Prep Baseball Report

Utah State Games: Quick Hits

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

On Sunday, October 29th, the PBR Utah staff hosted the Invite-Only 2023 Utah State Games at Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah. This event featured roughly 73 of the top prospects in Utah's 2024 -2027 classes and allowed our staff an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the players in attendance.

A couple of weeks back, we broke down the top measurable data performers from the event with our Statistical Analysis, Pitching Data Dive and Positional Data Drive.  Now, we will take a further in-depth look at some of the top players with the help of our tech partnerships, broken down by classes in our "Quick Hit" feature below:

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(We arrived at 7am with the lights flipped on, to prepare the field, tech and equipment for the players arrival at 8am. The event attracted close to 70 players from around the state, divided amongst 4 teams)

As we do at all Prep Baseball events, we start the day with the position player workout with the laser graded 10/30/60 run times, captured by Swift Performance. While we run the catchers and Outfielders first, at the same time, we are working the INF'ers at SS with their ground balls and tracking their arm strength, then moving onto the 1B and catcher pop times. As soon as the OF'ers and catchers finish running, we then flip the groups and the INF'ers move onto the laser timing. We then after running and defensive evals are complete, we move to our final stage with the position players and we then evaluate the bats/hitters. We as a state have made the transition this past year, to using the Jr. Hack Attack pitching machine, to give the hitter quality strikes to hit, and keep the pace and flow of the workout moving steadily. All hitter are graded metrically with Trackman Baseball ball tracking technology, along with Trackman Video. Trackman measures the results of the ball off the bat, or should I say the results of the batted ball. At the same time, we also track the different components of the actual swing itself with the hitting sensor technology from Blast Motion

After the position player workout, we finally get to game action, with two games on the docket, as each player plays a game, while the pitchers now get their turn to be evaluated and tracked with Trackman Baseball ball tracking tech. Each pitcher gets two innings of work, if coming to the event as a pitcher only, while two-way players, who also pitch, get one inning of work. 

With the workout and games serving as a very good day of seeing and evaluating some of the top players, who are for the most part still uncommitted, we now take a look at some of the players, that caught our staff's eye, with one in particular, that being state scouting director, Jeff Scholzen. We take a glance at those who not only pass the eye test, and a break down of projectable tools, but also those who have data sets behind them, that are still looking to use those raw tools. With that, we will break down the different grad classes and the player that stood out...

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Jett Walker, SS/RHP 5-11 165 (American Fork HS/Trosky National/RA Baseball) 

Committed: Colorado Mesa U (D2)

The recently committed Colorado Mesa recruit attended the Utah State Games in the games portion of the event and took his turn on the mound by turning in the FB event high of 88.2 mph and sitting 86-87, after touching 90 for Trosky National in the summer. The Uber twitchy two way prospect is a PBR staple as he has been a two-time West Coast Games invite and also was a ‘22 Future Games alum. Look for big things out of Walker next spring as he held down the 2B spot for the 6A defending state champs, in deference to a TCU recruit. Walker will now take over at SS and will most likely be the ace on the mound as well. 

Caleb Crutchfield, LHP 6-3 190 (Lehi HS/RA Baseball)

Committed: College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

At the PBR Utah State Games, Crutchfeld followed up his stellar performance at the RA Baseball Scout Day earlier in the month, where he touched 90 with the FB and reached an 88 mph high from the left side, which was the tops among southpaws at the event. A pop-up senior prospect, Crutchfeld has a loose and easy arm inside an upside 6-foot-3 build. He was up to 90 mph at Utah’s RA Scout Day earlier in the month, mentioned earlier, and his unharnessed ability to spin the fastball and the breaking ball offers some added projection to his next-level profile. 

Crew Secrist, SS, 6-0 170 R-R (Snow Canyon HS/CBA Warriors)

Committed: College of Southern Idaho (CSI)

Update: Attended the game portion of the event and basically got out of the car, and banged 2 balls, with a double to LCF and a long HR to just left of CF and long gone. Played a flawless SS in the couple of plays his way, and is poised for a big 2024 next spring, as he is starting to project the strength and lift the ball for HR power like his father did as a 13 yr professional player. 


