Prep Baseball Report

USA Prime Scout Day: Quick Hits

Brandon Gowins
Texas Scouting Director

TEXAS - October 15, the PBR Texas Staff hosted the USA Prime Scout Day at Abilene Christian University The day started off by the players running a 60, then throwing from their defensive positions, followed by each player a round of batting practice. Following BP, Pitchers threw bullpens, where TrackMan data was recorded. Today, we take a look at some of the standouts from the day


James Raecek C / OF / Plano West , TX / 2024

The catcher from Plano West started his day by  running an impressive 6.73 60, showing good athleticism for a backstop.  He can also catch and throw, as he was 1.99 on his best throw to second. He is a good receiver as well.  At the plate, Raecek hit multiple balls in the mid 90’s and showed some pull side power.  There isn’t any wasted motion in the swing allowing him to stay on balance and consistently get off good swings. Raecek plays with good energy and could also play some OF as well. He is going to be a good find for a program looking for a Catcher.

Miles Koon 1B / 3B / Argyle, TX / 2024

Koon took the most impressive round of BP on Sunday. The Sr. 1st baseman from Argyle hit multiple balls north of 100 mph. He is a RHH who starts wide with minimal movement and does a good job of creating separation once the swing starts. He has some loft in the swing, allowing him to launch multiple balls over the fence.  He showed the ability to drive it to the big part of the field as well. There is a lot to like in this uncommitted Senior.

Brady Moore OF / RHP / MARCUS H S, TX / 2026

One of the best overall performances on the day belonged to Moore. The talented sophomore from powerhouse FM Marcus, ran the best 60 of the day at 6.72, giving him a chance to stick in CF.  He showed a quality arm from the OF as well, topping out at 82.  In the box, Moore showed good bat speed from the right side. He maxed out at 94.8 mph on his Exit velocity, and drove the ball with authority to the pull side.  On the bump, Moore showed a fastball that topped out at 83.  He threw a quality changeup that showed good ASR. Overall, a really good day for the talented sophomore.

Stoney Cooley C / 2B / Jim Ned , TX / 2026

 The sophomore backstop from Abilene continues to look good each time we see him.  His pop time was 2.04-2.07, and the throws were on the bag each time. He moves well behind the plate and as the arm continues to get stronger, he will be able to shut down the running game. At the plate, Cooley has a line drive approach and is at his best when he stays in the big part of the field. Cooley does everything well on the field, as he continues to gain strength he will continue to take off.

Bryson Buckert OF / RHP / Argyle, TX / 2026

The sophomore righty from Argyle was throwing a nice pen, and then he threw his first breaking ball and it registered over 3,000 rpm’s and got everyone’s attention. It has real depth and throws it with some power at 75-77 mph. His fastball topped at 82 mph, and there was a lot of ease in his delivery.  It is a projectable frame and easy to dream on what the velo could become. There are some easy delivery tweaks that should also help the velocity jump.

Nixon Tooley 3B / RHP / Argyle, TX / 2026

Tooley was another ‘26 arm that stood out on Sunday.  The 6 '1 RHP from Argyle has a loose arm that saw him top out at 83 mph. There is plenty to dream on with the frame and hand speed. As he continues to evolve his mechanics and gets in his legs more, I could see the velo taking a big jump. He also had aptitude for spin, showing good depth on the breaking ball. He is another talented member of the 2026 at Argyle.

Daniel Wroblewski / N/A, TX / 2027

One of the younger players at the event, Wroblewski had a really strong day. He ran an impressive 6.99 60 showing good speed and athleticism. He has a solid arm that will allow to play center for the foreseeable future. The arm strength also really shows up on the mound where he topped out at 81.2 mph. He had good carry on the fastball and a max IVB of 17.4’’ giving it the ability to play up in the zone.  He had feel for spin as well with his upper 60’s breaking ball. It showed good depth and has potential. Wroblewski will be one to watch moving forward.