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Preseason All State Spotlight: Joey Merrill

Jerry Shank
Maryland / Virginia Director


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On Sunday February 18th PBR Maryland will host the Preseason All-State at Diamond Pros baseball facility in Glen Arm, MD. The biggest event prior to the high school season in Maryland will feature some of the top players and prospects around the state and put them all on one stage in front of the PBR scouting staff. As with all PBR events, all players will get their performance videoed and professionally edited to update or start their PBR Profile. Today we spotlight one of the players on the roster for the event.


To see the Preseason All State Roster, CLICK HERE

Preseason All-State Spotlight: Joey Merrill

Joey Merrill

Class of 2018 / SS

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2018
  • Primary Position: SS
    Secondary Position: 2B
  • High School: Montgomery Blair
    State: MD
  • Summer Team: Dig In
  • Height: 6-0
    Weight: 170lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R


Max FB
74 - 76
65 - 66
71 - 72
INF Velo
Exit Velo

Scouting Report

6/20/17 - MD Top Prospect Games

Merrill is an athletic mid-infielder who hits from the right side of the plate. He has a slightly open and upright setup before getting his foot down. His barrel works toward the catcher before coming through the zone on a level path. He generates minimal extension as he a tendency to finish around his front side. His hips work well but can add some lower half involvement. In the infield, he has clean footwork to go along with average hands. He has ability to catch and release quickly while putting throws on target consistently.

2.19.17 - Hits from a slightly open set up. Smooth rock back load. Shorter swing path with some extension with hands. Quick hands, average bat speed. Average balance, get out in front at times. Exit velo of 71. Clean actions in the infield. Funnels ballto mid rift with sound hands. Picks ball well. Shorter arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Position velo of 75 mph...Shorter deliberate delivery gathering momentum. Longer arm action throwing from a lower three-quarter slot. Shows some arm speed and more in tank. Lands slgihtly closed to the plate. Fastball has slight run on the pitch up to 76 mph. Breaking ball has 10/4 action with shorter break on the pitch at 65-66. Changeup shows some fade on the pitch at 72 mph.

12.4.16:  Merrill is 6-0 with an athletic frame and a strong lower half. Has a drop and drive delivery and throws from a low three-quarters arm slot with a long, free arm action and normal effort. Shoulders are level and closed as he strides to a square landing with a fall off and some recoil in his finish. Fastball was 72-74 with heavy run. Slider was 64-65 with gradual 10/4 break. Change-up had good armspeed and was 65-67 with late sink to it. At the plate, hits from the right side from an open, upright stance. Strides closed with no load, decent hips and balance. Short, level swing, line drive hitter with a slight pull tendency, exit velocity of 71. At shortstop, clean footwork and a wide base, soft hands. Clean exchange, working through ball. Throws from a low three-quarters arm slot with a short arm action, position velocity of 72.