Prep Baseball Report

2025 Top 10 Prospects (Winter Update)

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

With the summer and fall now complete and winter setting in, the class of 2025 have crisscrossed the country in pursuit of top competition from June to October, during the tournament season, the class has come into focus. This class has some top players that have separated themselves from the pack. The top 3 are all very different in the way they go about the game as well as bringing tool sets that are very good and should continue to rise in national rankings as they mature and grow as players. 

Sitting in the #1 spot is a 3 sport star at 3A Juab HS who brings athleticism, project-ability and a chance to really impact the game on both sides of the ball. Although at a small school, Austin Park was his teams starting SS as a freshman and a lock down reliever with really good numbers in both areas. The starting point guard on the varsity basketball team, starting WR on the football team and a breakout star at the PBR Future Games. Park made Shooter Hunt’s Top 20 position player list in Atlanta and is sure to continue to rise in name value with each passing year. Already with a couple of D1 offers on the table, Austin will surely gain more traction and attention over the next year! 

At #2 is Riley Brown, who hit .369 as the everyday 3B as a freshman for the Brighton Bengals. Riley has been a name on my radar for over a year and looked forward to seeing him play. I did get to see him in the spring briefly, but his coming out party was the Top Prospect Games at Pleasant Grove, in front of 11 college head coaches and recruiting coordinators. It was Utah Utes who pulled the trigger after the event and shortly thereafter, Brown committed to the Utes. 

At #3 is Chase Johnston, a LHP from 5A Maple Mountain HS, threw 62 innings as his teams varsity ace as a freshman, while walking only 22 hitters and punching out 84, en-route to what should have been an All-State season, but was snubbed and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why! The LHP also showed a FB up to 85 with a breaking ball with shape and depth, along with very good command of the K zone for a 15 yr old kid pitching against competition 2-3 years his senior. The PBR Future Gamer is on the verge of some very special numbers for his career, if he stays on his projected path over the next 3 years. With 84 strikeouts this past spring, look for 100 strikeout type years starting in 2023, as he continues to mature and his FB and CB take on more velocity. 

Sitting at the #6 spot, is the class's top hitting prospect in 15U Team USA alum Cal Miller, the C/3B at 5A Viewmont HS. With many D1 offers in hand over the last year, before he hit the HS scene, the talented LHH, hit over .400 as the 3 hole hitter during his freshman campaign and recently committed to play his college baseball at BYU. A force at the plate, and one that could contend for player of the year honors annually as he goes throughout his HS career, as he is a bat over defense right now, and it’s a question as to where he sticks defensively moving forward, but one thing is for certain, he can hit!

One thing to take into consideration is ranking a class at the top of any list can be tough, but It's a scouting philosophy that is tried and true in the case of the top three. You look for players up the middle, at CF, SS or behind the plate when talking about top players. LHP’s that K out a lot of hitters and miss bats with projectable loose fluid arms usually get the nod over corner guys or bats that are ahead of their defense at the present time. Thus the decision to go with a versatile uber-athletic projectable SS at #1, a K out LHP at #2 with a fluid arm and projectable frame, then a LHH catcher with power potential at #3. 

The rest of the list has some room for growth and maturation, while seeing more innings and stronger roles at the varsity level. At #4 You have a LHH catcher in Andrew Wilson of Desert Hills, who has barrel control and a LD hard contact stroke, while making the Future Games this past July. At #8 is an athletic LHH corner OF in CJ Mascaro with a really good swing and a sub 7.0/60, who should take over as a sophomore most likely in CF for a powerhouse HS at American Fork. 

Beyond the on-looking eyes of scouts and coaches, PBR’s unmatched coverage and commitment to elevating players via advanced metrics and technology (Trackman, Blast, Swift Technologies, Laser graded 60's, Vizual Edge), along with multiple social media platforms, provides elite exposure for prospects across each PBR state!

As this class matures and grows in the game, look for some leaps forwards from these 10 and some others on the outside looking in, to potentially push their way into top 10 consideration. With that we present our end of winter update to the 2025 Top 10 Prospects…Enjoy!

