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Houston Preseason ID: Pitching Scouting Reports

PBR Texas Staff

TEXAS - On January 14th, we wrapped up our 2024 Preseason with the Houston Preseason ID at Rice University. The day started off by the players running a 60, then throwing from their defensive positions, followed by each player a round of batting practice. Following BP, Pitchers threw bullpens, where TrackMan data was recorded. Today, we take a look at the scouting reports from all pitchers at the event.




Read on below for a look at all of the players from the event, with the Top prospects ranked.


Braxton Beaty LHP / OF / Angleton, TX / 2026

Positional Profile: LHP/OF Beaty is entering his sophomore year after an impressive first year of high school ball. As he has transitioned and focused in on becoming a pitcher only, his numbers have begun to make some very noticable jumps.
Body: 5-10, 153-pounds.
Delivery: Comfortable out of the windup, slightly staggered stance. Clean and effective 3/4 delivery. Stays connected while not wasting any energy throughout delivery.
Arm Action: LH. Really solid arm action, uses lower half well to compliment his loose and natural throwing motion.
FB: T90, 89-90 mph. Firm and consistent, plays up and in on a righty hitter. T2243, 2127 average rpm.
CB: 75-76 mph. Solid spin rate, good overall shape. Plays almost like a slurve. T2584, 2523 average rpm.
SL: 77-77 mph. One of his best pitches, sharp and late break out of the zone. T2645, 2602 average rpm.
CH: 81-81 mph. Great pitch to mix in with the fastball to catch aggressive hitter out front. Drops out of zone. T1960, 1947 average rpm.



Bryce Krenek LHP / 1B / Katy Taylor, TX / 2026

Positional Profile: LHP/1B Krenek is a PO with a physcial frame and some impressive numbers. He has a solid three pitch command that colleges will love to see, and continue to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.
Body: 6-2, 213-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 delivery, starts from windup with staggered stance. Subtle leg kick with great extension at foot strike.
Arm Action: LH. Very clean and efficient delivery. Smooth and natural release. Looks very comfortable with all three pitches.
FB: T88, 86-87 mph. Firm, flies out of hand freely. Some natural lefty tail. T2084, 1963 average rpm.
SL: 76-77 mph. Late breaker, hard for hitters to read out of the hand. T2177, 2099 average rpm.
CH: 77-80 mph. Good vertical fall off out of the zone. T1720, 1655 average rpm.
SPLT: 77-78 mph. Nasty pitch, works down and in on righty's.



Owen Horrell RHP / A&M Consolidated , TX / 2026

Positional Profile: RHP Horrell is a physcially appealing sophomore that will be a key piece for his high school team this Spring. His frame and consistency has developed singificantly this past off season and should be an exciting guy to watch.
Body: 6-1, 190-pounds.
Delivery: OTT release, engages lower half well to create power. Big leg kick with aggressive follow through.
Arm Action: RH. OTT delivery which plays nicely off of his offspeed pitches.
FB: T86, 85-86 mph. Very consistent, can spot it up where he wants to. T2050, 1989 average rpm.
SL: 72-74 mph. Sweeping pitch, will play well mixing up the hitters eye level. T1978, 1948 average rpm.
CH: 74-77 mph. Good late fall off, comfortable with this pitch. T1867, 1793 average rpm.



Aiden Sanchez OF / LHP / J. Frank Dobie, TX / 2025

Positional Profile: OF/LHP Sanchez is a two-way switch hitting junior with huge upside enetering his junior season. His arm strength continues to improve and is beginning to generate some power at the plate.
Body: 6-3, 200-pounds.
Delivery: High 3/4 release, keeps chest up throwing over front foot. Very fluent mechanics.
Arm Action: LH. Natural arm motion, arm at good spot at front foot strike.
FB: T84, 81-83 mph. Good IVB, rising fastball up in the zone. T2177, 2113 average rpm.
CB: 65-70 mph. Good shape, drops out of zone well. T2078, 1960 average rpm.
SL: 73-75 mph. Effective if located, needs to finish the pitch to get more break. T2025, 1979 average rpm.
CH: 76-78 mph. Consistent, good pitch to mix up the hitters. T2129, 1876 average rpm.
SPLT: 73-74 mph. Solid movement. Good option to have to keep hitters guessing.
ATH: 6.99 runner in the 60. 1.67 and 3.90 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 32.30 max vertical.