A PBR Utah staple, with numerous invite only event appearances, Secrist is a West Coast Games alum, and is also an invite to this year's August 4-6th event at UNLV once again. After a banner and breakout 2023 spring, where Secrist earned 1st ™  All-Region 10 and 1st ™ 4A All-State honors, Secrist once again took a solid BP and sprayed balls on a line to the big part and back side of the field with backspin line drives and carry through the gaps. A projectable frame and the build to add another 20-25 Lbs with age and natural physical maturity, Secrist put up an max EV of 95.7 at the CBA Summit Scout Day, and showed the ability to manipulate the bat head to different parts of the hitting zone, to find the sweet spot. One thing that was a pleasant surprise was Secrist not only took his customary ground balls at SS, but also took a turn in RF, to showcase his defensive versatility. Showing quality movement patterns in getting his lower 1/2 and feet in position, to get off strong throws with a clean and pure OH arm stroke with one hop carry and online accuracy. 

Trey Evans, OF, 5-11 200 R-R (Crimson Cliffs HS/Trosky American)

Committed: College of Southern Nevada

Update: 10/29/23 - A two time PBR Future Games alum and the 2022 4A State Player of the Year. Evans attended the 2023 Preseason All-State event at Hurricane HS in March and during the running portion of the workout, Evans pulled his hamstring and subsequently missed the first 22-23 games of the regular season. He returned for the final couple of games and the rust needed to be shook off. As the state playoffs rolled around, Evans kicked it into high gear, and returned to his dominate ways, as Evans hit just about everything in sight, hard and into the gaps, while being intentionally walked 3-4 times over the course of a two game span. With Evans return, although the Mustangs blazed through the regular season without the state player of the year, Evans' return was a shot in the arm. At the recently completed State Games, Evans was a hitting machine during the workout, registering a 101.5 EV and drove the ball hard and on a line for a couple of 2B's during game play later that afternoon. Look for a big year out of Evans, as he will be the key cog in a revamped and new look and young Crimson Cliffs lineup next spring.

Andrew Shakespeare, OF/1B, 6-0 195 L-R (Pine View HS/CBA Summit)

Committed: Glendale CC, AZ

Shakespeare grew up around the corner from my old house of 15 years and is a cousin of former local iconic MLB LHP-Bruce Hurst. Shakespeare has the build and structure from his bloodlines to be physically strong and that he is at present. At a recent in-state tourney, put together to highlight all the top travel ball programs in the state, Shakespeare had a big time game on one day, as he drove a ball deep and long gone to RCF as well as clearing the LF wall with plenty to spare in another AB, giving him 2 round trippers on the day to all parts of the park! Blessed with the typical sweet fluid LH stroke that many top LHH's possess, with Drew's present strength, and increasing in-game HR production over a successful summer, I look for big things to come in '24. Drew should hit Glendale's campus next fall with a feel for wood and the ability to impact the Gaucho's lineup in his first year!

Ashton Gurney, SS/2B, 5-11 170 R-R (Park City HS/RA Baseball)

Committed: Antelope Valley College

A even prop athletic build with 10-15 Lbs of physical maturity to come. With that he should be able to control and improve his movement patterns, which are avg to slightly above. A data type player right with strength to drive the baseball, as he's been anywhere from 92-98 mph with his EV. A avg arm at 84 across the diamond with carry and his arm works well with a fluid arm stroke with ext through release. A below runner, that will push him across the bg to 2B, along with the feet and efficient to okay defensive actions. Needs to really come on this next spring and put his tools to use, and play with more skill to produce better numbers. It's in there and the athleticism as well.

Griffen Rogers, OF, 5-11 165 L-L (Park City HS)

A surprise 1st time PBR attendee that caught my eye with his lean athletic streamlined look and solid movement patterns. Was a player that hid HS coach David Feasler recommended and is a voice of positivity to play at the next level. First off Rogers LED the pack with a #2 10 yard split at 1.67, a #1 30 yard split at 3.80 and was also the overall #1 60 yard time of 6.85. Featuring a wide setup to hit, like former MLB OF-Von Hayes in the 80's. Spread very wide with a slight heel lift as a stride and timing mechanism. More rotational type from the left hip and up, to spin and rotate through contact. The swing is short, quick and fluid into a two hand full finish. Athletic movements to field the ball on the ground, and gets through the ball with a measured approach. The arm is full circle with a slight restriction in the back swing. The ball comes out clean with a borderline RF arm, that's best suited for LF. A lower end JC type player that needs to add strength and some pull side power in game action, that mirrors his tools to hit in a showcase type setting. 

