Prep Baseball Report

IL Class of 2022 Showcase: Quick Hits

By Illinois Staff

On Oct. 18, PBR Illinois staff welcomed participating juniors to this open event in the Chicagoland area: the Class of 2022 Showcase. Over 130 players in the state’s 2022 class ventured to The MAX complex in McCook to perform in front of our staff, helping us gain a greater understanding of Illinois’ junior class – and all but four of the players who performed at this event are uncommitted. 

Today, we’re collaborating with each other to produce this list of rapid insight, featuring the biggest takeaways from Sunday’s showcase. Check out our Quick Hits post below, with a more in-depth statistical analysis coming tomorrow.


+ The 6-foot-7, 230-pound RHP Elias Hachem (Mount Carmel) has taken huge strides since this summer’s PBR Future Games. Hachem’s body control and feel for his physically imposing frame continues to improve, as does his velocity. Hachem’s fastball sat at 87-88 mph, touching 89 (up from 83-86 back in August), demonstrating the best control he’s shown to date. The biggest eye-opener, however, was the strides he has made with his curveball. The pitch showed above-average depth, spinning at an average of 2,312 rpm, via TrackMan, and he consistently landed it for strikes while throwing it with aggression and intent. Hachem’s changeup is still a work in progress but he throws it with arm speed and it plays about 10 mph off the fastball. Hachem is a high-follow uncommitted righty in this junior class, and he has a chance to be one of the top power arms in the state’s 2022 group when all is said and done.

+ Hachem’s twin brother, left-hander Julien (Mount Carmel; Oklahoma commit), is a top-ranked member of the state’s ‘22 class and was also one of the few committed prospects in attendance. The Oklahoma recruit is built similarly (obviously), at 6-foot-8, 230 pounds, and he showed why he’s a top-10 player in the state by averaging the firmest fastball of the day, sitting exclusively at 88-89 mph. In addition to the fastball’s big velo from the left side, it also featured the highest average spin rate (2,469 rpm), with some substantial induced vertical break at 18.2 inches on average. The huge extension, high spin, and big velocity combine to classify Hachem’s fastball as a legitimate weapon, though he’s still working on sharpening a go-to offspeed offering.

+ Another big leaper in the 2022 class is LHP Dylan Warda (Brother Rice). Warda showed off a quick, efficient arm that has gone from the low-80s this summer to a firm 87-88 mph on Sunday, complemented by an equally firm curveball at 73-75 mph. Whatever changes Warda has made, they’re clearly working, as his fastball played with finish and above-average control of the zone. 

+ Southpaw Teddy Andrews (Hinsdale Central) is a live-armed 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, with plenty left in his tank. It’s a loose, quick arm out of a high ¾ slot and it plays with ease at 82-83 mph, featuring an above-average breaking ball, at 69-71 mph.

+ Another intriguing upside left-hander is Joey Cecola (Oswego). Cecola is a long and lean 6-foot-1, 150 pounds with plenty of room to fill out. His intrigue comes from a unique angle, working from a low ¾ slot with a loose, athletic arm. He pairs his 78-80 mph fastball, with substantial arm-side action, with a sweeping curveball, averaging a spin rate of 2,355 rpm. 

+ LHP Roman Harrison (Mount Vernon) made a significant jump on the mound from his previous PBR event earlier this summer. Topping at 87 mph, the 6-foot-2, 197-pound southpaw jumped five mph in four months. He brings above-average arm speed out of a long, high ¾ slot and showed a 1/7 curveball and changeup. 

+ RHP Jameson Sheehan (Cary-Grove) is also a highly touted quarterback recruit, and it’s easy to imagine him on at the helm of an offense on the gridiron, standing at a physical 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Sheehan’s physicality shows itself in his fastball velo, reaching an 87 mph high during his session. But it was the four-seamer’s characteristics that propelled Sheehan onto this list of highlight-worthy performances. His fastball spin rate ranged between 2,400 and 2,500 rpm, helping its above-average velo play up even more so at the top of the zone. His curveball featured some depth, too, at 67-69 mph with some feel to spin it and locate it.