Top 10 Prospects

Austin Park SS / OF / Juab, UT / 2025


The top 2025 Position player in the state in this scouts opinion, regardless of others that may have committed and played for team USA. The upside of this kid is that of a HIGHLY athletic, lean long and twitchy 3 sport star with abv avg movement patterns. Park was first spotted at the Fall Prospect ID last November at Snow Canyon HS, and I’ve been squarely in this kids corner since. Was seen by every school in the state at the Top Prospect Games, July 12th at Pleasant Grove HS. Austin is skinny w/lean wiry strength and pound for pound strong, while oozing projection w/added weight/strength to come. The setup is semi wide w/a slight crouch and his bat held at a 45-degree angle. He shows hand and bat speed and the ability to sit back and recognize off speed mistakes and flashes HR power to the pull side now. Defensively he can play SS/CF and make each position look very natural. At SS he shows glove and athletic actions with soft hands and plays through the baseball. His arm is strong and accurate with 83 mph throws across the diamond and 85 from the OF. The arm is very loose and fluid and I can see upper 80’s across the INF and 90 from the OF over the next 2-3 years. Already has 2 D1 offers!


Riley Brown 3B / RHP / Brighton, UT / 2025

 Committed: Utah


Brown is a strong RHH with a thick, strong lower 1/2 and has natural strength to drive the baseball and the ball explodes off his bat w/authority. A Power Showcase rep for Utah a year ago in Florida, along with a stint with the 15U Team USA trials, Brown also had a very solid freshman campaign as a middle of the order guy on the varsity. During game play at the Top Prospect Games, Brown hit a ball high and deep down the LF, that had big carry for a long HR and drew oohs and awes! one of those players that is a little more physically developed than others his age, so it remains to be seen if he can keep maturing physically and continue developing his tools and grow his skills in the game. But there is a lot to like a the plate w/HR strength and big hitting metrics for his age. 


???? ???????? ??????@PBR_Uncommitted | @rileybrown35 | 2025 Riley Brown, 3B, 5-11 190 (Brighton HS/Mtn West)

Young & strong w/EV 97, Avg 91.8! Can put a charge into the ball. Long HR to LF in game action!@prepbaseball@ShooterHunt@NathanRode

— PBR Utah (@PBR_Utah) July 20, 2022


Chase Johnston LHP / Maple Mountain , UT / 2025


Johnston came to the Summer ID in July of 2021 and was in the low to mid 70’s with his FB, but you could tell the arm action and delivery to throw harder, but feeling was it was much further down the road, a credit to Chase, as he came into the 2022 HS season, as a starter in the rotation as a freshman, while being tutored by his new head coach, Jeremy Thomas, who I signed to his professional contract back in the day. Thomas was the pitching coach for over a decade at Dixie State and BYU, so Johnston was learning from a high level instructor. Johnston dominated the competition at the 5A level for Maple Mountain, as he became the ace of the staff, and finished the season with a 7-3 record, 3.31 ERA with 61.1 IP, 55 H, 22 BB and 84 KO’s. The state that stuck out for me was he only allowed 4 unearned runs all spring. That means he has swing and miss stuff and can leave runners stranded and bail out his defense when errors are committed. That’s the competitor stat that I use to see if a pitcher can compete, as well as pitch, with swing and miss stuff. Johnston’s FB was 81-85 at the Future Games and this past weekend was 83-85 with a spin rate of 2,374 which is MLB avg and is why his velocity plays up and misses bats. The CB has downward tilt at 68-71 and the CH 77 has kill spin at a spin of 1,666 to complete a 3 pitch mix. With 3 years of HS, it wouldn’t surprise me if a classification MVP contender is in his future as well as reaching the low 90’s and becoming a serious D1 prospect from the left side of the rubber. 