Braiden Catterson, C 5-11 190, R-R (Maple Mtn/RA Baseball)

A defensive specialist first over bat and one that should catch and throw at the next level with success. Showed well at the RA Baseball Scout Day and his catch/throw skills were on display once again at the State Games. Recording in the 1.90-2.00 range at both events, leaves plenty to be happy about in controlling the running game. Receives and blocks where one should be and with continued advanced coaching and development, can see as a top flight next level defender. The bat needs to come, though there is some present strength to generate an EV of 95 in his BP round. This next season will be a big year to put together a strong season, to attract recruiters in bringing a potential solid avg catch/throw type into any JC program.


Merrick Bostock, 3B 6-1 195 R-R (Orem HS/RA Baseball)

Bostock represented Team Utah at this past summer’s PBR Future Games and he remains one of the most interesting uncommitted athletes in the region. Listed at 6-foot-1, 195 pounds, Bostock’s right-handed strength resulted in the highest average exit speed (95.5 mph) at the PBR Utah State Games, recording a 100.8 mph max. A report from PBR Utah’s Top Prospect Games (published July 20):

“A lean, athletic, physical look, that appears to be still filling out… Has some funk and a different way of hitting, yet has above-average hand/eye to find the barrel with a short compact stroke at contact, and a long through finish. The knack to find the barrel in a quirky way to the naked eye to hit, is fascinating, in that he can hit velo and makes adjustments to offspeed.”

Blake Brotherson, RHP 6-2 185 (Orem HS/Mountain West)

The 6-foot-2, 175-pound RHP jumped on the radar over a year ago at the Northern Utah Open and has been a staple attendee at all Utah invite events. A Future Games alum, Brotherson has the classic next level look physically and does things EZ from an operational standpoint. On the radar with D1 schools, Brotherson is command and pitch ability over velocity right now and that’s the ideal barometer to measure and project his 3 pitch arsenal. At the State Games over the weekend, Brotherson reached an 86.7 mph high with his typical low-effort, clean delivery, although he had a scare a half dozen pitches into his 2 inning planned stint. I noticed him shaking his fingers and on the next pitch, the FB velo dropped significantly. I asked if he was okay and he said he felt a slight pop in his elbow. I immediately removed him from the game and it was discovered a day later that he has a slight tear in his UCL and will be undergoing TJ surgery. The timing is that of Oklahoma State and former Gunnison HS pitcher Janzen Keisel in that, he will miss his junior year, but the timetable will allow him to hopefully come back 100% as a senior and I don’t believe it will prevent him from garnering and gaining back the attention he has been getting. We wish Blake all the best in his road to recovery and we will be monitoring his rehab and comeback over the next calendar year. 

Noah Gatti, 2B 5-10 170 R-R (Jordan HS/RA Baseball)

A ‘23 PBR Future Games alum that is quickly becoming one of my favorite “baseball players” in the ‘25 class.  A legitimate offensive 2B type, that I firmly believe, would be a top flight D2 impact player and should receive attention at the mid-major D1 level. A sound fundamental approach to the game, that doesn't have one big standout tool, but does everything well, with instincts and baseball smarts. A skilled player that shows quick feet defensively at three different INF spots and reads and reacts with soft hands and plays from the ground up and presents an open glove on approach. A below to fringe avg runner, that plays avg underway, yet takes tight aggresive turns and looks for extra bases. At the plate, Gatti produced two extra base hits at the state games, with one off the LCF wall for a 2B and then stroked a 3B into the RF corner. A simple approach with plate discipline and zone awareness, that rarely swings and misses and is hard to K out. A LD middle of the field approach that is a singles, doubles type that will develop into some pull side power as he continues to fill out and mature and progress in the game. Solid makeup and character, that's a good teammate and plays in a top flight HS program.

