force on the bump and in the box for Spring Hill this upcoming season. I like him at shortstop where he works well through the baseball with clean footwork and an elastic arm. He may just be scratching the surface of how good he could be, especially on the mound where he may have his most upside.  

Garrett Cyphers RHP / C / Brentwood Academy, TN / 2026

High waisted with long arms that comes in lean and wirey, while still holding quality projection to continually add mass/strength in the profile. The arm worked well with repeatable actions and timing with his up/down/out mechanisms. The fastball was firm at 83-85 mph, while still lacking some consistent spin associated with it, which should continue to come with time. He was consistently around the zone with the heater without overthrowing as he remained methodical and calm in his sequencing of his release. The CB showed late bite at 74-76 mph with quality shape that showed both downward vertical and horizontal break for a quality shape with consistently for his release point landing it in the lower 3rd of the zone. The CH showed speed differential at 77 mph, while lacking apparent run with it. One thing that really stood out with Cyphers is the ability to locate in the zone with all of his pitches. Throwing strikes can always be developed, but when a young kid that is going into his sophomore year already shows feel for being around the zone with everything, it will help him as he develops his stuff naturally. He should be a good one that still doesn’t quite know how good he can eventually be. Expect big things for him this spring season at Brentwood Academy that should lead him into a big summer.  

Ryan Edwards SS / RHP / Webb School, TN / 2026

Edwards comes in with a compact athletic build with long arms and present lower body strength that will continue to fill out as he matures but the floor has been established for him and had a great showing at PAS.The fastball was heavy at 83-87 with quality arm-side run at 15 inches on average. He should be able to eat a lot of hitters up inside with that offering and must not be scared to pitch inside. The CB was a very effective offering for him, although lacking current speed that surely will come as he adds strength, but the projectable ability is clearly there. Currently sitting at 68-69 mph, it showed quality spin in the 2500 rpm range to go alongside insane sweep at 20 inches on average. Not only that, he contained a good deal of vertical drop at almost 8 inches on average for a really great shaped pitch. This will be something he goes to the well often on, and for good reason as it will miss a lot of barrels and bats. The body worked well and should continue to feel out and expect a lot of things for him over the next three seasons at a really improved Webb program.  

Gunner Skelton SS / RHP / Columbia Academy, TN / 2026

Another kid that just had an all-around amazing showing in multiple facets and was extremely impressive on the mound. The FB worked 86-87 mph with heavy carry at 19 inches on average and 2300 rpm’s. He also already shows feel for his offspeed that maintained different shapes with the same arm tunneling. The CB worked 74-80 mph with heavy downward action at 8 inches of average vertical drop to go alongside 8 inches of sweep for a quality 1/7 pitch shape that should get a lot of strikeouts this upcoming season. The CH was also a real weapon dropping off the table and carrying ridiculous run at 17 inches on average. It is too early to tell where he may land in his future as he offers a lot of projection with the bat and with the ball in his hand. If he can continue to develop, he should have no shortage of suitors looking for his signature.  

Porter Murff LHP / 1B / Clarksville, TN / 2026

Very long with a presently lean build. He already moves well down the mound with efficiency and late turnover with his hips that fired fiercely. The arm immediately jumps out as he sat 86-88 mph with downward trajectory from the arm slot. The FB shape is already beautiful with 19 inches of average vertical to go with 12 inches of horizontal run for an extremely boaring fastball shape that should offer a ton of in-zone misses. He also already is showing an advanced power CB at 78-80 mph with 9 inches of average vertical drop that should rack up K’s at a very high clip, while the CH showed advanced movement patterns with 17 inches of horizontal run at 81-83 mph. He had a really standout day and continues to make a solid case for himself. He looks to be a guy that will gradually transition into the #1/2 this season for a stacked Clarksville team looking to get back to the state tournament. He offers a lot of upside with plenty of projection and if he can continue to throw strikes and get ahead, will gardner a lot of attention. 

Joey Ansell LHP / 1B / Brentwood Academy , TN / 2026

Ansell came onto the scene this summer attending our Knoxville Top-Prospects event in Knoxville where he was someone that definitely caught our attention and continued that into the fall at our PBR scout day. The ‘26 LHP standing at 6 foot 5 and 195 pounds comes with a very projectable frame that continues to develop and has added serious muscle to his profile.. Really impressed with his fastball that sat 85-86 mph, topping 87 mph that showed some inconsistency with release point and is still in the middle currently between a true 4-seam and 2-seam action carry. However, this makes him that much more exciting as he presents a high strikeout potential with that pitch as it develops. Slider showed sweeping action and will be better as he learns his release point and pronation with that offering.. Changeup looks to be the better secondary offering with quality depth and swing and miss potential to righties. Has a big season in store for him as he will be a major weapon on the bump for a talented Brentwood Academy team looking to make a deep postseason run. 