+ LHP Gavan Wernsing (Stewardson-Strasburg) made the trip up from Effingham to piece together a noteworthy, complete bullpen. He showed a feel for three pitches, including an 83-84 mph that touched 85 with some carry traits, located consistently at the bottom of the zone. Wernsing’s short, tight slider features some sharp break off a vertical plane that he also located repeatedly under the zone, and his straight change is firm, thrown at arm speed.

+ At a strong, physical 6-foot-1, 210 pounds, RHP Collin Amsden (Marist) provided our staff with a most-needed updated look at his skillset from the mound. He’s ranked in the state’s 2022 class after demonstrating some easy bat strength in the winter in a corner infielder’s profile, but he’s looking like a superior prospect from the rubber. Amsden sat 82-83 mph, touching 84, with a heavy, running fastball that played well alongside a changeup that exhibited some swing-and-miss traits, thrown at arm speed, 70-72 mph.


+ INF Patrick Graham (Naperville North) emerged as an athletic middle-infielder to follow after his PBR debut last Sunday. Graham has a well-proportioned, athletic, 5-foot-10, 170-pound frame and moves like a high end defender at shortstop. He has all the actions and can range with ease to both sides while making all the off balance plays look routine. His arm has plenty of carry to stick at short and the hands and actions will certainly keep him there at the next level. Offensively he has an easy swing with a whippy barrel through the zone and the ball jumps off the bat. Results were mixed during BP but there is a lot to like in Graham’s overall profile.

+ Chase Adams (Normal University) is an athletic, high-waisted 6-foot-2, 165-pound left-handed-hitting two-way player. Offensively, he has a simple, quiet approach and uses the big part of the diamond. His bat speed averaged 73.0 mph, according to Blast Motion, and he registered a max exit velocity of 96.0 mph that carried at a max distance of 354 feet during BP, via TrackMan. His upside frame moves exceptionally well in the outfield with fluid actions and well-above-average arm. However his biggest upside quality may just lie on the mound, where he topped at 87 mph and flashed a 2,500 rpm spinning curveball from the left side.

+ Illinois State commit Ethan Willoughby (Maroa-Forsyth) oozes upside thanks to his long-levered, athletic, 6-foot-4, 172-pound frame. By all indications he should mature and grow into a corner infield profile but he showed clean footwork and athletic actions on the infield which could keep him up the middle of the diamond for the foreseeable future. It’s a loose arm with the ability to change slots and start a smooth double play from the shortstop position, too. Offensively, Willoughby has loose levers from the right side of the plate with a flat path and spray approach. Consider him an upside 2022 prospect who looks to just be scratching the surface of his high potential.


+ George Bilecki (Marist) is another left/left prospect with an athletic 6-foot-2, 178-pound frame that combines for two-way potential. Bilecki has a comfortable, athletic look in the box, quick bat, mature approach, and his swing works uphill through the zone, helping him drive balls into both gaps while staying balanced throughout. He also recorded the third-farthest hit ball on the day at 362 feet during BP. On the mound, he sat in the low-80s (with an 83.1 mph high) and he showed advanced feel for his changeup with fade at the bottom of the zone. Follow this 2022 two-way talent.

+ INF/RHP Matthew Karbowski (Hampshire) saw all of his numbers improve from his last event in June. The 5-foot-9, 160-pound two-way prospect showed one of the top arms across the infield at 88 mph, and he’s a natural on the infield with soft hands while playing with an uptempo bounce to his game with above-average footwork – he ran a 7.10 in the 60-yard dash as evidence of this, another area of his game that improved from his latest PBR performance. Karbowski also swings an athletic right-handed swing that found a number of barrels in BP with an average exit velocity of 84.6 mph during BP. On the mound, his quick arm produces a fastball that plays with life through the zone at 83-84 mph.