Jakob DeVries, C 6-1 155, R-R (Park City

A PBR Future Games alum with a wiry, yet twitchy athletic build. Needs to really dedicate himself to filling out and gaining size and strength once the next year, as the tools behind the plate will play at the next level. A flexible setup behind the dish, who utilizes the one knee down method and at times sits on the ground with his leg stretched out, ala Tony Pena or Benito Santiago. Blocks and recovers well from the one knee down approach, as he comes out of the shoot as well to get off above avg pop times of 2.06-2.18 at the Future Games and really shined at the State Games with better exchanges of 1.93-1.97. The bat has some pull side pop from an even prop square stance. The bat gets loaded with proper 45 degree launch and separates well, though he does stride closed and into the plate somewhat, which closes off his lower ½ and makes it difficult to really fire his lower ½ and get good rotational acceleration. The hand speed as a result from load to rotation sits at 19.3 from a hand speed perspective, then he ramps it up and as the bat enters the zone, he can fire the barrel in a accelerated manner to produce a bat speed max of 79 mph, but has to catch it out front to reach that metric. The avg bat speed falls on avg at 66, and this is very projectable once he corrects the latch and landing of his front foot to hit. With added size and strength, look for these components of his swing to take a jump. With athleticism, arm strength and mobile movement patterns behind the plate, coupled with avg to abv avg pop times, DeVries can stay behind the plate long term.

River Schmidt, OF/3B, 6-4 195 R-R (Jordan HS/GBG Utah)

A highly projectable tall lean athletic build, that portends another 20-25 Lbs and could be a beast physically. A near avg runner at 7.08 and shows a solid running gate. May slow down in time, as he continues to fill out and get stronger, with a 3B/corner OF profile. At the plate, Schmidt hits from an upright open stance, and brings his foot back to sqaure upon foot strike. Gets solid separation as his front foot lands, and drives his hands through with a short to and long through one hand finish. Because of his natural strength and leverage due to his height and long levers, Schmidt produces higher EV's with hand and bat speed to get to velo. A raw athlete that has some gangliness to his movement patterns, suggesting the body is in that awkward stage of controlling the longer moving parts to turn his tools into useable skills. Like the size, natural strength and intriguing, yet improving athleticism.  

Jake Andreas, RHP 6-2 170 (Dixie/CBA Summit)

A PBR Future Games invite, that had to back out due to an illness during the summer. Keep this kids name at the forefront of your mind!! A move in from Basic HS in Las Vegas last January, Andreas caught my eye during the second half of the spring season, as he was coming in to close games out for now BYU RHP-Cayson Bell. What I noticed was a taller version of Bell with a loose whippy HTQ arm stroke with good ext out front and the ball was jumping out of his hand. A flexible high kick to his delivery with solid use of his lower 1/2 to drive down the slope and get downhill plane of attack. The FB 83-88 with four and two seam usage, flashes tumbling sink with the two seamer and ride and carry through the zone with the four seam and spot up with K throwing ability to proj a low 90's FB over the next couple of seasons. With a tall lean and slender build, Andreas has the features and bone structure to pack on an added 20 Lbs at maturity and see his FB potentially jump 5-6 mph in due time. The wrist is loose and the one pitch that needs work is the CB or a harder breaking ball of some sort. The offering is loose and casts at 69-70 mph with off speed type arc and depth, but is thrown too slow at present. He may want to go to the SL and work off the FB grip and let it eat. The main focus should be to learn to cut the ball first and then continue to manipulate the pitch as he gains added feel and add tilt and late depth. One thing is certain is the delivery is in place to proj with a loose fast arm and the ability to finish the FB with overall athleticism. This is one to keep a close eye on over the next spring as he could come fast and gain attention quick! 