Caden Cooper RHP / Stratford, TX / 2025

Positional Profile: RHP Cooper is a tall and lengthy RHP that uses every inch of his frame to generate power and efficiency. As he continues to put on size and strengthen his arm, he is one to follow.
Body: 6-4, 174-pounds.
Delivery: Works from the stretch, starts with hands at his hips. High 3/4 release, big stride. Back knee almost scrapes the ground.
Arm Action: RH. Arm motion is loose and effective, good release point in sync with front foot contact allowing the lower half to come through.
FB: T85, 82-84 mph. Pretty consistent, likes to locate down in the zone. T2247, 2153 average rpm.
CB: 71-73 mph. Good overall shape, early break. Make sure to finish over front foot. T2555, 2499 average rpm.
SL: 73-76 mph. Plays similiar to CB with a little more horizontal movement. T2526, 2497 average rpm.
CH: 76-77 mph. Not super comfortable with it yet, but will be effective playing off his FB. T1916, 1865 average rpm.




Jonathan Brooks C / RHP / Jordan, TX / 2025

Positional Profile: C/RHP Brooks is an all around athlete playing just about anywhere in the field including on the bump and behind the dish. He will be a solid guy to have as a utility player this Spring as he looks to find the position in which he thrives the most.
Body: 6-3, 193-pounds.
Delivery: Clean delivery, 3/4 release with good fundamentals.
Arm Action: RH. Smooth and free arm path. Reaches good extension.
FB: T80, 78-79 mph. Has some natrual movement, consistency will come with practice. T2018, 1883 average rpm.
CB: 69-71 mph. Good overall shape, solid spin rate. T2375, 2181 average rpm.
SL: 70-71 mph. Late movement, useful pitch if able to locate. T2605, 2587 average rpm.
CH: 76-78 mph. Plays well off the FB, decent command. T1718, 1605 average rpm.
ATH: 8.16 runner in the 60. 1.99 and 4.55 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 21.60 max vertical.



Coen Devillier RHP / C / Jacksonville, TX / 2024

Positional Profile: RHP/C Devillier is approaching his last high school season as he prepapres to take his talents to Catholic University in D.C. He has a strong build with a solid three pitch command. He will be a guy to keep an eye on this Spring.
Body: 6-1, 194-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 delivery from the windup, wider starting stance. Kicks front foot leg out during delivery. Big leg kick crossing back over the rubber to fully engage the hips.
Arm Action: RH. Consistent arm path. Reaches full extension early which creates a natural flow.
FB: T85, 84-85 mph. Looks good mechanically, just needs work on consistency pounding the zone T2175, 2115 average rpm.
SL: 74-74 mph. Sharp break about midway through pitch. Hard for hittersto track. T2400, 2337 average rpm.
CH: 79-81 mph. Consistent pitch. Good pitch to have when FB isn't working. T2029, 1899 average rpm.



Cameron Ertan RHP / OF / Second Baptist, TX / 2025

Positional Profile: RHP/OF Ertan is a consistent two-way player showing good upside on both sides of the ball. He has a solid frame to be successful as he continues to work hard and fill out as a potential collegiate athlete.
Body: 6-2, 146-pounds.
Delivery: OTT delivery, uses lower half well as the arm follows.
Arm Action: RH. Arm path is solid, throwing motion is fast and aggressive.
FB: T82, 78-82 mph. Solid IVB playing like more of a rising FB. T1980, 1869 average rpm.
CB: 68-70 mph. Plays well off the elevated FB, 12-6 break. T1738, 1632 average rpm.
SL: 74-74 mph. Not super comfortable with it yet, but good pitch to have when consistent. T1930, 1930 average rpm.
ATH: 7.39 runner in the 60. 28.10 max vertical.



Diego Gonzalez LHP / 1B / Ross S. Sterling , TX / 2025

Positional Profile: LHP/1B Gonzalez is beginning to show some strength at the plate proving the work he put in this past offseason is paying off. As he gains more consistency he will have some intriguing XBH potential as well as a solid lefty arm to look for on the mound.
Body: 6-0, 217-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 lefty delivery, works from windup. Big stride with solid mechanics.
Arm Action: LH. Arm motion is free and natural, gets to spot easily.
FB: T79, 77-78 mph. Good IVB playing like a rising FB. T2044, 1926 average rpm.
CB: 61-64 mph. Good shape, singificant velo drop off will catch hitters out front. T1913, 1905 average rpm.
SL: 66-68 mph. Late breaker, plays well with the CB. T2135, 2089 average rpm.
CH: 71-73 mph. Has some natrual movement down and away from righty hitters. T1772, 1665 average rpm.
ATH: 7.95 runner in the 60. 19.30 max vertical.