+ INF/RHP Christian Mitchelle (Plainfield East) was one of the biggest winners from this event, as far as position players go. Just examining the tools, Mitchelle has an above-average combination of characteristics across the board. Listed at 6-foot, 185 pounds, he’s well-proportioned in a strong build, and he ran a 6.91 in the 60-yard dash to get his day started. He impressed from station to station after that, registering a 97 mph high in exit velocity, topping 89 mph across the diamond, and reaching 87.1 mph off the mound.

From the right-handed batter’s box, Mitchelle showed off easy power with strong, twitchy hands that generate advanced bat speed. He stays short to the ball with natural lift and it worked gap-to-gap throughout his round. On the defensive side of the ball, he projects as a third baseman with plenty of arm for the left side of the diamond – he’s sure-handed and athletic, that project for valuable defense at the next level when combined with his strong, accurate arm. That arm strength was just as evident in his bullpen session, as referenced earlier, but he may just be too intriguing a position player to move off of third base.

+ C/1B Victor Izquierdo (Lockport, 2022) took a ferocious round of BP that stole both our attention, and the attention of TrackMan and Blast Motion. While averaging among the fastest bat speed marks (73.1 mph), his average exit velocity was 95.1 mph, and it helped him launch three balls over 370 feet, including the event’s farthest at 372. He’s an athletic, imposing 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, who uses his size and strength efficiently in the right-handed batter’s box, taking aggressive hacks with advanced strength and intent, forming an especially attractive power profile. His highest exit mark during BP was 102.1 mph to further underscore this, and it was the day’s hardest hit ball. Izquierdo moves well inside his big, brawny frame, too, showcasing some quickness behind the plate (2.01 low pop time) while also looking like a long-term asset at first base.

+ Tyler Pflomm (Hersey) fits the mold of a physical right-handed bat thanks to his 5-foot-11, 207-pound, wide-shouldered frame with demonstrable strength in his lower half. Pflomm swings with aggression and looks to drive baseballs with authority from the right-handed box. That aggression assisted him in producing the third hardest max exit velocity of the day during BP with a 98.9 mph mark, while averaging 87.3 mph off the bat, via TrackMan.

+ At 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, CIF Tommy Stricklin (Mundelein) recorded a 98 mph exit velocity off the tee and then carried it over to BP, recording a max exit velocity of 98.9 mph (with a 85.8 mph average). When Stricklin syncs up his swing, he has some of the best bat strength in the class. 


+ A Kentucky commit, 1B Daniel Pacella (Mundelein) continues to put a stamp on his status as one of the top left-handed power bats in the state, and one of the top prospects overall in Illinois’ 2022 class. Pacella did nothing but launch balls with authority during his round of BP. He recorded the day’s top average exit velocity (96.4 mph) and the second-hardest max exit velocity (101.5 mph), via TrackMan. With the help of Blast, Pacella had the top bat speed of the event at 83 mph, three ticks quicker than the next best. On top of his eye-opening BP, Pacella ran a 6.87, made even more impressive when factoring in his 6-foot-3, 220-pound stature. His obvious athleticism makes him an asset at first base, too, and he’s blossoming into one of the top left-handed power threats in the Midwest.

+ Jack McNamara (Lyons Township) is a 6-foot-1, 185-pound, left-handed-hitting catcher who put together a consistent, polished round of BP. McNamara has a simple, repeatable stroke that is direct to the ball with natural lift, routinely driving balls into the pull-side gap. McNamara averaged an exit velocity of 83.9 mph during BP, with a max of 93.3, and he slugged a ball at a max distance of 342 feet.

+ 1B Caleb Royer (Grant) is a 6-foot-4, 175-pound lefty bat with upside, who covers first base well. Offensively, Royer has a simple, handsy swing, utilizing his levers while working with natural loft through the zone. Royer hits with fluid rhythm throughout and it worked gap-to-gap in during round. Royer’s top swing during BP was 93.8 mph off the bat, at an average of 85.4 mph, according to TrackMan.