Dylan Frank, OF 6-0 160 R-R (Bingham/Mountain West)

A PBR Future Games alum, who has come on since late in the '23 spring season. Caught my eye at the 6A state tourney with a long GS Home Run to LF at Utah Valley, high up the berm. Extended an invite to the FG's and grabbed attention right away in the BP portion of the workout, as VP of Scouting Shooter Hunt tweeted out a round of BP on the Bingham CF. Has a solid 3 days at LakePoint spraying balls in all directions and mainly to the backside of the field, smoking LD's with what the pitcher gave to offer. Played a solid if not plus CF with defensive instincts and good jumps off the bat to run balls down. The same was to be said at the State Games as during game action, Frank went 2-2 with a 2B high off the CF backdrop and once again showed why recruiters need to pencil his name in to be one middle of the diamond type to follow next spring and summer.

Easton Fry, OF 5-11 180 R-R (Brighton/GBG Utah)

After hitting over .400 as a sophomore at Brighton HS in the middle of the order, Fry was a bubble candidate for the Future Games and arrived at the State Games ready to make a statement. With an EV in the 95-96 range and a max bat speed of 74-75 throughout the '23 showcase season, Fry has shown he deserves to be considered for higher level events. One that if he remains uncommittted and with another strong junior year in '24, should put himself in high consideration for the West Coast Games next August in Las Vegas. Fry will look to duplicate or exceed his strong sophomore season hitting behind and protecting a former D1 commit. Coaches keep an eye out for this definite next level bat, who profiles as a strong JC/top D2 caliber bat!

Dewy Gibb, 1B 6-2 205 R-R (Snow Canyon/CBA Summit)

A new name this past summer and fall, as he he preparing to see his first varsity action at Snow Canyon this next spring as a junior. Big and strong with upper body strength and long limbs to create torque and leverage to impact the baseball. A bit soft throughout physically, Gibb could take off depending on what he does in the weight room to lean and tone up an already physical base to work from. Took a loud BP with a couple of long HR's, with an EV high of 101  the hand and bat speed are in place to get to higher velocity, but it will come down to how well he tracks the ball at the plate with K zone and pitch type awareness to put his natural strength and power tool to use. Defensively he shows soft hands, and works from the ground up, yet tends to receive at times the ball a little deep and throws his timing off in readying to get his feet set to throw. The arm has across the diamond strength, but the arc before release is a palm up variety and one piece at times. A data darling right now with the base physically to project from with hard work in the weight room as mentioned. One to definitely keep an eye on moving forward! 

Van Haynie, RHP/OF 6-0 155 (Pleasant Grove/CBA/Brand Athletics)

One of the more intriguing arms in the state, as Haynie has made some monumental leaps with his FB/CB combo as far as velocity and overall max and avg spin rates. An athletic angular prop build with definite physical projection to dream on. Featuring a flexible loose controlled high kick to delivery, Van has a looseness and ease to his operation and gets length in his delivery out front with a clean proj arm that works properly. The leaps have come in bunches since this past March as the FB was 76-82, then jumped to 81-82 in July and now sat in a tight repeatable velo range of 85-86 with 2300+ spin, up from 1900+ before. The CB also at 66-68 in March and below 2000 as well, is now 69-72 with a max spin of 2400+! The CH has bottoming out effect at the plate and kills the spin in the 1600 range with late sink and good ext out front with the release point to create deception and feel to land in the zone and bury below the zone. A K thrower that worked a solid inning at the State Games and really showed me some feel and moxy to pitch. At 6-0 155, the body definitely has another 10-15 Lbs of lean muscle he can add by the start of next summer and with this development, the FB should tick up another 3-4 mph, getting him in the 90 mph range. With the ingredients in place, the body, delivery and arm action are there to proj a mid-major type D1 arm or higher level D2 program. Will be counted on to impact the Vikings rotation as a junior and should be on handfuls of radars pitching for one of the top 3-4 6A programs in the state. Loved what I saw and looking forward to watching the progress that I know he can chase down, based off the monumental strides over the '23 calendar year he's already accomplished!