Josh Hillman RHP / OF / Trinity Classical School, TX / 2025

Positional Profile: RHP Hillman is a pitcher only that maintains a calm presence about himself that you don't see often at this level. He is calm, cool and collected with great mechanics and execution.
Body: 6-2, 167-pounds.
Delivery: High 3/4 delivery out of the stretch. Front foot slightly turned in, big leg kick. Stays tall throughout delivery with big push off the rubber.
Arm Action: RH. Arm path is clean and effective throughout. Gets to spot well at foot strike.
FB: T85, 83-85 mph. Solid characteristics, pretty firm with little movement. T2013, 1934 average rpm.
CB: 68-69 mph. Solid shape, works like a 12-6. Consistency will come as he becomes more comfortable with it. T2185, 2140 average rpm.
CH: 74-76 mph. Will be useful against aggressive hitters. Good velo dropoff from FB. T1073, 972 average rpm.
CUT: 80-80 mph. Runs in on the hands of a righty. Very effective if used properly.



Henry Hogan LHP / 1B / St. John's School, TX / 2027

Positional Profile: LHP/1B Hogan is a tall and lengthy freshman showing some great potential already. As he continues to put on size and strength to fill out his frame, he will likely become a guy worth following for the duration of his high school career.
Body: 6-0, 128-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 release, clean delivery. Will become more connected and powerful as he fills out his frame.
Arm Action: LH. Uses a lot of arm, incorprate lower half more to generate power.
FB: T77, 72-75 mph. Pretty firm,velo will come with size and strength. T1612, 1510 average rpm.
CB: 59-60 mph. Good characteristics, consistency and spin rate will come with expereince. T1661, 1589 average rpm.
SL: 62-62 mph. Has some decent break.Once dialed in, will be effective from the left side. T1769, 1694 average rpm.
CH: 61-62 mph. Good pitch to continue working on to become more comfortable with. T1117, 1082 average rpm.



Colson Istre 1B / LHP / Lake Creek, TX / 2027

Positional Profile: 1B/LHP Istre is a freshman two-way lefty with some impressive numbers from the plate and some solid potential as he continues to become comfortable on the mound.
Body: 6-2, 225-pounds.
Delivery: OTT delivery, calm and collected. Stays within himself.
Arm Action: LH. Clean and smooth arm motion in and out of the glove.
FB: T78, 72-76 mph. FB plays up in the zone, good characteistics. T1710, 1614 average rpm.
CB: 63-66 mph. Consistent breaking ball with solid 12-6 movement. T2087, 1976 average rpm.
ATH: 7.90 runner in the 60. 1.87 and 4.36 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 22.20 max vertical.



Cameron Kern OF / OF / Clear Falls, TX / 2026

Positional Profile: RHP/OF Kern is an incoming sophomore with a good build showing the ability to drive the baseball consistently as well as having a solid arm from the field.
Body: 6-0, 186-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 delivery, gets lower half around early.
Arm Action: RH. Clean and efficient arm path, Gets to spot effectively.
FB: T80, 76-79 mph. Firm and mostly flat. T2108, 1959 average rpm.
CB: 65-67 mph. Good shape and consistently in the zone. T2136, 2107 average rpm.
CH: 73-75 mph. Comfortable with this pitch, good location and plays well off the flatter FB. T1872, 1801 average rpm.
ATH: 7.12 runner in the 60. 1.76 and 4.01 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 28.10 max vertical.



Grant Shepherd LHP / OF / Pearland , TX / 2026

Positional Profile: LHP/OF Shepherd is a high IQ two-way sophomore proving his worth with intriguing velo from the left side, solid power numbers at the plate all while seeing the game really well.
Body: 6-0, 168-pounds.
Delivery: 3/4 release, fundamentally sound mechanics. Fluent and consistent.
Arm Action: LH. Clean and effective, flies out of hand freely.
FB: T84, 82-84 mph. Rising FB, plays up in the zone. T2109, 2035 average rpm.
CB: 66-68 mph. Consistent pitch, nasty break. Plays well off the elevated FB. T1982, 1888 average rpm.
CH: 71-74 mph. Plays well against more aggresive hitters or when CB isn't working well. T1400, 1285 average rpm.
ATH: 7.25 runner in the 60. 1.77 and 4.03 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 28.50 max vertical.



Jack Stanger 1B / 3B / St. John's, TX / 2026

Positional Profile: 1B/3B Stanger has all of the visual characteristics you could ask for showing the work he put in this past offseason. He will be a fun guy to a watch both swinging the stick and on the bump as he conintues to find consistency with a three pitch command.
Body: 6-0, 204-pounds.
Delivery: Clean and effective delivery, stays tall thorughout delivery.
Arm Action: RH. Natural arm motion, free release with solid arm action.
FB: T82, 78-80 mph. Firm witih good characteristics. Not super consistent but that will come as he becomes more comfortable. T1949, 1843 average rpm.
CB: 68-69 mph. Good shape, needs to finish the pitch out front to get more break. T1828, 1741 average rpm.
CH: 70-71 mph. Very consistent, plays well when FB consistency is struggling. T1482, 1408 average rpm.
ATH: 7.53 runner in the 60. 1.84 and 4.16 in the 10 and 30 yard splits. 23.30 max vertical.




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