Blake Brotherson RHP / Orem, UT / 2025


Positional Profile: RHP/1B Blake is a 15 yr old, 2025 w/considerable upside for physical growth, weight and strength gains. Shows feel for 3 pitches and works the FB/CB in the zone for consistent K's. The type of arm that you should see 2-3 mph increase each year in HS, and should be a 90+ arm within 2 years, and breakout as a senior with big velocity. Can only dream and can't wait to follow him and see his progress every 3-4 months as the years tick by.
Body: 6-2, 155-pounds. Lean, lanky w/a proportioned athletic look. What the look like at 15 yrs old
Delivery: Simple side side and he rocks into a flexible high kick to delivery. Stays online and directional to the plate, and lands firm on a soft toe/flat foot. Gets okay ext now, and finishes into a 3/4 finish out front and is somewhat upright after release and follow through.
Arm Action: RH. Clean takeaway from a medium high glove break. Fluid in back and rotates his arm stroke into the power slot w/a clean arc through a HTQ release point.
FB: T83.6, 82-83 mph. FB has carry and is firm and to the naked eye, he appears to be throwing harder than regestered. The ball exits clean and with the rising life, it jumps on hitters T2324, 2201 average rpm.
CB: 69-70 mph. Controlled with feel to land and hit the mitt. The pitch is a K and he has easy TQ tilt and medium depth. As he throws harder with maturity and the spin increases as well as the velo, the pitch will add depth and harder bite through the zone. T2049, 1998 average rpm.
CH: 72-75 mph. Threw a few that faded with fair depth and bottom. Needs to throw more and gain added confidence. T1617, 1574 average rpm.



Without question the most interesting prospect of the event goes to Brotherson! Featuring a 6-2 165 frame that is what they look like to build from, into a future 190 Lb prospects body. Blake has the type of athleticism in his delivery to throw much harder over the next 3 years of HS baseball. A classic simple rock step and a turn into a flexible balanced high kick and reaches out well and lands on a firm front toe at foot strike and stays directional through release to the plate. The arm is very loose and biomechanically sound. There’s no wasted effort and his head stays still, and he pounded the K zone with all three pitches in a FB, landed CB and fading CH. Advanced for his age and showing abv avg feel to pitch, the FB 83-85 now has carry through the zone and threw K after K, while spinning the FB at 2324 rpm’s. The CB 70-71 has tilt and depth w/feel to land and bury the pitch with ease. It was impressive to see the feel with the pitch and it tunneled well off his FB. The spin should increase as it’s at 2049 now, but with added arm strength and further physical development, there is plenty enough ease to his operation that it’s easy to see a 6-8 and even 8-10 mph increase in the FB as well as potentially 7-8 mph more in the CB. The CH 72-74 (spin of 1617) while killing spin, is spaced well and all 3 pitches create some tough spacing coverage for hitters to cover during an AB. Blake passes the eye test physically with his crystal ball projection and what the future holds for this kid. Already receiving D1 interest off this 1st look and video posted to social media. The future is bright and he will be getting an invite to the All-State Games in late October. 


Andrew Wilson C / 3B / Desert Hills, UT / 2025


Another Future Gamer and exciting young LHH catcher that should take over behind the plate full time for state power Desert Hills of St. George, UT. The son of former Dixie State catcher, Bryan Wilson, who was a member of the 2024 NJCAA National Champion team, “Willy” has a solid baseball IQ and avg to abv avg instincts. The #2 ranked catcher and #6 overall prospect in his class, features a flatter swing path, that keeps the bat head in the zone a long time, and is tough to K out, as he has a solid eye for the zone and spoils pitches to lengthen out AB’s. Wilson put up a personal best 96.4 exit velo and put up more personal best hand and bat speed data with 25.5 and an astounding 83.6. These are elite numbers for any class or at the next level. His bat speed has jumped 9 mph since last March at the Preseason All-State. Defensively “Willy” blocks and recovers well and still has some growth as a receiver, but has a quick exchange for pop tones in the 2.05-2.16 range and I believe he can cut that down to 1.95-2.05 over the next couple of years. He also scored well in the peak vertical jump at 29.6, suggesting there is spring in his lower ½ for a catcher. Really look forward to following his progress and having him once again at the PBR Future Games next summer!


Cal Miller C / 3B / Viewmont, UT / 2025

 Commitment: Brigham Young U


Cage bombs ? #15UTrials | #ForGlory??