Landon Carter, C 6-2 195 R-R (Wasatch/NorCal U)

Carter has made some big strides over the course of this past year, with a more leaned out build and has shed some baby fat to improve the efficiency of his movement patterns. Defensively clocked in 1.93-2.18 pop times with near bag and carry accuracy, Carter comes out of the crouch much better than 7-8 months ago. At the plate the hand and bat speed have jumped to 24 and 77 respectively. The hands are quick and fired the barrel through contact with an accelerated path to produce a max EV of 98 and should creep into the 100+ range over the next 2 years he has left at rhe HS level. TooK over the catching duties as a sophomore and hit .315 with only 9 K outs in 20 games. The power should come on this year, as mentioned up top, the metrics are in place, yet the bat path has some uphill tendencies to produce some pull side pop. Look for more strides out of Carter over the next calendar year once again.

Delton Cramer, RHP 6-0 180 (Bingham/Rawlings Tigers)

A CB spin darling this summer and fall at 3 different events with top of the leaderboard numbers at each. Cramer is a even prop stout, strong lower 1/2 type with muscular thighs and a strong upper body as well. A flexible med to high kick with the delivery, creates some deception with the arm action with a late shoulder turn out front from a drawback bow and arrow type short HTQ arm stroke. The FB appears to jump on hitters at the last minute with okay velocity at 82-85, yet plays up with two qualities in the command to both sides of the plate with ride and carry through the zone at a spin max of 2,291 with swing and miss. The CB/SLV 73-75 has added 2-3 mph since the start of the summer and takes on more horizontal type action with late TQ tilted depth and has feel to land and bury at the same time with consistent spins of over 2,500+ each time we've seen him. The pitch locks hitters up, where the can't get off a swing and also creates swing and miss with the appearance of the pitch picking up a gear as it gets to the plate. Would like to see a more fuller arm stroke and a few tweaks to get some more FB velocity, but with two years of HS to come, he may get some natural increases by just adding strength. But the spin and quality of his pitches where they sit right now is enough to have really good success as he looks to provide impact for the Miners of Bingham this next spring.


Cy Chrisman, 1B/3B 6-4 205 R-R (Maple Mountain HS/GBG Utah)

Chrisman jumped on the scene at the GBG Utah Scout Day at the end of Sept with a loud round of 100 max EV BP and generated, arguably, the loudest round of batting practice among a powerful roster at the recent PBR Utah State Games. The sophomore led the event in both max exit velocity (103.4 mph), farthest batted distance on average (339 feet), and farthest max distance (406). Cy is the son of former Utah standout Jed Chrisman (1998-2002) and has an eerily similar look and feel to his game as well. Chrisman is one of the state’s top-ranked sophomores, still uncommitted, listed at an imposing 6-foot-4, 205 pounds, look for national event invites in this young man’s future. Legit D1 bat potential!

Kaleb Weaver, SS/RHP 6-1 185 (Davis HS/Mountain West)

A top-10-ranked player in PBR Utah’s sophomore class, Weaver continues to underscore his two-way tools in front of our staff. The Davis prospect shined at Utah’s State Games recently, averaging an exit speed of 87.7 mph (92.8 mph max) from the right side. He was also up to 84.5 mph on the mound on an efficient fastball that spins at nearly 2,300 rpm on average, featuring carry through the zone.

Royal Matthews, C, 5-9 190, B-R (Park City/East Coast Dodgers Scout Team)

Impressed at the Top Prospect Games in July at Salt Lake CC in my first look after a strong recommendation from his HS coach David Feasler, who is a PBR Utah staff coach as well. Royal’s father creates the bloodlines of a player that is immersed in the game, as Joel Matthews played in the Blue Jays system. A switch hitting catcher, who also is a solid 3B’man with soft hands to receive and gives a good target. The hands at the hot corner are quick and twitchy with the ability to read and react to hops with his instincts and quick feet in a tight circle of range. Can come get the ball and catch the short hop with an open glove and makes the tough play look EZ. At the plate there is emerging power potential from both sides of the plate as he features strong hands and forearms for a young 15 yr old. The setup is a mirror of each side with a bat waggle, holding the bat semi flat over his back shoulder. Utilizes a toe tap at times and other times he uses a moderate knee kick, which can throw his timing off a bit, due to the inconsistency of the timing and mechanism as to how he makes his initial move to load his hands. Matthews shows solid separation with the hands at launch and takes his cuts with the intent to do damage to the pull side. An intriguing set of tools with the arm as the tool he needs to strengthen.  As he continues to mature naturally with age, the below avg to avg pop times should sit at solid avg moving forward, as the arm stroke works fluidly. Will be fun to follow his progress next spring as a sophomore, as he is set to join the everyday varsity lineup and the expectation is that of a high contributor. 