Jax Sparks SS / RHP / Hardin Valley Academy , TN / 2026

The former PBR future game participant this past summer had another strong showing with the stuff and usage. The fastball was down from where we have seen him in the past but surely isn’t something to harp on as he will get stronger as the season progresses and mentally has already shown he can handle pressure situations in big time games where he has excelled at. He attacked the zone consistently with all of his pitches from a quick moving body that generates quality force from the ground up. He already has present spin to the fastball and breaking ball, while showcasing effectiveness with the CH that he should look to raise its usage total this season. He performed well in the state tournament a season ago as a freshman, while also beating powerhouse Farragut on the hill. Expect another great season in 2024 for a Hardin Valley team looking to get back to the state tournament.  

Treyson Derry 1B / LHP / GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, TN / 2027

Derry comes in with a smaller compact frame that is still growing as he goes into his first season at the high school level and looking to be an immediate impact player. The body will continue to get stronger and will continue to grow as he matures but there is currently a lot to like from the freshman who sat 80-84 from the left side with effortless mechanics with a smooth 3/4 arm path. He already shows feel for locating in the strike-zone with all of his pitches and contains a lot of projection from the left-side. 

Jack Lauer OF / RHP / Ravenwood, TN / 2027

This is just a really talented kid that should step in right away on varsity as he goes into his freshman season. He is still very far from a finished product and contains some rawness in the delivery but the fastball works and plays harder than the 80-83 mph he sat at with an insane amount of vertical carry at 23 inches on average with hardly any run. If he can command the upper half with this pitch, he will have hitters consistently swinging under it and coming back to the dugout confused on how the kept missing it. The CB already shows great spin in the 2500-2600 rpm range with 16-17 inches on average of vertical drop at 70-71 mph for a very effective offering and something you don’t see a lot of, especially freshman in high school that haven’t event competed in their first game yet. Expect to get the bulk of his early innings on JV but I believe that if he can show that he can throw strikes consistently, should be doing double duty on varsity as a freshman this upcoming season for a revamped Ravenwood team. 

Jay Insani C / RHP / Rockvale , TN / 2027

Another extremely talented freshman looking to get his first taste of high school baseball. Insani comes in with present build in the lower half and should get immediate playing time on varsity this season behind the plate and on the mound for Rockvale. The FB is firm with present boar at 83-85 mph that also comes with heavy carry 21 inches of average vertical. Not only that, the FB showed late run that will eat hitters up with its present shape. He already has command of the FB without looking to do too much. The secondary offerings are still in development and really the only thing you can say is behind when compared to the fastball. If he can consistently locate, Rockvale may have found themselves a stud for this season and the next 3 after. He is a good one and worthy of getting a lot of looks his way as he matures over the next couple of seasons. 

Braydin Jones SS/RHP / Univ. School of Jackson, TN / 2027

2027 uncommitted prospect that comes in at 6 foot and 175 pounds that already offers present athleticism and strength with good moving levers and smooth actions. He is someone that I got my first look at during our Knoxville Preseason ID and was fortunate enough that he gave me another look at him as I really liked him on the mound. Fastball sat harder this time at 83-85 mph with better life that carried both hop and run. The slider also showed increased sweep with late biting action. CH showed killed spin in the 1200 range, while also showing a true pull the string action at 9 inches of horizontal and virtually zero vertical. That pitch could be a major weapon of his for years to come. Overall, he was consistently in the zone and was able to throw strikes with everything. His body movements on the mound were almost Japanese like in terms of mechanics, where he gracefully strides down the mound in a controlled and slower manner with pause. Plays shortstop when not pitching, which is always a great thing and is a high follow over the next four seasons going into his freshman season at University School of Jackson.  

