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Houston Fall ID: Quick Hits

TEXAS - October 22, the PBR Texas Staff hosted the Houston Fall ID at Rice University. The day started off by the players running a 60, then throwing from their defensive positions, followed by each player a round of batting practice. Following BP, Pitchers threw bullpens, where TrackMan data was recorded. Today, we take a look at some of the standouts from the day


Kade Dobbs LHP / 1B / Angleton, TX / 2025

Dobbs is a Jr. LHP from Angleton that looked really sharp in his bullpen at Rice. He has a low effort delivery that he repeats well. He has a 4 pitch mix that he commanded well led by his fastball. He showed the ability to throw it to all 4 quadrants of the zone with good command. He also threw two different breaking balls, a slower curveball in the low 70’s with good depth.  He also threw a slider in the upper 70’s with a late, short horizontal break. A great pitch to induce early contact or get back in the count. He flashed a good changeup as well, throwing it with the same arm speed as his fastball.  Dobbs topped out at 84.5, but with some added strength and added intent, Dobbs could see a big jump in his velo.

Mark Hicks RHP / 1B / Glenda Dawson, TX / 2026

Hicks is a sophomore from Pearland Dawson who had a good day and stood out during his bullpen. He showed good arm speed with a fastball that topped out at 83, but has more in the tank. He has a longer arm swing out of the glove that can cause him to be late, but as he tightens that up, his command and his velo will improve. He showed good shape on the breaking ball that showed some depth when he got it out front.  He rounded out his arsenal with a changeup that showed promise.  Threw it with conviction and good arm speed, killing the spin on the pitch.



Gavin Harmse C / OF / Lumberton, TX / 2025

Harmse showed well on Sunday at Rice. The catcher from Lumberton showed well on both sides of the ball. Behind the plate, Harmse is a good receiver, with strong wrists and minimal body effort while receiving. He has a strong arm that allowed him to consistently be < 2.1 on  his pop times. He also showed his arm strength off by throwing 89 mph from the OF. At the plate, Harmse showed off some pull side power and barreled multiple balls that were north of 95 mph on his exit velocity. He keeps his barrel in the zone for a long time, giving him the ability to impact the baseball to all parts of the field.  Overall, a really good day for Harmse.

Ayden Sunday OF / RHP / Nederland, TX / 2025

The Jr. outfielder from Nederland showed off a well rounded tool set at Rice this past weekend. Sunday started his day by running a 6.98 60 showing good athleticism. His arm topped out at 85 mph from the OF with good carry and accuracy. At the plate, Sunday had a very consistent round of BP showing his ability to spray line drives all over the field, but also turning on a few showing his power potential. He has good rhythm in the box, with a consistent load that creates some separation and allows him to generate good bat speed. Overall, a really good day for Sunday.

JJ Hawthorne C / 1B / Clear Creek , TX / 2025

Hawthorne is a Jr. from Clear Creek who showed potential to be a offensive minded catcher who can eliminate a running game. Hawthorne showed a strong arm topping out at 78 mph from behind the plate with a pop time best of 2.06. As he continues to work on his craft back there, that number will continue to go down. At the plate, Hawthorne showed a lot of potential. His blast numbers were impressive across the board. He showed good bat speed, elite rotational acceleration, and had the best on plane efficiency avg. on the day. All of that produced a max exit velo of 93.1 with more to come.  As he continues to gain strength, that number will continue to rise. 

James “Will” McKinzie SS / C / MONTGOMERY H S, TX / 2025

James is a Jr. from Montgomery HS who can play multiple positions and showed some tools at the plate. His arm really stood out during the defensive portion of the workout. He threw 86 mph from the OF and 84 on the infield. He showed good actions on the infield where he projects best as a 3rd or 2nd baseman.  At the plate, he starts with a slightly open stance and does a good job of loading up on his backside and letting the barrel fly. His blast numbers showed + bat speed and rotational acceleration that should help his Exit Velocity numbers continue to rise.  Overall, a really good day for Mckinzie.

Jackson Pullen SS / 3B / Lumberton, TX / 2025

Pullen is another Jr. from Lumberton. He plays on the left side of the infield, and showed well throughout the day. He is a good athlete, with plenty of arm to handle the left side of the infield. He moves well laterally and did a good job of coming in on the ball.  At the plate, Pullen does a good job of repeating his swing. He sprayed line drives all over the field showing his ability to handle the bat. He has good barrel control and profiles at the top of the order. Pullen still has a lot of strength to gain, and his stock will continue to rise. 

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