Kash Wallin, 1B 5-10 200 R-R (Riverton HS/Trosky)

Wallin features a strong fire hydrant compact strong build with natural strength to impact the baseball. A square shoulder width classic stance, Kash utilizes a heel lift for timing with a no stride approach and takes an inward turn of his left hip and naturally separates his hands upon heel strike to get into a good position to hit. The hands are his main focus along with a sit and spin of the hips to generate a short, quick efficient stroke to hit. The ball jumps off the bat with solid to abv avg swing data. With an EV max of 94.9 and does it EZ without selling out for power, Wallin takes a professional style approach to BP and just hits LD after LD with 20.9 max hand speed and 74 max bat speed, coupled with a 78% on plane efficiency. On defense, Wallin shows soft hands to receive, while fielding out front and takes the proper 180 degree spin to his glove side on spin and throw feeds to the SS for the 3-6-3 DP. Comes in nicely on GB's in front and gets off accurate throws across the diamond. With 2 years of HS left, Wallin is projecting nicely with the bat and glove to hold down 1B for perennial 6A powerhouse Riverton moving forward!


Tosh Schneider, MIF 5-10 170 R-R (Pleasant Grove/Trosky National)

Tosh is one of the top 2027's in the state and has shown improvements every step of the way in his PBR journey. A rising freshman at state powerhouse Pleasant Grove HS, Tosh had a solid showing at the State Games. One things that stands out from a metric standpoint is that in over a years time from last years State games, Schneider jumped his EV from 76 to 89 mph and although his hand and bat speed data is still a tad below where it needs to be for his size and age class, he stands out for a vastly important piece of the swing, in that his On-Plane Efficiciency of his hitting stroke is really good and consistently meaures in the 81-90% area, which suggests a high rate of contact now and moving forward. To improve his hand and bat speed, Schneider carries his hands inside his back shoulder and turns his hands from that point to load the barrel. Needs to pull the hands back deeper behind his back shoulder, to get better hand separation and allow his hands to create more leverage and hand strength to pull the knob with his bottom hand into the hitting zone. Think "MLB Logo" look in the loading of the bat. Defensively he shows soft hands and a open glove presentation, with a quick fix and hyper focus needed, in that he should work on getting more hip/knee flexibility to really get into his legs more to field the baseball. At present he takes a slight bend of the knees, with more bend at the waist, which can cause a deeper catch point. By really "sitting" and bending at the waist and knees, the left arm and glove will extend more out front and create a more extended catch radius and allow his eyes to get lower to the ground to read hops and see the ball into the glove out front vs deep. This kid eats, drinks and sleeps the game and becasue of this, I can see big gains in his overall game taking even more leaps forward throughout the next calendar year once again.


Austin Brown, OF 5-11 170, L-L (Wasatch HS/Trosky National/Mountain West/Wow Factor National)

One of the event's most intriguing set of tools, young mature size and natural, yet EZ overall strength, Brown features an athletic strong filled out frame for his age. The top ‘28 in the state and it’s not even close, as he hangs with the big boys now from a workout and metric standpoint! The tool that stands out and is loud at this point, is a pull to the center of the field power bat with EZ carry and distance with fast hands and releases the barrel through the zone with an on-plane stroke to hit. The ball jumped off the bat with ease and showed a top 10 max EV of 93.6 and drove a ball at 364’ to the pull side. The hand speed max of 23.4 and a bat speed max of 73.6 is not only good for his age, but that of a player 2-3 years his senior. He uses his left hip well in firing his back side into the point of contact and has abv avg barrel release through the zone. Shows efficient movement patterns in the OF on approach to the baseball on the ground and gets his feet set a bit inconsistently to get his arm up and into a power position to throw. The arm shows strength and carries through the cutoff with 2 hop finish and at times one hop to his intended 3B or HP target from a RF position to throw. As he continues to grow, age and naturally add strength, look for some potential big time jumps across the board. Naturally built bigger than his peers of his same age, it will be imperative that he continue to work hard to stay in front of the pack and keep some distance, as others catch up and project. One thing is for sure, there are some potentially loud tools trapped inside, waiting to come out over the next 4 years. 