— USA Baseball 15U (@USABaseball15U) August 29, 2021 

Dylan Singleton LHP / 1B / Mountain Ridge, UT / 2025


Singleton who I first spotted at the Preseason All-State and was intrigued by his delivery and upside with long lanky features received the prestigious honor of representing Utah at the PBR Future Games, has made significant progress over the past 8 months and especially the last 3 ½ months since the FG’s. The body looks to have added 10 lbs and that can make all the difference as he was 78-80 in Atlanta, but this past weekend, the ball was coming out firmer as the FB was 82-85 T86, that’s a 6 mph increase in just a ¼ of a year! The spin rate jumped from 2106 to 2278. The CB 68-70 with a spin of 1954 and although it was 70-71 and virtually the same spin, it had added depth and he was finishing the pitch much better than before. Dylan worked a clean inning in this look in the game action and with 3 years of HS left, and still filling out his 6-1 175 frame, that has 25 lbs more he can add, it’s not out of the question to vision a low 90’s FB in his future, paired with the breaking ball that will give LHH’s fits. Was excited about what I saw and look forward to him joining us again for the 2023 PBR Future Games once again!


A lean athletic young immature build, that is the late bloomer physicality type. Features a med kick to his delivery and breaks over the rubber and shows a longer HTQ arm action, that needs to get into his legs better, as he is upright at release and follow through. He does land on the ball of his foot, which helps with balance and K throwing ability. If he can get over his front side better and reach out and bend his back into his follow through, the velocity should come. The FB 78-82 is angle and plane. The CB shows TQ shape with some OH type arc with depth as well. The CH shows fade at the plate and needs to add some depth. Makings of a 3 pitch mix that is in the development stage right now. But this is a young arm and with the right coaching, he should come on in the next year or two. 


???ℜ ?????? ??????

@Dyl13Singleton⁩ | 2025 Dylan Singleton, LHP, 6-0 170 (Mtn Ridge HS/Mtn West)

Loose arm w/projs! This kid is 25-30 Lbs & 2 years away from being really good!


— PBR Utah (@PBR_Utah) July 29, 2022


CJ Mascaro OF / LHP / American Fork , UT / 2025


A 6.96/60 with a 93.3 EV, will get you noticed as a freshman, especially when you are projected to see some time as a freshman at national powerhouse American Fork. Already receiving D1 offers and a variety of college interest in-state as well as out of state from power 5 programs, Mascaro is a PBR Future Games invite for this July and will most likely be a very early D1 commit. 

Miles Layton RHP / 1B / Brighton , UT / 2025


The epitome of a command pitcher, that shows an understanding of what he’s doing on the mound. At the Future Games, he didn’t have his best FB velocity, as he’s been as high as 84-85 over the summer and was more in the 79-82 range and works corners and keeps hitters off balance with a big breaking CB and deceptive fading CH with late sink. The delivery is sound and simple with a flexible high kick to delivery and breaks over the rubber and gets his arm up and into the throwing position at a flat foot strike. The arm action is clean and crisp from a HTQ slot and gets good extension out front into a ¾ finish out front. A great teammate, who is always into the game and pays attention to what is going on and is eager to learn and has a passion for the game. 


???ℜ ?????? ??????

@MilesLayton2025⁩ | 2025 Miles Layton, RHP, 6-0 160 (Brighton HS/‘24 Trosky National)

Epitome of a pitcher. Works all 4 quadrants. In 2 years watch out! ++makeup!!


— PBR Utah (@PBR_Utah) July 29, 2022 

Andrew Lyon RHP / Snow Canyon, UT / 2025


The son of former big league RHP, Brandon Lyon and the younger brother of two way SS/RHP, Isaac Lyon, who's a freshman at Grand Canyon U. Andrew's future is on the mound, and was thrown into the fire as a freshman in the 4A state championship series last spring and showed well. Built similar to the other men in his family and projects arm speed and arm strength moving forward. The delivery is a bit upright at finish, but gathers well and breaks over the rubber. The FB touches 83 with fringy sink life, but the out pitch is a swing and miss CH 70-72 with late run and sink. His father's best pitch was the CH and he definitely learned from him. A K thrower and flashes the similar velo his older brother did as an incoming sophomore, and Isaac left HS, touching 92-93. Look for big jumps in stuff this next spring, as Andrew will get an opportunity to pitch significant innings in 2023.




Super 60 Pro Showcase NATIONAL 02/05 The MAX - McCook, IL
Utah Preseason ID UT 02/11 RA Baseball Academy - Pleasant Grove, UT
Preseason All-State (Invite-Only) UT 03/04 Hurricane High School