+ Standing in at 6-foot-2, 194 pounds, OF Ryan Snell (Benet Academy) has a strong, athletic frame and he took one of the louder BP rounds on the day with it – at an average exit velocity of 89.7 mph, good for fourth-hardest on the day. Snell slugged a baseball at a 340-foot far, from a bat that works strong and fast from the right-handed batter’s box. He’s short to the ball and he meets the ball on plane well and with frequency, favoring the pull-side gap. Snell also posted the top velocity from outfield at 90 mph, tying an aforementioned prospect.

+ OF Nick Daugherty (Brother Rice) had one of his more impressive performances to date in front of our staff. In the outfield, he took aggressive routes to the baseball and he played through it with intent and a plus-type arm that showed the ability to carry to the target. The light-footed actions showed similarly in the 60 where he posted a 7.06 time. Offensively, Daugherty has a quiet, easy right-handed swing that stays compact, and it led to a lot of hard contact throughout his round of BP.

+ OF Bryce Goodwine (Hononegah) is an athletic switch-hitting outfielder with plus footspeed (6.70) who looks the part of a bonafide center field defender. He moved well with fluid footwork that plays in stride and showed well-above-average arm strength that carried at 87 mph. Offensively, he handled the bat equally as well from both sides of the plate. It is a simple, easy swing that stays short and level through the zone. 

+ Kyle Schupmann (Luther Prep, WI) has been on the rise all summer and fall, recently debuting in the PBR Wisconsin rankings, and he put together another impressive performance at his first PBR event in over a year and half. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound prospect has a high-waisted, athletic frame and he uses it especially well from the right-handed box. Schupmann has a chance to be an impact bat at the next level, clearly, after producing one of the top BP rounds of the event. He has twitchy, athletic hands that helped him make hard, lifted contact to the pull-side gap. Schupmann was constantly on the barrel in his round, having recorded six line-drives that left the barrel at over 90 mph, topping 97.4, and he hit the second-farthest ball of the day at 366 feet, all according to TrackMan.

+ Owen Ross (Yorkville) is a strong, 6-foot-2, 190-pound, right-handed hitter who worked out on the infield and behind the plate. Offensively, he has an aggressive approach with loose-levers and present bat speed. Ross works short and level to the zone, driving balls to both gaps. He recorded a max exit velocity of 97.1 mph during batting practice, as evidence of this. Defensively, he’s a loose athlete who plays through the ball well with soft hands. His arm really stood out with its liveliness and ability to play athletically from multiple angles and off balance.

+ C/OF Keegan Connors (Jacobs) had a strong all-around day, improving on all of his measurables from his last event as well as taking one of the top left-handed rounds of BP on the day. Connors, listed at 5-foot-7, 150-pounds gets a lot out of his frame, evidenced by a max 94.8 mph exit velocity and max distance of 352 feet, according to TrackMan. Connors was consistently on the barrel, while showing twitchy bat speed and fluid rhythm throughout as a left-handed hitter. He’s also a 6.75 runner and he profiles best in the outfield where his arm played at 90 mph, and his foot speed helps him move quick to and through the baseball while playing light on his feet.

+ One of the first hitters on the day, INF/OF Blake Edmonds (Hinsdale Central) took one of the more impressive rounds on the day. Edmonds, a left-handed hitter, is listed at a strong, 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, and he translates his physicality into his swing, where he creates advanced bat speed while staying connected. Edmonds has natural lift in his swing and routinely found the barrel for loud and hard contact. According to TrackMan, Edmonds top exit velocity during BP was 94.61 with a max distance of 340 feet. Defensively, he projects best in a corner outfield spot, but he showed some versatility as an athlete capable of holding his own at second base.