Scholzen comes to Prep Baseball after serving 9 years as the "Four Corners" Scouting Supervisor with the Milwaukee Brewers (2011-2020). Prior to his run with the Brewers, Scholzen worked for the Los Angeles Angels for 11 years (1999-2010), serving in the same capacity as the "Four Corners" Scouting Supervisor (UT, WY, So-ID, Las Vegas, AZ, CO, NM and El Paso). Scholzen received a 2002 World Series ring for his contributions as a scout.

With the Angels, Scholzen created an Angels Scout Team, in which he coached the following MLB players: Kris Bryant, Kevin Gausman, Greg Bird, Tyler Wagner, Aaron Blair, Joey Rickard, Donn Roach, Johnny Field, Taylor Cole, Andy Burns and Paul Sewald to name a few.

During his run with the Angels, Scholzen also served as the hitting coach for the Angels rookie ball affiliate in the Pioneer League, the Orem Owlz, helping guide the Owlz to the 2005 and 2007 Pioneer League titles, which earned Jeff two more championship rings.

In Scholzen's 20 year scouting career, he was credited with the signing of 6 MLB players starting with: Brandon Wood, SS, Angels 2003, 1st Rd ~ Efren Navarro, 1B, Angels 2007, 50th Rd ~ Donn Roach, RHP, Angels 2010, 3rd Rd ~ Tyler Wagner, RHP, Brewers 2012, 4th Rd ~ Payton Henry, C, Brewers 2016, 6th Rd ~ Ryan Aguilar, 1B/OF - Brewers 2017, 31st Rd ~ Scholzen also had an additional 3 players added to various clubs 40 man MLB rosters over the years. Currently 2019 (14th Rd) draft pick, RHP-Paxton Schultz from Utah Valley U, is in AAA with the Toronto Blue Jays, and is a phone call away. 

Prior to becoming a professional scout, Scholzen served as the head coach at Southern Utah University between 1993-1997. At the time, Scholzen was the youngest Division I head coach in the country, when he was first hired at 24 years old. The Southern Utah baseball program was dropped after the 2012 season. While coaching at Southern Utah, Scholzen served as the hitting coach for the Alaska Goldpanners in 1995, as they won the Alaska League Championship, and also recruited and coached World Series RHP-Ryan Jensen of the San Francisco Giants, who would earn a top 5 finish for NL Rookie of the Year. Scholzen and Jensen had the unique opportunity, to be on opposing sides of the ledger, when Scholzen's Angels and Jensen's Giants squared off in the 2002 MLB Fall Classic.

Scholzen also had the pleasure of coaching Jensen's roommate and back up catcher, Kyle Turner who has worked in professional/major league baseball for 24 years. Kyle currently is in his 14th season with the big league Kansas City Royals and serves as the clubs Head Athletic Trainer. Turner was instrumental, while a young player for Scholzen at Southern Utah, in introducing Scholzen to his first wife, the late Heidi Dalton Scholzen, who passed away in December of 2014. A native of Utah, Scholzen played at Hurricane HS and was twice named 1st team All-State and an AAU HM All-American, before moving on to Utah Valley CC and Eastern Oregon University, earning All-Conference honors on three separate occasions. Scholzen played in the Angels’ organization in 1991.

Scholzen was married to his late wife Heidi for 20 years and their union produced four children - McKyla 27, Miranda 24, McKenzie 22 and the couples only son, Grant Scholzen 18, who is a freshman 2B at D1 WCC school, the U of the Pacific (Pacific Tigers) on scholarship. After Heidi's passing in 2014, Scholzen married Cami Macias Scholzen, a widow herself and the same age as Heidi and the couple have now been married 8 years. Between both families, Jeff has 3 grandchildren and 5 step grandchildren (8 total) and the Scholzen's reside in Hurricane, UT in the bottom left SW corner of the state near the most iconic and scenic national parks in the country.