Cooper Daniel SS / RHP / Christ Presbyterian Academy, TN / 2027

Daniel comes into his freshman season at 5 foot 8 and 145 pounds with a long and lanky frame that is still growing. He was a standout this past summer at PBR Junior Future Games and already shows athletic movements at the plate and on the mound. He has a lower 3/4 arm slot that hides the ball well for a late ball out of hand release. The FB is already strong in the 81-84 mph range with quality run associated with it and feel for landing it in the strike zone consistently. The CH already shows tunneling action off the fastball with same arm speed and intent and will generate a lot of swing and misses, while also being an effective offering to start hitters out with. Going into his freshman season, CPA is once again loaded with talent but young on the mound, which presents a unique opportunity for him to get varsity innings this spring. Mentally he is already mature enough to handle it and holds a bright future with plenty of projection in the profile.  

Lane Estes RHP / 3B / Chester County, TN / 2027

Estes was dominant this past summer at the PBR Junior Future Games and comes from a baseball background where his dad coaches at Freed-Hardeman. He already shows a lot of maturity and poise on the mound with consistently throwing strikes. He was someone that I liked early on this summer and that has only continued to grow as PAS was no exception. The young freshman sat 80-84 with almost a 90% strike-throwing percentage for his showing. Again, that is something this day in age of baseball, you don’t see a whole lot of, especially from a guy that hasn’t even thrown in his first high school inning. Estes repeated his delivery with a level of fluidness. He doesn’t try to do too much and he allows the arm to work for him. He creates a ton of shoulder hip separation with neutral shoulder positioning that allows him to repeat his release point on all his pitches. The CB lacked some sweep that was apparent this summer, but he did gain additional vertical drop on the breaker, while carrying extra velocity on the offering at 74 mph. He should step in right away for Chester County behind his brother on the mound and will be a big follow over the next four seasons as the body matures and gains strength. 

Matthew Schroeffel 3B / RHP / Bearden , TN / 2026

The young sophomore comes in with an Imposing athletic frame with wide shoulders and developed lower half at 6 foot 2 and 210 pounds. The arm speed is clearly there already as he was up to 89 mph across the infield in the defensive portion of PAS. The feet work and he already has a great understanding of balance in the body that was evident as he drove down the mound with fluid actions that worked well with the arm action. The FB sat 82-85 but it is easy to see that he has so much more in there and should add easy velocity as he slims out during the maturing process. He already shows feel for spin evident by the 2200-2300 rpm’s on the heater while also showing advanced feel for killing said spin on the CH at 1600 rpm’s. The secondary offerings showed really well, especially in the lower 3rd of the plate. Both his SL and CH contain well above average horizontal plane movement and ability to throw stikes. He should be a major weapon the mound this season for Beardan, and as he continues to learn how to use his momentum down the slope, the FB velocity will steadily uptick. 

Colie Reynolds RHP / Clarksville, TN / 2026

Clarksville should be a major problem for years to come with the depth of high pitching that they will possess. Reynolds comes in with an Imposing frame that is well developed, strong levers with room for continued added strength. The FB sat 84-85 mph with incredible carry at just over 21 inches of average vertical. That 84-85 is already playing like 87-88 when he spins it efficiently. He comes with a high 3/4 arm slot that really works down and gets on top of hitters. The CB also carries present sweeping action with downward vertical drop that he fired into the zone in the low 70’s. If he can learn to locate that for strikes in the bottom half, he will be really hard to barrel up consistently. He will intimidate a lot of hitters in the box and as he learns to attack in, that should only grow. He has a strong foundation set for himself in the profile, and I truly believe that there is already more in the tank presently available to him with the velocity. Look for that to climb even more as he rounds out the 3 man rotation this season for a loaded Clarksville team that should have all of their eyes set on getting back to the state tournament.  

Jacob Martin RHP / OF / University School of Jackson, TN / 2027

2027 uncommitted prospect that comes in at 5 foot 10 and 170 pounds that already offers present athleticism and strength with good moving levers and smooth actions. He is someone that I really like the mound where he stood out from a projectional standpoint. Fastball sat right at 83-85 mph with decent life that carried some bore to the baseball and established spin (2200-2500). CB showed feel for spin at 2500 with more vertical and horizontal break than his previous showing. CH showed increased killed spin in the 1200 range and can stay on that pitch longer with more HM but still came in around 12 inches on average. Overall, he was consistently in the zone and was able to throw strikes with everything. His body movements on the mound are calm and methodical in terms of mechanics, where he gracefully strides down the mound in a controlled manner. Will need to increase spin rate on all his pitches but the ability is clearly there and comes from an athletic background playing shortstop.


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